I am Always with You

January 17, 2018
By Iceleaf453 BRONZE, Wichita, Kansas
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Iceleaf453 BRONZE, Wichita, Kansas
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Author's note:

I hope people realize that no matter what happens to you or what you go through there are people who love and support you no matter what. Don't give up.

Beep, beep, beep. I groaned and rolled over throwing off the blankets to cross the room to my alarm clock. Yes, I keep my alarm clock across the room, it’s so that I can actually wake up. Good morning. ‘Not today’ I thought not when I was just getting a new school. “Honey, breakfast is ready” My mom hollered down the hallway. I put my clothes on and walked towards the smell of bacon and chocolate waffles. “Good morning” my father said, looking up from his newspaper. “Have they messed with you today?” my mom asked, turning away from the stove to put a pile of waffles and bacon onto my plate. “No” I lied, pouring syrup over my breakfast. “That’s good” Dad said, looking hopeful for once. I finished my breakfast as fast as I could. “I’m going to leave early, to get my schedule” I said, excusing myself. “Alright, remember if they start bothering you all you have to do is text me” my Mom said, kissing my forehead.
I walked into the tall, ornate building that was West Multan High. I entered the office. The woman at the desk had a ton of makeup on and when I looked left my personal companions were laughing. I turned quickly back towards the woman at the desk. “How may I help you?” she asked, politely. “I’m new here and I need my schedule” I answered. “Oh you must be Emily” she replied, handing a white schedule over the desk. “Give me one second and I’ll get your student representative to walk you around” she said, grabbing the phone on her desk. A couple minutes later, a tall blonde boy wearing a football jersey walked into the room. “Jason this is Emily, she’s new and I expect you to be nice to her” the woman said, walking to touch his shoulder. “She’ll be fine with me, Mrs. Whitney” the boy said giving her a wide smile and me a wink. I rolled my eyes. I hated boys like this.
As we exited the office, a group of boys joined Jason. “Bro, who’s the chick?” a black-haired boy asked. “That chick is standing right here and her name is Emily” I shot at him. “Oh, sassy” the boy replied, elbowing his friends. “Oh it’s a dummy” I shot back. Jason and the other boys started laughing, enjoying the ridicule their black-haired friend of theirs was getting. “You know what? I’ll find my own way around this school I don’t need you guys to help me” I replied, angrily turning and walking away. “Emily, wait!” Jason hollered after me. I heard the sound of more than one pair of footsteps so I ducked into the nearest girl’s bathroom. It was empty. “Why did you run?” Jason said. I turned to see the entire group. “What are you doing in here?” I asked, surprised. “I’m supposed to help you” “I don’t need or want you or your stupid friends help just leave me alone” I shouted, once again walking away.
I found my class right down the hall. English was my favorite subject and it was Rose’s to. I should explain. I’m a Schizophrenic, so naturally I see people such as Rose. I sat down at the furthest table from the front. Jason and his friends walked into the room and saw me. They sat down on the chairs at the table with me. I groaned. “Do you guys not get it when someone wants you to leave them alone?” I asked. “Oh come on, you know you enjoy hanging out with us” the black-haired boy said “You must have dyed your hair black cause you really act like a blonde” I replied. “My name is Damien and no my black hair is 100% real” He replied. “This is Jack, Nick, and Max” Jason said, pointing at the other boys. “I had no need of that information because I am not hanging out with you” I said, pointedly moving to another table. The teacher walked in before the others could change seats. The teacher sat down at her desk. Jason walked up to her. I had a feeling this was nothing good.
“Ms. Emily, I think its best you sit with Jason and his friends so that you feel welcomed,” the teacher said, as Jason went and sat down. “I’m fine, I’ve had the unwelcomed company of Jason and his friends all day so far” I replied “well then since you know them you can go and sit with them,” the teacher said, making sure I knew it wasn’t a suggestion. I groaned and muttered under my breath. I walked back over to their table and sat down. They smirked. I glared at them so that they knew this wasn’t over. They grimaced. The teacher started talking and I zoned her out. “For your first project you will be partnered up,” the teacher said. I raised my hand. “How many partners?” I asked “six” she replied, “well then so that I feel welcomed can I partner up with Jason, Nick, Max, Jack, and Damien?” I asked, sweetly “of course” she replied, writing the group down.
The boys looked at me, knowing that this partnering up wasn’t going to be a good thing. I just grinned at them. When we received our project we were supposed to pick jobs. “I call leader” I said. “Fine” Jason said as the others picked their jobs. I smiled. These boys had no idea what was going to happen. “We’ll meet up tonight at Jason’s house to get started” I said, giving Jason my number so he could send me his address. My phone binged as I walked out of class. Damien- I have a bad feeling about this plz be nice to me. Emily- Jason gave you my number? Damien- he gave all of us it. Emily- we’ll see what happens. I closed my phone and kept walking. A shoulder hit my shoulder. I turned and a blonde skinny girl and her black and brown haired groupies stood in front of me. “You got a problem?” she asked “it seems like you’re the one with the problem” I replied. She snorted and rolled her eyes at her friends. “Don’t mess with us” the black-haired girl threatened. “I’m so not scared right now” I replied.
I saw the girls stiffen. I turned. Jason and his friends rounded the corner and looked at the scene in front of them. They all walked towards me as did Rose and the others. I shook my head to clear it from them. “Emily, nice to see you again,” Jason said, putting his arm around my shoulders. I watched the lead girl glare at me. “Jason, how nice it is for you to be here I was just welcoming the new student” She cooed, warning me to agree with her eyes. “If welcoming is being an absolute brat then yeah she was” I replied, looking around at the boys. “Angelica, leave her alone” Damien warned and this time I watched the black-haired girl glare at me.
The boys all gathered in a circle around me and glared the girls down. Angelica relented first. “Come on girls, oh and Jason, you and your boys are invited to my party this weekend,” Angelica said, making it clear that I wasn’t. When they were gone, I turned around. “I could’ve handled that myself,” I said “yes but then she would’ve bothered you for the rest of the year” Damien replied. “She’s going to now for sure” I mumbled, walking away. “Why?” Jason asked. “Oh My God, are you that oblivious?” I exclaimed, turning around “what do you mean?” Damien replied. “They obviously like you” I stated, rolling my eyes. The boy’s eyes widened. I sighed and walked away. I didn’t hear the boys follow me this time.
I walked into the once again empty girl’s bathroom. I sat in the corner, shaking. I tried to take deep breathes so that the images would go away. “Don’t make us leave” the voices whispered. I shivered again. “Please go away” I whispered, crying now. “Emily?” Jason’s voiced sounded somewhere. I looked up as he walked into the bathroom. “Please go away” I begged the people. “Emily, what’s wrong?” he said, bending down. “No you can’t be here, please leave” I begged the voices again. “If this is about earlier, I don’t like her,” Jason said, confused. “It’s not you, it’s them” I replied, shaking uncontrollably. His eyes widened in recognition and I screamed.
“Shh Emily, its okay,” He said, putting his arms around me and putting my head against his chest. He started rocking me back and forth. I finally got control of my breathing. Then it hit me. “No no no,” I said. “Hey, it’s okay,” he said. “No you shouldn’t know, now it’s all ruined” I cried “what is?” he asked. “I moved here because I wanted to get away because everyone knew and I needed to get away” I replied. “I understand that don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” Jason said. “Promise?” I asked, looking up. “Promise,” he said, smiling. He helped me stand up and I washed my face. “Why do you always come in here?” I asked “because it’s abandoned” he replied as we walked out. I looked over and there stood Angelica, her face beet-red. 
“What was going on here, Jason?” She asked, glaring at me. “Nothing” he replied. “Emily, I hope you don’t mind but I need to talk to MY boyfriend” Angelica said, grabbing Jason’s hand. I looked Jason. He took a step back. I turned and walked away. Damien- Hey, still going to Jason’s to start project? Emily- I’m feeling kind of bad. Damien- oh come on don’t wimp out. Emily- alright I’ll be there. I walked into science class. I saw Damien and the others and sat down with them. Ping. My phone went off. Jason- I’m sorry. I put my phone down. Ping. Blocked number- Plz Emily, forgive me. Emily- Leave me alone, you made your choice. Jason- what choice? Emily- you lied to me, remember in the abandoned bathroom? Jason- what about it? Emily- the whole I don’t like her thing? Jason- your upset about that? Emily- yes, you lied to me. Blocked number- I’m sorry. I put my phone down again.
Right before the bell rang, Jason walked in with Angelica attached to his arm. The boys went silent. Damien glared. When Jason tried to sit down with us, Nick put his foot up in the chair. Jason froze. I picked up my phone. Group chat- Emily- let him sit. Nick- are you sure? Emily- yes. I once again put my phone down as Nick put his leg down. Jason breathed and sat down. “Hey,” he said. We all ignored him, making it clear just because he was sitting with us doesn’t mean he was forgiven. Rose glared at me over his head. You know you still like him, the voices whispered. I shook my head.
The teacher walked into the class as my phone vibrated. I quickly checked. Unknown number- leave him alone. Jason- Emily, I really am sorry. I put my phone down again and looked up to see him staring at me. He looked hopeful. I turned my head away from him so I would stop looking at him. Unknown number- you didn’t really think a quarterback would date a nerd instead of a cheerleader? I looked up surprised. Emily- you’re a quarterback? Jason- yes. Emily- figures. Jason- what’s that supposed to mean? Emily- you just played with me because I’m a nerd. Jason- no I didn’t. “Phones up” the teacher hollered. I looked up and Jason looked at me. I could see the hurt in his deep blue eyes. I turned back to the lesson. Jason- I live in the big white house on Pittman Street.
When class ended, Damien and the others except Jason came up to me. “Are we still going?” Damien asked. “Yes and guys you don’t have to be mad at him just because of me,” I said. “We’re not, we made a promise at the beginning of the year that stated no more dating cheerleaders,” Nick said.  “Oh,” I said, continuing out of the school. “Do you have a ride?” Damien asked. “Umm no actually I don’t,” I said, remembering that I had told mom not to drive me to school anymore. “Can I give you one? I’ll make the boys sit in the back so you can have the front” Damien replied. “Sure,” I said, following him to his Chevy. I looked up and up at this giant, jacked-up truck. The boys looked at me and laughed. “You’re so small compared to the truck” Nick laughed, putting a friendly arm around my shoulders.
“Here,” Damien said, taking my hand and helping me up. Then the boys jumped in after me. I looked around the interior of the truck. My eyes landed on the radio as Damien pulled out of the school parking lot. I turned it on and changed the station. “I wanna live with you, even when we’re ghosts cause you were always there for me when I needed you most” I sang along with the radio. The boys stopped talking and stared. “What?” I asked “nothing, it’s just you sing better than everyone at school,” Damien said “Ya you should join the choir, you could be the new lead singer,” Nick said. “Who’s the lead singer now?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “Angelica” Max answered. “What isn’t she the leader of?” I asked, exasperated “umm I don’t know actually,” Damien said. The boys gasped as the song changed to another song I knew and I guess they knew.
“I show no shame, I’m proud of where I came, I was born and raised in the boondocks” We all sang as we pulled up in Jason’s drive. We all groaned as we saw who was with him. “Damien, if she’s staying I’m not doing this,” I said. “I’ll go ask” he replied. I watched him get out of the truck and walk towards them. They greeted each other tersely, then Damien came back. “She’s staying,” He said “We’ll stay just to show her we’re not to be driven off,” I said, jumping the long way down to the ground. I watched Jason stifle a laugh seeing how small I was compared to the truck. The boys shared a glance, hopped down, glared at Jason, and stood beside me. Angelica looked us up and down. “What are you her minions now? If you guys didn’t like her then you know you would have no problem” she said “actually we would because he broke a promise” Nick said, coming to my defense.
Before she could reply, I spoke up. “Angelica as sweet and kind as you are were not here for your critic, so if you would shove off we can get to why we are really here,” I said, my voice laced in bittersweet sarcasm. If looks could kill, I would be smoke from the glare Angelica gave me. She turned to Jason. “I was just stating the truth she didn’t have to be rude” she fake wailed. I rolled my eyes. “She was being true” Jason glared at me. “You know what? I’ve had it, you and that fake can be partners because I want nothing to do with you, at first I thought you were a great guy, now all I see is a wannabe” I snarled, turning. The boys gave Jason a death glare and followed. I turned the radio off and we sat in silence as Damien drove to his house.
“Well, can we do the project at your house?” Damien asked me, not pulling up behind the black jeep in his drive. “What’s wrong with your house?” I asked. “It’s none of your business” He snarled. I flinched. “Ya my house is fine,” I said, not looking at Rose’s face through the mirror. We continued in silence to my house, right around the corner. I hopped out as soon as Damien stopped. “Mom, Dad come here” I hollered. They rushed to me. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Mom asked, checking me over. “Nothing, I just wanted you to know that my friends and I have a project to work on here” I replied, stepping aside so they could see the others.
“Oh, welcome,” Mom said, inviting them in. Dad stood still not knowing what to do. I rolled my eyes. “Damien, Max, Jack, and Nick, these are my parents, Mom, Dad these are my friends” I introduced them. “Nice to meet you,” Dad said, shaking their hands. “Can we work out back?” I asked. “Of course, I’ll bring cookies and some drinks out here in a few,” My mom said, shooing us away. “Go on out back, I’ve got to get some stuff from my room, I’ll be with you in a minute,” I told the boys. I went into my room and took a couple of deep breathes. I had never taken anyone to my special place out back, now I was taking four guys.
“Emily, are you ok?” Damien asked. I jumped and turned around. “Umm ya, I’m fine” I replied, a little shaken up. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to apologize for earlier” Damien said, stepping into my room. “Its fine,” I said, nervously because no boy had ever been in my room. “Still I shouldn’t of, I mean the boys know I just didn’t want you to see that my life wasn’t so perfect,” He said, shyly. “What do you mean?” I said, sitting on my bed.  “That black jeep was my father, he and my mom divorced a long time ago yet he still shows up, even though he knows I don’t want him to,” Damien said, sitting next to me. “Why don’t you want him around?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t driving him off. “When I was younger, all I remember is him constantly hitting my mom and me, yet mom still wants him around she still loves him” he replied, hurt evident in his eyes.
“That’s bad” I replied. “Can I ask a question?” Damien said “yes” I replied. “I can tell in your eyes that you struggle with something because the amount of pain in your eyes is enormous, can I ask what it is that hurts you?” He asked, gently. “I suffer from schizophrenia,” I said, turning my head already knowing what was coming. “That doesn’t make you a bad person, others will still like you for who you are,” Damien said, gently turning my head back towards him. I looked at him, surprised. Our heads gently came together and we shared a gentle kiss. “How long does it take to grab a couple things?” Nick hollered down the hall. Damien and I jumped apart and I grabbed the books I came in here for.
We joined the others in my backyard. “This is where we’re working?” Nick asked, awed. “No silly, we’re going up there,” I said, pointing towards my flat roof. The boys looked at me like I was crazy. “Oh come on,” I said, running to the vines hanging off the side of the house. I turned around when I reached them and saw Damien smile at me. I blushed and turned back around to start climbing. When I reached the roof, the boys were slowly making their way up to the roof. “Emily! How in the world do you expect the cookies and drinks to make it up there?” my mom hollered. “One second” I hollered back. I grabbed the basket and rope I had made a long time ago.
After hoisting it down, the cookies and drinks were put in it and I carefully pulled it back up. The boys had finally made it up and were staring at the view. One problem. Jason’s bedroom window was in view and his curtain was open so we could see him and Angelica making out. I picked up my phone. Emily- close your curtains, the view is disgusting. I watched Jason pick up his phone, then turn in my direction. He blushed and closed the curtains. Jason- well maybe if you weren’t on your roof. Emily- oh so now I’m not allowed on my roof? Jason- you can do whatever. I put my phone down and looked at the boys. “Ok so the project was to write a story based on an event that has happened to all of us but put in fake characters, my idea, write about the whole event at Jason’s” I said, smiling. They shared a glance and started laughing. The rest of the time we spent writing and laughing.

The next day, Damien and the boys showed up at my front door. “Need a ride?” Damien asked as I opened the door.  “Oh umm sure,” I said, surprised. I grabbed my bags, said bye to my parents and hopped in the truck. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Nick asked “ya if she wants to try and make me feel incompetent, then she deserves this but if you guys don’t want to...” I said. “No, your right” Nick said, confidently. I followed his gaze to Jason who was surrounded by other football boys.
“Hey, do you want to watch practice?” Damien asked as we hopped out. I almost said no but the hopeful look in the boy’s eyes especially Damien’s made me say yes. “Come on it won’t be that bad,” Damien said, knowing I was worried. He gave me a quick hug then ran off to get ready. I picked what seemed like a safe spot on the sidelines. I groaned as Angelica and a group of cheerleaders approached in uniform with their coach. “Unless you can cheer, I suggest you move,” the coach said, snottily. “Oh coach, she can’t even try to do a handspring” Angelica snorted, making the others laugh.
I smiled. “Sure I can,” I said, pushing them aside. I then sprung into a round off followed by a backward handspring then straight into the splits. I heard whistles and cheers from the boys. I looked over at Damien and he smiled at me. I turned and looked at the girls while standing up. They were all surprised. The coach walked up to me. “Would you like to join?” she asked. I looked at Damien. He nodded enthusiastically and so did the other boys. I smiled and turned to the coach. “Of course” I smiled. Angelica snarled.
The coach followed me into the locker room and gave me an outfit that would fit.  I walked back out and received several whistles from the football boys and Rose. I blushed. Back with the team, we went through drills. When we did the elevator and Angelica was the climber, I noticed that her legs were crooked and too far apart. “No!” I screamed as they threw her up. I ran to help catch her but I was too slow. Her legs hit the ground and we all heard the snap. Everyone stared at me because I tried to stop them. I ran to Angelica. “Call the ambulance” I screamed, trying to keep Angelica awake. “You knew and you warned them, why?” she asked “because no one deserves what just happened” I replied, trying to keep her calm.
Jason rushed over. “Angie, are you ok?” he asked, hysterically. “Get him away, he’s not helping” I ordered. Damien and the other football boys pulled him away. I kept Angelica awake until the paramedics showed up and pushed me away. I stood still until Damien wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. “Come on,” He said, gently pulling me away. I allowed him to pull me away. When we reached the school, I turned around and sobbed into his shoulder. “Shh, it’s ok” He whispered, stroking my hair. “Abandoned bathroom now” I whispered. He understood and picked me up, running to the bathroom.  He sat me down and pulled me close. "Breath,” he said, stroking my hair to calm me. After a couple of minutes, the hallucinations stopped. “Thank you,” I said, standing up and wiping away the tears. “You knew the mistake how?” Damien asked.
“I used to be part of a varsity cheerleading team, on the day of the finals we were doing an elevator and I started seeing hallucinations and I messed up the last part of it when we went to toss her and the spotter saw it and I was kicked off” I replied, walking out of the bathroom. “It wasn’t your fault,” Damien said. “They thought it was because the girl and I had had a fight the night before,” I said, remembering it so vividly. Damien hugged me before Nick and the others showed up.
“Good job spotting,” Nick said. “Thank you” I replied, quietly. “Hey, do you wanna go somewhere, take your mind off of what just happened?” Jack asked, quietly. I looked up in surprise. Jack never talked, ever. “Sure,” I said, taking advantage of this opportunity. “Can we take her to our place?” Jack asked again. The boys looked at each other in surprise. “I think it’s time,” Damien said, sharing a glance with the boys. I looked at them confused. They just smiled at me.
We hopped in the truck and Damien drove a couple of miles to a beach. I looked around and hopped out. “Come on, the view’s way better when we get there,” Nick said, grabbing my hand and racing through the sand. I laughed as we ran towards this big white seaside house. We slowed down as we turned the corner. “Whose car is that?” Nick asked, confused. “I don’t know, come on,” Damien said, walking in. We all stopped when we saw a man in a black suit along with a woman and three children.
“Mark, what’s this?” Damien asked “I was running low on money and you hadn’t paid yet and this lady offered to pay the full price” the man replied. “But we were almost there,” Damien said, devastated. I had to fix this situation. “How much more do they owe?” I asked, stepping forwards. “One hundred but to get the house they’d have to pay two hundred” Max replied. I grabbed my wallet from my purse and pulled out two hundred dollar bills. “You don’t have to do this” Damien said, trying to stop me. “I’ll do what I want,” I said, handing the cash to Max. He took it an escorted the lady and her kids out of the house.
The boys looked around in wonder, then cheered. They turned and looked at me. “Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to us,” Jack said, surprising me with a hug. I smiled and hugged him back. “Damien? Is that you?” A blonde girl said, walking into the house. “Rose!” Damien exclaimed, running and hugging her. I stood shocked. The hallucination Rose screamed. I winced. Damien pulled back and smiled at the real Rose. “Rose, meet Emily, Emily this is my sister Rose,” Damien said, introducing us. “Emily! I’ve heard so much about you” Rose said, hugging me. I smiled and hugged her back as Damien blushed. “I have a feeling we’re gonna be great friends” I replied. She squealed and jumped up and down. Then grabbed my hand and ran all the way into a baby blue room. “This is my room but we can share when you’re here, which I’m sure will be a lot,” She said, winking at me. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well Damien sure hasn’t left anything of you to the imagination” she replied, laughing. I blushed and looked out the window. “So you bought this for them?” she asked “Yes I figured they needed it” I replied, smiling as I watched the boys run out the door into the sand. “Ooh, lets join them but first we’ve got to get dressed for swimming!” Rose exclaimed.
When we finished, we wrapped towels around our lower body and walked outside. When we reached the stretch of beach where the boys were swimming, we spread the towels out under two umbrellas. “Come on, let’s go swim”

Rose said, pulling me towards the water. I smiled as the boys noticed we were here. I watched Jack’s eyes follow Rose all the way to the water. I smiled. Then I realized Damien’s eyes were glued to me. I blushed and Rose smirked at me. I splashed water into her face. She smiled wickedly. “Chicken fight!” she hollered. I got up on Damien’s shoulders, Rose got on Jack’s, and Max on Nick’s. I pushed Rose over then tried to push Max over but failed.

We wrestled around till the sun started setting, then Rose and Jack walked off together and Nick and Max went to eat. Damien and I floated in the water. “Thank you for this” Damien said, looking at me. “It was no problem” I said, not adding that I used the last of my allowance. H pulled me close. “You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, I don’t go a day without thinking about you, and our first kiss in your bedroom was the most important and special moment in my life, will you be mine?” He whispered, looking deep into my eyes. “Only if you tell the entire world you love me” I replied, blushing. “I love you” He whispered in my ear “Why’d you whisper it to me?” I asked, confused. “Because you are my world” He said, kissing me. “AWW!!” Rose squealed from the beach.

“You ruined it” Jack said, pinching her nose. I noted his arm wrapped around her waist and I smiled. Damien noticed it to and excused himself after giving me a quick peck on my forehead and walked off with him. “Soo, my brother and you?” Rose asked, smiling. “Yes we’re official” I laughed. She squealed again and hugged me. “Just wait till Jason finds out” Rose smirked. “Wait what?” I stepped back, confused. “You don’t know?” she asked. “Know what?” I asked “he broke up with Angelica a few days ago saying he should of asked you out when he could” Rose replied. I scoffed. “It’s a little late for that” I said, looking at the sunset. “What’d he do to you?’ “He told me he didn’t love her because he thought I was crying because of that but I wasn’t then he ended up dating her” I replied. “Why were you crying?’ Rose asked.

“I’d rather not tell you today” I replied, hoping she wouldn’t get offended. She didn’t and just smiled at me, then squealed again. I looked over and here came everyone. Jack, Damien, Nick, Max, and Jason. I stopped when I saw Jason. I hopped he wouldn’t cause problems. I walked and watched as Rose ran and jumped on Jack almost knocking him over. “Miss me that much?” He smirked, peppering her face with kisses. She giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. I walked into Damien’s warm embrace and smiled as he kissed my forehead. I looked over at Jason. I could tell he was upset.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired, you still wanna share my room Em?” Rose asked, fake yawning. “Of course” I replied, grateful for the excuse to escape the tension. I gave Damien a quick kiss and headed into the house, grabbing some snacks on the way through the kitchen and into Rose’s and I’s room. Emily- hey I bought a house with my friends, can I stay here? Mom- you bought a house? Emily¬- it was just the rest of my allowance. Mom- well I guess you can then, stay safe. I love you. Emily- thank you. I love you to.

“So can I do your makeup in the morning?” Rose asked, setting on the bed with pink pillows and fluffy blankets. “I don’t wear makeup, oh and I don’t have any clothes” I sighed, sitting on the other bed with blue pillows and fluffy blankets. “We’re the same size so you can wear mine and you have to let me do your makeup” Rose pleaded. “Alright fine” I replied. Ping ping went my phone. “Oh two texts at once” Rose wiggled her eyebrows as her phone also went of twice. I giggled at her expression. Damien- rest well. I plan on a date tomorrow at lunch. Love you. Emily- sounds great. Love you to. I looked at my other message. Jason- are you still mad at me or am I forgiven? Emily- you’re forgiven as a friend nothing else. Jason- ok.

When we woke up in the morning, I agreed to let Rose dress me. She grabbed a black crop top that said “Cute but Crazy” and some black tights that had holstered guns on the side. She then put my hair up in a curly bun and did my makeup with eye wings. I looked at my reflection and say a totally different girl. I smiled at Rose and we walked into the kitchen. The boys were all sitting at the table. Rose walked up behind Jack and covered his eyes. He smiled and turned to hug her. I gave Damien a kiss. “Where’s breakfast?” Rose asked. “Well we thought you would make it” Jack said.

Rose playfully slapped the back of his head. I laughed. “We’ll do it once then whoever wakes up first has to do it” I replied, starting to make French toast.

“Well if we’re gonna make breakfast, then out of the kitchen” Rose said, shooing the boys out after Damien and Jack had repeatedly annoyed us. The boys whined but finally raced out of the kitchen to play x-box on the TV after Rose chased them with a frying pan. We laughed as we went along making breakfast. I layered Damien’s plate with two pieces of French toast, powdered sugar, bacon, and chocolate chips. I watched as Rose did the same with Jack’s then I did Max’s as she did Nick’s.

“Boys! Breakfast is ready!” we hollered, moving out of the way as they stampeded into the kitchen. They started scarfing down the toast as Rose and I made a fruit salad for ourselves. We topped the fruit with whip cream. The boys having now finished their breakfast was staring at ours. We ran all the way into our bedroom and locked the door. We giggled as the boys begged us for some. We scarfed it down then handed the bowl through the door. “We did breakfast, you do dishes” We chanted, as the boys groaned in defeat.

“I have school today!” I gasped. “Relax, we all do but its only 7 in the morning” Rose said, pointing at the clock. I looked at the sun that had already risen. I grabbed my bag that I had tossed in Rose’s room before swimming yesterday. “Come on guys how long does it take to do dishes when we have a dishwasher?!” Rose said, frustrated at the boys. They all laughed as they realized they had hand-washed the entire load of dishes when they had a dishwasher.

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