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December 15, 2017
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Author's note:

I am very romantic


One day we were walking down Rodeo Drive looking at some stores and fooling
around. We decided we wanted to eat in Chipotle. The chipotle there is amazing. Not
especially there but we just love chipotle and we entered. We were in the line ordering our
burritos and Mateo told me he was feeling kind of odd. He told me he was dizzy and that he
had a headache. I told him it was probably because of the lack of food. We hadn't eaten
anything since noon and it was 5 o'clock. When we got our food, agreed on taking it and eat it
at my house which was closer to chipotle and we could devour it rapidly. ( we were very
piggish) so we were going out of the restaurant to the car and in a fraction of 3 seconds
, Mateo fainted right next to me. 

I started screaming right away like a crazy person. At the moment I felt like my chest was closing and it was hard for me to breath. I screamed for help and a lot of people came to help us. Someone called an ambulance but said it would take very long for them to arrive. I told one of the persons that were there to help me get him in my car. They laid him in the back seat and put him seatbelts I drove almost killing myself to get to the nearest hospital. When we arrived at the emergency entrance I called someone in the er to come and help me I started screaming someone please help me I need help my boyfriend is sick or I don't know what is happening to him. I could barely see anything. My eyes were so full of tears they were blurry. My mascara was all over my cheeks, I haven't been that agitated before in my life. Two doctors got out and got him off the car. They took him to the E.R and I was asking if he was going to be ok I asked what were they going to do to him. I couldn't stop shaking, I was pale and I was sweating cold. They told me to calm down and wait for any minute they would come and give me an update. While I was waiting I decided to call Mateo’s parents and tell them what had happened. They came as fast as they could to the hospital.

While I was waiting, an intern came out to update me. She definitely didn't have a nice face, she had bad news, I knew right when I saw her. She told me that his cancer had spread to his heart and that this caused his heart attack, that thanks god I was able to bring him sooner. She told me relieved that it was a miracle our rapidness, if I had delayed bringing him 5 minutes, he would have been dead by now. At that moment I was baffled. I wasn't understanding why she had told me that cancer had advanced to his heart. Wait he had cancer? Why didn't I know that?

I talked to the doctor and asked her why she had told me he had cancer. I told her that she was wrong he had no cancer. I just didn't believe it, I mean it wasn't possible, was it? How could I not know about this? She told me that he did. He had leukemia and that it was very advanced. I started sorrowing because of the sadness I felt inside but at the same time, I was pissed at him because he didn't tell me anything about this. I mean was this the reason because they were going out of town? Where they even going to leave? All I could think of was our plans together, our dreams. He was so young this didn't fit into my head. All of this for me was nonsense.

I was really nervous, what about if he died? I couldn't have said goodbye like this. A song came to my mind and I was just thinking about everything, I couldn't help to control this situation I felt like my world was going to fall apart any minute now. My perfect life was going to get into pieces. Not by the fact that he didn't tell me or anything. But because one of the most fulfilling things in my life was going to be soon.
As soon as Mateo’s parents crossed the door I went to hug them. They were very scared too. Even though I couldn't tell they were very aware of the situation they also looked kind of calmed but knowing that your son could die any minute scares anyone.  I wanted them to tell me what was going on! For a moment I felt like I had no place being there I don't know why I just felt kind of excluded and at the same time uninvited. When they were done talking to the doctors I finally asked them what was going on. They looked more calmed and finally ready to talk.

At first, they had no clue of where to start until they told me in a very nice way trying to not make me feel bad or melancholic they said that Mateo was diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago. They had him stable and they said he had about 3 months of life. His cancer was very progressive and when they found it it was too late there was nothing they could do to change that. The chemo wasn't going to work so he decided he wanted to live not being in a hospital bed. It was Mateo’s idea to tell me that they were going to move out of the country and back to Colombia because he thought it was preferable. We were so in love and he didn't want me to break. He thought that the concept of dying was way worse than moving away.
I had never in my entire life felt like I was so full of smoke coming out of me and also I was feeling like someone had stabbed me in my heart and stomach. When they told me this I just started crying repeatedly, it was like this nightmare would not stop soon and I decided to call my family. First I called my mom, she always picks up the phone. She was home with my dad so she gave him the news. They came right away at the hospital and stayed with me and Mateo’s parents and sisters waiting for him to be able to receive visits. He was extremely weak. Then I called my brother. Liam started crying he was so sad. He couldn't help but feel bitter about what was happening to me and to especially to Mateo.
Mateo finally woke up. I walked into his room all by feeling that my heart was going to explode out of my chest, and I was shaking so much I thought I was going to fall. At the same time, I felt my face so red and I couldn't help but feel that I was going to burst. I was so confused. I also had in my heart this feeling of joy and I started running, I needed to see my love right away. I was about to burst into tears but I retained it, I couldn't show him my sadness, he had been through a lot. When I finally got there I entered really nervous. He was laying in the hospital bed with hospital clothes on, he looked kind of tired. I stand in front of him and just stared at him. Then I hugged him and asked him why on earth he didn't tell me. We could have done this a lot different. We could have done stuff we never did and he wished of doing. He was very relaxed and he told me that everything was going to be ok. I got in bed with him and told him I was scared he knew it already, he had been my boyfriend and he knew me better than anyone.
• “ I am too baby, I am too”, he told me
He fell asleep and then I went to his parents and informed them he was resting, he was asleep. They requested me if I wanted to stay in the hospital that day with him and so I did. I was very glad I did. I slept on the couch next to him. The next day the doctors woke us up to do some check up and send him home so that he could live his final moments joyfully and doing everything he ever wanted to do and accomplish in his life.
When the discharged him from the hospital, his parents came to pick him up. He went to his house got clothes and I went to mine, took a bath and made myself look presentable. That same day we met. He told me that he always wanted to get married and give his family that honor. In his family, they said that when you find true love you should embrace it and get married. When he talked to me about it I just thought that he was crazy. It was insane! He didn't say it to me directly but I knew what he meant. So that same day he proposed to me. I agreed because we were just so in love and they were his last wishes. I didn't know how I was going to tell my parents, I knew it was insane. But I carried on with the idea.
We planned a wedding. I know it is very uncommon for two teenagers that are still in high school to get married and so instantly and more when one of them is about to die. The wedding had to be perfect. My dress, my hair, my makeup, the place, the party, the ceremony, everything that was in our power to do to make it perfect. We did everything we could in the days we had. Time had passed and it was almost our trip to the Bahamas. We had to make sure that went great but first things first, our wedding.
Then the wedding day finally arrived! There were a bunch of waiters, stacks of food, loads of drinks lots of everything! At the ceremony when I arrived he was standing there at the altar looking so blissful next to his mom, he looked gorgeous like always. I was standing next to my dad waiting for my sign to go so that I could start walking down the aisle. I had never been so nervous in my life. The musicians started playing the nuptial march.
• “ Are you ready baby girl?” my dad asked me.
• “ I am daddy, let's go,” I replied happier than ever.
• “ I'm so proud of you, you have a huge heart. Never forget that and never let it go to waste” he told me
• “ I love you daddy” I answered with tears in my eyes.
We were walking down the aisle everyone was smiling at us we were the happiest couple even though our complications and problems. All I could think of was, how lucky I am to find the love of my life. There is no place I'd rather be. Finally, I arrived at the altar, and stand up in front of him. He looked nervous, but a good type of nervous. It was so cute, I just loved him. I was obsessed with him ( not in a freaky way).
His vows were the prettiest thing I have ever heard, I started crying. He told me that he would promise me that while he was living he would do his best in always keeping me with a smile on my face. He said that as long as he was alive I wouldn't be missing anything, he would cherish me and would never run away. He also read to me all the notes he had written me before the first one says:
My beautiful princess, you can't imagine how much I adore you and would give you my love! You don't know how much I thank god that I can be the most beautiful girl in the world! I can't stop thinking about you not even a second of my life and I hope we can last together a whole lot more time my baby. Believe me when I tell you that I am never going to stop LOVING YOU! You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my entire life, with love - Mateo
Then he read to me the second one that said:
Babe, you can't imagine how thankful and happy I am to have you 6 months as my girlfriend and hopefully there will be much more! I couldn't ask for anyone more special, sweet, beautiful, funny and perfect as you are! Finally, our fighting has stopped and we are the most goals couple ever. You arrived by surprise to my life and I tell you that you are the best that has arrived at my life. I LOVE YOU like no one! You are the best thing in my life.
Then I read my bows, he cried, and then we both said I do and we kissed! Everyone was clapping and a lot of people had tears in their eyes, they were cheering for us and everyone with their biggest smiles.


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