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December 15, 2017
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Ever since mom divorced dad when I was only 10, my father became more of a d*****bag than he was before. He became very distant and angry He used to talk badly about others and think that no one was as good as him. At first, I couldn’t care less about what he thought or said about other people but when I got older and older he became more of a douche to me as well. It became pretty annoying but I could still handle it,until my third year of high school came around. My father got my report cards and saw that I wasn’t doing so good at school. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t an awful student. But I wasn’t a perfect a student either. My gpa last year of high school was averaging at a decent 3.1 but for my father thought that wasn’t good enough. It never was enough with him. He went absolutely nuts. I can still remember what he said to me when he called me to his room.
“What are these huh? 3.1? Are f***ing serious? Do you think I like paying for that stupid private school of yours because I look to? You are a f***ing disgrace for this family. I knew you were going to be a failure the moment you were born. All of the money I have wasted on you. All the opportunities. All the resources. Do you know how many f***ing people would be kissing my shoes to even get a decimal of the opportunities I have given you? I knew It was a mistake bringing you to live here with me when I divorced your mother. But I was foolish back then. I thought I could make you stronger, smarter, better. I thought I could make you like me but you are just another waste of space in this planet.” He told me with anger and disappointment in his eyes. “I wish I could just send you away to your mother... but I can’t. That would be a sign of defeat, of failure. You may not be the child I wanted but at least you can do something for me? Even if that use will be sticking with the family business and spending all of the money. But what could I expect from you? If you didn’t have the money from the family you would never accomplish anything for yourself. You will be a nobody.”
“Can you shut the f*** up!” I screamed back at my father. “A 3.1 isn’t that bad okay. And if you hate me that much why don’t you just give me up for adoption or some f***ing s*** like that instead of just talking and talking about how much you wish I wasn’t here. This is why mom divorced your sorry ass. It’s because you never got off your high horse long enough to see that in reality you are just a sad and pathetic man!”
After finally letting all of frustration that I have kept from the actions and self-righteous attitude that my father has had over the past 7 years I never expected my father to do what he did next. After the last words of my anger left my mouth my father lifted hand and punched me straight in the face falling to a new low of a human being. The first thought that came to my mind was… Jesus my father has a f***ing strong right arm. But after thinking of that I thought about a plan of how I was going to prove him wrong. Prove him that there is another way of being successful in life. That to be someone in life you don’t need to be a sorry old dude that hates everyone around him because he can’t stop thinking about how much better he is than all the rest.
“You know what that. I am going to prove you wrong. I am going to prove to you and to everyone that you are no one special. That anyone can be like you. That being successful doesn’t mean being a douchbag. I am going to get into a good university without your help. Without your stupid money or your stupid contacts and I am going to become a better version of you. I am going to become more successful than you ever were and will be. And you are going to look at me and apologize to me for everything you have done but guess what dad. I won’t be able to hear you. Do you know why I won’t be able to hear you dad? Is because I would be too busy counting all my motha f***ing one hundred-dollar bills! I would become the new king of the animal chain and guess what dad. You are going to become the worm. You are going to beg me for my money. But I won’t give you anything! You will see dad. And you will hate the day you looked down on me.” I said getting up and wiping the blood that his punch left on me.
“Ha. I guess you did inherited something out of me. My humor. Me begging for money? That’s just the funniest thing I have heard in my entire life. No wait the funniest thing I have heard is that you will become even more successful than me, HA HA. You will be lucky to even get a job at a place like McDonalds. Let’s face Jake we both know that you will never be able to accomplish that.  We both know you are waste of space. Do you really think if you were so special as you think you are your mother would have left you here with me? Because news flash champ. She never loved you. Do you know why? Its because she also knew that the only thing you will ever would be good for would be wasting all the money and opportunities we have given you. Now that you have wasted enough of my time get out of my room and go eat some play dough or whatever you useless kids do nowadays.” My father said wiping my blood of his fist and taking a seat on his black leather chair.
I start walking to the door when my father calls for me before I could open the door.
“Oh, Jake don’t forget. No one cares about you. You useless waste of space.” My father said making his irritating c***y smirk he always does. “Now please make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.”
Giving my dad one last look of pure hatred, I walk out and go to my room. I swear to god I am going to make that piece of s*** be sorry he talked to me like that. Even if it is the last thing I do. I will surpass him. I will be a better version than him and I am going to prove to him that I am worth something. No not something. I am going to show him that I am worth everything.
That day I came up with my master plan to become a better and more successful person that my father was. That plan consisted of me studying like hell this last school year. I will get a good gpa and will get an amazing Sat score and thanks to all of that I will get into a good university and show my dad that I don’t need him to be a successful person in life. It may be a slow and difficult objective to accomplish but I swear I will do it.


So, a year at Beacon University has passed and I have to say it has been the greatest year of my whole life. I have made a lot of friends. Before I would have hated having so many friends but now I can help it. I love having people around me. If I had known having friends would have been this great I would have tried to get more back when I was in high school. But that’s not the important part. The important part is that a year has passed since I met Ashley I must say that meeting her was the best thing that has happened to me before. She has made my life way better than it was before. She made realize that being alone was not the way to go. That having people around was the best way to be happy. She also made me realize a whole lot of other things. For starters I don’t care about what my dad says about me anymore. Don’t get me wrong I still want to be a successful person in life and prove my worth to everyone. But I want to do it my way. And my way is not overstressing about grades and money. My way in going slow with things. Take my time and enjoy life a little bit more. I also realize that I am not alone in life. I know I already said that before but this time I mean it in a more family way.

      In the Christmas vacations my mother and my sisters came to visit me! Crazy right? Well somehow they figured out that I was trying to live by myself and graduate from college without my dad. But my mom being the kind and sweet person she was she told me that my father hating didn’t mean that I didn’t had no one from my family to come to when I needed help that I could go to their house anytime I wanted. That I was always welcomed. She also insisted on helping pay for my well being and other stuff that I needed while I was studying in college. At first, I refused to accept any money she wanted to give me but after a while of her insisting and insisting and insisting. I gave up and accepted the money. She said that accepting help didn’t make me any weaker. That accepting when I needed help and asking for it was stronger than not accepting it. In conclusion my life has improved a lot since I met Ashley and I wouldn’t even know where to start to thank her for everything she has done for me. But when I really think about it I have also helped some of the people near me to become better people. I know right. Me helping people. What are the odds. But I have.
For example, Derek talked to his coach and apologized for whatever he had done to make the coach want him to get out of the team. He got back with Ashley and they are happier than ever. Jason now has a hot girlfriend that is Ashley friend that we met at the arcade whose name I still can’t remember. Jared almost got accused of sexually assaulting a minor but I helped him clear out his name by helping the police arresting the one and only Kevin spacey. Who would have thought that he was gay and pedophile? And finally, Lex. I have actually become very good friends with Lex over this past year. It was pretty easy becoming friends with her since we are both the only persons that look depressed all the time but are actually only depressed half of the time.  We also got pretty closed when I helped her get past her mother’s death. I was the only person that stayed by her side and helped her get through it. According to her but I am pretty sure that Jason helped her a lot too but whatever I’ll take the credit. I have become a better person than I ever imagined to be. A lot of things have changed in these past year some good some bad but I can’t say I regret any of it.

What I am really trying to say is that I love you Ashley. I was in love with you for the longest time. You were that one person in my life that I needed to help me get on track in life. You were the person that showed the light in the tunnel. You were the person that believed in me and has believed me all the way from the start and I am very thankful for that. I will not lie and say that I didn’t wish that we were together. I will not lie and say that I haven’t thought about you every time I felt lonely and wanted someone to hug me and cuddle with me. I will not lie and say that you are the person that has always and will always be on my wind. And I will definitely not lie about all the times that I have wished that I hadn’t went to help Derek get back with you. About all the times that I wished that I have had the balls to tell you how much I love you and how much you really mean to me. But all of that doesn’t matter anymore. You know why? Its because no matter how many times I wish and wish that we were the ones holding hands or the ones kissing each other when nobody's looking because I know that with me you wouldn’t have been as happy as you are now with Derek. It’s because I know that no matter how much I tried I could have never been able to make you as happy as you deserved to be. So, that’s why I am so grateful about me helping Derek get back with you. It’s because I love seeing you happy and smiling. Even if I am not the reason for that your smiling. Because being in the same room as you is enough to make me smile.

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