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In The Blink Of An Eye

Author's note: I'm a junior at Mashpee High School and I wrote this as my Term 1 Short Story for my...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I'm a junior at Mashpee High School and I wrote this as my Term 1 Short Story for my creative writing class! I kind of knew the basis of what I wanted to write but just followed my imagination for the duration of the story! I'm hoping people just enjoy this story and the journey of Alex and Clarissa's relationship.

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The Run In

Beep, beep! “Hey, whatcha doin, man?!” Looking behind at the taxi that almost ran him over, he continued onto Wall Street. Alex Davenport- a young college student who doubles as an aspiring artist- finally had his artwork featured in a show. Today was the big day and to Alex it seemed like nothing could go wrong. His expectations were short lived after he slept past his alarm and was already late for the show. . Now nothing seemed to go right! His favorite coffee stand had what seemed like a school of fish swimming around it, all the city coffee zombies had left their homes at the same time to get their morning java kick. Alex skipped the coffee, knowing there was no way he’d be getting his work in another show if he showed up later than he already  was. The only thing on his mind was getting to the gallery as soon as possible. There’s no way i’m getting there on time, there is no way in hell i’m getting there on time, he kept repeating over and over again as he dodged through the sea of people left and right. The art gallery finally came into view after what seemed like he ran three marathons running block by block through the endless mob of working class citizens. With the slightest bit of hope he had left, he bolted. As if in slow motion, Alex was running that long, powerful run, wind blowing his hair back, then, BAM! He felt a pounding pain on the left side of his forehead. He glanced over and saw a girl, about to fall over onto the ground. He grabbed her hand, counteracting gravity, and kept her standing. Once he regained his focus, he got a better look at the girl. She was tall, maybe 4 or 5 inches shorter than him, had long blonde hair, fair skin as if she was a vampire, and her clouded over, pale blue eyes. Clarissa, he realized. “Clarissa!” he yelled. The girl scrunched her face. “Uh, yes?” she replied looking straight. “It’s Alex!” he exclaimed while bending down to retrieve the girl’s walking stick. The girl relaxed her face and drew a small smile. “What the heck are you doing running into me?” Clarissa says sarcastically. “My art show gig! Speaking of, i’m never going to get another one if i’m late, so I got to go. I’ll see ya later, Lissa!” Alex says while already starting to run away. Clarissa stood, shaking her head and smiling, but continued to feel her way around the street, onto her destination.
Alex dramatically burst through the doors. In fact, it was so dramatic that it got everyone’s attention and they all stared at him. He sheepishly smiled, said a quiet and embarrassed “sorry”, and walked over to wear his piece was being displayed. “What is this painting about?”, “What is the girl looking at?”, “She’s so beautiful, who’s the model” everyone kept asking. Alex continuously told the commentators that it’s a girl with big dreams, looking out into her future, and is simply just from his imagination. He was lying. The girl in his painting was the reflection of a girl he knew. She’s been in his Communications class since their freshman year at Columbia University. He studied her from afar for months on end, not knowing anything about her. When they had their first project, he and the girl were miraculously partnered together. He learned a lot about her. She is an only child, she’s a performing arts major, she plays the violin, she has always been a big dreamer, and she’s blind. She had vascular disease as a baby and lost her sight. They became so close, he even gave her a nickname. Lissa. Clarissa Johnson. The girl so out of his league, he can’t even say his painting is about her. However, he liked keeping her a secret. It was something about the painting that made it special to him and only him.It was around 3:00 pm when the art show was coming almost to a close. Many people had gone up to Alex and told him of his many talents and that his talents would take him far. Considering it was the afternoon and Alex hadn’t gotten his coffee, he became groggy. He could barely keep his eyes open when talking to an elderly lady that he had to interrupt her and get a cup of joe. He stood by the coffee pot, leaning back on the white table cloth. He took a sip of his small cup of black coffee when he felt  a breeze sweep through the room. He heard the familiar clicking and clacking of a particular girl’s walking stick. He turned around quickly, hoping to see exactly who he saw. A wide, ear to ear smile wiped across his face as he walked with his head bobbing over to Clarissa. “You didn’t tell me you were coming.” Alex said. Clarissa jumped at the sound of his voice, him catching her off guard. “Well who do you take me for, an unsupportive friend?” Lissa said with a smile. “No, of course not. How could I ever think of you that way.” Alex replied. Lissa blushed at his kind and effortless words. Alex held out his arm for her to take. Lissa grabbed onto it and they began walking around the exhibit.

Alex told Lissa about all the the creations in full detail so she could try and imagine it to the best of her ability. They wound up at Alex’s painting of her. Alex would never lie to Clarissa, so he described his artwork. “This one, um, this one is mine.” he said with his head down. Lissa took his hand and squeezed it. “Tell me about it.” she said softly, reassuring him. He took a deep breath and began. “Well I used a lot of bright, pastel colors. There’s, um, a lot of beautiful things in this one. Ahem, there’s this… girl in the center. She’s holding a telescope and is facing what looks like a black hole on the outside. Inside it has her dreams and ambitions for her future, things she could only imagine.” he said. He looked over at her. “You look confused.” he told her. “I am.” she said simply. “Well you see, she’s closed off so no one can see her ambitions except her. She keeps herself refined, not to show anyone her true self unless they’re worthy.” he paused and looked at her. Her face became blank. It wasn’t a mean scowl, just flat. Expressionless. Alex was about to go on when Clarissa started, “She sounds familiar.” “Does she?” Alex asks. “Yes.” There was a moment of silence before Clarissa started again. “Who is this picture of?” she asked in a monotone voice. Alex was hesitant to answer, scared of what she might say. “With all due respect and care, you. But only because you’re like a piece of artwork in yourself. You also mean the world to me. You’re unlike any friend i’ve ever had. I know I didn’t ask-” Clarissa cut him off. “Stop.” she says with a laugh. She loosened her grip on Alex’s arm. He looks at her with concern, then sees her smile. “I’m positive that it’s the most amazing painting. Thank you for turning me into something beautiful.” she says lightheartedly. You are beautiful, Alex thought

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