She Wolf

July 12, 2017
By cutekittens04, Darby, Montana
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cutekittens04, Darby, Montana
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My name is Alia. I am seventeen, and I carry a dark burden with me. All my life has been a struggle, and I have barely gotten by. I have no parents, I never knew them. They abandoned me when I was born, so I have always been alone. I grew up in an orphanage, the kids there would always tease me about how creepy I looked. But when I got older people thought my blueish blonde, silver hair and yellow eyes were pretty. Many boys have asked me out, but I always said no, for fear of hurting them later, if they broke up or cheated on me. The monster that lives inside me is rather fond of my anger and hatred, always trying to bring out the worst in me.
                  This monster is a wolf.
Yes, a wolf. But not your ordinary werewolf. This was a she wolf, and she wolves are far scarier than a silly werewolf. She wolves are crueler than the coldest blizzard and more vicious than a starving tiger. Deep inside me, the she wolf dwells, feeding off my, jealousy, rage, and hatred. Influencing every bad thought, and action. She only comes out in the worst of me, but she is hard to control. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of the love of my life, Hunter Stevens. Not long ago he dumped Kelsey Harrison, the meanest girl I have ever met, to date me. It was the happiest day of my life when he came up and asked me out. *Sigh*, now all I can ever think about is him. Right now, I am getting dressed to go to school, I toss on a lacey, white, thin strapped tank top, with tight black skinny jeans, and a pair of teal converses. I brush my back length blueish blonde, silver streaked hair, and put on some silver blue eye shadow, and mascara. I looked at myself in the mirror, and couldn't help but think how good I looked, my yellow eyes, perfect nose, smooth pale skin, and full lips. Everything about me appeared perfect... but I’m not. She pushed the thought away, and opened the door to her small house, that had taken 3 years to save up for, and began walking to school. It was a warm summers morning, a light breeze blew down the street, making the grass hiss. When she walked up the steps to her school she saw Kelsey making out with Brad Soren, one of the football stars here at Maplewood High, she got over Hunter fast... Alia thought. She walked down the hall and took a turn towards the lockers. As she got closer to her locker, Alia saw Hunter leaning up against it, talking to his friend, Jace. Alia walked up to her locker and smiled at Hunter as he turned and smiled back. Jace said hi and walked away. " Hey, how was your weekend?" Hunter asked. "It was okay" Alia had spent it studying and working her low paying job at McDonalds. " Well I was wondering if, for our first date we could go up to Lovers Lookout next weekend?" Alia felt excitement surge through her. "Sure, that sounds like fun" he smiled at her. "Then it's a date" he leaned down towards Alia she closed her eyes as his lips met hers, in soft kiss. "Get a room you two, this a public school" said a sneering voice behind her. Alia broke away and turned to see, Kelsey staring at her with slited eyes. Embarrassment and anger pulsed throughout Alia as the other people in the hall started snickering. Why don't you claw that smirk off her face, and ruin that pretty nose she holds in the air? It's almost too easy... the she wolf whispered. Thoughts of claws and teeth tearing flesh, hot, sticky, blood pooling on the floor. Just give in, it's almost too easy... darkness was engulfing Alia's mind her vision blurring. Then she heard Hunter snap at Kelsey, "you had no problem smothering Brad right out front of the school this morning". Alia's vision started clearing, and her head stopped spinning, and she looked up at Kelsey and saw people had turned their snickering on the blonde-haired cheerleader. She flipped around and stomped off to the classroom. Alia took a deep breath, she had been about to attack Kelsey. "Don't worry about her" Hunter murmured to Alia. "She's just jealous that your smarter and prettier than she is" he gave Alia a quick kiss and walked off to class. Fear swamped Alia as she thought about how close she had come to losing it. Even a small thing like that caused me to almost break she thought. The happiness returned as she remembered that this weekend was her first date with Hunter, she could hardly wait. What could go wrong? Alia thought.

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