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How to Save a life

Author's note: This story is an over exageration of what i am going through right now. I am currently dealing...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

This story is an over exageration of what i am going through right now. I am currently dealing with a crush who is teh enemy of my bestfriend and its not easy. Also i feel like suicide is romanticised sometimes when its a serious isuue in our current society, so i am going to try my best to stick to this idea. 

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Aaron Smith

I have come to the conclusion my life sucks.

My crush likes my bestfriend.

Aaron Smith is my crush. There is no other way to put it. I like him and it completely sucks. no. i don't ‘like’ him this crush has gone on for 3 whole years, since the beginning of 6th grade. I read somewhere that a crush that lasts more than 4 months means you’re completely in love.

Well, being completely in love sucks. Feeling the butterflies flitting in the pit of your

so many I's that would not capitilize! originally this was going to be a short story, but i decided to make it longer 

stomach every time he passes by your desk; well it sucks. i know he likes Cat, in fact he flat out told me that he liked her. I can even quote what he said:

“You know I like cat right?”

I felt my heart jump into rhythm, that was the scariest moment in my life, scarier than the car crash I was in, in 5th grade. I simply nod and keep my eyes diverted from his.

Cat is my best friend, or was I should say, it turns out i don't need her. She has long brown hair, a muffin top stomach and double D’s up top. It makes sense he likes her, i barely have B’s. plus my hair is like a knotty birds nest on top of my head. The tightly knit ringlets all stick together and become gigantic knots

I came to this realization when i befriended Karin. She has the same exact obsession with Naruto that i do and understands my pain when the words ‘Itachi Uchiha’ are uttered. She knows very well about my huge crush on Aaron, she has helped me threw some rough patches. whether it be that i had broken my ankle or i was in a fight with Cat, i always had a shoulder to cry on.

She always tried to convince me to talk to him, saying he definitely liked me… i couldn't believed it. did i really deserve him? the question was always hanging in the back of my mind, buzzing around it like an annoying nat.

The one time me and Aaron hung out without anyone else around  was in the middle of winter, the day after our Christmas dance. It was so awkward that i had to call Karin and beg her for help, she came to my rescue like always. we were both so shy around on another that Karin was doing the talking, the only thing we had in common was the horrors of being ex-friends with Claire. That was a big one but it was hard for both of us to speak about without becoming in a bad mood or obtaining a killer headache, as if her voice still screeched in the back of my mind.

I saw it like this:

we had both escaped the monsters cave with deleterious injuries, mentally and physically. I wanted to address these injuries but i knew he would hate to talk about it. I already knew what happened after all. He became reckless and shoved me out of the way of her line of fire.

soon after this they got  physical.

They got in a fight, this fight resulted in me taking care of both of their injuries. It was one of the many moments i felt utterly useless.

sitting there, watching as fists flew and blood fell. I knew the outcome before anyone did, i saw it happen in my minds eye, Aaron sinking to his knees before her, blood seeping from his mouth and falling to the grass in puddles. The witnesses scattered when it looked like Aaron would not survive. His weak gaze was locked on my phone, his lips moved but no words could come out, only a bloody cough.

Cat looked utterly furious. She hooked her foot onto his jaw with a low animalistic growl. my body reacted before my mind as my muscles contracted and snapped me forwards. She obviously had seen my movements because when the kick connected with my cheek it was softer than any of them that Aaron had suffered.

“your a monster” i whispered and held my burning cheeks tears began to pool on the ground next to my eyes.

i could see the rage filled hazel eyes as they starred down at me apathetically. I pushed myself. up onto one arm and let my hair fall before my eyes so she could no longer see my sadness.

i fumbled with my phone, my shaky fingers tried to type in the numbers 911.

“d-dont” i heard Aaron beg, my eye fell on him, he started to push himself up, but dropped back on the ground automatically.

“i have too, you both have serious injuries… you could die” I was over exaggerating that last statement, but i genuinely thought he was going to die because of how much blood painted the ground.

“neither of us will die” Cat snarked as she sat Indian style on the ground “it was a fight, grow up a bit will ya?”

I was sure i would go insane, that i would run around killing everyone who decided to cross me.

“i-it was…” i heard Aaron agree from behind me, but I thought he was trying to make me feel better by saying that, i could hear the underlying hurt in his voice.

“it was not just a fight..!” i curled my fists into the ground beneath me “do you even know how terrifying it is to watch?” the question was directed towards Cat “you grew up in Camden, the most dangerous city in the world, i didn’t! i’m not used to this! This is completely terrifying for me and you couldn't care less” i couldn't care less whether Aaron saw me in such a weak state, my anger overcame my logic.

“claire i-“ i heard Aaron murmur behind me

i spun on my heals and glared daggers at him “you shut up! you shouldn't pick fights with people you know you could never beat!” i scolded him and shifted back towards Cat. I sat between them, my chest heaving in heavy pants. i curled my fist into my shirt to feel my heart beat as it hammered against my ribcage.

“calm down” Cat ordered and grabbed my shoulder to force me to look at her bloodied face “you’re going to have a panic attack if you don't breath” i slapped her hand away from my shoulder as hard as i could.

“i’m fine” i snappe, rubbing the tears from my eyes, touching my bruised cheek in the process. my adrenaline prevented me from feeling pain until i pulled my hand away and looked at my own hand, which now had droplets of blood on it.

i felt for the ground under me and started to push up onto my shaky legs. my vision flashed black and i fell back to the ground, i closed my eyes and pretended to be unconscious. There was a moment when no one dared move. i felt someone grab my phone, i knew it was Cat because she’s the. only one out of the two who knew my passcode.

“kyle should be here shortly” Cat said after a moment “why the hell did SHE pass out, i hit her like once”

“please be quiet” Aaron said quietly from my left, i could feel tension started to build between the two.

“dont tell me what to do” Cat spat back with a snark

i heard the sound of an engine roar and the vibration of the ground as heavy wheels plowed threw the field. the car stopped a few feat away from us and i heard the sound of footsteps.

“well you two got pretty banged up” i felt a pair of us land on me and felt slightly uncomfortable under the gaze “and you got HER stuck in the middle, not cool cat, not cool” the boy speaking was a senior in high school. He’s my cousin, but i don't like saying that because he’s junky and he gets in fights almost on a daily basis.

i felt him kneel next to me and lift me bridal style. i made sure to keep my limbs limp towards the ground. i could smell a mix of achohol and weed on his breath, the mix made em inwardly cringe. his car was even worse because these two smells where mixed with the smell of cigarettes.

i was placed in the backseat, the door next to me slammed shut and the one on the other side opened up.

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