Recovered chance

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Author's note:

If im being honest i didnt try on this story but It has potential.

In the lonely town near Boston there is a school called Burford High School. During the first day many student were excited and ready to show off their new outfits, hair, shoes, and other unnecessary items. But only one student didn't really feel this excitement and instead hated the thought of attending school again. The student's name was Jim Albert son of Malissa Albert and George Albert. Both parents don't have a great relationship with Jim but that's not important right now.  Jim only hates school because of Korissa Albert or the ¨popular girl¨. For many years Korissa has made Jim’s life at school hell.  Korissa and Jim used to be really close in secondary school and got along very nicely, until korissa kept her distance at the beginning of 7th grade and left Jim wondering. Jim would try and talk with Korissa, but after many attempts Korissa got rough. Eventually Korissa became Jim´s bully, and would do anything to keep him away from her. Jim had always wondered why korissa just out of the Blue stopped talking to him it hurt Jim very much because his best friend turned on him and became his enemy and bully. But what Jim didn't know was that Korissa was being abused at home by her father.  Korissa's father was seen as a magnificent father and loving husband but that's why Karissa ended up  being a totally different person. There would be days where Korrissas father would have a rough day at work and later would drink.  Whenever Korissa's mom was out of town her father would take his anger out on her.  Due to how drunk he was he didn't hold back when abusing her. Not only did he abuse her physically but also verbally and mentally. Korissa was then thought to think that all men were horrific creatures that would only use their masculinity to hurt others more specifically women.  she table that gym later on become this type of person and so she stop talking to him.  Jim on the other hand thinks he has a horrible life only because his parents don't give him why he ¨need¨. But Jim has amazing parents he's just a spoiled little b**** that is not used to taking no for an answer.  When Jim is in public or when meeting someone new he becomes shy and very awkward. Korissa is very outgoing and very humorous when meeting new people. Korissa and Jim have a class together where they both sit next to each other, it's always awkward because of Jim's shyness and also because of the tension they both have between each other.  Korissa takes her anger out on Jim and so that's why this seating chart in this particular class is not a good idea. Korissa has had a history of beating up Jim not only physically but verbally as well.  Jim doesn't want to do anything to her and so he just lets her  beat him up. In the past jim is filled with anger after any fight him and Korissa have. One day Korissa just pushed him down in the hallway and instead of just sitting down Jim stood up as quickly as he can and punched her in the face. Immediately Jim stood up and without hesitation punched Korissa in the face. Everyone around jim started attacking him, the majority of who was attacking were girls and a couple of boys were beating down Jim. To Jim this wasn't fair because when Korissa would beat him up no one would do anything. When everyone was beating up jim  Korissa stepped in and tried to save him leaving many people confused.  Then finally a teacher came along and stop fighting leading both Korissa and Jim to the Office. Both their parents were called and wear told by the principal that they were suspended for a week.  Both left school and each one had to talk to their parents in the car. Korissa´s mother was to busy on the phone to worry about Korissa and basically ignored her throughout the whole ride home. Until korissa and her mom got home a fight bursted out. Korissa and her mom started fighting when karissa's mom ended up blaming korissa for making her life impossible. Korissa's mom then later on said korrissa was and embarrassment and with that korissa left in her car that she wasn't allowed to drive yet and stayed with a friend. Jim just gave his parents the silent treatment on the way home giving his parents a tough time. It wasn't until later that night that a horrific moment would go down. Jim was done with his parents and told them he just need time to breath. When the clock later turn to 12:00 am both parents of each child was asleep. Korissa tried to sneak in and get her stuff she opened the door and was scared by her father, Her drunk father was just looking at her and string her down. This moment wasn't like any other, Her dad had a gun this time and she froze. He asked korissa why she had to ruin his life, She immediately ran out to her car and escaped. She was left with those words in her head and didn't hesitate to hurt herself. Once she was able to calm down she started write a note. It wasn't just any note, it was a suicide note with tears on it. She drove down the highway headed to her friends house but turned to where the woods began. Jim was in those woods just thinking and whispering to himself while lying to next to a tree. Jim also started to cry and put himself down when finally he wished to not be alive. Korrissa drove as fast as she can and in a matter of seconds was at 50 miles an hour. The very moment jim whispered ¨i don't want to be alive¨ Korissa came in at full speed headed towards jim and the tree he was laying against. Korissa saw him and tried to turn but it was too late. Both were dead and gone never to be seen alive again. When found the next morning parents of each child were crying so loud the whole town could here them. Spirits do they exist? Said the mother of korrissa while tearing up and hugging korrissas old teddy bear. Now in spirit korrissa and jim were traveling through a heaven dedicated to the self. Each one was laughing crying and going through the emotions. Until the very end or entrance to a real heaven. Korissa and jim both spoke together when at the end of their journeys forgiving each other and having the ability to see their parents. Many months of grieving will come and jim and korrissa will walk together in heaven. But what will happen next? Only korrissa and jim will know.

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