Blood Bond

April 9, 2017
By midnight30, Three Oaks, Michigan
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midnight30, Three Oaks, Michigan
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“We have to figure out what is doing this to you guys!” I said. It was getting ridiculous.

“You’ve both missed two weeks of school because of whatever is biting you in the night!”

Both Chloe and Kaylee looked up at me from their spot on the couch. They’re faces were so pale, making the red bite marks on their necks stand out even more than they when we had first noticed them.

“I know that you’re right, but I don’t know how we’re going to figure out what’s doing this. I’ve searched all over the internet and haven’t found a single thing,” Chloe sighed. It seemed like this was affecting her the most. She slept the entire day, only waking up when I made her eat some food or shower.

“I have a plan.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and Kaylee laughed.

“You always have a plan,” they both commented.

“Hush. So the plan is, since tomorrow is Saturday and none of us have class, to stay up all night but make the room look like we’re asleep. Then we watch whatever or whoever is doing this to you both red handed. We confront it when we get there. I have weapons for us all.” I walked over to grab the three softball bats I owned. They were old, since I hadn’t played softball since I was ten, but they worked in a dire situation.

“Okay, so when do we pretend to go to bed?” Kaylee asked.

“Probably around 11, since that’s when I’ve been falling asleep,” Chloe answered. Even with her being sick, she still stayed up the latest.

“So it’s settled.” I clapped my hands and smiled, even though my brain was going over everything that could go wrong. But I had to keep up the good and enthusiastic spirit, otherwise why would Chloe and Kaylee even agree to go along with this? Hell, it took me long enough to convince them this time, and I was being extra peppy.

At around 9 I decided to take a quick nap, knowing that staying up until sunrise would be a huge challenge.

“I think I’ll nap too,” Kaylee said, already closing her eyes and wrapping herself up in a blanket. I smiled, and sank into sleep.

My alarm went off at 11, alerting me to the fact that it was time to start the all night-er. I woke Kaylee up from where she was on the coach, and Chloe from where she had fallen asleep on my bed. Then I went around and made it look like everyone was sleeping. We all sat in the living room area of the dorm and did some homework. It was almost 2 before we ran out of schoolwork to do. Then we started playing stupid games, like Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare. That only occupied us for about an hour. It wasn’t until 3 am that we heard a noise coming from the window in the kitchen. We all quietly grabbed our bats and went towards the kitchen. I somehow managed to get in front of Chloe, with Kaylee following behind her. I told them to stop walking as I got to the kitchen entrance.

There was a person standing in the middle of our kitchen. He couldn’t have been older than 22, and had extremely pale skin. He had black hair, and a couple of tattoos. He was wearing a torn up tank top, and some black skinny jeans. His shoes were almost brand new Vans, the white on them hadn’t even been smudged yet. His back was towards me, and it seemed like he was debating with himself over something. I walked forward, bat at the ready, when he turned around. Our eyes met and I swung the bat into his side.

“S***! What was that for?” He yelled, rubbing his side as if I had only pinched him.

“What? You’re the won who snuck into my dorm?”

“You live here too? I thought it was only blondie and freckles?” He laughed at his nicknames.

“They’re names are Chloe and Kaylee, I’ll have you know. But back to the point, what are you doing here?”

He laughed a bit, and smiled.

“You really don’t want to know,” He smirked.

The author's comments:

The names are pronounced like this (in case you were wondering)

Kaylle (Kay - lee)

Aras (air - ass)

Gijs (high - s)


“Oh I do. My friends are practically dying because of you. I want to know what’s going on.”

He suddenly stiffened, and started sniffing the air. He grabbed me and stuck his nose near my neck, inhaling deeply.

“I originally came here for your friends. See, they have the best blood I’ve ever tasted. It’s about 50 times better than deer, and 10 times better than most humans. The one, freckles, has a good soul. Genuinely cares about people, the earth, animals. Her blood is sweet, like her personality. Blondie, she has lineage. Her great great uncle was one of my kind, and so her blood is thin. It goes down smooth, like lemonade on a hot summers day. But you,” He stepped even closer, and bit lightly on my jugular. “You have connections in high places. You’re parents were like me, how you’re a human amazes me. I bet you’re blood is so rich, so soft, so…perfect.”

I just stood there, entranced. It was like his words had paralyzed me. It was Chloe speaking that broke me out of his spell.

“You drink blood? What’re you? Some kind of vampire?” That made him laugh, a deep belly laugh.

“You’re pretty smart. Hit the nail right on the head.”

“Wait, what?”

“Secrets out now. I’m a vampire, like from the horror films and stories. Although I’d like to point out that Edward Cullen is a bad example,” He laughed and I did too. I didn’t realize I was until Kaylle pushed me.

“How are you laughing at a time like this?” She exclaimed.

“I have…no idea. Are you doing this to me?” I asked, pointing the bat at his chest.

“Maybe? I wasn’t trying to, maybe we just have a connection.” He waggled his eyebrows and laughed again, as did I.

“Stop that!”

“I’m not trying to!”

“You’re lying…what’s your name anyway?”

“The names Aras. Nice to meet you, pureblood.”

I was about to asked him what that meant when a bat flew through open kitchen window and in a flash became a person. This man seemed younger in appearance, maybe 20. He ,too, was pale, but had brown hair that was styled upwards in a quiff. He wore a deep blue button down, and some black jeans.

“Aras, what are you doing?”The other man said sternly, crossing his arms and lifting his chin.

“Well, I was trying to get some dinner, but things got a little complicated,” Aras sighed. He looked back at me, and began to tell this new person, new vampire I assumed, about something. After Aras had finished speaking, the other vampire came up to me.

“My name is Gijs. I’m terribly sorry about this, but would you mind if I smelt you’re neck?” He asked politely.

“You mean you want to smell my blood?”

“Essentially, yes,” He shrugged. “I do apologize but it’s important.”

I shrugged and let him put his nose to my jugular. He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes. He stayed there for a minute, just breathing in the scent of my blood.



“Miss Kate, I know this is going to sound absurd, but you have to come with Aras and I.” Gijs grabbed my hand and held it.

*Three weeks prior*

“I think I’m becoming anemic,” Chloe said. I looked up from laptop where I was writing an essay.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, my sister’s anemic and I know all the symptoms. Being tired, hungry, losing color in your face and skin, getting kind of dizzy from standing,” Chloe rambled.

“Are you on your period?” I asked.

“No,” she said as she threw a couch pillow at me. “I’ve been feeling like this for a like, 2 weeks.”

“Funny. I kind of feel the same way too. Like, recently at least,” Kaylle said. I jumped, assuming that she was sleeping and not aware of our conversation.

“Do you get some STD from one another?” I joked. Chloe flipped me off and Kaylle just laughed.

“Any other symptoms you share?” I asked.

“We both have weird bites on our necks. And no, they’re not hickies. Clean your mind,” Kaylle said. I walked over to where they were sitting and clapped my hands.

“Show me.” I said. They both turned to show me the bites. Their necks were both bruised on the one side around two small puncture wounds. The wounds themselves were spaced out the same on both of them, and were a deep shade of red.

“Well, I honestly have no idea.” I said. They both laughed, stopped, and laughed some more.


“It’s just…you were quiet for so long and then just went ‘Welp. I’ve got nothing’,” Chloe laughed.

“Well sorry for tryin'. I’m going to finish my essay now. Let me know if need help with any other weird injuries,” I said, plopping back down in front on my laptop. I put my headphones in and looked over at them. They were smiling at one another, Chloe running her hands through Kaylle’s hair. I sighed. On one hand, I was happy that they were so happy together. On the other, I felt so alone.

“What’s going on? You’re going to have to explain yourself.” I huffed.

“It’s difficult to explain, but in layman’s terms; you’re blood smells as though you had a parent who was a vampire. We must go to the Council’s Lair and check the records, because blood never lies. But sometimes vampires do and we need to figure out you’re linage. It’s pertinent.”

“Okay. Sure. I’ll go, as long as you have medical staff that can fix my friends. Aras here has been sucking their blood and apparently he doesn't know how to ration.”

Gijs blinked and laughed to himself.

“Sorry. It’s just I’ve never seen anyone so…okay, with the whole vampire thing.”

I shrugged. “I’ve honestly been through so much that nothing really phases me anymore. I’ll believe most anything if theres enough evidence.”

“I see. Well, we have one of the most advanced medical staffs known to, well, vampires only really. I’m sure they can get you’re friends back to normal by Monday. But if you’re coming with to the Council Lair then we need to leave soon. Within the next half hour.”

I nodded, and went with Chloe and Kaylle to pack up a weeks worth of clothes, in case. While packing we talked about everything that had just happened. Kaylle kept talking about how cute Gijs was, and how his jawline could cut diamonds. Chloe was more interested in how they worked; what blood did in their systems, how they could turn into bats, if they could survive off solely animal blood, and so many others. I took me almost 15 minutes to pack everything I could think of, and even then I knew I was forgetting something.

“I don’t mean to rush, but we have 15 minutes until..oh, you’re finished. Good. Let’s go, I can’t wait to show you the Lair. I’m sure you’ll love it,” Aras grabbed my hand and dragged my back into the living room.

I smiled, feeling happy suddenly. Aras was like a puppy, so giddy and excited. Gijs coughed and Aras let go off my hand and the feeling dissipated. ‘Weird’ I thought. Chloe and Kaylle both followed, and soon we were piling into a nice SUV that was parked not too far from the dorm.

“I hope the vehicle is to you’re liking. We’ll be in here for awhile. I suggest getting some rest. Aras, why don’t you ride up here with me,” Gijs said, opening the passenger side door waiting for him to get in. Aras slouched a bit, but got into the car nevertheless. Kaylle, Chloe, and I all piled into the back. I ended up in the middle, with Chloe laying on my lap and Kaylle on my shoulder. I tried staying awake, to see where we were going or if I would recognize any of the scenery, but I ended up falling asleep as well. I woke up a couple times to hear Gijs and Aras arguing. I only caught glimpses, but it didn’t seem like anything concerning me or my friends, so I fell back sleep every time.

“Wakey, wakey sunshine. We’re here,” I heard Aras say. His hand was on my shoulder, slightly shaking me.

“I’m asleep. Carry me,” I mumbled, mainly joking around. I didn’t expect him sigh and pick me up out of the car.

“I was joking, you know.” I said, trying to squirm out of his arms.

“I know, just wanted to mess with you,” He laughed and I felt happy until he put me down.

The Council’s Lair was a huge hotel. The outside was a maroon color, with white trim. We walked inside and it was much of the same. Maroon carpeting, white and gray accents. There were a couple of dark blue things spread across the lobby area, but maroon seemed to be the favorite. Gijs held his hand out for the 4 of us to stay where we were while he walked up to the reception desk. He spoke with a lady there for a couple of minutes, before coming back over. He was silent, and just stood there and waited for something. After about 5 minutes a group of 3 nurses and a doctor came down and spoke to Gijs briefly.

“My name is Dr. Rays and I’ll be taking care of your friends Chloe and Kaylle today, Ms. Kate. They’ll be in the infirmary on floor 9, if you choose to visit them. Though I doubt you’ll have time. Once I’ve deemed that they’ve fully recovered I will escort them personally to you’re room. Come girls.” The doctor had the nurses escort Kaylle and Chloe to the infirmary, and then it was just Gijs, Aras, and I. We stood there for another minute until the receptionist lady came over to us and handed Gijs a large packet.

“This is, as I’m sure you remember, the registration and forms you need to fill out. There’s an incident report in there as well, since you mentioned Aras fed on those girls who just left. The room key is in the bottom of the bag. Room 686 on the 11th floor. Aras,” she turned to him, “you’re in 688. I expect you to behave yourself. Have a good day!” She kissed Gijs on the cheek and then Aras. Finally she came up to me and smiled, kissing my cheek. “Welcome home,” she whispered and then she walked back to the reception desk. Gijs began walking to the elevator, and so Aras and I followed. The elevator was extremely spacious, and could have easily fit 10 people. The ride was short, despite my room being on the 11th floor.

Walking out of the elevator, my room was across the hall and two doors down. Aras’s room was right next to mine, and I was oddly grateful.

“Well, Kate, here’s your room key. I’ll fill out as much of the paperwork as I can. It’ll be on your kitchen table tomorrow and you’ll just have to fill out what’s blank and sign a couple of things. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to come to my room. It’s the 25th floor, room 912. Aras is your next door neighbor, so I you choose to do so you can enjoy one another's company. Depending how the next 3 days go, you’re entire life will be turned upside down. I hope you’re up to it. Goodnight, or good day rather, Kate. Aras.” And with that Gijs stepped back into the elevator and went to his room.

“You want me to show you around?” Aras said after a minute. I nodded, and went to unlock the door to my room.

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