True Love Will Forgive You

March 28, 2017
By Rosa123, New York City, New York
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Rosa123, New York City, New York
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stuff to the stuff

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April 20th, the day that was pouring that was outside. Hearing cars passing by on the wet ground. Loud cars and truck, too. As the hit the ground, my tears also dropped. Hitting the ground slightly. My hair blew the same way the cars passed. Everywhere. The rain dropped, as loud as ever. As if the weather felt what I had felt. The umbrella that was once planted on the palms of my close hands, has been dropped on the ground. Probably flooding with water already. As for me, everything was in slow motion, except for my voice.

"W-Why do you have to be so... so... so... Ugh! Why d-did you have t-to do this to me?! Why Chris?!" I yelled as I stuttered.

"What are-" He began but I cut him off. His face was priceless like always.

"You- you played with my feelings! You-" I yelled as loud as I could so he could hear me. So the worlds could hear me! But everyone seemed to be in a hurry as to be in their own little world and completely ignoring us. They were walking fast, shoving and passing through. Even walking in between us; since we were, like worlds apart from each other.

"Mary. What are you-" He began in his normal but sad sounding voice, as if he didn't know what I was talking about.

"You lied to me! You said you loved me!-" I yelled as tears kept running down my cheeks.

"I do love you!" He yelled still not understanding.

"NO! No." I began. "That's what they say, right?!" I yelled as I pointed with my index finger at him, swinging it as if I was some school teacher scolding a misbehave student.

"What?!" He howled as he put one hand on his head while holding the umbrella with the other.

"You-you betrayed me!"

"No-No I did-" He began but I cut him off with my finger.

I quickly took my phone out of my pocket as I scrolled for a picture. As my phone begin to get wet by the rain I finally found the picture and shoved it in his face.

I looked at his face; it seemed normal, but he had gasped as if he was surprised.  The picture was him kissing- Amelia. My worst enemy.

Then he closed his eyes as I stood there quietly. He chuckled as he put one hand on the back of his head an the other on top of my phone.

I blushed out as I panted. Then I quickly grabbed my phone with my two hands and pulled it towards my chest. "Hmph" I hissed. He opened his eyes slowly as his blue eyes began to show.

"That's not me." He said very seriously.

"How can you tell me that! Of course it's you! I think I know you pretty well, to know that's you!" I yelled furiously. I felt myself gasping for air. I was like a dry desert asking for some water. Begging for water!

We stayed quiet for a moment. As the rain dropped the silence continued. Christoper was holding his umbrella but it was barely covering him. He wasn't holding it right. As for me, I dropped my umbrella, 'cause I was yelling as I moved my hands in the air. As if my hands did the talking, So likewise I'm the one getting wet the most. My head was now down and I can feel him looking at me.

"Marry." He said softly. "Huh" I gasped low-ly as I kept my head down not knowing what to do or say.

"Remember-" He began as he chuckled a bit, probably remembering something funny. "When we met- it wa raining just lie this." He said as he smiled.

I looked at him and his smile was just so beautiful- like always. "I think you are changing the subje-" I began to say. "You were in a hurry that say. Just to catch the bus..." He chuckled as I stayed quiet.

"That's when you bumped into me and fell on top of me, too. Then your face turned really red. A-and you kept shouting, 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" He stopped talking and began laughing as he blushed. He closed his eyes and tilt his head backwards while putting his loose hand on his stomach as he laughed.

I felt my cheeks burn when I remembered that moment. "Yeah, and I still didn't make it in time to take the bus," I said low as if I were to be a kid who just lost a game. "HAHA! Yeah and you were so upset." He kept on laughing.

"B-but then you-" I stopped to look at him in the eye. "I asked you if you needed a ride, since it was my fault." He finished it off for me and stopped laughing.

"It wasn't your fault!" I quickly yelled out. "Yes it was! If you've never bumped into me then you would've made it in time!" He yelp.

"That's not true! If I didn't bumped into you then I wouldn't have ever-" I began yelling but then stayed quiet.

"Say it!" He yelled louder as he grinned.

"T-Th-The-Then I wouldn't have ever m-met you and fallen in..." I began shouting really fast. "Love." I said as I looked down again.

He dropped his umbrella on the floor- on purpose. And hugged me... tight. I wanted to push him away but I couldn't. E-even though he betrayed me, I-I still love him. So much.

"Exactly." He whispered. "We wouldn't been the happiest couple on earth! I love you so much."

I was still watering-on Chris chest. Christoper was obviously taller than me, so my head landed on his chest as he layed his head on my head.

"Then why... why did you betrayed me? Why?" I mumbled low-ly. Of course I know who is Amelia! She's a b****! I hate her guts so much! But it seems like she hates mine worse.

He chuckled as he hugged me tighter. "Do you know I have a brother?" He asked. Huh? Why is he asking me this? What is going on!?

"Yes I know." I said in an obvious tone. "Well then, I don't think I showed you my brother, right?" He asked another question. "No, not really." I mumbled back.

"Where did you get the picture?" He asked still in a calm voice. "From Amelia..." I said slow. Wait a minute--

"Bingo!" He yelp still hugging me. "Huhm?" I gasped, by the fact he yelled out that way.

"Well, what you didn't know is that me and my brother look just alike. But hi is one year younger than me." He said. "Ehhh!" I screeched.

"Ha Ha" He chuckled. "Wait, so the picture was Amelia and your brother..." I mumbled. "Yep." He teased. "So that means that Amelia kissed him to get you jealous, which explains the picture and why she gave it to you. Or they've been going out without 'anyone realizing.' 'Cause I didn't know anything about them." He explained thoroughly.

We went silent again. But he was still hugging me. So then I grabbed him by his shirt from his chest, while he was still hugging me. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm a total idiot!" I cried out pulling his shirt, but he keep hugging.

He began laughing as he hugged me tighter. "No you're not! Besides I love having a jealous girlfriend." He chuckled.

I gasp as I got out of his grip. "Do you love me?! Like for real- for real!" I asked just in case shouting. "What kind of question." He began to say.

"Tell me the truth!" I yelled. He took a big breath of air and said, "No." "Wha-" I gasp as if I stopped breathing.

"I F***ING LOVE YOU!!!" He yelled as he chuckled.

"Chris-" I whimpered back to life. "Now lets go, I don't want you catching a cold." He said to me.

"Okay!" I nodded cheerfully as I blushed out. We hugged and then kiss- Kinda like a get together-- *wink*

He picked one of the umbrella up and we hugged side to side as he hold the umbrella.

"I love you." I said as we walked.

"I love you more, baby." He said with a smile.

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