Another Cancer Story

January 20, 2017
By McKaylayork BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
McKaylayork BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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 “Jack what are you doing here!?” “Caroline, i'm sorry but I was at the McDonald's across the street and i saw you walk in here. I can't help but think you’re visiting Amanda.” Caroline sighed and sat down next to him. Maybe it's time that I tell him, it's not like I can hide it forever if he's not going to go away. “Okay jack you're not going to like what you are about to here.” Jack stared intently, ready to listen.“Amanda is sick. She has been battling cancer for most of her life. She knows she might not be here much longer but her dream was to go to college for marine biology. She was in remission for a month until she relapsed about a week ago.” Jack was speechless. He felt defeated because he knows there's nothing he can do. “All I want to do is help her and be there for her Caroline.” “I'm sorry jack but you have to stay away. It's not good for her to be around people she isn't comfortable with.” Jack,heartbroken and frustrated, got up and stormed out of the room without saying anything to Caroline. 


Another Cancer Story

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