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3:00 AM

December 15, 2016
By anushreeaneja, Solon, Ohio
anushreeaneja, Solon, Ohio
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This story is about a typical teenager struggle: unrequited love. The only difference is, Erin has grown up with her best friend almost her entire life and knows he will always care for her, but not in the way she feels for him. It's a gradual progression from the kicking and shoving in fourth grade to an awkward school dance in middle school to the tension of dating in high school. 

It's a progression of moments for Erin that lead up to her understanding how she truly feels about this person, someone who she's shared everything with except for this feeling. And though he's her best friend, the most important person in her life, it hurts even more to keep him in her life than to not.


3:00 AM

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