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Ali's Last year

October 1, 2016
By Aaliyah_Williams03 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Aaliyah_Williams03 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Author's note:

I've been reading many books in this setting so I desided to make one of my own I was inspired by the book called Anna and the french kiss. 

 I’m laying on my bed with my earbuds in my ears. Knock...I ignore it...Another knock...maybe they’ll go away...Knock! I groan and get out of my bed. I open the door and I see a boy who i’ve never seen before.
He frowns and asks “Is this dorm room 509?”
I blink at him and say “No this is dorm room 600, the room you’re looking for is the next floor down.”
He smiles “Okay thanks.”
I smile back “No problem.”
He nods and walks away, I close the door and go back to listening to music. Ten minutes later Amber my roommate/ best friend comes in chirpy as always. I smile at her and close my eyes.
“Alison!” Amber yells.
I shoot up and take my ear buds off. “Huh? Yeah?”
She rolls her eyes “I’ve been calling your name for 2 minutes.”
I just stare at her “Uh huh so why did you call it?”
She smiles “I know how much you love parties so I thought maybe we could go to one tonight.”
I look at her in disbelief. Amber HATES parties she thinks they’re over rated. “Who are you and what have you done with my best friend Amber Jay Watterson.”
She laughs “Come on Ali it’ll be fun, I need more friends”
I roll my eyes playfully “Amber you’re friends with pretty much the whole school number one, number 2 I have an 8:30 Am class tomorrow.”
She pouts “But Ali I can’t go without you.”
I look at her sympathetically “I’m sorry, but tomorrow’s the first day of class.”
She looks at me with sorrow and I look at her apologetically. She stops out of the room and slams the door shut. I’m alone once again. My phone beeps and check who it is and it’s my friend Victoria back in Boston.
Victoria: hey Ali just saying hi. I love u
I smile and my heart breaks a little. I miss my old friends so much. Amber is the only one who attends Berkeley with me. I text Vicks back and then I get everything ready for tomorrow. After all that’s done the dining hall is open for dinner.
I go to the dining hall and I look around and I see old and new faces. It’s good to be back. When I get in line to order it’s that boy again. He turns around and our eyes meet, he smiles at me so I smile back at him.
   “Hi again girl from room 509.” He smiles.
I blush a little “Hi lost boy.”
Before he can say anything its his turn to order. Once he’s done he just steps to the side almost as if he’s waiting for me. After I finished ordering my food lost boy and I find a table to sit at.
“So girl from room 509, what’s your real name?” He asks.
I smile “My name is Alison, but everyone calls me Ali. What’s yours?”
He laughs “Alison what a beautiful name. Mines Jacob but my friends call me Jake.”
“So Jacob when does your classes start?” I ask
“8:30 Am English lit with Ms. Wineberry.” He answers
My eyes widen, it can’t be “Yeah? Me too.”
  His smile widens “Maybe we can walk together.”
   Before I can answer my phone beeps. It’s Max my current boyfriend.
Max: Hey A game how’s it in Cali? Can I call u?
Call me? He never wants to talk on the phone he’s a texting type of guy. I press the call button on my phone.
“Hey M dog what’s up?” I say into the phone. 
“I love you A game you know that right?” He says
“Yes of course I love you too.” I tell him.
“Yes I know and this is why this kills me to say we have to break up this long distance thing is working and I found someone else. We can still be friend, i’m sorry Ali.”
I can’t move or speak, i’m speechless, i’m in shock I don’t know what happened. The line went dead and Jake is staring at me like i’m a lunatic. I then start bursting into tears and the one person I want to be with just broke my heart scratch that shattered my heart.
Jake doesn’t do anything he sees that I don’t want his help. He just lets me be. I cry for 10 minutes, but I know i’ll cry again later.
“That was your boyfriend?” Jake asks.
I nod.
“Did you guys just break up?”
I nod.
“I’m sorry my girlfriend and I broke up a month ago.”
“I’m sorry.” I sniffle.
After we finish eating we sit in silence not knowing what to do or say.
“Hey do you want to get some fresh air? It looks like you need it.” He suggests.
He puts his arm around me in a friendly way and we go outside for a walk.
“It’s a beautiful night.” Jake says looking at the stars and moon.
I look at him and his skin is glowing in the night sky he’s beautiful. “Yeah it is.”
“That jerk is an idiot for dumping you. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and easy to talk to. It’s his loss. You just do you and let that d*****bag do him, but he isn’t worth crying over.”
I smile and do something he least expects I give him a huge hug. “Thank you Jake.” I smile into his shirt and ask “Where have you been all my life?”
Once we break apart he stares at me and I don’t even think he knows he’s realizes he’s doing it.
“It’s getting late and we have an early class tomorrow so we should head back.” He says.
I nod “I agree.”
We walk back to our dorms, he bring me to mine. I open my dorm and say “Thanks for walking me back.”
He smiles “Anytime. I’ll be here at 7:45”
I smile back “Sounds good, good night lost boy.”
“Good night girl from room 509.” He chuckles.
I close my door and smile at it.
“Who was that?” Amber asks.
“That was Jake he’s a uh friend.” I say.
She nods “Cool, don’t forget to text Max you know he misses you.”
I look down and hold back my tears “We broke up.”
“Oh MY GOD! I’m going to kill him, i’m going to kill him, i’m going to kill him.” Amber yells.
“No Amber it’s alright, i’m okay.” I say.
She shakes her head “No Alison you gave him 3 years of your life that you can never get back he deserves to get the crap beaten out of him.”
I smile because Amber is so protective of me. “No really it’s fine, Jake helped me get over him.” I reassure her.
Amber tries to smiles “Oh that was kind of him.”
I nod “Yes it was, I have a big day tomorrow so good night.”
I put on my pyjamas shorts and a tee shirt, then I brush my teeth. I put my computer and phone on  the charger and I slowly start to fall asleep. 

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