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Faith and Fate

Author's note: Every detail of this story is a piece of my soul. I got the inspiration from various aspects...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

Every detail of this story is a piece of my soul. I got the inspiration from various aspects of my life: from movies to people I talk to but mostly it was the story of my mother. My mother had to immigrate from a young age and many emotions are involved with this concept. I also wanted to bring to the spotlight another valuable theme that is innocence. After reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, this topic became very important to me. This topic is hidden in everything from political conflicts to law to personal times. I hope that when someome reads this story, they can realize something new as well.

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Best friends and first loves

     The sun is giving its shift to the pale moon outside. Inside Alex’s place, the crackling utterings of the unsteady fire fill the cozy room of five. We sit there, watching it even though it stays the same. Michael lounges on Alex’s uncle’s arm chair which he doesn’t seem to mind, Masha’s family of three join Alex and I on the carpet covered with a linen blanket. I notice a record player on the dresser and get up to observe it. My partner looks up at me in awe as I stand up and go. I skim through the different records: some Louis Armstrong, Valentin Parnakh, The Andrews Sisters, Duke Ellington… Bessie Smith. I insert her record and turn around to everyone. A light melody sounds as black fingers hit the piano keys, then she begins to talk to tune of Baby Won’t You Please Come Home:
  I've got the blues, I feel so lonely

  I'll give you the world if I  could only

  Make you understand
Alex stands up, his suspenders unfolding. He asks me for a dance. I straighten out my long skirt and agree without thinking. He spins me around and brings me into his arms. I have never moved well to a slow song before. Between improvisational steps, he asks me if I had ever listened to this. “They play it sometimes at our hangout place- La Vie Est Belle on 84th street.” Dorothy and Lucy enter my mind. “What about you?”
     “I remember they played this one at a school party where everyone just had to slow dance. I didn’t ask anyone which was when I realized how much I missed you.”  I wrap my arms around his neck, rest on his shoulder, and relax as he delicately puts his hands on my hips. I silently mouth the words to the song. We turn to look at each other, smiling. We dance in the still of the evening.
       “Look around, Sofia. Are you happy?” He asks kindly and the moon has arrived, watching us like a proud mother.
       “I wouldn’t be anywhere else but here. What about you?”
       “Couldn’t be any happier.” I look around and see Masha’s family together, I see Michael where he was before.
     “Alex, Michael seems so lonely. Doesn’t he?”
     “Go to him, it’s okay with me.” He gently lets me go as I am startled. Michael seems perplexed when I come over to him, but gets up anyway. Alex puts on a different song, with a little faster tune. I grin at him slyly as he does so back and gestures for me to continue.
     “If I was 10, this would be a dream come true.” I tease Michael, expanding our elbows out.
     “That is interesting because if I was 12, this would be a dream come true too.”
      “What?” I squint.
      “I liked you when I was 12,” He rolls his eyes.
      “Too little too late, right? Ha. But I’m still your friend.”
      “Always will be.” We discuss for two songs until I turn to see Alex who is alarmed when I look at him. His facial features are evenly spread out and he’s looking at us as if he did so for the last two songs. Catching my glance, he bobs his head as if asking me what the matter is. I gesture “nothing” and excuse myself from Maksim’s arms by faking a need to go to the restroom. I fling open the washroom door to find myself in the middle of a short but lonely hallway. Alex’s uncle is arguing on the phone in his bedroom and Masha’s being a pop hit telling a joke in the parlor. A couple feet away is an open door to a lit-up room. I look around before tip-toeing to it. I enter it to find it smelling of Alex. Only hearing the buzzing of electricity through the walls, I saunter around. I stroke the guitar case beside his poorly made bed. His suitcase is in the corner and I get a spasm at the thought of him leaving. The parquet creaking beneath my stockings, I come over to examine his shelves. Vanilla-paged books, foreign figurines, and a photo of Alex his arms around an attractive flapper, posing suggestively, take up shelf space. I clutch the frame and question her identity more than my own.
      “That’s Darlene,” informs a voice behind me.

     “Oh my…! Alex, you scared me!” I pant. “I was just looking around. Who is this girl right here?” I try to keep my head up.
     “That’s a friend from Boston.”
     “Friend? Hmm…I have friends too but I don’t usually put their pictures in frames.”
     “She just reminds me of home. Don’t be jealous.” I deny his claim and fake a chuckle. “You’re still holding the frame. There’s no need to be, you’re my lady now.” He takes my hand as I put the frame down.
     “But why would you have a picture of her only?” I wail.
     “It must’ve accidently flew into my suitcase and I found it when I unpacked my things. And so I put it in a frame. Why don’t you trust me?” His tone pinches me.
     “I don’t know anything about your life in Boston!”
     “What would you like to know?” He shrugs as I sigh in anger. I think for a second.
     “Tell me, what would you like to do for fun?” I settle on the rotating office chair as he starts to spin it around like tension didn’t just fill the room.
     “Play guitar, be with friends, and ride my bike. I ride my bike as far away from that place as possible,” he inhales and settles on his bed as the mattress bounces. “As far away from home as possible.” I ask why, wheeling closer to him as rests his elbows on open knees.
     “Lately…I don’t know. I just want to.” I sit beside him and our thighs touch. I ask him what the matter is and put my arm around his upper back. He wants to look at me but changes his mind and exhales. He looks down and I ask him to tell me what the matter is again. “I’ve made some dumb mistakes, so dumb and my parents argue with me. Then they argue and I just want to get away.”
     “What mistakes?” I list possible crazy scenarios in my mind.
     “That’s not important. Let’s just say things got so horrible that it was another reason for me to go to New York.” We hear neighbors converse in their apartments behind walls.
     “Just know, whatever you did, you have my shoulder like I had yours. You see, mistakes don’t define you, what you learn from them defines you, alright? I got drunk at a party recently.” I say hesitantly as he raises his eyebrows.
     “You really got drunk?”
     “I fell asleep on someone else’s table, it was horrifying,” I admit as he has a hard time believing my story.
     “Who are we?” He asks as I think for a second.
     “We are Sofia and Alex; best friends and first loves.” I caress his cheek, my fingers getting poked with his slight stubble. I kiss the side of his face before realizing I say his name differently now. We stare at each other and our dimples form once more.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 10 Next »

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KMG28 said...
May 22, 2016 at 5:34 pm
Thank you for commenting!
Suzanne said...
Apr. 20, 2016 at 9:46 pm
What a magnificent job you did writing this many chapters long love story! There was suspense, and young romance, perfect combination. Your descriptions of feelings/emotions very realistic. Congratulations! Suzanne
alemargo said...
Apr. 19, 2016 at 10:03 pm
very beautiful and touching story
ALEMARGO00 said...
Apr. 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm

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