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Faith and Fate

Author's note: Every detail of this story is a piece of my soul. I got the inspiration from various aspects...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

Every detail of this story is a piece of my soul. I got the inspiration from various aspects of my life: from movies to people I talk to but mostly it was the story of my mother. My mother had to immigrate from a young age and many emotions are involved with this concept. I also wanted to bring to the spotlight another valuable theme that is innocence. After reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, this topic became very important to me. This topic is hidden in everything from political conflicts to law to personal times. I hope that when someome reads this story, they can realize something new as well.

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La Vie Est Belle

     I bring my braid in front of me and admire it. I lean closer to the mirror and paint inside the lines of my lips. I step back and turn to see my long-sleeved red cotton dress. Alex would’ve liked it. Stop thinking about him! This makeover is an attempt to distract myself that today is Valentine’s Day.
     My family scurries around the kitchen in the morning rush as I jog to the ringing doorbell. I greet Bertha, our mailwoman.
     “Today’s your lucky day, Miss Sofia. Looks like you got a letter from that Alexander of yours.” My body gets numb as she gives me the pile of envelopes. She leaves, going to deliver more life-changing news. I put one behind the other until I see his name. I pinch between my eyebrows and walk like a zombie to my room. I press my fingers on it, contemplating whether my emotions can take it if I rip it open and read it when Papa calls for us to get ready. I put the letter on my drawer besides my Time Magazine, where I am most excited to read the politics section, a box of tissues, and a new journal containing activist ideas. 
    The school’s female population surrounds Lucy and is attracted to her diamond ring like hawks. Jack had gone down on one knee when they were at a ball game. He took her to the center of the field and thousands of people saw them. Off the hallway ceilings hang cut out hearts, courtesy of our crafty ones. As I walk past the school’s flower shop with my book bag on my back like a turtle, the feminine scent of roses enters my nose. Dorothy comes up from behind me. “Want to go to La Vie Est Belle tonight?”
     “I don’t know. I don’t have a date.” My shoulders jump.
     “So? I don’t have one either. Let’s go altogether.”
     Why sit around and mope? “Fine. I’ll go.”
     “Good girl. I’ll pick you up at 7.”  
     We settle in at a cozy booth at La Vie Est Belle. Dorothy gestures at me, asking me how I am doing. “I’m alright.” I cross my arms together, and my coat is behind me. The waitress comes up. Jack lets us know he will order and pay for everyone. “I actually-” I pause. “Thank-you,” and let go of my wallet I was about to get from my bag. After enjoying my shrimp c***tail, I lay back on the seat. The ceiling fans up top are spinning no matter what season and the dance floor has visitors. Jack goes up and picks a record. It begins to play; a light melody enters my mind and then Bessie Smith’s voice.
     I've got the blues, I feel so lonely
     I'll give the world if I could only
     Make you understand

He asks Lucy for a dance and I see them. He twirls her into his arms romantically. The air going to my lungs stops and my body makes up for it by sending something to my eyes. “Oh my God, I’m just going to step outside for a minute.” I clutch onto the table my, nails turning white, getting up.
     “Sofia, what’s wrong?” Dorothy asks as the piano sounds.
     “It’s the song, brings back memories. I’m going to go.” My arms travel through my coat sleeves.
     “Go?” She echoes, ignorantly. I rush, trying to get away from the memories I hear in every line of that song. My nostrils move as I sense that cigarette stench which accompanies me towards the glass door. Behind that glass door, Manhattan awaits for me. I put my ski hat and hood on and bump into a wide chest but don’t look up at its possessor who is also rushing. Taxis, busses, and neon awnings come into my view as I am finally outside. I look to the left and to the right, realize I don’t have a car, and decide to run as fast as my boots can take me. I pass restaurants where glasses clink and people laugh their Valentine’s Day Friday night away. I just want my mama.
     After I tell her everything, I curl up underneath my blanket, my tights chafing but too lazy to change my clothes. I sloppily rip the envelope, white pieces making a mess. I clutch it, knowing he has touched it. I bring it to my nose and there is that smell. In the neatest handwriting, it writes:
“Dear Sofia,
I was so hesitant to write to you because I was afraid you’d fallen out of love with me after I don’t come to say goodbye. You should know that I missed the train that day because I crashed in my uncle’s car. I would never leave you. You are my best friend and first love. Remember when you told me that? I had to stay at the hospital for a little while. Now I am in Boston with my new baby brother Andrei and the family is finally happy.
I hope you are happy, too, with your family. I miss you so much. How I wish I could be with you right now and give you your favorite white roses as you would smile that beautiful smile. How I wish we could sit close together and discuss everything or just be silent. I wish we could turn on the record player and dance like we did that night. You taught me that life is beautiful, especially when you are in love. La Vie Est Belle. Someday the fates will bring us together and we will go to France like we planned. For now, I want you to trust me when I write that I have always, do, and always will love you-in every way possible. I’m glad we are together. Happy Valentine’s Day, mon amour.
     The paper becomes drenched with my tears as I hold it to my bouncing bosom and snuffle my cries back up. I gulp. How could I have uttered such hateful things about him once? A pang of guilt hides behind my longing.
     “Please, may he be alright,” I pray. I lay there like this imagining his presence next to me. I sit up after a little while: La Vie Est Belle. I fling the blanket off me and head out the doors, something inside me controlling my feet. I ask myself whether I woke up this morning as I run back to the restaurant. I encounter my friends back in the booth who greet me with questioning yet surprised faces. “Excuse me gals and guys. I just had to go home but changed my mind.”
     “We already finished and paid the bill, but would you like to stay a little bit longer?” Jack offers as I look around, checking every person carefully.
     “No.” I say, trying to keep my tone up. They all rise from the booth.
     “By the way, there was a man here; he was looking for you, asking every customer. He asked us and we told him you had left.” Lucy informs me. “He had a bouquet of white roses.”
     “Left?!” I shout. “Where did he go?” Everything stops. Ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum- it’s as if my heart wants to escape from its ribcage.
     “We don’t know.” Dorothy adds as I feel my scalp. This is it, I lost him. Who knows where he is now. I can barely move. My insides drown in that stew of emotions again. We walk on the vertical crimson carpet, the glass doors at the end. We exit and the doors creak open for the last time this memorable evening.
     I look up from the concrete and see a baby-tiger-like face, staring directly at me holding white roses in a limb wrapped in a white cast. Shouting each other’s names loud, we run up to each other faster than a person can comprehend with a desire that alerts every muscle in the body. Tears fall again and mix. We hold each other like we did in Minsk, letting our love pass through to the other. All the emotions that we’ve felt in the yard between our buildings have come together and are between us. Our lips begin to dance, not stopping to breath in the zeitgeist; we have our own. I have never had more faith in fate.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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KMG28 said...
May 22, 2016 at 5:34 pm
Thank you for commenting!
Suzanne said...
Apr. 20, 2016 at 9:46 pm
What a magnificent job you did writing this many chapters long love story! There was suspense, and young romance, perfect combination. Your descriptions of feelings/emotions very realistic. Congratulations! Suzanne
alemargo said...
Apr. 19, 2016 at 10:03 pm
very beautiful and touching story
ALEMARGO00 said...
Apr. 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm

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