Little Miss Popular and the Tutor

March 20, 2016
By shyamerise3183, San Antonio, Texas
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shyamerise3183, San Antonio, Texas
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 “Brianna, do you know the answer to question 9,” asked Mrs. Lopez. I sat there, unaware of the eyes staring at me. “Earth to Brianna,” shouted Mrs. Lopez. I quickly pick up my head and said,” Umm, it’s the bird and the fox.” The whole class burst into laughter. I could feel my whole face turning bright red. “Class settle down,” yelled Mrs. Lopez. The whole class got so silent you could almost hear crickets. Mrs. Lopez waddled to her desk and I couldn’t help but laughing. She turned around, gave me this soul piercing look as if she were a demon stealing my soul, and then sat down. Mrs. Lopez was a very chunky, gray haired, dark brown eyed, 56 year old with a very strong British accent. To be honest, Mrs. Lopez is my least favorite teacher and I am her least favorite student.
  After thirteen minutes of silence, the annoying bell that sounded like a dying horse finally rung. I quickly got up and ran to the door.  As soon as I was half way out the door, Mrs. Lopez said,” Brianna, maybe instead of daydreaming you should start paying attention.” I walked over to her desk, looked her straight in the eyes and said,” I do pay attention. Maybe you should stop being so boring and loosen up a little, Mrs. L." Mrs. Lopez glared at me and replied,” Brianna, you are failing my class. You need to get your grade up or you might be retained.” I shrugged and bolted out of the door. I knew that I need to do something about my grade, but what could I do?

   Suddenly, I heard my best friend, Christina, scream,” Brianna, get your booty over here!” I quickly turned around and started walking to Christina, who was surrounded by our little group of friends. Our group of friends consisted of Paula, Gabriel, Jordan (my boyfriend of 2 months), Piper, Emily, Christina, Ricky, Christopher (Christina’s twin brother), CJ (Christina’s boyfriend of 1 year), and I. We have all been friends since the 3rd grade when we all had Mrs. Jones as our teacher.
   I knew that I would have to put on a fake smile and hide my sadness about the bad news I had just received, because my friends always knew when something was wrong with me. I quickly put on a fake smile and walked over to the group. I sat down on the bench and said,” Hey guys. What’s up?” Piper, who was making her way over to me, said,” Nothing much. Why did Mrs. Lopez keep you late after 8th period?” I frowned at her and rolled my eyes.” Why you all up in her business, Piper,” demanded Jordan. I smirked and Piper stuck her middle finger and Jordan. Everyone burst into laughter. Christina quickly interrupted that laughter by saying,” But for real girl, why did you have to stay after with Mrs. Lopez.” I finally just blurted it out,” I am failing her class and I might get retained!” The whole group became silent.
    After what seemed like forever, Jordan finally said,” Oh damn babe! What are you going to do about this?” I shrugged and responded,” I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I know that I can’t get retained.” Ricky said,” I don’t know what we would do if you got retained and we all moved on.” Christopher shook his head and said,” Let’s not think about the negative. She might not get retained.” “True, but she could get retained. Let’s not even think about it right now though.” They crowded around me, hugged me, and kissed me.” Let’s go to my house and enjoy the rest of this crazy Friday,” exclaimed Piper. Everyone stared at her for a second, and then we all nodded and started towards Pipers house.

   The next day, I woke up with the worst headache ever. I quickly got up and got dressed. I thought maybe I was just a little hungry. I ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen. My stepmom, Bianca, was already in the kitchen cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes. As soon as she noticed I was there, she hugged e and said,” Good morning sleepyhead. How was your slumber?” I gave her a thumbs up and sat down at the counter. My stepmom is a 25 year old with long blond hair, a curvy shape, and a Spanish accent. I really didn’t know what she saw in my old man. I grabbed a piece of bacon of the counter and gulped it down. Bianca glared at me and said,” Calm down, Brianna. The food isn’t going anywhere.” I laughed and continued to gulp down bacon and eggs. When we were done eating, Bianca cleaned up. When she was finishes she kissed me and said,” Have a great day. I have to go to work, so I will see you later on.” I gave her a fake smile and waved goodbye. As soon as Bianca left, I rolled my eyes and sighed. I absolutely detest my stepmom. I got up and walked over to the stack of mail on the table. I found an envelope that said: To the Parent/Guardian of Brianna Flores. I opened it and saw my report card. I looked at my grades: Math 95, Science 90, Social Studies 91, P.E 100, Reading 42, Art 100, and Choir 100. As soon as I saw the 42, I began to freak out. “My parents are going to kill me,” I yelled. I heard my dad walking down the stairs and I quickly hid it behind my back.

     “Brianna, what are you hiding behind your back,” asked my dad. “I’m not hiding anything, Dad,” I replied. He put his arms around me and tried to grad the paper, but I moved too fast for him. After 15 minutes of dodging him, he finally grabbed the paper and read the grades. He frown and asked,” Why the hell do you have a 42 in reading?” I shrugged and backed away from him, because I could tell that he was mad at me. He grabbed my arm and yelled,” You better get you s*** together. I am going to get you a tutor.” I shook my head and said,” I don’t need a stupid tutor.” He looked at me and said,” You are getting a tutor or you are getting grounded.” After he said that he walked upstairs and got on the phone with someone.
      An hour later, I heard the doorbell ring and ran to see who it was. When I opened the door I saw a boy that is about my age standing there. I stared at him and said,” How may I help you?” He smiled and said,” I am Carlos. I’m here to tutor a girl named Brianna Flores.” I was so confused but I moved out of the way and motioned for him to come in. He walked in and when straight into the kitchen. “ You seem very familiar. Do I know you from somewhere,” I asked.” I go to Lincoln High,” replied Carlos. “So do I,” I responded. He nodded.
      After an hour of tutoring, Carlos and I sat on the couch and started talking.” How come I have never seen you around school,” I asked. He smiled and said,” You have never seen my around because you are popular. Popular and unpopular are not aloud to talk or be involved with each other.” I nodded and replied,” You are too cute to be unpopular, Carlos.” He moved in and kissed me. The kiss felt so good. When I realized who I was kissing, I pulled away. He looked at me and said,” I am so sorry. I think I should leave now.” He quickly got up and went to the door. I follow close behind him.” I will see you tomorrow,” I said as I motioned for him to leave. He nodded and went to his car. I watched him drive away, and then I went upstairs.

      The next morning, I was awoken by the sound of the doorbell. I knew that it was Jordan, because he always bangs on the door like he is the police. I quickly got up and put on my pink crop top, skinny jeans, and my wedges. I ran downstairs and opened the door and let him in. He looked at me and said,” I am breaking up with you, Brianna.” I stared at him blankly. “Why are you doing this to me,” I asked. He frowned and said,” If you get retained I can’t be with you anymore, so I thought I should do it sooner rather than later. I got to go. Bye Brianna.” I watched him leave. I stood there in a daze. I had no idea what had just happened. I ran upstairs and began to cry my eyes out. I laid there and cried.
     After 30 minutes of crying I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and ran to the door. As soon as I opened it Carlos burst through the door. He immediately pulled me close and kissed me.  I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. When Carlos saw me he asked,” Have you been crying?” I nodded. He led me to the couch and we sat down. He held me close and made me feel save. I forgot all about the break up at that moment.

     Carlos and I sat there for about 30 minutes. I finally said,” Can we just get to the tutoring now?” He took his arm from around me and grabbed his books. I could see the look of rejection in his eyes. I felt really bad. “So I was wondering if you want to be my girlfriend,” stated Carlos. I ignored him and started reading. I really liked him, but I knew we couldn’t be together because we are from two different worlds.
      At the end of the tutoring session I walked him to the door. He pulled me in for another kiss but I pulled away before he had a chance to kiss me. I looked him in the eyes and said,” Carlos, you know that we can’t be together, so I think that we should just keep things professional from now on.” He nodded and walked away. I knew that I had hurt him, but I was for the best. We can’t be together and we both know that.

       Weeks went by and my reading started to improve. I wasn’t going to get retained if I kept doing well. I ran downstairs to get my report card at the end of the year. I looked at my grades: Math 98, Science 90, Social Studies 100, P.E 100, Reading 98, Art 100, and Choir 100. I couldn’t wait to tell Carlos. I got in the car and drove to Carlos’ house. When I pulled up he was sitting on porch. I got out the car and ran up to him and said,” I got a 98 in reading!” He smiled at me and said,” Congratulations. You did a great job. I’m happy for you.” He was acting really weird. I hoped I hadn’t ruined my chance at love. “I’m going to go now. Thank you so much for everything,” I said. He smiled at me and said,” Bye Brianna.” I started to walk down the driveway, but my heart stopped my right in my tracks. I turned around and yelled,” Carlos, I love you so much and I want you to be my boyfriend for a long time!” Carlos had a huge smile on his face when I said that. He walk to me and said,” I have been waiting for you to say that for a while now. I love you too, Brianna.” He pulled me close and kissed me. I had finally got the happily ever after I always dreamed of.

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on Dec. 19 2017 at 3:38 pm
Volleyball_Life BRONZE, Wautoma, Wisconsin
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The book was really good but it was a very short book. I think that it would have helped if you made it longer by adding in more details like what everyone looked like or like in each chapter it could start out slow going with the days and then maybe by weeks and so on. Other wise I thought it was a really good book and I think you should keep up the great work.

on Apr. 23 2016 at 1:54 pm
shyamerise3183, San Antonio, Texas
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thank you so much

on Apr. 23 2016 at 1:54 pm
shyamerise3183, San Antonio, Texas
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thanks mrs. morales

on Apr. 23 2016 at 1:53 pm
shyamerise3183, San Antonio, Texas
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Thanks and i will

fmoore said...
on Apr. 6 2016 at 9:12 pm
Awesome keepbup the great work!

Mrsmor said...
on Apr. 6 2016 at 8:45 pm
Wonderful characterization and teen drama at its best! I think I know a Brianna and Carlos.

Anoytedone said...
on Apr. 6 2016 at 8:08 pm
Great job Shriya! Keep writing!

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