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Happy Never After

January 25, 2014
By Anonymous


A little while after my dad said that, we see the sign that reads, ‘River Bay’. It was the name of the camping sight that we go to every year. I quickly send a text to Layne saying that we were here and to meet us at the office. As soon as we pull in I start to remember this place from the last time I’ve seen it. The office looks the same, except the displays have been moved around a little bit.

I put on my wristband and take off running to search for Layne. I see her camper is already set up, so I go check for her at the playground. I see her on a swing and she was on her phone. She suddenly looks up and runs toward me. “Hey Marie, I haven’t seen you since March!” She says “I know, and I can’t wait until May gets here then it will be great.” I reply
Her phone suddenly goes off, and I say, “Who are you texting?” She says, “My friend Bobby."


Happy Never After

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