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Love Is Priceless

June 3, 2013
By DanielleBrown4321, Mollymook, Other
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I flop down on my bed and sigh. “Oh Daniel” I sigh again, dramatically. “Where are you?”
“I am right here, my beloved Felicity. Come. Look out your window” I hear someone say. I smile.
“Is that you, Daniel? Could it be?” I say as I lift up my skirt and trot over to the window.
“Yes, tis I” I look out my window and smile.
“Oh Daniel! What took you so long?”
“My father gave me a very important job to do that needed me as soon as possible. But I am here now”
“And my have you kept me waiting?” I say leaning out the window but my grip slipped and I started falling down. I heard Daniel scream my name but it didn’t register in my head. And suddenly I was……. Rising? Wait no that couldn’t be right. I looked down and I found everything growing smaller. Yep I was rising all right.
“Don’t look down, trust me” said a deep (and if I might say), sexy voice. ‘How am I to trust you when you’re taking me away from my Daniel and from my house’ I thought.
“Just trust me” he answered my thoughts, which I thought was impossible.
“Who are you?” I asked him, I didn’t dare look at him. To me, looking at strangers face is bad luck.
“It’s too early for you to know that, my precious Felicity” and once again I descended or rather we descended. “Now it’s time to wake up, your Daniel must be worried that you’re in a coma”


I woke with a gasp. ‘Woah’ I thought as I remembered the dream, I suddenly wished it was real. Well, except for the last bit. “FELICITY!!” I heard my mother scream out from the kitchen.
“Yes mother” I say, as I get out of bed. A wave of dizziness rolled over me and I leant on my bed to keep myself from falling on the floor. Once my world stopped spinning, I quickly put on a pair of clean of clothes and made myself look presentable. I trotted down the stairs and sat down at the table, legs crossed. I flipped my hair back and put on my best, dazzling smile.
“FELICI……..” My mother began to scream out again but stopped as she saw me sitting down at the table. “Oh!” she shook her head and put down a plate of pancakes. “Hurry up and eat. Daniel is waiting outside for you”
“Mother!” I said as I put down my knife and fork.
“What!!” she exclaimed at my outburst.
“Don’t be rude” I say as I walk to the door. “You could’ve invited him in” I opened the door and poked my head out. “I must apologise for my mother’s rudeness. It seems that manners have skipped a generation in our family” I say as I open the door wider.
“Oh it’s ok. I sincerely forgive you Mrs Young”
“Why thank you Daniel” I roll my eyes at them and pull out a chair.
“Come sit, Daniel. Help yourself to some pancakes. Mum, grab a plate for Daniel”
“I don’t think I cooked enough pancakes”
“That’s ok. I’ll share” I say, I halved my stack and put them on his plate. “Enjoy”

“I should pick you up more often” Daniel said. We were in the car driving to school.
“You don’t need too, you pick me up enough already”
“Yeah. In fact you’re doing it right now…..” I let him process that before a smile crept over his face.
“Oh really” he said in a rough, sexy voice.
“Oh yeah” he leant over and kissed me. His mouth tasted like mocha and golden syrup, a delicious combination. I pulled away and smacked him on the leg. “Focus on the road not me”
“Ow! That hurt”
“Focus. You can do whatever you want with me later but not now”
You could tell he didn’t want to but he kept his eyes on the road. We pulled into the school car park and walked in to the school. “See you later, kay?”
“Sure, babe. See you this afternoon” I lean up on my tip-toes and pecked him on the cheek.
“Oh please get a room, Felicity! We don’t want to see you making out with your bf” Sarah said, rolling her eyes and walking up to me.
“Oh pleeeeeaaaassse, Sarah, like you could talk” I said, glaring at her.
“At least I don’t do it in front of the whole entire school to see”
“Whatever. Let’s go”

“What in the world is going on here?” Ms Wethers asked as she stormed in to the classroom. Paper was flying everywhere. Everyone was loud and noisy. The only good students in this class, and I am not just saying this to make us look like goody-two shoes, were Sarah and I. “Class quiet down. SILENCE!!!” The noise immediately ceased but a few were still giggling. “I have had enough of this nonsense and of this class, one more noise, and I don’t care if it’s a giggle, a sneeze, or a cough, it’s detention for all the class and I don’t care if one person is responsible you will all be going to detention
“Good. Now that the noise has ceased let’s get this lesson started. Today we are going to learn about ‘The Big Bang Theory’” Miss Wethers said as she wrote it in capitals on the chalkboard.

“That was the most boring double period lesson ever” I said as I sat down at a table.
“Tell me about it” Sarah said as she sat down opposite me. I grabbed my lunchbox out of my bag and grabbed a muesli bar. I grimaced. It was apricot. I sighed as I opened it up and started pecking at it.
“What’s new in Sarah’s world?” I asked her as I threw the rest of my apricot bar away.
“Hey!” Sarah protested. “I like apricots!” I raised my eyebrows.
“Really? Or are you just trying to shift the subject to apricots?” I said smiling.
“Ugh! What are you? A psychic?” she said wrinkling her nose.
“No, I am just a good observer and once again you’re changing the subject”
“Ok fine! Me and Brad are fighting” she said, her eyes on her salad.

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“What!?” I exclaimed “I thought you and Brad were inseparable!”
“That’s what I thought” She said, chewing slowly on a lettuce leaf. “Look I don’t want to make a big deal of it so can we not talk about it? Please?” she said, looking up from her salad and giving me a sad, sad puppy look. I sighed in resignation.
“Fine but later you have to tell me who, why, when and how ok?”
“Ok” she pushed her salad away and I quickly snatched it of her.
“Ok now proms just around the corner…….. Well not really but still its 4 months away and we haven’t picked our outfits yet”
“OMG. You are so right. This weekend we are going shopping. And you are coming with me!”
“Well obviously” I said, rolling my eyes.

“What are you talking about?” said Katie, another friend of ours, sliding in beside me.
“The upcoming and foremost prom” Sarah said.
“Ahhhh, the dreaded prom!” Katie said, nodding her head.
“HEY!!! We’re not dreading it. You’re only dreading it because you haven’t got anyone to go with” I said, looking at her pointedly.
“I do too!” Katie protested. Sarah and I raised our eyebrows. “I just haven’t figured out whom yet” This time we rolled our eyes.
“What are we going to with her?” I asked Sarah.
“I honestly do not know, Felicity. I honestly do not know” Sarah said, shaking her head slowly as if in disappointment.
“Toss her to the sharks?” I suggested.
“Nah, we want her to have a slow painful death”
“The seals then. Surely, that would be slow and painful”
“You two are shocking. Honestly” Katie said, shaking her head. “I’m going to go so I don’t have to listen to this nonsense anymore”. She walked away and tossed the trash in the bin.
“Well if not the seals, how about piranhas? Now that would have to be slow and painful” I said, oblivious to Katie leaving the table. The bell rang and on our way to class we continued talking about how slow and painful Katie’s death should be.
The final bell rang and we all rushed out. Trying to escape school, we didn’t want to spend one more second in this horrible place. I started heading towards the car park when someone grabbed my arm. I spun around to see who it was. Ugh, it was Bradley Parker. One of the stupid, idiotic, moron, douchebags of Summer High.
“Where’re you going, sugar?”
“None of your business asshole” I replied, giving him my famous bitchy look.
“Now don’t play hard to get, sweetie. You know you don’t have too” he said smirking.
“And you know perfectly well that I’m not playing hard to get, Brad. In fact I’m not playing anything at all”
“I know that but I just love to see you get all worked up and feisty”
“Excuse me. But I have to catch a ride home with my boyfriend” I said as I snatched my arm away from his grasp. I stormed away from him and marched towards Daniel who had a very confused look. As I walked towards Daniel and the jeep I heard Brad call out.
“Call me babe” I looked over my shoulder and yelled.
“In your dreams, sweet cheeks”
“What was that about?” Daniel asked as he opened the passenger door for me.
“Just some idiotic asshole by the name of Bradley Parker” I said, putting on my seatbelt.
“Want me to deal with him? You know I specialize in idiotic assholes” he said, giving me a serious look as he sat down in his seat.
“You know, as much as I think you want to and not joking. Violence isn’t the answer”
“Well what is the answer, if it’s not violence?” Daniel asked me, confusion in his eyes.
“Patience, Daniel. Patience. He’ll get tired of me and find someone else to use his fake, disgusting charm on” I said, patting his leg.
“Ow! That hurt!” Daniel exclaimed.
“OMG. Seriously?” I asked, worriedly.
“Yeah. You hit hard” he said, rubbing his leg.
“No way! I now have an advantage towards Brad!!!!!!!!” I exclaimed excitedly.
“Hey!!! I thought you said violence wasn’t the answer” Daniel complained.
“Well……uh… doesn’t count with me” I said hesitantly. But he didn’t believe me.
“Are you sure?” Daniel asked me, eyeing me wearily before he averted his eyes to the road.
“Well no one’s going to blame me. I’m a girl and Brad’s a douchebag. I have a right to slap him”
“We’ll see” He said wearily. I smiled, Daniel can sure make me smile. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love him.
“Where am I?” I said to myself. I didn’t recognise anything at all. I was in a completely different place. I was in a bedroom, not mine but somebody else’s. Everything was black; the bedspreads, the curtains, the furniture. Everything, well except for some bits and pieces that were red. It was like I was in a gothic movie. I checked my clothes. I wore a black and red corset and a mini black skirt.
“Damn, you look fine in that outfit” A voice said behind me. I spun around. A man was standing in the doorway, looking. He had well-built muscles, in fact everything about him was well-built. His tall, lean body leant casually against the door frame. He had brown, wavy hair that fell to his shoulders. He wore a black, button-up t-shirt and denim jeans. Something about him triggered a memory but I couldn’t quite catch it.
“Excuse me, but that is no way to talk to a lady” I said, matter-of-factly.
“Oh come on Felicity. We’re not in the 18th century anymore” the stranger said, slowly walking towards me.
“Who are you? And how do you know my name?” I said backing away from him.
“Well I can’t answer the first question” he paused to think. “Actually, I can’t answer both questions” he said with sudden realization. He shrugged. “Sorry”. He continued to advance me, step by step. And I continued to back away from him.
“Stay away from me” I warned him. I was now up against a wall and he continued to advance on me step by step, god damn, painstakingly slow step.
“Why are you so shy all of a sudden? Before you were quite happy to be in my arms and now you are so shy. I guess that is just another quirk of Felicity Young’s” he said. Both my heart and breath quickened as he came closer. I am not usually this scared of thing but in this dream I was. I tried to wake myself up but when I pinched myself nothing happened. My eyes went wide with terror as he was now only a few feet away from me. Then I remembered something he said earlier and it suddenly hit me. That’s where I knew him from, my earlier dream, but that wasn’t reassuring in fact it made me even more scared. He was now so close that I could smell his cologne. His eyes were a dark green, now that he was close enough for me to see his eye colour.
“You think you can wake up? Ha! Honey I control this dream and everything that happens. Only you can control yourself, because if I controlled you, you would already be in my arms. But everything is under my control” he said, smirking as if what he said was funny, which it wasn’t.
“I don’t believe you” I said, shaking my head. He stared at the window behind me and I wondered what he was doing. After a few seconds, I felt a draft on the back of my neck. ‘How is that possible?’ I thought. ‘His in front of me with his hands in his pockets’. I pressed my back right up against the wall but my stomach did a flip flop as I fell out the window. I had a sudden wave of dèja vu as I remembered that I fell out of a window in my other dream. The stranger grabbed my hand and pulled me back up. That stupid, annoying smirk still on his face.
“What are you doing?” I asked, confused at why this stranger would want to save me.
“Saving your life. Isn’t it obvious?” he asked, as confusion spread over his face.
“Well, duh obviously. But why?” I asked, pulling myself up onto the window sill and climbing over it. I put my hands on my hips and gave him a questioning look. He pushed me up against a wall with impossible speed and leaned towards me. His dark green eyes bored into mine, which now seemed mesmerizing.
“Well, I thought that was obvious too” he breathed. I found myself leaning towards him. My heart beat faster, if it wasn’t already going at 100 kilometres per hour and so did my breath. Then I suddenly remembered Daniel. I snapped out of it and walked away from the stranger.
“Who are you?” I gasped. Confusion once again was all over his face but was quickly replaced with a smirk.
“You’ll know soon enough” was all he said. This time I started backing towards the door.
“Wake me up” I demanded, hoping my voice didn’t break with fear.
“Why?” he asked.
“Wake me up” I demanded again, this time I said more strongly. He shrugged.
“Fine” he said. He moved at incredible speed and was suddenly in front of me. My breath, once again, quickened as he leaned towards to me. He chuckled and gave me a peck on the lips.
“Until next time, Felicity” And everything went fuzzy.

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I sat upright in my bed. ‘I should really see a psychiatrist’ I thought. I got out of bed and checked the time. 11:00 am. I have an hour until I meet Sarah for prom shopping. I got changed and went downstairs. Mums at an open house. Mums a real estate agent, so she sometimes has to leave early to go to work. I got out a frypan, some bacon and eggs and a can of canola spray. As I set to work cooking bacon and eggs, I let my mind wander. Who was this stranger that kept appearing in my dreams? And why does he keep saying ‘I’ll find out soon’? I want to know now!
“Your bacon and eggs are burning” someone whispered in my ear. I gasped and turned around, spatula ready. I was expecting to see the strange man and confront him instead I found Daniel.
“Daniel! You scared me” I said, putting my hand over my racing heart and taking deep breaths. Daniel’s arms were in the air, as if in surrender.
“Sorry. Can you please put the weapon down before you hurt someone; like me”
“What weapon?” I asked, confused, my eyebrows in a knot of confusion. Then I looked in my hand. Oh right! The spatula. I quickly put my breakfast on a plate. I put the spatula down and poured myself a glass of orange juice. I put my breakfast on the table and spun around. “I am so sorry Daniel” I sighed. I sat down and started eating. “I am just so out of it today”
“That’s why I planned a picnic for us today. So we can clear our heads and let the stress disappear” he said, with a big grin on his face. ‘This can’t be happening!” I thought. I groaned.
“I’m sorry, Daniel. Can we raincheck?” I looked at him hopefully.
“I’m going retail shopping with Sarah for prom” I said.
“Oh, ok” his face fell and I immediately felt guilty.
“How about Thursday afternoon? Because next weekend I have jazz” I suggested, hopefully.
“Sure” his face lit up with excitement. I finished my breakfast and rinsed the plates and cups. I gave a Daniel a peck on the cheek.
“And you have to drive me into town as I am not 16 yet”
“No shit Sherlock” Daniel said, rolling his eyes.
“Hey sexy!” Daniel called out to Sarah as we pulled into a car spot.
“Hey sugar. Wanna catch up later and do something?” Sarah said, walking up to the car and winked. I rolled my eyes; it’s a game they play. They flirt with each other when I’m there, there is no end to the game and there is no winner or loser either. I take back what I said earlier; the game ends when I get tired of their flirting or when I’m busy. Today, the games boring.
“Thanks for the ride” I gave Daniel a kiss on the lips and got out of the car.
“Yeah, thanks for the ride” Sarah repeated with a wink.
“Anytime” Daniel replied, winking and blowing a kiss at Sarah. Sarah holds her hand to heart and smiles; a big, cheesy smile at Daniel.
“Ok. I’m going to steal Sarah away before things get out of control” Daniel laughed as he drove away.
“Love you” Daniel called out.
“Back at ya sugar” Sarah called back.
“Don’t listen to her, Dan. I’m the only one who loves you!”
I heard Daniel laugh as he turned left at the round-about “Come on Sarah. We have retail shopping to do”
“Did you see the look on that man’s face?” I said, through giggles.
“This colour doesn’t suit me! No, the materials all wrong! If you don’t find the perfect dress, I’ll fire your lazy, pathetic excuse for an ass and you’ll never hear the end of it!” Sarah said, recalling what happened earlier in one of the dress shops.
“Do you know who I am?” I said pretending to be the shopkeeper.
“Do you know who I am? My father is the mayor of this city and my mother is Charlotte Bakewell, famous for designing clothes. Perhaps you have her collection? All I have to do is make 2 phone calls; one to my father, who’ll fire you before you can say ‘cheese puffs’ and one to my mother, who’ll let everyone know that you refused to devote 100% to her daughter, Sarah Bakewell. And rumours do spread fast, so I am pretty sure that once everyone has heard about you and you’re fired. No one will hire you because of what they heard” Sarah repeated what she had said earlier. And it’s true! What she said. Her mother is a famous designer and her father really is the mayor. That’s why she can afford a Mercedes Benz, the finest foods and drinks and clothes. I envy her but she always says that she’s jealous of me!
“Oh! I am so sorry Miss Bakewell! If I had known who you were, I wouldn’t have shown you those horrible prom dresses! Miss Claire! Get the finest prom dresses you can find for Miss Bakewell!” I mimicked the shopkeeper. We both laughed out loud, and passer-byers stared as they walked past us. We ignored them and kept giggling until we reached our departure area.
“Well, I’ll see you on Monday” I said, wiping my eyes free of tears.
“Ok. Do you need a lift?” Sarah said, gesturing to her flashy, glossy, red Mercedes Benz. I hesitated, unsure. I really wanted to ride in it but I couldn’t do that to Sarah. I shook my head.
“No. It’s ok, I got Dan” I smiled.
“You sure? It’s no problem really” I took a deep breathe through my nose and shook my head. “Fine, it’s your loss” Sarah shrugged, hopped in her car and leaned over her seat to put the shopping bags in. She put on her sunglasses and looked over her shoulder. “Bye Felicity”
“Bye Sarah” I said, waving.
“Don’t forget to say hi to my baby” she blew a kiss and smiled. She smoothly rolled her car out of the car park and drove away. Her hair waving behind her. I stared longingly after her and her car. Once she was out of sight, I sighed. Daniel’s car took Sarah’s place within seconds.
“Need a lift?” Daniel said, rolling down the passenger window.
“Do you have a sixth sense or something?” I said, wrinkling my nose and getting in the car.
“Maybe” Daniel said, smiling slyly.
“Whatever. So what have you been doing while I was out shopping?”
“I’ve been out and about”

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This time, as I opened my eyes and saw my surroundings –blue waters, stone walls, a bed and just one window – and felt his presence, I wasn’t going to waste time.
“Ok. Who are you? How do you know my name? And why do you keep appearing in my dreams?” I spun around and found him leaning against the wall, with a lop- sided grin on his face.
“You certainly don’t waste any time, do you?”
“No games tonight. I want straight answers. Do you understand?”
“Yes ma’am” he saluted me.
“Good. Now first question; who are you?” I asked, walking towards him.
“I suppose it’s time for you to know; I’m Michael Clarke” he said, keeping cool as I walked in slow circles around him.
“How do you know my name?” I eyed him suspiciously, I braced myself for some whacked out answer.
“I am not allowed to discuss that, miss. It is in the protocol”
“Hmmm and why do you keep appearing in my dreams?” I said slowing to a stop in front of him and looked him in the eyes.
“Procedure, miss” I nodded at him, satisfied with his answers. I wanted to know more but I didn’t want to be too overwhelmed.
“At ease!” I said, letting him know that he could relax. He did, and a lop-sided grin came back on his face.
“How you doing?” he asked me, trying to charm me. I sneered at him.
“Please. Don’t. It won’t work” I said, walking over to the bed. I decided to inspect it to see if it was safe to sit on. I gasped as, once again, he moved at crazy speed.
“Really?” he said, smiling slyly.
“Why do you do that?” I asked him, walking over to the side of the bed. I felt a breeze and he was there in front of me. Again!!!
“What?” he said, tilting his head to one side.
“That! Moving at impossible, crazy speed. You know? One minute you’re on one side of the bed and the next POOF! You’re in front of me!”
“Oh! That!” he said. “Sometimes, I get carried away and besides I love the rush. Pardon the pun”
“But it’s impossible! No one can move that fast unless they have rocket installed in their shoes”
“You never stop asking questions, do you? You’re like that mundane game ’20 Questions’” he said, his lip curling as he said ‘mundane’ as if it was a dirty word.
“Bu……” I almost said but was interrupted when Michael leant down and kissed me. This time, I was unprepared and caught off-guard. He was a good kisser and he knew what he was doing. I tried to pull away but he pinned me on the bed. Suddenly, I wasn’t fighting back. Instead I found myself kissing back. His hands slid up my shirt and I moaned with pleasure.
“Michael Clarke” A voice said and we both broke apart. I gave Michael a confused look but he had a look on his face that had such intensity I didn’t even bother asking.
“Samuel Ross. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Michael asked.
“I just wanted to see how much progress you were making on your assignment but please, don’t let me interrupt. Carry on” Samuel said his arms up as if in surrender.
“It’s taking a while but it’s getting there” he said, flatly.
“What’s your assignment?” I asked, wanting in on the conversation. No one answered my question then I realized why they were being so quiet. They assignment was me! “Woah, wait a sec. I’m the assignment” I said.
“Felicity” Michael began.
“No don’t ‘Felicity’ me. I want to know what is going on and I want to know now!” I demanded.
“Oh! You don’t know” Samuel said in sudden realization. His eyebrows shot upwards in amusement. “Well, this is interesting” he clicked his fingers and a bucket of popcorn materialized out of nowhere in particular.
“That’s impossible!” I exclaimed at Samuel. He merely shrugged and started eating.
“Mmm, butter flavour! My favourite”
“Felicity, you may wanna sit down for this” he said, gesturing towards the bed we both made out on earlier. I nodded slowly and sat down obediently.
“Michael, what’s going on?” I said, with wide, scared eyes.
“I don’t know how to say this. Me and Sam aren’t human” he began slowly.
“Of course you are. You have a beating heart, two eyes and legs and flesh and blood” I said, pointedly.
“We may appear and look human but we aren’t. It’s called glamour, a disguise if you will. We disguise ourselves as mundanes so then no one can see our true selves. Only the trained eye can see our true identity”
“And what is that?” I asked, now scared and confused.
“We look just like you but we have minor differences. For example, we have marks, like tattoos, that give us certain powers and abilities”
“Like Superman or……..or Batman?” I asked.
“No! Those are tattle-tales, bedtime stories. We are entirely different, something else”
“Well, are you going to tell me? Or are you going to leave me in suspense and let me figure it out myself?”
“We are a mix breed of angels and humans. We are made and, or born one”
“Born what?” I asked, looking at Michael, then to Samuel, then back to Michael. He sighed.
“A Demon Slayer, or more of a Vampire Slayer really because they cause the most mischief” he said, a corner of his mouth quirking upwards, trying to add humour to this situation.
“Right...and if I believe you, which I don’t because this is a dream, what do I have to with you Vampire Slayers? Why am I involved in this?” I asked, gesturing towards Michael and Samuel.
“Oh, here comes the good bit!” Samuel exclaimed, clapping his hands. He had finished his popcorn. “Oh! Darn! I ran out of popcorn just as the good bit comes. Oh well, I’m thirsty now anyway” he shrugged, clicked his fingers and a coke bottle materialized out of the air.
“Felicity, you were born one. Your mother Sharon Young is – was – a Vampire Slayer” he explained slowly. Ok, now he’s gone crazy. Even if this is a dream, he just crossed a line.
“You’ve gone mental!” I said, standing up.
“Felicity, listen to me” Michael said, grabbing my shoulders and trying to keep me calm.
“No! I don’t want to listen to any more of your mumbo jumbo, crazy, stupid, vampire slaying stories. You’ve gone crazy if you think I believe you”
“Felicity, just hear me out” Michael pleaded.
“Well, it’s getting boring now so I’m going to go now” he threw his empty coke bottle out of the window and it disintegrated into nothing. He clapped his hands and waited, hands folded in his lap. Then suddenly, he burst out laughing as he saw my bewildered expression. “Just kidding! You should have seen your face, it was hilarious” He said through giggles. He wiped away a tear that had escaped. “Ok now, seriously I’m going” And with that he fell backwards out of the window and disappeared.
“Felicity! Listen to me, please” Michael said, his eyes were serious.
“What is it, Michael?” I said, turning my attention back to him.
“If you look at your mothers shoulder, you will see a scar in the shape of a star”
“So?” I asked. “Anyone could have a scar in the shape of a star” I said, pointedly.
“Just listen. Every Vampire Slayer gets a tattoo one their shoulder. A star, for us, represents loyalty and dedication to our Group. The tattoo gets refreshed every two months. Your mother has a faint scar because she stopped.
“Why did she stop though?”
“I think your mother should tell you that. Anyway, moving on. Everyone gets that tattoo when they turn 15, that’s when they join The Group and their names get put in The Council Book”
“Ok, this is too much information for one night. Can you wake me up now?” I asked, rubbing my temple, which was pounding. Michael nodded.
“Yes of course. Just do me one favour?” Michael said.
“Look for the scar, then that’s all the proof you need”
“How?” I asked, the dream started to fade.
“That’s up to you. Just do me that favour, that’s all I ask for”
“Ok” I said, it was only a small favour anyway. Michael said something but the dream started to fade quickly. But I think he said ‘Thank you’

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I woke up and felt a headache coming on. I went downstairs and found mum cooking an omelette. I took a deep breath and smelled the delicious aroma.
“Mmmmmm. That smells good” I said setting the table.
“Well, it was for me but you can have one too” Mum said, putting the first one on a plate. “That’s yours” She said, pointing to it. I grabbed the plate and sat down and started eating. The flavours burst open in my mouth. There was coriander, cheese and a hint of salt and pepper. I think I detected some parsley.
“I mean, you should be a chef” I said, through a mouthful.
“Nah, I don’t want to work too hard” she said putting the second omelette on a plate and sitting down.
“So work part time that way you can still sell houses and share your delicious food” I said, taking a second bite.
“No” Mum said abruptly then considered. “Really?”
“Yeah, I’m not joking”
“No!” Mum scoffed. “Seriously?”
“Yeah” I said nodding my head.
“Ok then. I’ll think about”
“Good, I’m glad you’re taking one of ideas into consideration for once” I said, finishing off my omelette.
“Well, I better get going then. Don’t want to be late for work now, do I?”
“You should skip work today” I said, putting together a plan. The sooner I confirmed Michael was crazy the better.
“Ha!” Mum exclaimed. “You’re kidding!”
“No. In fact I am absolutely, completely 100% positively serious. You work too hard mum. It’s time you took a day off”
Mum sighed in resignation. “Ok but what will I do?” A light bulb went on in my head.
“Let’s have a girl’s day out. Just the two of us”
“That sounds like fun”
“And we can go shopping”
“Oh honey, we can’t afford it”
“Then we’ll go window shopping. Come on it’ll be fun!!”
“Oh, I don’t know” Mum said, with a look of unease on her face.
“Please, please, please, please” I begged.
“Fine. We’ll have a picnic too” Mum said, getting up from the table.
“That’s a great idea!”
“We should wear something nice” I said, pausing only for a moment and then gasped. “You should let me dress you!!” I could tell I had pushed the limit but I waited for her response anyway.
“Fine but nothing too fancy, I do have a husband you know” Mum said matter-of-factly.
“And I have a boyfriend but that doesn’t stop me from looking beautiful and seeing the look on their faces when they see me”
“Ok fine” I smiled and ran upstairs. My plan worked. I walked into mums’ room and looked through her closet. Typical! All her clothes were with sleeves that covered her shoulders and arms but I managed to find a singlet in the back. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and threw both on the bed just as mum walked in.
“Are you sure it’s not too cold to wear this?” Mum said, looking at the outfit I had put together.
“Mum, its 30o. Of course it’s not too cold” Of course, she’s resorted to using excuses.
“Well, you know how I am. It can be 50o outside but I will still be cold”
“Mum! Hurry up and get changed. And then when I come back you’re going to let me do your hair” I walked to the door and walked out.

5 minutes later, I walked in. Mum was sitting on the bed brushing her hair. I always stunned by her beauty; her long blonde hair, her heart-shaped face and her graceful movements. I got my looks from my dad; the brown hair, the light green eyes, our round shaped faces and our clumsiness. The only thing I got from mum was her skills.
I walked over to her and crawled onto the bed. I took the hairbrush from her and started braiding her hair. I was halfway through the braid when I saw it. It was very faint but I saw the outline of it. The shape of a star. I hadn’t realized how much I had hoped it wasn’t there until I saw it. I almost let go of the braid and I tightened my grip on the braid. I secretly hoped mum didn’t notice my “clumsiness” but she did.
“Is everything ok, Felicity?” Mum asked.
“Yeah, everything’s fine” I paused, thinking of what to say next. “Hey mum?”
“You never told me you had a scar on your shoulder” I said, casually.
“Oh that! Nah it’s not worth me telling you about it” she said, waving a hand dismissively.
“Why not?” I asked, careful not to scare her off.
“Oh, the story’s quite boring. In fact, forget we ever mentioned” Mum said. ‘Yeah like you have done for the past 15 years of my life’ I thought bluntly. I twisted elastic at the end and grabbed some hairspray to hold it in place. I gave the hair a quick spray then sat back.
“You’re done” I said, getting to my feet.
“How do I look?” she asked.
“Like a teenager” she walked to the wardrobe mirror and gasped.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, rushing to her. “Don’t you like it?”
“No!! I don’t like it!! I LOVE IT!!” Mum gave me a quick embrace and we headed out.

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As I closed my eyes and went to sleep, I felt a dream materialize and found myself standing on a beach. I felt a presence behind me before he spoke.
“So do you believe me?” he asked. I walked to a flat area of sand and put my head in my hands.
“I don’t know who or what to believe anymore!” I said, my voice muffled by hands.
“So I take it you saw the scar” Matthew said, walking up to me. I shot up and looked at him with such frustration that he actually looked scared.
“Yes, of course I saw the scar Matthew!! It was there. On her shoulder. A shape of a star. And you know what frustrates me the most? She wants me to forget that I saw it all together!!”
“Woah, wait! You asked her about the scar!?” Matthew exclaimed.
“Well, what I supposed to do? See it then pretend I didn’t see it. Anyway I was shocked. I didn’t actually expect it to be there! And I am a very curious person so I got curious and naturally I wanted to know what she would say and what her cover story would be”
“And did you find out what her cover story is?”
“No. She said it wasn’t worth talking about”
“All right” Matt muttered under his breath and ran his fingers through his hair. “I am going to make a call and you’re going to stay right here. I’ll be right back”
“It’s not like I’m going anywhere. Like I have to wake up or something” I muttered. Matt walked away and got out a phone.

A few minutes later, he walked back and put the phone away.
“All right, I am going to be at your window at midnight tomorrow. Make sure you’re up and that your mum is distracted”
“All right. Fine”

And I fell back into the blackness of sleep.
“Felicity. Felicity! God damn it Felicity! Snap out of it!” Sarah said clicking her fingers in front of my face, snapping me out of my reverie.
“Hmmm, what did you say?” I asked her, coming back to my senses.
“I said you look a little bit distracted these days but obviously I need no confirmation for that”
“Distracted? No! I’m just thinking about stuff, that’s all” I said. We were sitting at our area, waiting for the bell to ring.
“You know you can tell me anything, Felicity? After all, I am your best friend”
“Yes Sarah I know but I am being completely 100% honest. I am thinking about…..” I paused, trying to think up an explanation. “The prom” I added quickly.
“The prom?” Sarah asked, not believing it and I didn’t blame her. It’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. But I couldn’t tell her about my dreams and the scar and the vampire hunters, she’d call me crazy!
“And….What to wear” I said, suddenly.
“Well, that’s why you have you’re rich friend, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of the dress” I sighed a breath of relief. That distracted her. The bell rang and we both headed off to class.
“What’s going on?” I asked. It was lunch and a crowd had started forming which meant only one thing; a fight. That I knew that much, but who was in it, that I didn’t know.
“Don’t know” Sarah said. A boy walked past us and looked at me.
“Looks like there’s a fight in between you lame-ass boyfriend and Bradley Parker” he smirked and walked towards the crowd.
“WHAT!!” I exclaimed. Sarah and I walked towards the group and pushed our way through the main source. And sure enough, there was Daniel and Brad shouting insults at each other.
“Oh please, you only date her because nobody else will” Brad said, smirking. The Brad supporters whooped and cheered while the Daniel supporters made booing sounds.
“Yeah well you only want to date her so you can break the world record of broken hearts”
“Hey!! That’s enough!” I said, cutting between them and putting my hands on their chests.
“Oh hey Felicity! Have you heard what dearest Brad over here has been saying about us?”
“No and to be honest I DON’T CARE!”
“You’re liking this aren’t you, Felicity?” Brad said, looking at my hand on his chest. I snarled at him in disgust and pushed him away.
“Two things; One I would never go out with even if you and I were the last people on earth and we had to repopulate the earth. And two; you’re such a douchebag Brad. Go and do whatever it is you and your little posse do” I said, turning toward Daniel. “Come on, let’s go. You’ve had your moment. No let it go and walk away” The crowd groaned, they’d hoped they were going to see a fight and some started retreating.
“But I have to prove that he’s not as tough as everyone thinks he is and looks” Daniel said, still glaring at Brad who decided to disobey me.
“But you have nothing to prove!! You’ve made your point; Brad is an idiot who wants to break some stupid record of broken hearts. No like I said before, let it go and walk away before the freaking principal come and gives us detention for 6 months”
“That’s right Dan! You have nothing prove. Everyone knows that I could beat you in a fight” I took a deep breath through my nose and turned to look at him. I gave him a dazzling smile and said;
“Brad, Brad, Brad” I slowly walked towards him and looked at him right in the eyes. I made sure that I looked at him long enough that he turned scared and it wasn’t just him who turned scared. People in the crowd started running away. I quickly lost the smile and gave him the hardest slap I could muster up. The slap was so hard that it actually left a handprint on his face. What was left of the crowd was stunned for a moment then suddenly burst out laughing.
“You got a slapped by a girl Brad!! Don’t feel manly now do you? Someone shouted. Brad touched his right cheek where it probably still stung from the impact. He seemed dazed as if he couldn’t believe what had just happened.
“And that’s for being a douchebag but that’s just you I guess” I grabbed Daniels arm and towed him away. Leaving Brad staring into space.
“Did you really just slap Brad?” Daniel asked. Apparently that slap hadn’t only left Brad in a daze.
“Yes, I did. But you know what I can’t believe Daniel? That you actually believe and care what he says about us” Daniel opened his mouth in protest but I held up a hand to stop him. “And I don’t want to hear any nonsense like ‘I was defending our honour’ or ‘I was just standing up to him to prove how much I love you’. I know you, Daniel. The Daniel I know would’ve made some cute, witty comment then walked away. But this isn’t the Daniel I know, though. So what made you think you could fight Brad?”
“I don’t know, Felicity, Something inside me just snapped. I am really sorry, Felicity. You have to know that”
“Fine but things are going to change. If I find out you are in a fight with Brad again, it won’t just be Brad who gets slapped. Ok?”

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I checked my phone for the 20th time tonight. I groaned as I saw the time; 11:59 pm. It had only been a minute since the last time I checked. I could hear the TV downstairs which meant mum was still up. It was a marathon of Bones that went on to 4 in the morning. I really needed an espresso or mocha or any sort of coffee to keep me up. I waited for a bit then checked the time. Nope, still 11:59. I reached under my bed and found my saviour. My Thermos!! I took the liberty of filling it up before mum came home. I took the cap off and took a much needed sip of the hot coffee. As I put the cap back on, a sharp sound came from my window. I checked the time. Finally. 00.00. I go to my window and let in the warm breeze. I looked out to see Matthew there. He started gesturing for me to stand back, and I did as much. Matt quickly scampered up the exterior of the house and within seconds, he was standing in front of me with a lazy grin on his face.
“Don’t tell me, just one of the many talents you get by being a Vampire Hunter?”
“Huh?” Matt asked, inspecting my room.
“Never mind, Matt” I said, taking my thermos and drinking some more coffee.
“Is your mum distracted?” Matt asked, turning toward me.
“A marathon of Bones is on tonight, what do you think?”
“Let’s go” Matt said, abruptly.
“WHAT!!” I exclaimed loudly. Matt flinched and I quickly shut my mouth and crept to the door. I sneaked a peek outside and breathed a sigh of relief. Mum hadn’t heard my outburst.
“Shhhh” Matt shushed me. “I said let’s go”
“Woah, hold on a second. You’re expecting me to follow you. With no explanation. And no hint of where we’re going?” I said, looking at him incredulously. Matt looked thoughtful for a moment.
“Yep, that’s the plan” he said, smiling broadly.
“God you must be stupider than I thought and that was pretty stupid!”
“Are you coming or not?”
“If I come with you…..” I began.
“You find out who you actually are. You can learn all about us Vampire Hunters”
“And if I don’t?”
“You never get to find out who you truly are. It’s your loss. Good luck asking your mother”
I hesitated for a moment. He had a point both ways. I told him I am really curious and once something parks that I have to investigate. I really wanted to find out what all this nonsense about Vampire Hunters was but if I didn’t go then I would regret it and I am 100% completely positive that mum wouldn’t be telling me anytime soon. So, as I made my decision, I took a deep breath through my nose and nodded. Matt smiled a smile that too happy that I was almost certain it was fake. He held out his hand and I took it. He swung me onto his back and scampered down the house as gracefully as he did coming up. It was like I weighed nothing at all.
“Hold on” he said and I tightened my grip on him and he ran at lightning speed.
“Where are we?” I asked. Matt was slowing down to a bearable pace.
“We’re in a forest in Transylvania”
“WHAT!!!” I exclaimed. “But isn’t this like the home country of Vampires?” Matt laughed.
“Oh Felicity, you have so much to learn”
“You didn’t answer my question” I said accusingly.
“There are few rogue vampires here and there. We let them be but we only step in if and when they break the treaty”
“What’s the treaty?” I asked, curious.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out”
“Ok. Why are we in Transylvania?” I asked.
“So you can find out who you’re meant to be”
“Fair enough”
Then suddenly, I remembered that I forgot about Mum!
“Oh no. What’s mum going to say when she finds out I’m not in bed”
“She won’t say anything. She’ll you sleeping in bed”
“Let me guess. Glamour?”
“Wait a second” I said, remembering an earlier conversation. “You said Demon Slayer. What other mythical creatures exist?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“No, not really but if, and that’s a big if, I do become a Demon Slayer. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if I know who or what I’m dealing?”
“You have a point. Well, like I said before, Vampires are our top priority because they cause the most problems but there other creatures like werewolves and leprechauns”
“LEPRECHAUNS!!!!” I laughed. “Are you joking?”
“Hey! What can I say? Sometimes they are really cute but at times they can get really greedy and end up stealing from humans. How can I put this?” He paused, trying to put his thoughts into words. “Have you ever found something gone missing and a couple of days later, you find it in the most obvious place?”
“Yes…….” I said, not sure what he was getting at.
“One word; Leprechauns. They only return the missing item when we step in. Humans call them The Nargles”
“But why do they return the missing item? What do you do to convince them to return it?”
“Let’s just say that they owe us many, many favours and we could easily take back what they were given” Matt said, briefly.
As always, I was curious to know more but this time I let it go. After all, I can’t know everything or my brain would go on overdrive!

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Matt stopped in front of, and honest to god I am not joking! A FORT or castle whatever you want to call it.
“A FORT!! Are you kidding me?”
“Hey! Say what you want but these castle are pretty sick and they have high tech security”
“Whatever” I said, giggling.
Matt put me back on the ground and a wave of dizziness rolled over me. I stumbled and fell over
“Woah there!” Matt said, catching me before I hit the ground. “You ok?”
“Yeah, I’m fine” I said, steadying myself.
“Next time, we better stick to something less….. Dizzying” Matt said, wearing that lazy smile of his.
“After this, we need to talk about what happened” Matt’s face was blank.
“The other night….” I added. Nope still blank.
“How we kissed…” Nope still nothing. ‘How stupid can you get?’
“Oh my fucking god!! Are you stupid?! Don’t you remember? We were getting into it then Samuel appeared out of nowhere and interrupted. Which reminds, I still need an explanation for how he can do that?!?!” Then suddenly Matt burst out laughing.
“So…Sorry…I knew…what you…were…talking about… at the…beginning…I just wanted to see your reaction if I acted dumb!!” And he went to into hysterical fit.
“Asshole!!” I yelled and stormed away.
“Felicity!” Matt called out. I turned sharply to face him.
“1. You know you can’t just storm in there without me and 2. There is not much talking to do”
“Oh. What about Daniel?”
“My boyfriend”
“Oh. Him! I’ll figure something out”
We walked to the fort and muttered something under his breath and the door opened. “Stay close” Matt said as we entered.

After going through a series of tunnels, we entered a room. Inside was what looked like a living room; a plush couch, a coffee table, some matching plush chairs and a library.
“Sam!” Matt called.
“Ah! Look who’s returned and I see you’ve bought Felicity” Sam said, once again, appearing out of nowhere. “I’m so sorry. Last time we met, I was quite intruding and wasn’t polite enough to introduce myself properly. I’m Samuel Ross, Third-In-Charge of the Demon Slaying society”
“It’s a pleasure” I said, shaking his outstretched hand.
“No, the pleasures all mine”
“Speaking of which, where’s Charles and William?”
“Is that you, Michael?”
“No, it’s Santa Clause and I’ve come to bring presents for you all”
“Ah! It is you!”
Charles and William appeared.
“I see no sack but I do see you bought a pet” Charles said.
“Charles, William this is Felicity Young”
“I need no further explanation! Your mother was one of the greatest. It was such a shame to see her go!”

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“Please sit, make yourself comfortable” William said, gesturing to a plush chair. I sat down on one and sighed with pleasure. It was like sitting in red cloud. I wriggled around and got very, very comfy.
“So what brings you to our humble abode?” Charles said. “But before you begin let us introduce ourselves. I am Charles McIntosh, Second-In-Charge of This Group. And he is …” Charles gestured to William.
“Someone who can introduce himself. I am William Austin, First-In-Charge of this group. Nothing goes past me unless you have my permission”
His statement left awkward tension hanging in the air. But, of course, Samuel broke it.
“Ooooh, better look out Felicity! William’s on the hunt for new prey!” Samuel said, doing mystical fingers.
“May I?” Charles said, turning to William. William gave a nod of his head and Charles walked over to where Samuel was sitting and gave him a sharp, quick slap on the side of his head. I grimaced. Ouch! That has to have left a mark.
“Ok, I think I deserved that” Samuel said, caressing the side of his face where Charles had slapped him.
“Think? There is no think about it! Just remember that you’re only here because of your bloodline and that if you precious your position here you will keep that mouth of yours shut or you will be eliminated and your family will be ashamed of you. You will be a disgrace to the name of The Hunters!”
Samuel nodded and closed his mouth.
“So…. Felicity’s 15. Can I show her around?” Matthew asked Will.
“Yes, but remember do not go on the 4th floor, Matthew…”
“I know I know, anyone who goes on the floor will be sent to the Higher Ones and they will decide the punishment for their consequence, yada, yada, yada.”
“I am not joking, Matthew”

“Yeah, yeah” He said. And we walked down the hallway

“So why exactly are we not allowed on the fourth floor?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“No, I just asked for the fun of it”
“It doesn’t give us Vampire Hunters a good name, you know?”
“Does it look like I care?”
“Fine, but if you get nightmares it’s not my fault”

Cheshire, England 1864
Gregory looked around to see if there was anyone around. Nope, all clear. He walked up the stairs and by the time he got up there he was exhausted. ‘Man’ he thought. ‘We should invent something that won’t take so much exhaustion out of us and is less time consuming’ He checked it out. Where was he, you might ask? He was on the fourth floor! ‘Sure, being Third-In-Charge had its perks’ he thought. ‘Access to secret stuff, weapons and you can do anything you want’. But it got boring sometimes. And he hated how he was left to ‘hold down the fort’ while Will and Charles got to go out on Vampire missions and going hunting. So he decided it was time to spice things up a little.
He looked to his left, and he saw a hallway full of doors. He looked to his right and he saw the exact same thing. He smiled maniacally and said ‘Oh boy things are about to get interesting’
He went to one and twisted the knob but it was locked. He tried a few more with the same disappointing results. After the fifth one, he tried another door and twisted the knob. He heard a click and smiled. ‘Bingo!’ he thought. He opened the door and what he saw was so horrific it made him sick. It would give him nightmares til the day he died and even then he would still have nightmares.

“But what did he see?” I asked Matthew as stopped in front of a door. He opened and, swears to god, not even kidding, it was another library! I went straight to the plush couch and laid down on it.
Well, no one really knows. It’s sorta like the game Chinese Whispers. It gets changed throughout generation due to people over exaggerating or forgetting bits of it and adding bits of it to suit their needs. People have their own interpretation of this story”
“So what do you think he saw? What’s your interpretation?”
“I don’t know. But it was so secret that Will got pretty mad”

What he saw was unspeakable. He chuckled again, He had dirt on Will. He heard footsteps coming and he quickly and quietly closed the door. He quickly came up with an excuse but it was too late. The footsteps came nearer and louder and the person rounded the corner. It was Will. He stopped abruptly and gave him a confused look then strode towards him.
“Hello Gregory, and what may I ask are you doing here?”
“Oh, nothing. You know just taking a lovely stroll around … the house”
‘Do you know where you are at the moment?”
“Ummm, now don’t tell me. I know the answer. Just give me a minute. Oooh, uh, um.”
“Yes” Gregory mumbled.
“No, William”
“I got bored. And I am tired of being Third-In-Charge. I hate how you guys get to go off on missions and slay demons while I have to stay home and look after everything. It gets boring, I get bored. Do you want to know what I do when you guys are out? I go to the weapons room and take my anger out. And once I’ve blunted all the weapons I go to the gym and take it out on punching bags. And then by the time you and Charles get back, I have calmed down, only a bit”
Will seemed to have calmed down by the time I finished talking.
“Did you open any of the doors?”
“Well…” He said, hesitating.
“Yes, god damn it, yes. Only the one behind me”
Will sighed. All the emotion had gone from his face. He walked over to him and gave him a hug.
“It was such a shame. You would’ve made a good Hunter, Greg” His eyes opened wide in confusion and shock as he slowly processed what was going to happen. But before, Gregory could do anything or say anything, Will took his blade out of its sheath and quickly stabbed Gregory in the heart. His eyes said it all in one word, betrayal, before they glazed over and he slumped to the floor. A pool of his blood surrounded his body.
Will felt a tear come out the corner of his eye and he quickly wiped it away. There was no time for mourning, he had to kill him. He couldn’t let anyone know what was behind that door. And no one was ever going to find out. So there was time for mourning later. And, with one last look at Greg’s dead, bloody body, he walked away.


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“But what’s behind the door” I asked. Matthew was now so close that my heart beat faster.
“That’s the thing. No one knows. But everyone now knows not to mess with William”
“Well, I’ll keep that in mind” And the next thing I knew Matt was on me and pressing his lips to mine. I gasped in surprise and then melted into the kiss. I opened my mouth and gave him full access. He looked surprised then went with it. What I was doing was so wrong but so right. Any thought about Daniel vanished. Any thought at all vanished!
Matt started unbuttoning my shirt while keeping his lips to mine. I broke the kiss only to rip his shirt off. I had never seen him shirtless and, boy, did I regret it. He had a perfectly toned, tanned chest. And did I mention a six-pack? No, I believe I didn’t. I ran my hand down his chest and marvelled in its beauty. Matt gave me a sexy grin, and ripped my shirt too. He threw it aside. He put his body back on mine and I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him. Trust me, we would’ve gone on for longer but, of course, there was a knock on the door.
We both jolted upright and stared at the door then at each other. We ran around and threw each other’s at each other and hurried to button them up.
“What do I do?” I hissed at Matt.
“Act casual. Pretend I’m you a history lesson on Us” Matt said walking towards the door.
“Right, so act bored and droop the eyes. Got it” I said, sitting back down. I put my chin in my hands. “Oh boy, who could that be? I hope it’s not someone interrupting this fun history lesson” I said in a bored and sarcastic voice. Matt rolled his eyes and opened the door.
And, I swear to god I’m gonna kill him, Samuel was standing there with a smug expression on his face.
“Geez, guys don’t overdo it, it’s only me” he said, rolling his eyes.
“Don’t know what you mean” Matt said with a straight face”
“Oh please!” Sam scoffed. “I saw you before. You guys couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Besides I could hear you guys from a mile away”
Matt sighed. “What do you want, Samuel?” he asked. Samuel winked at me and I winked back.
“William wants to see Felicity” I stood up and Matthew followed in pursuit. We walked to the door but Samuel put his hand on Matt’s chest. “Woah there, cowboy. Not so fast, he wants to see Felicity alone”. Matt looked at me and I nodded. He sighed and sat back down. Sam and I walked out, leaving Matt looking worried.
“What does he want to see for me?” I asked him.
“Who knows? But probably, because you’re 15 and you know about us, to ask you if you want to become one of Us”
“There’s a choice?” I asked. There usually wasn’t a choice.
“Well, yes. But most of us choose the former rather than the latter”
“Well I might not want to become a Hunter! What’s the latter?”
“Death” he said, abruptly. We came to a stop in front of another door.
“Oh…” I said. Samuel smirked and pushed the door open. William was scanning through yet another bookshelf. He turned around to see who it was and smiled when he saw who.
“Ah, Samuel. Good! You bought Felicity. Come, sit” I did and looked at him expectantly. “I hope Samuel discussed the terms with you?” he said, turning to Samuel.
“Yes he did. I either become a Hunter or I die” I said, uncertainly.
“Yes. Do you understand these terms?”
“Not exactly. If I don’t become a Hunter than I die?”
“Why will I die?”
“Ah, well you see. Humans don’t know about us. They don’t believe in mythical creatures such as Vampires as well. This makes them more vulnerable and an easy prey – that’s where we step in. So if you choose to not become one of Us then you risk us exposure and that simply can’t happen”
“Why not?”
“Well, let’s just say that if they think we’re not real, it will save us a lot less trouble”
“So, your choice. Do you want to be a Hunter or do you want to die?”
‘Wow’ I thought. ‘He certainly doesn’t waste time, does he?’
No he doesn’t a voice said in my head. He doesn’t like to dwell on things that don’t need to be dwelled on or waste time.
Where did that voice come from? I scanned the room for Matthew or another fourth person but it was only the three of us. I looked at Samuel expectantly. He was smirking but when he saw me looking at me looking at him he dropped the smirk and gave a small shake of his head.
Later the voice said. Oh, so it was Sam. He had a lot of explaining to do later. I turned back to Will. He was staring at me expectantly.
“Ummm…Can I think about it? I mean there’s a lot of pressure on me and a lot to take in”
“Well, sure but there’s not a lot to think about. I mean you can choose to live or die!”
“Okay, thanks” I walked out the door and Sam followed me. “So not only can you hear thoughts but you can speak to minds” I said, casually.
“Yeah, I thought Matt told you all the tricks of the trade?” he asked me.
“Well, he’s told me he can read thoughts and he’s showed me he has super agility and speed. But he didn’t tell me you could speak to minds!!!” Samuel laughed.
“So he’s told you all the lame powers and not the cool ones”
“How many talents do you have?”
“Well, the ones you mentioned; super agility and speed, reading thoughts. Then there’s speaking to minds, flying, making things appear and disappear, change our voices and do glamour’s. I could go on. Oh and we also get this cool star tattoo plus more tattoos. So if you have some religious things about defacing your body then you’re going to have to get over it”
We walked back to the other room and Matt stood up.
“So, let me guess. He wanted to ask you if you wanted to become a Hunter?”
“Yep and you know what else I found out? That you could speak to minds” I said casually.
“Did you just?” He said, staring at Sam accusingly.
“Hey. Don’t look at me! I thought you already told her”
“What else did you tell her?” Matt asked.
“Nothing much. Just that we can fly, make things appear and disappear, and that we can change voices.
“And why did you tell her that?” Matt asked, slowly losing his cool and patience.
“Well, she might be becoming one of us so she might as well know what all the added bonuses of being a Hunter are”
“Felicity?” Matt said, turning to face me. His tone was blunt and it scared me. I was studying the many, many books and I turned around.
“Yeah?” I said, walking back to them.
“Would you mind going somewhere else? I’ll find you when I’m finished speaking to Samuel”
“Sure” I walked out and started exploring. Then an idea came to mind. The fourth floor! I looked for a staircase or something but instead I found an elevator! I stepped in and pressed button four. The doors closed and an automatic voice told me that the doors were closing – as if I didn’t know that – and that we were going up – no shit Sherlock. Finally, after one torturing minute of listening to opera, the monotone voice announced that we were on level four and that the doors were opening – I mean, seriously who invents these things! I stepped out and looked around. I had to move quickly, William could be coming via elevator and see that someone’s on the fourth floor. I tried some doors and – like in the story – they were locked. Time was running out. I went to the sixth door and took hold of the door knob. I took a deep breath and just as I was about to open the door, I heard an elevator ding. The monotone voice told me someone was here and – for once- I wasn’t annoyed at the voice. I quickly let go and stepped in the middle of the hall pretending to look curious (not that I had to pretend or anything). My heart pounded loudly in my chest and my breath was coming in and out real fast. Then William saw me and looked real confused.
‘Please don’t kill me’ I silently begged.
“Felicity? What are you doing here? And where is Matthew?”
“Yes, it’s me. I got lost and Matthew is downstairs with Samuel” I said, keeping it short and sweet. That was the complete truth… well except for the second one.
“Oh. Well, would you like to accompany me in going back downstairs?”
“Umm… Sure” I said, looking sadly at the sixth door. I quickly looked back to William and followed him the elevator. We stepped in and Will pressed button one. While we waited, William spoke to me in a brisk, cold tone.
“I’ll tell you once and only once. If I ever found you on this floor again – accident, purposely, or getting lost – I will see to it that it won’t happen again. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes” I said. Man, I couldn’t wait to get out of this elevator. Will was scary as hell when he could be.
Finally, the doors opened and we stepped out. I quickly walked to the library and rushed to Matt. Apparently, they had finished ‘talking’ and just lounging around.
“Hi!” I said, sitting back down next to Matt.
“Hey!!” Matt said, smiling broadly. “What’s up?”
William came in then and Matt quickly lost the smile.
“Keep an eye on your pet, Matthew. I found her on the fourth floor. Apparently, she got lost”
“Did she?” Matt said, standing up.
“Yes. I think it is time for Felicity to go home. Her mother must be worried sick”
Matt looked at me and winked. I smirked.
“Oh yes. Her mother must be freaking out. I will take her home” Matt said, taking my hand. I took it and I immediately took comfort in knowing that Matt was with me.
“Remember what I said Felicity. I will not tell you again” And with that he walked away.
“So…You went on the fourth floor, huh?” Sam said, with a mischievous smile. “What’d you find?”
“A few locked doors. I was going to see what was behind the sixth but William found me”
Matthew grinned and pulled me towards him. He pressed his lips to mine and we shared a long, sweet, delicious kiss. I pulled away and smiled. I don’t why I was cheating on Daniel but I didn’t care.
“Come on, Will’s right, I have to take you back home or your mother will think you’re in a coma! It’s around about 7 am in Australia” And he quickly put me on his back.
“Bye” I told Sam. He winked at me in reply.
“Hold on” Matt said, again. And, again, we took off at lightning speed

There was one thing I was certain of after this field trip and that was that I was going to find what was behind that god damned, wretched door if it was the last thing I do … Hey! I told you, once something sparks my curiosity I have to investigate… AND I WILL!!


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“So if m equals 27 then p must equal…”
I zoned out. If you can’t tell, I’m in maths. I put my head in my arms and closed my eyes. My arms weren’t the best pillow but it would have to do. The teachers’ monotone voice acted as a lullaby and I immediately fell asleep.

I opened my eyes to a familiar background; the gothic castle. I smiled and turned around. Matthew was leaning against the doorframe with his hands in his pockets. I looked down at my costume. I was wearing the same costume as last time.
I looked at Matthew again and winked. He laughed a sexy laugh and walked over to me. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. I put my hand over his mouth.
“Uh-uh. Not this time. Today is strictly business” I said and walked over to the chair. I wasn’t going to tempt him today.
Right. Strictly business” Matthew said, nodding professionally and winked. He sat down on the bed and lay down on his back. “So I am guessing you have questions to ask me?”
“Yes, I do. If m equals 27 then p must equal…” I said, slowly. Matts head shot up.
“What?!?!” He exclaimed. I looked upwards and slowly processed what I had just said.
“Oh…Yeah. I’m in maths at the moment and that’s one of the questions. Let’s start again. How do you appear in my dreams?” I asked,
“It’s one of our many talents” He said simply. I rolled my eyes.
“No duh! What I want to know is how you appear in my dreams?”
“It’s a complicated system”
“Try me” I challenged.
“Well, it’s sorta like a push and pull system. You have to be asleep – the pull – for me to appear in your dreams – the push”
“So I have to be asleep for you to appear in my dreams?”
“So if I’m not asleep then you won’t appear…”
“That is true”
“Okay” I paused. I did have a lot to ask him but I was having a mind blank. “So Will doesn’t make a good first impression, does he?” I said instead.
“Yeah. He kinda gives off scary vibes. It’s a habit. He doesn’t trust that many people. And even if he does, he doesn’t tell anyone”
“Felicity, what you did last night was …” Matt paused, trying to find the right word.
“Stupid. Irresponsible. Reckless” I offered.
“Well, yes but it was also very brave. It’s a good thing Will believed you, he’s very sceptical. If he finds you there again, you’ll break his trust. And he has high hopes for you”
“Really? I wonder why” I said confused.
“Your mother was one of the best Hunters there was, Felicity. She got offered to be First-In-Charge but she declined the offer because she was pregnant with you” Matt, paused, carefully putting his next words together. “Ok. I’m guessing you mother is never going to tell you why she quit – her and her stubborn ways – so I might as well tell you. It’s actually quite simple really. She had two choices to choose from. One was to give you yo a family so she can continue being a Hunter and the other choice was to quit being a Hunter and raise you herself. Obviously, she chose to quit and raise you” There was an awkward silence as we both figured out what to say next.

“So what are you going to choose?” Matt asked me.
“Huh?” I said, turning to him.
“What are you gonna choose? Hunter or Death?”
“Well obviously Hunter but first I have to tell mum then I have to Sarah then I’ll have to tell Daniel” Matt scowled.
“Well, that’s a good plan and all but there’s one tiny problem in it. The max people you can tell is two; your mother (obvs) and one more. Sorry” I sighed.

It was hard enough trying to figure out how to tell them but now I have to choose between my best friend and my boyfriend. As if life couldn’t get any worse…Oh wait! It did!
“Look. I hate to make things harder for you but obviously you’re going to choose Sarah” Matthew said, sitting up. That got my attention.
“What! Why?”
“Well, you gotta leave some of your past behind. And your boyfriend is just excess baggage. You bestie however never leaves your side, gives you advice and is always there for you”
Matthew had a point but I loved Daniel. We’ve been together since the start of high school.
“Ok. How about you put together a list of pros and cons for Daniel. And whatever one overpowers the other then you’ll have your choice made for you but remember William gets impatient very quickly. He’ll probably give you a maximum of two days then he’ll send me or Sam to you and you’ll have to make a decision you’ll regret”
I put my head in my hands and groaned.
“Can I please go back to class now?”
“Back to maths? Seriously?”
“Yes” I stood up.
“Ok” Matt stood up too and walked over to me. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me to him. He leaned in for a kiss and this time I didn’t stop him instead I met him halfway. We shared a very long, romantic kiss. Sadly, the kiss had to end. Matt winked at me and said “p equals 15”

I woke up to someone throwing a pencil at me. It was Sarah. I gave her a look that said ‘Seriously?’ She nudged her head towards the front. I turned to the front only to find the teacher glaring at me – oops!
“Miss Young, perhaps you can enlighten us on what the answer is seeing as the rest of the class don’t know”
“If m equals 27 then p must equal…” I paused. So that’s what Matt meant. The teacher was staring at me expectantly. I sat up straighter and looked directly into the teachers eyes confidently. “Then p must equal 15”

The teacher stared at me for a few seconds then looked away.
“That’s correct” And the teacher turned back to the board and moved on the next question.

“My heart ached. I almost had one more day to make my decision. One more day to confront mum. One more day to tell the impossible to my best friend. One more day… A tear slid down my face as I realized Matthew was right. One more day to break up with Daniel. I felt sick to the stomach. But Matt was right. I had put together a list of pros and cons and, sadly, the cons outweighed the pros. This is what I had come up with;



Always there for me


Knows respect

Too clingy

Over protective

Has changed A LOT!!

As you can see, the cons are deal breakers. I put together a plan on how to confront mum, how to tell the, if I haven’t mentioned it already, impossible to Sarah and most importantly, how to break up with Daniel.
Once I got everything sorted, I closed my eyes and slowly fell to sleep.

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I slowly woke up to bright sunshine creeping through the blinds. I grimaced. I was in such a bad mood today. Why, you might ask? Well, if you haven’t got the gist of what I’m about to do or you somehow for some reason or another forgot, let me refresh your memory.
This morning, I have to confront my mum about the scar and the Hunters. Then today, I have to tell the impossible to my friend Sarah. Then at some point and time in the afternoon, I have to BREAK UP WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!! Have you got it yet? Yes? Good.

I went downstairs and took a deep breath. I sat down at the table and started eating. Mum was on the phone talking to someone. We both finished at the same time. And mum did the washing up, I dried up.
“So mum, I’m thinking of becoming a Hunter” I said, casually. Mum nearly dropped the plate she was washing but she quickly recovered.
“Ha-ha. Honey, don’t you think that’s a bit too… manly for you” She said, with a nervous laugh. Of course, she was trying to hide the truth.
“No, mum. I’m 15, mum. I know that scar on your shoulder is an old tattoo. I know Sam, Charles and William. I know about Demons and Vampires” I said, finishing up. I put the dishes back in the drawer and grabbed my stuff for school. “Don’t worry mum. We’ll talk about it after school” I told her as I walked out the door. I sighed a breath of relief. One down, two to go.

I waited until Felicity was out of sight. I forgot to give her a lift to school today. She was, much to her dismay, going to have to catch the bus.

I ran up to my room and went to my cupboard. I stepped in and closed my eyes. When I opened them, there was a door in front of me. I opened it and walked in. I heard voices. I missed this place so much, many victory parties have been held here. But most importantly, this was where I met my husband. I took a deep breath and strode towards the voices.
They were coming from behind the door. I opened it without knocking and the voices stopped.
“Sharon!” Will stepped forward. I resisted the urge to hug him.
“Will” I say smiling.
“You haven’t aged a bit”
“Neither have you”
Charles was also in the room and I gave him a brisk nod.
“What brings you here?”
“My daughter”
“Ah, yes. Felicity, so much like you”
“I’ll take that as a compliment”
“As you should”
I sat down in a chair.

“I believe you sent out Matthew to my daughter. She’s 15, you know”
“William, the reason I quit and hid was because I didn’t want to get her involved in this stuff”
“She was going to find out sooner or later, Sharon” Charles said, finally joining our conversation.
“I know but I was going to put together a speech. I have nothing prepared. I have the rest of the day to put something together! I am completely off guard and unprepared”
Will walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders. Tears escaped and rolled down my cheeks. I put my head against his chest.
“I didn’t want her to find out, Will. I really didn’t” I said. I was probably soaking his shirt with my tears. If he was bothered by it, he didn’t show it.
“I know, Sharon. I know”

Charles had a look of disgust on his face but I really knew what he was feeling. His eyes were well guarded tough. He left the room silently as I sobbed.

It was lunchtime and I had just told Sarah the impossible. As suspected, she doubled over with laughter.
“Ha-ha. You’re kidding me, right?”
“You know how you said that I can tell you anything?”
“Well, I’m not lying. My mum has a scar on her shoulder. It’s actually an old tattoo”
“Why aren’t you telling Daniel this instead of me?” I took a deep breath. I really didn’t want to tell her but I had to.
“Because the max amount of people is two and I had to tell my mother. So that left you or Daniel. And I chose you”
“Oh, um, thanks? But why can’t you tell Daniel?”
“He can’t keep a secret. He’s a liability, Sarah. I can’t tell or let anyone else into this world. I have to break up with him” I said as tears welled up. I wasn’t going to cry. I couldn’t cry again. I wouldn’t allow myself to but my body disobeyed me and tears spilled down. Sarah pulled me close and rubbed my arms.
“Shhhh. It’s ok. Everything is going to okay”
“How…Why has… When did my life become so complicated, Sarah?”
“I don’t know, Felicity. I honestly do not know”

I walked into Charles room. I had changed into my old clothes that I had left here, just in case. They didn’t fit me. They were too small and tight. They were perfect.
“Charles” I began. He was sitting on his bed, reading something.
“Don’t. Just don’t” He said, putting down the book. “You left without saying goodbye, Sharon. You didn’t even tell me you were leaving”
“Charles” I began again. “Do you want to know why I didn’t say goodbye? Why I didn’t tell you?”
Charles put his hand up. “Don’t Sharon” I told him anyway.
“I couldn’t stand it. Couldn’t stand saying goodbye to you” I said, my temper slowly rising. Sometimes Charles made me so angry.
“Why? Why couldn’t you?”
“Because the instant I saw you I would’ve changed my mind. That’s why, Charles. I loved you soo much!! And besides, you know how Will gets curious. He would’ve found out!”
“You know how much it hurt it me, Sharon? To find out that you had left from William!!!”
“I know, Charles. I just couldn’t bear to say goodbye to you”
“Really?” He said a look of confusion all over his face. I gave him a sad smile.
“Yes” I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Because I love you Charles. More than anything in the world” I gave him a long, sweet kiss.
“More than your daughter, Felicity?” Charles said. I pretended to glare at him and started to walk away.
Charles quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He put his hands on my waist. I gave him a cheeky smile.
“Now that’s not fair” I said.
“Who said we were playing fair?” Charles said, giving me a lop-sided grin. There was a devilish twinkle in his eyes. I grinned and used my ‘super-powers’ to run to the closet.

‘I had to do this’ I told myself firmly. Daniel was standing at his car, smiling at me. I walked towards him and gave him a sad smile. He saw me and a look of concern came across his face.
“What’s wrong?” He asked me. He tried to grab my hand but I flinched and pulled away. I couldn’t look at him so I looked at a dot next to his head.
“Look, things have been amazing between you and me” I said, a tear sliding silently down my cheek. Daniel caught on and shook his head.
“No, no. Felicity…” I looked at him and more tears fell down.
“But lately I’ve noticed how things are going downward lately. You’re getting too clingy. You’re overprotective. You’ve changed a lot. You’re not the Daniel I used to know and love. And you can’t keep a secret. I mean, I tell you something so secret because I trust you!! And I come to school knowing that you won’t run to your friends and go blabbing my secret to everyone. But noooo” I said, moping away the last of my tears “Instead, everywhere I go people stare at me, whisper things behind my back and smirk. And you know what I do when I get home, Daniel? I cry! I cry myself to sleep. Then I call Sarah and tell her how I can’t believe, CAN NOT BELIEVE!!!, that you told my secret. And she’s on the other end telling me that sooner or later we will make up and everything will be okay. Instead, she’s probably thinking how many times this has happened and how she can’t believe how my times you have broken my trust”
“Felicity…” Daniel began again, a tear fell down his cheek.
“You’re sweet, kind, funny and you’re always there for me but I can’t do this anymore, Daniel. I just can’t”
“Felicity, I can change” Daniel pleaded. I gave him a sad smile and put one hand on his cheek.
“There’s a saying; if you love it, let it go. But if it comes back, it’s really truly yours. Daniel, I love you but I have to let you go” I leaned towards him and Daniel closed his eyes. I pressed my lips against his cheek and closed my eyes.
“I love you, Felicity” Daniel whispered. His eyes were still closed and I took the chance to walk away. As I walked, I felt one single tear slowly slide down my cheek. I took a deep breath and hurried away.

I opened my eyes. She was gone just like that. I didn’t understand. Why had she broken up with me? So many questions left unanswered. Felicity forgot one important thing they have in common; their curiosity.
He got in his car and drove away.

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“Have you made your decision yet?” A voice said behind me. I whirled around, half expecting Matt to be there instead Will was standing there.
“What will it be?”
“Are you sure? You don’t have to be one, you know”
“Yes, I know that but I am absolutely positive that I do not want to die”
“Very well then. I am sure you want to ask me lots of questions and I am guessing one of them is why I am here instead of Sam or Matt?”
“Yes” I said, hoping he won’t kill me.
“That’s because me and your mum want to talk to you”
At that moment, mum walked in.

She gave me a sad smile and took Will’s hand.
“I didn’t want you to find out this way”
I gave her a cold, dark look.
“Well, that can’t be helped now, can it?”
“No. Look, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to tell you. You know how you have never had a father?”
“Yes…” I said, unsure of where this conversation was going. Mum looked up into Will’s eyes and he nodded.
“Umm, well” Mum cleared her throat. “Felicity, meet your father”
After that, everything went blank.

“He’s my what!!!” I exclaimed. Will was my dad? That just doesn’t make sense. He looks nothing like me. That is what I told them.
“He looks nothing like me. Sorry Will but that is the truth”
“It’s ok”
“Will help me out” Mum pleaded.
“Sorry can’t help. Um, oh I think I hear Matt calling me. Coming!!” Will started to walk away.
“Uh-uh. You got me into this, you’re going to get me out of it”
“Well, not technically”
“Fine! Yes, Felicity, I am your father. Blood and flesh. So if you don’t like it, then cry me a river then build a bridge and get over it!”
“Sorry but we don’t have time for this, I just got news that some sort of Demon has escaped. We can’t tell sore sure what type of Demon it is so we’re going to have to go find it with the Demon Radar”
“Should I go?” Mum asked Will.
“Yes, we may need an extra pair of hands. Let’s see if you still got it”
They started leaving.
“What about me?” I said, feeling rejected. Mum turned around.
“Felicity, in my room there’s a closet. Step in the closet and close your eyes. Think real hard about your destination then open your eyes. In front of you there should be a door. Enter it. We’ll take it from there”
“Okay?” They walked off and the dream went hazy.

I gasped and sat upright. I got out of bed and went to mum’s room. I did as I was instructed. I entered and saw mum on the other side. She smiled.
“Charles, Will and I are going to find the Demon”
Ok, what do I do?”
“You stay here with Sam and Matt”
“What! Why?”
“You haven’t been trained yet”
“But nothing. It’s safer for you to stay here, Felicity. Trust me, I know what it’s like to be you. I was you once, don’t forget that. Will was right, we are so much like. We’re both determined to get what we want. And we’re both as curious as the cat next door but you can’t let it get the best of you, Felicity. I have to go get ready but promise me that you’ll stay here where it’s safe”
“But…” I started again.
“Promise me, Felicity” Mum said, looking at me sternly.
“Yes” I said, feeling defeated.
“Good” And she walked away. I smiled mischievously. She said that I had to stay here but she didn’t tell me what I could or couldn’t do. I stood there awkwardly and Matthew rounded the corner.
“Oh man!” Matt said, snapping his fingers. “Is there one day where I won’t run into a Felicity?”
“Ha-ha” I said, sarcastically. Matt smiled.
“How are you?” Matt asked, looking at me with sympathy. I sighed.
“Not good, Matt. It was the hardest thing I had to in my life!” My voice quivered, Matt took me in for a hug as tears ran down my cheeks.
“It’s going to be okay” Matt said, stroking my hair.
“It’s not, Matt. Everyone says that but I don’t believe them, Matt. I really don’t”
“Come” Matt said. We went into an over-sized kitchen and Matt got some pots and pans out. “What’s you favourite dish?”
“I’m going to cook you some comfort food”
“Well, I don’t have a specific one”
“Pick one then”
“Okay” He started getting out the ingredients.
“And for dessert, can we have ice-cream?”
“Well, what kind of person would I be id I didn’t give you ice-cream?”
I smiled. “So, I have a question”
“Shoot like an arrow aiming for the stars”
“Why don’t you just click your fingers like Sam does?”
“My powers aren’t as strong as his yet. Besides, I prefer manual labour over laziness. Especially, in cooking, I consider myself quite a chef”
“We’ll see”

The ravioli was amazing. Now I was sobbing my eyes out and eating ice-cream.
“It’s like one second, one second my life is perfect. Perfect boyfriend, no such thing as Hunters and then BOOM! I have no boyfriend, my mums a Hunter, Wills my father and my life’s a mess!” I said, shoving ice-cream into my mouth. “Nice ice-cream” I said, trying to smile but failing. Somehow, that did it. I put my bowl down and I put my head in my hands. My body shook as I cried.
“Hey” Matt said, moving to sit next to me. “Hey” he said tilting my chin up. He looked into my eyes and gave me a sad smile. “He doesn’t deserve you. You’re too good for him. You can do way better than him. You’re going to have to get over him. This is life. You win some, you lose some. Okay?” He caught a tear that had escaped with his thumb. Call me crazy but he actually made sense. I nodded my head vigorously. “Good” he pressed his lips to my forehead.
“I hate seeing you sad. It breaks my heart to see you cry”
I pushed my bowl away and wiped my eyes. “Ugh, I am such a baby!”
“Hell yeah, you are! Your my babe!” I rolled my eyes.
“So, what are we going to do now?” I said, putting my hands in my lap.
“I know what we can do”

“So what are we going to do now?” She said, putting her hands in her lap. God, she is so amazing and beautiful, if only she knew that.
“I know what we can do” I said, suggestively. She smiled. God, even her smile was angelic and I would know.
“Oh yeah?” She said, challenging me. I accept the challenge.
“Mhmm” I put one hand on the small of her back and bought her to me. I slowly leant towards her with my lips parted. She got where I was going and met me halfway. She tasted like vanilla. She opened her mouth wider, inviting me. I accepted and slowly leant downwards until she was lying down on the couch. I stopped kissing her only to kiss her jawline, her neck, her chest. She moaned in pleasure and I melted inside. She tugged my hair and bought my lips back to her. God, she was amazing. Regretfully, I pulled back and smiled. She smiled back. I wished I could have her more but it was wrong of me to take advantage of her. She is still very vulnerable.
She would be mine, but I would just have to wait.

“Oi! Kendra!” A voice said in the dark.
“What do you want, Felix?”
“You awake?”
“No, I’m scuba diving in the pacific ocean. YES, I’M AWAKE!!!”
“Good. Have you heard?”
“Heard what?” Kendra said, annoyed. She didn’t know how long she had left in this world but she would hold on until Mother came and rescued them like she had promised. If not, then she wanted to go in her sleep but Felix, being his usual self, was making that impossible.
“She’s here!!!” Felix said, his voice quivering showing Kendra his fear.
“Who’s ‘she’? She’s our Mother, Felix. So unless Mother’s here, you are going to have to be more specific then ‘she’?!?!”
“Her. The one who would come and destroy us all and Mother. And her daughter, who is equally, maybe more, powerful as her!”
“And where’d you hear this, Felix? You’re chained here with me”
“Let’s just say, I have connections”
“So what are we going to do?”
“Don’t know”
“Well, we’re going to have to fix that, won’t we?”
They both cackled maniacally in the dark.


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“Did you hear that?” I said my head shot upwards. We were in the library. This time, we were actually studying.
“Hear what?” Matt said, looking up at me.
“Never mind” I did hear something. It sounded like a maniac laughing. But I pushed it aside and forgot about it. “ Hey, what’s this?” I asked, pointing to a picture.
“Oh that’s a sword. But not any, it’s sacred. We only use it in dire situations”
“Such as?”
“Well, you’re going to have wait and see. It’s very difficult to tell you. There are lots of different situations where we need it”
“How is it sacred?”
“Well, its laced Holy Water. Then dipped in wolfsbane then vervain”
“Wolfsbane for wolves, vervain for vampires and Holy Water for any other mystical creature, right?”
“Absolutely, but before we use it, we say a spell then ask the Gods to bless it. But we haven’t used it in decades, centuries even!”
“Maybe now that I’m here things will change”
Matt raised an eyebrow.
“Just saying, maybe now things will start heating up, meaning more action!”

“Is this the place” I asked. William looked at the radar.
“Sure is. The radar is picking up a very strong signal. This means either there’s a large group – which is highly unlikely and I doubt it – or the demons higher ranked”
“Alright, let’s go show this demon whose boss”
We walked into the building and the sight horrified us. It was gruesome. There were bones and blood everywhere! And the stench was like something or someone died here. And by the looks of it, several someone’s.
And we know of only one demon that could do this and probably did do this. We haven’t heard from him in a long time. So long that we were starting to get suspicious. We looked at each other.
“Azazel!” We all said at once, if the circumstances were better that would’ve been hilarious but today it was anything but funny. A loud cackle came from somewhere above us and we poised our weapons.
“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the three musketeers. The trio of goodwill” Azazel dropped down in front of us and cackled. He looked at our weapons. “Now, now, there is no need to go to drastic measures. I can assure you, I won’t hurt you, unless, of course, if you hurt me first. Then I would have to do something. In self-defence” His eyes focused on me.
“Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Sharon Young. I haven’t seen you in ages”
“Nor have I you. I missed you, Azazel. What’s been keeping you?”
“Ah yes, well. As you can obviously see, I’ve been busy”
“Oh yeah, we have noticed. Would you like to explain?”
“Yes I would like to explain…”
We looked at him waiting.
“But I’m not going to, you see that would be too easy and Daddy wouldn’t be happy if I told you” He cackled, as if he found what he said funny.
“Oh yes, how is Lucifer anyway?”
He cackled manically again. “Sorry, no time to chat. Got work to do. Busy, busy, busy…” And with that, he scurried away.
“He didn’t answer my question…” I started
“Which means something’s up” Will finished.
“Come on, the timing wasn’t right anyway” Charles said, walking to the door”
And we walked out of the building.

“Their back!” I exclaimed as I heard tires crunch on gravel.
“How do you know that?” Matt asked.
“I heard their car pull in”
‘Really? I didn’t”
“Strange” I mused. “How’d it go?” I asked as they walked through the door.
“Oh, great” Mum said, but by the way she said it said otherwise.. I raised an eyebrow.
“What!” she said.
“Matthew, Samuel can we speak to you privately?”
“Of course”
“What about me?” I asked.
“Go home, don’t forget you have school”
I groaned.
“Just because you’re a Hunter doesn’t mean you skip school. However, we will let you know if we need your help” Will grabbed a pencil and gave it to me. I looked at it confused.
“It’s a pencil” I said, bluntly.
“Yes nut the eraser isn’t any ordinary eraser. If we need you, we will send out a signal and when it reaches you, it will flash”
“Yeah right” I scoffed.
“Like so” Will tapped the keyboard and five seconds later the eraser flashed. I stared at it.
“So have you changed your mind yet?” Will asked. But I was already gone.
“No time to chat. Got school tomorrow. See ya!” I called out over my shoulder as I ran out the door. Matthew smirked.
“Like a puppy with a new toy”

“Right so what do you want to talk to us about?”
“Are you familiar with the name Azazel?”
“No!” Will nodded his head sadly.
“We have a feeling that he’s up to something”
“He left the scene as soon as we mentioned Lucifer”
“Yes, he’s usually the one who boasts about his ‘daddy’. We’re going to have to investigate”

“A drop of witch’s blood, the hair of a prisoner, and a possession of a child” He dropped the ingredients into an acid. And a foul smell erupted. He inhaled the smell and smiled. “Perfect. Now all I have to do is say the words” He took a breath and said;
“I, Azazel, son of Lucifer, call on the power of awakening to break open the gates of which is pure in evil. Lucifer, I invoke you to this place and summon thee into this dimension”
And with that, the green smoke turned to red and he took a step back. A figure came from the smoke and the smoke turned black. The figure emerged and smiled.
“Azazel, I should have known it was you”
“Welcome home, Daddy”

The author's comments:
If there are any spelling mistakes let me know

“No!” I thought. “No, no, no’ Something awoke inside that hasn’t been awoken in ages not since…
I took a deep breath and straight to William.
“Will!!” I called. He came running and held me while I sobbed.
“What is it Sharon?”
“He’s back!! He’s back!!”
Will’s head snapped up and then did a double take. “How do you know?” He asked uncertain.
“There’s something I haven’t told you, Will. Something I forgot to mention when we got married”
“Sharon, what did you forgot to tell me!? Tell me!”
“There’s a reason why I’m so good at what I do” I took a deep breath. I have kept this secret for so long that it was no longer a secret. It was no long forgotten thing. “What I’m about to tell you, isn’t a joke or a lie. But, you just have to trust me”
“Sharon, just tell me what you didn’t goddamn tell me!!!”
“I’m descended from the first ever Hunter”
“Because I’m descended from him that means I’m more powerful. Im the Chosen One. And I have a power that tells me when Lucifer has risen. And when he is risen, I am drawn towards to him. To fight him. To banish him once more”
“Once more?”
“I’ll explain that in a sec. So when he rises, there is an animal inside me that wakes up and gets mad. An inner beast inside me. And it wont rest until Lucifer has gone off the face of this plant”
Will was silent.
“To explain what I said before, Will I’m older than you. I lied about my age too. A few years before you were born, Lucifer awoke for the third time. There weren’t many Hunters back them. I was new and I had no idea what was going on…”

“Alright you and you! Go collect weapons. You, go warn the others. And everyone else, gear up”
“What do I do?”
“Sharon, you’re too young to go out especially today. This demon is the master of all demons. Hes more powerful than all his demons put together. You will stay here where it is safe”

“Of course, I was a teenager and a rebellious one at that. So when he told me to say there, I didn’t listen”

“Hey Mark”
“What? I’m kinda busy at the moment”
“Who’s the master of demons?”
“I’m not allowed to tell you that”
“Oh please! C’mon Mark! I’ll do your laundry for a whole week!”
“Alright, but are you sure”
Sharon glared at him.
“Fine, whatever. His name is Lucifer”

“As soon as I heard his name, something awoke inside me and urged me to put Lucifer back to where he came from. It’s my destiny, Will. So to cut the story short. I went out to face him myself. Sent him packing. And my talent and ancestry was discovered and ever since then no one has pushed me aside like garbage. I was put in charge. You’re not mad at me, are you?” I asked Will.
“Huh? Oh no, of course not! I’d never be mad at you. A little upset that you didn’t tell me earlier but I’m glad that you told me now”
“Oh, I think I know who bought him back as well…”
“Azazel” we both said. Will sent a signal to Matt and Sam and they came running. We told them.
“It all falls in place perfectly. The dead bodies, his sudden reappearance, his running off at the name of Lucifer”
“Why didn’t I see it before?”
“Wait, so let’s go back a bit. If you’re descended from the first Hunter and Felicity is descended from you, doesn’t that mean…” Matt trailed off.
“It’s Felicity’s destiny as well” Sam finished. I went into a panic attack.
“WILL!!” I said to him.
“I’m on it” And he sent out a signal to Felicity.

My head snapped up as a strange feeling happened inside me. Like an animal that woke up and was angry or hungry or both. It was bloodthirsty but not for anyone there was someone or something out there that the animal wanted me specifically to kill.
My pencil eraser flashed and I raised my hand.
“Yes, Miss Young?”
“Sir, I don’t feel so well. Can I please go to the office?”
“Yes you can”
I packed up my stuff and walked out of class. I went home and went straight to the cupboard. I walked inside and went straight to Hunters HQ. I ran straight to Mum.
“Mum, there’s a strange feeling…”
“I know, I’ll explain everything later” She cut me off. I hugged her.

After mum explained everything, a million questions buzzed in my head.
“So it’s our destiny to send Lucifer back to hell?”
“And how old are you?”
“Too old”
“And you’re descended from the first hunter?”
“And Lucifers awake right not? That’s why I feel strange right now? Why you feel strange?”
“Yes, yes and yes”
I took a deep breath. It was our destiny to take down Lucifer. It was a huge responsibility for me as a Hunter. But, I wanted to fulfil my destiny. I’m guessing that’s what the sword was for.
“Alright. When do we go?”
“We got to put a plan together first. Will and Charles will come as back-up if something goes wrong. But it’s up to us to destroy Lucifer. That’s a lot of responsibility, Felicity. Are you sure you wanna come?”
“Mum, it’s my, our destiny to kill him. It will never be fulfilled unless we both do it”
“All right, as long as you understand the outcomes. You won’t come back as the same person”
“I’m fine with that. But what I want to know is if everyone else is okay with that?”
They all nodded their heads and Matt smiled me. Showing me that he believed in me and that he’ll always love me, no matter what happens. It was then that I realised they all loved me and I loved them too.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
“I’m ready” I said and snapped open my eyes. A determination was in me and to say I was scared , well I was. I mean, you can’t blame me. I’m about to come face-to-face with Lucifer, master of demons and more powerful then all of them put together.
But, I was full of adrenaline and thrilled and ready to go.
My old life seemed so far away, even though it was only a few weeks ago. When I look back, it felt like it was a long forgotten movie that I had watched a long time ago. Now, things have changed. I live a different life. A life that had a different meaning. This life made my old life look pathetic.
But, I loved it! I am thrilled to have a new life, a new boyfriend, a new dad.
And I’m happy.
My destiny is to kill Lucifer and I will stop at nothing to fulfil it.


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