The Fallen

May 16, 2013
By Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
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Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
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"Thanks for reading my books, luv my readers forever!:)"

I am falling and as I fall all I can think about is Remy, the love of my life gone right before my eyes, remembering her the first time we met in freshman year how I thought that she was the most beautiful girl that I ever laid eyes on. Her beautiful big blue eyes and her long blonde hair flowing behind her and when she walked into that room all graceful, I knew that she was the one. How we grown up together and spent every day together. I can still smell the rosemary and lemons that was her scent, why did it have to come to this.

I remember the first time I saw Remy King. It was a Monday morning and I was in Math class when there was a knock on the door, Mrs. May got up and open the door to our principle Mrs. Patterson and there she was. She walks in behind Mrs. Patterson, so graceful that every eye is on her, she had long blonde hair that was in waves, with big blue eyes to go with her perfect face, and her body was the body that all the girls in my school wanted and her voice was like the angels voice. She took everybody’s breath away even the girls.
“Class this Remy King, she just moved here from Grayditch.” Mrs. May said and then turning to Remy she asked her to tell the class about herself.
“Hi my name is Remy King; I have three sisters we were born on the same day. They are Scarlet, Sarafine, and Rosaline. My mom’s name is Mary, my birthday is August 22 and I like the color pink or red. That is about it.” She said
“All right have a sit dear right beside Nate” Mrs. May said
“Hi my name is Nate Brisbane” I said to her
She smiles and it takes my breath way.
“Hi I am Remy.” She said
“Um if you don’t have anywhere to sit at lunch you can sit with me.” I told her
“Thank you and do you mind if my sisters sit with us?” she asks
“No they can sit with us too.” I say to her
She smiles again and I swear if she smiles one more time I may die. We get to lunch and there she is with her sisters. Scarlet has short blonde hair and small blue eyes, Sarafine has medium length curly blonde hair and small blue eyes and Rosaline has straight long blonde hair and small blue eyes. But they don’t compare to Remy’s looks but still the guys think they are hot.
“Hey Nate this is Scarlet, Sarafine and Rosaline.” Remy tells me
“Hi” they say all sounding like one person

“Hey Angel” I said
She looks so beautiful today, with long hair flowing behind her, her beautiful smile, those blue eyes shining, and that light pink summer dress with those sandals.
“Nate why don’t you brother someone else, Remy does not have time for you right now” Scarlet said
“Scarlet!” Remy shouted at her and then turning to me she apologize for her sister’s comment.
I told her that it was ok and that I would see her later, and then I left her. I had always called her Angel for that it what she looked like but when she asked me why I call her that I told her that it was hard for me to say her name and at that she laughed. Her laugh is like music to everyone’s ears and when she laughs everyone smiles.
Now it was time for lunch, I walk in and saw Remy with her sisters talking for me being a fallen angel I could hear them and what Remy said shocked me. She said that she liked me since the first time that we met. I had to see if I heard her right. I sat down next to her and asked her if what she had said was true, she said that it was and I told her that I liked her too. I could see the stars in her eyes and at that moment I wanted to kiss her. But I would wait and then the bell rung so the while we were walking I asked her out she said yes and then I asked if she would like to go skating and she said yes to that too.
That night it was magical, I had the girl of my dreams with me. On the way home I ask her to tell me something about her.
“um you may not believe this but I am a fire witch” she said
What she said shocked me I did not know if she was playing or telling the truth, so I asked and what she did shocked me. Her big blue eyes were now glowing gold, her hair was floating around, and flames were coming off of her. She must have thought I was scared and at that everything stopped. Then I took her home and before she got out I gave her a long kiss good night.

The author's comments:
"Nate is my idea of a dream guy":)

It was midnight when I got a call from Remy; she was crying and asked me to come over. When I heard her crying I wanted to hurt the one that hurt her. I found her at the big tree and when she saw me she ran and threw herself into me arms.
“Angel what is wrong” I asked her
“My sixteenth moon is tomorrow night and I just found out that I may turn dark and hurt the ones I love” she said
“Angel you could never turn dark and if that happens I would still love you” I said to her and I wrapped me arms around her and kiss her forehead. She then said into my chest that that no matter what happens that she will love me with all her heart. I told her that nothing will break us apart and that I will love her forever and that was a promise I was willing to make. And after I said that I lifted her chin and kiss her long and slowly.
She then asks me to stay with her, so we went into her room and she fell asleep into my arms. I was watching her sleep and she looked so beautiful that it took me breath away.
The next morning her sister came into the room and started asking questions and I told her that nothing happened after that we went down stairs and her mom began asking the same questions so I told her what I told Scarlet. After that I took Remy to the park to chill out. We played around and were having fun. Then we were packing up when Remy asked me who that man was by the fountain. I looked and there stood Alexander and he had a smile on his face and was looking straight at Remy.

The author's comments:
"Nate is protective here and you will find out why"

“Angel run to the car and stop looking at that man and I will finish up here” I told her
A run she did and she did not stop until I heard her taking, dang it he got to her. I was coming around the corner when I heard him talking to her, she was being nice but I could tell that he scared her. Then I showed up and told her to get into the car. Then I turned to Alexander.
“You will leave her alone got it” I told him
“Ah Nate nice to see you too, it’s been long” he replied with a smile on his face
“Stay away from her or I will kill you got it” I said to him
“Who Remy, pretty girl and she is very sweet it will be ashamed if something happen to her” he said
“I mean it stay way” I said if Remy was not here I would have killed him
“Well I have to go nice seeing you” he said and disappeared
I got into the car and asked her why she did not get into the car when I asked her to and she said that he showed up before she could get into the car and was talking to him. I told her that I did not want to lose her and that it would kill me if that happened. After that I took her home and she asked me to stay with her I told her that I had to take care of Alexander. I then kissed her and told her good night.

I found out that Alexander had followed me to Remy’s house and I could feel her getting angry at something. So I went and when I got there Alexander was jumping out the window and Remy was on fire. After he was out I asked what happen and she told me that if I had not shown up that he would be dead. So at that I put my arms around her a said I was sorry for that and she told me not to be and then she gave me a kiss and that night she slept in my arms again. The next morning there was a note on her night stand it was from Alexander and he wanted to meet me at the theme park at 7:00 tonight. When Remy found out she wanted to go but I would not let her but she said that she was just as powerful as I am so I said yes and she said that her sisters would go along to help. I told her that if the fight got out of control that her sisters and she would have to leave. She started to say no but I looked at her and was begging her to listen and she said OK.
The night had finally come we were in the parking lot and I looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her and that she was my forever girl and I kissed her one last time and then all five of us got out of the car.
We go to meet up with Alexander and behind him was a lot of other fallen angels and then the fight started I took on Alexander and the only thing that was going through my mind was the day that Remy saw him and how he was smiling at her. And now because of him we are in this mess maybe I should have never fall in love with Remy and this would not be happening, all because of me she is in danger. It seems that everyone that I love dies before my eyes, first my mother, then my father, next my sister, and now my true love, my soul mate; the one I am supposed to be with the rest of my life. All of it gone, if I had never fallen maybe Remy would still be safe and my family but all because of me I have ruined everything in my path. Remy must have seen the look in my eyes because she reached up and give me a kiss so deep that it burned into my soul.

The author's comments:
"It is starting to come to an end":)

The next thing I knew I was hearing Remy’s voice screaming my name and then I was falling and falling all I was thinking about was Remy. How beautiful she was and when I first saw her. How she fit into my body and the way she laugh and when she looked at me with those big blue eyes and how everything was ok and when she step out of the dressing room in that pink dress the night that she was claim and when she ran into my arms and was crying tears of joy knowing that she is still light. So beautiful and yet scared, how I would give to be with her and to see her beautiful face and her angel voice and her body pressed against mine.
The falling stop and I open my eyes to see Remy’s beautiful face staring at me, I was alive how can that be and then I saw that Remy’s sister Sarafine had used her element to keep me from falling and dying and when Remy realized that I was awake she threw her arms around me a kissed me. I then ask what happen to Alexander and she said that her sisters and her took care of him. I told Remy that I loved her and I will do anything to keep her safe and I will say by her side, she looks at me with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes and give me a kiss that was lighting up my whole body. I truly believe that there is love at first sight and there is true love, for me and Remy it has and we spent every waking day together and letting our true love flow into the Earth. If you found your true love and everything was at stake for it what would you do, I will tell you what I would do; I would fight for it for we have all the keys we just need to know how to use them and when you do fight for it. It is your story now fight for it you have all the keys now fight.

The author's comments:
"The next book I am writing right now so you guys will have to wait":)sorry:)

“Angel are you ready for this year” I asked her, it is our senior year and we been through a lot since last year and yet we are crazy in love. Love can do mysterious thing and some can drive people mad and others lost but whatever you do listen to your heart because that may help you in the long run. But maybe I am wrong for I am crazy in love and yet it seems to get crazier but that is life and you can choose how you live it.
“Yes” she replies and smiles up at me
I then reached over a kissed her, I will not stop kissing her and loving her for I almost lost her and I will not let that happen again. I love her and words cannot describe the way I feel about her but I can tell that she knows.
At that we got out of the car and we walk up to Megaton High School hand in hand and ready to take on anything together. We enter the school and then I smelled a dead corpse and turn to look in the office and sure enough there is a vampire, he is tall blonde and he has amber eyes. I start to wonder why he is here, what is his purpose and does it have anything to do with Alexander.
I remember that night it was not too long ago when he saw Remy and try to hurt her and then the fight that I almost lost Remy forever when I thought I was going to die.

To be continue….

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