Love in the Flames

May 14, 2013
By Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
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Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
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love will fine a way

One stormy night there were four baby girls born all of them had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion , the first was name Scarlet, the second Sarafine, the third Rosaline, and finally Remy. Of course they all had a gift for they were element witches, Scarlet was bless with the element Water for she was calm like the ocean, Sarafine was blessed with the element Air for she was light on her feet, Rosaline was blessed with the element Earth for she was hardheaded and little Remy had the element Fire for she was very feisty. The girls learn to control their element and the biggest rule of all don’t let anyone know what you are. As the girls grew they trained and learned about their element and as days passed they were getting stronger. When they hit the age to go to school the girls had a choice if, they wanted to go to a mortal school or an immortal school. They all wanted to go to the mortal school.

“Girls’, time for school!” Mary said
“Coming!” they shout
They arrived at the school.
“Hey Angel” Nate said
“Listen Nate, Remy does not have time for you so you can move on already” Scarlet replied
“Scarlet!” I shout and then turning to Nate I said “hi and sorry for the what Scarlet said”
“That is ok” Nate said sweetly and he turns to leave. Nate is six four, with black hair and the deepest blue eyes that you could get lost in, he very athletic and is super nice.
“I could not believe that she said that to Nate he is my friend and she knew that.” I told Rosaline
“I’m sure she did not mean it, she is just looking out for you, and you know that?” Rosaline replied
“Yeah but I’m not a baby anymore, I wish she stop.” I said stubbornly
“Just go to class and forget about it.” Rosa said
As I enter the classroom Megan started on me, I know that the rule is to not let anyone know what I am but she deserves to be burned. My sisters try to help me with Megan when we have the same classes together but we don’t have the same homeroom and that is when the cat attacks.
After homeroom and two other classes, it was time for lunch. I enter and sat down next to Rosaline and started eating.
“So baby sis, how was your morning?” Scarlet asks
“Well Megan started on me and on top of that I fail my math test…what else am I forgetting, oh yeah that you were rude to Nate!” I exclaimed
“Sorry, but I was just looking out for you that was all” Scarlet mumbled
“I know but can you try to be nice to him you know that I like him since I was a freshmen, please for me.” I begged
“Yes but if he ever hurts you I will drown him.” She replied
“Fine” I said laughing
Just then Nate sat down next to me and his cheeks were red, he was also smiling. I think he heard the whole conversation. I hope he didn’t that would kill me.
“So Remy, I was not eavesdropping or anything I was just coming to sit by you and heard some things and I would like to know if they were true.” He asked sweetly
He never called me by my name it was always angel and now he was looking at me and waiting for my answer to what he had ask. I was choking up and I was scared to lose him as a friend. For he was the first friend that I ever made here, we did everything together. When we were little he could never say my name so he just called me angel because I remind him of one, it was always angel. Now he knew how I felt about him.
“Yes they are true.” I mumbled
He smile, “I like you too but was scare to tell you” he said
“Really” I asked surprised
“Yes.” He replied
Then the bell ringed and we got up and started to walk, while we were walking Nate and I were talking and then he ask me the question if I would date him and I said yes, after that he ask if I would like to go skating with him and I said yes to that too.

Skating was fun and being with Nate was everything I dreamed of, while we were riding back home we started talking…
“So Angel, tell me something about you.” He asked
I did not know what to say, so I was going to tell him about being a fire witch and see what he said to that.
“Well…you may not believe this but I’m a witch, not just any witch and fire witch.” I mumbled
“Are you telling the truth or just playing with me.” He asked laughing
He did not believe me, so out of being hardheaded I showed him at first he was freaked out but then he settle down to let me explain. I told him everything and made him promise not to tell anyone what I just told him.
“So all this time you were playing with fire, is that why you could not come to my football games?”
He asked
“Yes, I was at home learning about my gift.” I replied
“What about your sisters do they have gifts too?” he asked
“Yes, Scarlet is water, Sarafine is air, Rosaline is Earth, and I am fire.” I told him
“O, wow… is that why they call you guys the king sisters?” he ask
“What!” I screamed
“Well they call you that because you guys are always together” he said
“Wow… people need to grow up.” I replied
Nate drops me off at my house but before he let me out of the car he leaned in and kissed me, it was a long and a sweet good night kiss. I got out of the car with a smile on my face and as soon as I got in the door my family pounces on me.
They ask how it went, did you have fun, and I said it was fun and I had a great time and that Nate was sweet. I went up to my room when Sarafine came in.
“Remy, today in class I was looking in our witch book to learn more and found something on fire witches.” she starts off
“What about it” I asked
“Fire witches are told that they are the dark casters of the immortal world and on their sixteenth moon they will become dark and there was only one fire witch ever born besides you, and she became dark and more powerful than the other element witches.” She tells me
“What are you talking about?” I demanded
“I am saying that your element is rare and you are a threat to the mortal world, and Nate could be in danger because of you.” She said
“What I will never hurt Nate and you know that?!” I screamed at her
She looked scared and so I turn to the mirror to see myself, my hair was floating around, my eyes were glowing gold, I looked so frighten that it scared me too. Maybe she was right, what if I am dark and can’t love someone? What about Nate? Mom? Scarlet? Rosaline? Sarafine?
“I am sorry” I told her not lifting my head to meet her eyes
She turned and ran, then my mother came up for she had heard the fight and was coming to check on us.
“Honey, are you OK, what happen?” she calmly asks
“Mom… am I dark?” I asked her
“What, honey, no you are not and who told you that?” she demanded
“Sarafine, she said that her class read it in a book today and she told me about it.” I told her

She looks at me and turn to leave. After she was out of my room, I heard her fighting with Sarafine asking her why she told me that and that she knew to keep it a secret until the time was right to tell me. Sarafine said that it would be too late to tell me because our sixteenth moon is tomorrow night. I cannot believe that I could turn dark and hurt people. So I called Nate and ask him to meet me by the big tree.
“Angel, what is wrong?” he asks
“My sixteenth moon is tomorrow night and I was told that my element would make me dark and that I could hurt the ones I love.” I started off
“Angel, you could never be dark and if you do I would still love you.” He said wrapping his arms around me and he kissed my forehead.
“No matter what happens I love you with all my heart.” I said into his chest
“Angel nothing will keep us apart because I am not letting you go and that is a promise I am willing to make.” He said to me lifting my chin up so I could see his face and with that he place his lips on mine and gave me a kissed that was wanting, loving, caring. He was the man of my dreams and was willing to stay with me even though I might turn dark.

The next morning was crazy, everyone was getting ready for the party, and we were going shopping today to pick out something to wear to the party. Nate came along to be by my side. After trying on a lot of dresses I found a dress that was a soft pink, it was long in the back, a little short in the front, and the straps cross at the back with a diamond belt below the chest. I went out to see what Nate would say and when I stepped out Nate’s mouth was to the ground; after he recovered I asked him what he thought of the dress.
“I am not going to let you alone tonight.” He said and was looking at me with those deep blue eyes and a smile that reach his eyes.
“So I take it that you like the dress.” I asked amused
“Yes, you look beautiful any guy would love to be your boyfriend.” He said “but I hope that there isn’t anybody else in your mind.” He added
“Thank you but you are the only one for me.” I replied
With that he got up and grabs me into a hug and gives me a kiss, of course my sisters saw it and I was loving every minute of it.
By the time we got home and were getting ready, my mom came into my room and told me no matter what happens that I will always be good to her. At that I started to cry knowing that I could turn dark.

At the party I was having a great time, I was dancing with Nate, kissing him and having the time of my life. Then came the moment we been waiting for, our sixteenth moon. Scarlet went first and was claim to the light, next went Sarafine and she was claim to the light and then Rosaline, she was also claim to the light. It was finally my turn and I was scared to death, when the smoke cleared my mom was smiling. I asked what happen and my mother told me that I was claimed to both light and dark and I was the first to ever be claimed that way. I ran to Nate and threw myself into him and kissed him.
As the night dies down Nate and I were sitting at the big tree talking when he told me something that I could never guess.
“Angel I have to tell you something important.” He started off
“What is it?” I asked
“Well do you know about falling angels?” he asks
“No why” I asked looking into his deep blue eyes
He takes a deep breath
“Angel, I am a falling angel.” He said and get up and shows me the scars on his back, were his wings were.
I stared in disbelief, how I didn’t see that coming. No wonder Nate was so perfect; I asked him what that means for us.
“Nothing we can still be together but I had to tell you this because I could not keep this from you.” He said
“I don’t care what you are, I still love you, you stood with me when I could become dark and I am not leaving you.” I tell him
He smiles and pulls me in and kisses me a deep loving, wanting, caring, needing kiss that I returned.
I rested my head on his chest while he was talking I love the way I could hear that deep rumble inside him. It seems that I can finally rest my head on something real.
“Remy will you be my forever girl?” he asked
I looked into those deep blue eyes and told him that I will and gave him a kiss to prove this. I did not want him to go home so I asked him to come up to my room. That night I slept in his arms and felt safe, we were together and nothing could break that apart.

The next morning I woke up in Nate’s arms and I look up at him and he was smiling and looking down at me with passion in his eyes.
“What are you smiling at?” I asked playfully
“You look so beautiful when you sleep and holding you in my arms means a lot to me.” He replies
“Awe you are so sweet, what did you not sleep.” I ask
“I do not need to sleep I am falling angel.” He said
Just then Scarlet comes in and what she sees shocks her.
“When did Nate get here?” she asked
“Um…” I started
“Wait he slept here last night?” she asked
“Yes” Nate and I replied at the same time
“We just slept and nothing else happened.” Nate speaks up
“Yeah right” She said and left the room with a smile on her face
Nate and I got out of bed and I went into the bathroom to change while Nate stays on the bed. After that we went down stairs to eat breakfast when my mom stops us.
“Mom not the birds and the bees talk, we just slept.” I say
“Well I was making sure you know what to do.” She replies
“I promise you Ms. King that we did nothing, we just slept.” Nate tells her
“Ok I will let it go but make sure you tell me if you two sleep together again, so I know.” She asks
“Ok” we say at the same time
After we ate Nate took me to the park and we stay there and had lunch and talk, did some kissing but yeah there was some talking. We were having fun running around and doing what most young kids did.
As we were packing up the picnic, I looked over at the fountain and saw a man in all black staring at us, I then turned to Nate and asked who that was. Nate told me not to look at that man and to run back to the car that he will finish cleaning up. I ran to the car as fast as I could, but before I could get in the man appeared. He was six feet tall with black hair, and dark black eyes that you would be afraid to look into them.

“Hello” the man said
“Um hi, and who are you?” I ask
“O yes, my name is Alexander Sterling and who are you my dear?” He replies
“Remy King” I tell him
“It is a pleasure to meet you Remy” He replies
“Um can I help you with something?” I asked
But before he could answer Nate came up and told me to get into the car. I got in while Nate was talking to Alexander about something. When Nate got in I asked him what was going on.
“do you know him?” I ask
“yes and why did you not get into the car when I ask you to?” he asks
“sorry but he came up to me before I could get in and started talking to me” I mumble
Nate stops that car and looks at me, he looks upset and I feel bad for not listening.
“Angel, he is very dangerous and I don’t want him hurting you” he finally said
“What, how can he hurt me and do you know who you are talking to.” I said laughing
“Angel it is not funny, he is a falling angel and would do anything to hurt you, now that he knows I am with you.” He said in a firm voice
“Wait what did you do to him?” I asked
“I killed the girl he loved and now he will do anything to get revenge on me and taking you away will do the trick and it will kill me if that happens.” He replies
What he said was sweet but shocking, Nate killing someone, he is so nice and perfect you would not think that.
“Why did you kill her?” I ask
“She killed my sister and so I had to do the same to her.” He said
“That is sad” I mumble
“Please stay safe and listen to me, I don’t want to lose you.” He said with tears in his eyes
I did not want to see Nate cry and knowing that if I got hurt it would kill him and I promise him I will listen and be good and at that I kiss him to prove that I will listen.
Nate drop me off at my house after circling the block five times and before I got out I kissed him and told him to stay with me but he said that he had to take care of Alexander so that I can be safe. I went up to my room and got into my bed when I heard a knock on my window. I got up and look and there was Alexander in front of my window. I open my window.
“What do you want?” I asked
“Now is that anyway to talk to someone?” he replies laughing
“Well its midnight and I am trying to sleep, no thanks to you “I replied when a smirk
“Yes I am sorry about that, may I come in?” he ask
“If you want to get burned” I replied sweetly
“Ah temper, that will not get a pretty girl like you anywhere and I don’t want to hurt you all I want is your boyfriend, we have some unfinished business and I was wondering when he will be back.” He said
“Ok so you come in the middle of the night and ask me a lot of question, are you kidding me I am trying to sleep so come back in the morning!” I scream at him
All I could see were flames in front of my eyes and I was burning up, he was backing up and asked me what I was, I told that I am a fire witch claim to the light and dark and that he just made the wrong girl mad and if he does not get out of my room I was going to kill him. With that he jumped out of the window and about that time Nate showed up.
“What is going on?” he asked all wide eyed

My fire died down and I told him that Alexander came here and started asking questions which made me mad at how late it is and he comes and asks questions. Nate comes over and puts his arms around me and starts kissing me and telling me that he is sorry. I ask him what is he sorry for that I almost burned that guy up if he had not come along that Alexander would be died by now.
That night I slept in his arms again and everything just disappear and nothing happen and we never met Alexander and everything was back to normal.
The next morning there was a note on my night stand, it said that Nate was supposed to meet Alexander in the theme park at 7:00 p. I told Nate and he told me to stay here but I told him that I am as powerful as him and he may need me and maybe my sisters. So I asked my sisters and they said that they will help. We spent the day preparing for the fight and working our magic, we only stopped to eat and get a drink of teas that my mother made. After training we took a break for a while and Nate came over and started talking to me. He said that if the fight got out of control that my sisters and I were to leave, I started to say no but he told me that I had to, that he could not lose me in this fight. I told I would leave and he gave me a kiss.

The moment finally came we were in the parking lot and while we were waiting Nate leaned over and gave me one last kiss before we go.
We enter the park and standing there was Alexander and a lot of other falling angels, the fight started. There was fire, water, wind storms, and earth breaking everywhere and the sound of swords.
At that moment I looked over at Nate and Alexander fighting, when Nate fell off the cliff.
“NATE!!!!!!!” I screamed and ran to Alexander and I was so hot and on fire that one touch kills him.

I am falling and as I fall all I can think about is Remy, the love of my life gone right before my eyes, remembering her the first time we met in freshman year how I thought that she was the most beautiful girl that I ever laid eyes on. Her beautiful big blue eyes and her long blonde hair flowing behind her and when she walked into that room all graceful, I knew that she was the one. How we grown up together and spent every day together. I can still smell the rosemary and lemons that was her scent, why did it have to come to this…….

To be continue…..

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on Jun. 15 2013 at 11:12 pm
mimiluvinwhat BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
ummm ''live life with no regrets'' I don't belive in following fortune tellers. hahaha

Wtf is up does anyone ever finish there hooking ending books finish it now.hullo do it

on May. 17 2013 at 10:57 am
Babygirl234 BRONZE, Hancock, Maryland
3 articles 0 photos 10 comments

Favorite Quote:
love will fine a way

this is my first book, i would like to know what you think. thanks :)


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