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Hidden Secrets

Author's note: I am handwriting EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. So if I don't post any chapters for awhile, it's because I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I am handwriting EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. So if I don't post any chapters for awhile, it's because I either have hit a writers block or am procrastinating typing the chapter up. Ryan is Drew Fuller and Taylor is Arden Cho.  « Hide author's note
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The policemen arrived at the door of the house. They had gotten calls about a noise disturbance coming from a quiet suburban neighborhood. Some of the callers thought that they heard violence and urged the police to rush over. A car accident a couple of miles from the neighborhood prevented the police from getting to the house for half an hour. There was a car in the driveway, implying that someone was home.
Once at the house, they knocked on the door only to have no one answer it. The first man kicked open the door to the home to see what remained of a family. As the two policeman entered, they noticed that all frames were broken and saw pictures torn down the middle. A girl on one side and a guy on another. The house was in total disarray. Things were broken and thrown on the floor. There was physical damage done to the walls and furniture. It looked liked the place had been robbed except for the fact that there was nothing valuable missing. The scene was more like a domestic violence than anything else, but it didn't even look like that. The kitchen was littered with utensils, pot and pans. Some things had some blood on them, and there were a lot of knives scattered about. The two cops split up to see if there was anyone in the house, although that possibility was rapidly dwindling.
One man, Daniel went upstairs while his partner stayed and tried to make sense of what happened downstairs. Nothing added up. There were holes through walls and torn pictures. Shattered glass and knives scattered around. The scene downstairs didn’t clearly match any crime beside domestic violence. But this still felt like it was more than just that.
It was almost the same upstairs; disorder, shattered glass, torn pictures, etc. As Daniel did his job, he had a bad feeling in his gut. This was more than it appeared. Something terrible went down here but there was no clear evidence of it so far. As Daniel entered a bedroom, a wind chilled him to the bone. The wind made him shiver. Sure he was new at his job, but that was no reason to get nervous. Policeman had to be ready for anything. Although, Daniel still didn't want to find any bodies or blood.
His mind directed him back to his job, trying to find out what happened here. He looked for the source of the wind, which was an open window about ten feet from the door. He went over to window sill and saw blood on it in the shape a hand. He looked around the room and his eyed focused on the bed. Everything else in the room was neat and orderly, almost as if the chaos of what happened in the house hadn’t touched this area. But the bed, the bed didn’t fit in with the rest of the peaceful room. As Daniel approached it, he noticed a stain below the sheet.
He knew he wouldn’t like what he would find, but he had to be objective and do his job. He put some gloves on so as not to tamper too much with evidence and took the sheet off the bed carefully. It revealed a large amount of blood that was nearly dry. It seemed to be divided into two separate areas, one large stain on the right side of the bed and one on the left. The one on the right looked drier than the left, but it still didn’t mean much of anything. The two blood stains perplexed Daniel. There was enough blood for two people to bleed to death, but there was no body and the bloody handprint on the window. Daniel wasn’t sure what to make of this, he just knew that something gruesome happened here. Maybe there was a struggle downstairs, but this is where the ‘main event’ took place. Daniel felt his throat start to tighten and his vision became a little blurry. He knew he was on the verge of crying. He fought the tears. This was a crime scene and he was not supposed to be weeping over spilled blood.
Daniel called in his partner to try and help him make sense of this. The partner radioed for backup, a possible homicide. While his partnered looked around the room making the same discoveries Daniel did, Daniel stayed put. He felt frozen in place at the scene. He then looked around the room again, trying to make a connection between the blood in the bed and the rest of the room. The scan left Daniel with the same evidence, nothing. Then Daniel saw something he hadn’t noticed before; a stack of notebooks on the dresser across the room. Daniel crossed the room and feared what was in the notebooks. On top of them there was a handwritten letter. Daniel looked at the letter. It looked like the letter was written by a female because of the nature and how bouncy the words were. The letter had the faintest smell of roses, definitely a woman’s perfume. Daniel started reading the letter.

Dear Reader,
By the time you have found this, either I, my husband, or both of will be dead. If not, then Ryan's plan worked. If it didn't, then you'll probably find us in this house. With things the way they are right now, and our future being so uncertain, I think it best if I make sure someone knows what happened. I know one thing for certain; I don't think I can live without Ryan.
Well, if this turns out to me a m. . . mur. . .murder, then I know who did it. I just can't tell you, especially if you are the police. I don't want you to get involved. They will not hesitate to kill you if you get in their way. If you are of any value to them. . . you don't want to know what they'll do to you. Ryan and I made the mistake of trying to hide from them. Ryan has known about them almost all his life. I only just learned about their existence a couple years ago, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. They are ruthless, vicious, vile killers. I just wish I could have realized what they were capable of sooner. If only I had listened to Ryan. And to think this all started because Ryan wanted me to be happy.
Well, I just hope that by the time this is read, Ryan and I are together, whether it be life or death. I know that they would prefer the latter. Proof of some radical theory their leader came up with. But they know nothing about us. Ryan and I can never be separated without feeling like a part of us is missing. I found that thinking about him eases the pain, but I am getting off topic.
The reason I wrote this is so Ryan and I won't just disappear like we did before, I can't live without someone knowing what happened. I can't talk about it with Ryan, it hurts to much. They pain they caused me goes deeper than just the scars. I won't tell him anything or let him know how it kills me a little bit everyday. He'll hurt if I am hurting and I couldn’t possibly cause him that much pain. I need someone to know our story and know how dangerous they are. I need someone to read our book.
A Lost Soul

Daniel's mind started racing and his hearted started aching. A couple had lived here, and they were probably murdered. From the way the wife described it, their murder or murders could have been related to a gang, a crime boss, or something else entirely. He wondered how they even knew them. His mind was first directed to the idea that they might have been in a rival group or betrayed them. But the conclusion didn't add up with anything he knew so far. The writer was sensitive and loving and did not show a single reason why she would be involved in violence. She had depicted her husband as loving and caring. Tears coated the letter, probably falling as she wrote the painful thing. These facts only disproved his first theory and led him back to where he started. How did they know their killers?
Daniel looked back at the bed, tears starting to slowly creep out of the edges of his eyes. He didn’t want to believe that there was a murder here, but how could he deny that now. He had proof from one of the victims. Although, a question still remained, where were their bodies? The girl had said that if the plan didn’t work, then their bodies would be here. Just then Daniel tuned into reality and heard sirens outside. Backup had arrived. As the forensic team came in and started photographing and placing markers, Daniel just stared down at the letter in his hands. It would become evidence, and possibly be lost within the system. He read the last line, I need someone to read our book. Daniel looked for a book and didn’t find anything. His eyes landed on the notebooks. There was a piece of paper glued to the cover of a notebook. That was handwritten just like the letter:

Hidden Secrets
Writers: Caring boyfriend Ryan and loving girlfriend Taylor

There was a beautiful drawing of a rose on the cover. He lifted the cover and read the first page, which was always handwritten.

DO NOT PUBLISH: for your own safety
Dedicated to: our family we soon hope to have, the family we will always love and anyone that can find their true love in this world.

Note from the Author: I wanted this to be handwritten because just typing it doesn't show you the author's emotion, just what their story characters are doing. I believe by handwriting, you can see what the author is feeling and how much it hurts. The events that you are about to read are true. Ryan and I tried to make this as much of a book as possible. I had the idea that we could each write chapters, and alternate viewpoints on everything. Kind of like two books in one. I wrote a chapter, then Ryan did, and I just started my chapter where I left off in my ‘story’. I just could never have Ryan know how bad they hurt me. It is also why this book may be so weird for its reader. Anyway, I hope this book enlightens you and you can help us.

Daniel started weeping silently. This couple had wanted kids and they had a family that loved them. They had written a book about their troubles for someone to read. The troubling part wasn't that though, it was what the girl wrote. She didn't want their work, this large stack of notebooks, published. The reason itself for everything being handwritten itself was troubling. Daniel knew that the work would contain pain and tears. Undoubtedly, he would shed tears if he read this. But at least it wouldn't disappear like the couple had before according to the writing. Once Daniel was of no need at the crime scene, he and his partner drove back to the police station in the squad car. As Daniel approached his desk, he grabbed a form off his partner's desk; an evidence form. He classified the notebooks as evidence in the case under review. Someone would know their story, even if it cost Daniel his job, it mattered that victims were still treated as people. He opened to the second page and read the title 'New Beginnings.' He knew right then that this was going to be a tough task.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 16 Next »

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Pipluplver58 said...
Apr. 23, 2013 at 6:33 pm
CountryPopGirl replied...
Apr. 24, 2013 at 9:20 am
I am writing this, but I unfrotunately procrastinate typing up my chapters. So, sorry. But I WILL contiune writing the story. I'll try and post/write faster/more frequently.
Willflower.-.-. replied...
May 2, 2013 at 7:47 pm
Thank you! It's really good as a whole series!

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