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Pictures of Us

Author's note: i wish this was my romance life.
Author's note: i wish this was my romance life.  « Hide author's note
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Boy in the Moonlight

I lay down on the ground and I see the clouds a golden color as if Heaven had come to me. Some clouds look like an artist had painted the clouds a purplish blue. And the slightest streak of pink in the sky. The grass is soft beneath me like a bed I smooth down the grass with my hands. I dig my feet under the soft soil which smooth’s down my skin. I look up and I see a familiar face hovering over me.
I smile and said, “What do you want?” “Nene I am hungry feed me.” I take one last look

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At the city sky and get up and store away the picture in my mind.
“Okay,” I finally said.
I forced my feet up under me and stand up. Just when I look down at Jessie he sticks his Chubby little finger up his nose and begins moving it here and there. He looks like he’s looking for something in there. Then he takes his finger out reviling a big green glob on his finger.
“Want some Nene?” he said bring it close to me and I step back.
“No thanks buddy.”
He shrugged and stuck it in his mouth. Now that’s gross I thought scrunching up my nose and I feel as if I’m going to barf. Jessie is a cute little boy, my little brother. He is in kindergarten going on to first grade. His short blond hair shimmers brightly in the sun blinding me. He runs down to the door and jumps at least three times and fails to open the door all three times.
I walk up to him and he looks up at me and said, “I wish I was as tall as you.”
Then he plopped down on the ground crossed his chubby little arms and his legs too and looked to the right. I bent down to his level and trust me it works you should try it some time.
“Jessie look at me” he didn’t look at me and he didn’t.
So I plop down on the welcome mat and crossed my arms across my chest, sat Indian style, looked to the left and puckered my lips out. He looked over at me and the slightest smile came at the corner of his mouth. When I looked over he looked away as if he was still mad at me. Then I darted over at him and began to tickle him. It was a giggle at first and then it turned into a laugh and started to yell.
“STOP THAT TICKELS!” He is squirming everywhere then I hear someone tapping their shoe.
Jessie and I looked up to see “DADDY!” Jessie ran up and hugged his leg. I laughed and wiped off the dust from the welcome mat. Mom came up clonking in her high heals
“Hay mom,” I said. “Hay sweetheart your dad and I need to talk to you.”
My smile had faded “About what?” she looked at me with her sad deep blue eyes. I followed her in the house. Dad was already siting in a seat at the table. Mom went to sit by him. This looks like a seen when someone in my family died. But it could be anything. So I take in a deep sigh and let it out. I found a seat and sat in front of them.
“What’s up?”
Mom and dad exchanged looks then said, “We got offered to go to England to teach some collage kids writing.”
I grinned. And said, “We get to go to England for the summer?”
Mom shook her head, “No we do you cant. It’s the collage that pays for us. You are going to Florida to stay with your Aunt Kay. I’m sorry the other thing is we don’t know how long the trip is. It could be just the summer to two years.” My grin faded, that means I would have no summer with my friends and transferring schools.
“I know this is a shock for you but, you will have to leave tomorrow morning. When we get there we will have to leave immediately and you will leave at 4:00am. Were sorry we just couldn’t turn down this offer o hope you understand,” Dad said to me.
My mom and dad are two college professors in writhing. They also write novels so they do a lot of traveling. We hardly ever have any family time now they are going over abroad. When they get home talk with me max twenty minutes and Jess and hour. Then they go to their study and start on writhing. They hardly spend any time with us. Why can’t we be like any other family and go on vacations together. Go to family gathering, celebrate birthdays and holidays. I felt like crying their but, I managed to swallow them back. I was angry at them I had pure anger right now.
“Oh I understand all right. I understand it perfectly clear,” I said leaving the table.
“Again Neia, were terribly sorry,” mom said.
I stopped at the stares for a few seconds before saying, “Yah I caught that the first time and all the other times to.”
I left before they could say anything else.
“I’m sorry” I mimicked to myself.
I’m supposed to go to an Aunts house I never met before in my life. How much lower can they get? On top of that my summers ruined and I just might have to transfer schools. Yah, yah that’s perfect. I opened my bedroom door and walk in and looked around. Most of mu walls are full of pictures I take. I looked over and see a picture of Jessie and I that I took last year. It was a really cute picture. I was crouching down beside him and he was giving the camera a heart melting smile. His bright, brown, Bambi eyes looking up with joy. His blond hair shimmering, like gold in the afternoon sun. I smiled and take it down. To be honest I’m worried about Jessie he has hardly and any affection from mom and dad. I creep over to his room to see what he is doing.
I hear “OH, NO! Don’t eat me Mr. Bunny I don’t taste any good,” he said in a high pitched voice.
“Well I like my T-Rex toasted.” I just rose and eyebrow to this.
That’s new bunny’s went, carnivorous and T-Rex's went vegan. Interesting. I went to by bedroom and began packing. It took me twenty minutes to pack both my luggage and Jessie’s. “So where are we going?” he asked me.
“We are going to Aunt Kay’s house in Florida,” I said to him.
“Who’s Aunt Kay? Have you met her? Is she mean?” he asked me.
“No I have never met her but, I just bet she’s a really nice lady. Now get some sleep you will need it.” I said kissing him on the forehead.
“Night, Nene.”
“Night Jess,” I said turning off the lights.
I went in my bed and looked up at the sea long. I just began to thank about mom and dad. When I started 9th grade they wanted me to take all this writing classes. They want me to be a writer like them. I don’t want to be a writer I want to be a photographer. I just don’t know how to tell them that. So I took every writhing class then took a photography class in secret. My eyes are feeling heavy. It was as if a thousand pounds had been dropped on my eyelids soundly. So I close my eyes so tomorrow would come.
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“Tickets please,” A lady with and annoying voice said.
I don’t know if you have ever seen ‘Monsters Ink’ but, she sounds like the mean slug lady at the desk. Her kind of looks like her, she just has a really huge mole on her chin. You could even see the hair on it from a mile away. I looked away from it and handed to tickets to her.
She glared at us I thank her mole did to personally then said, “Go on.”
So Jessie and I rushed passed her and on the plane. I don’t know what but, I’m scared as heck. Mom and dad told me not to worry it was just plane anxiety and that everyone gets it.
While we were waiting to get over to our seats Jessie asked me, “Can I sit by the window?”
I smiled and said, “Shure you can buddy.”
I had ruffled his soft blond hair. He smiled up at me and looked straight ahead. In about five minutes or so we arrived to at our seats. Jessie is shaking with eagerness.
“Sit still buddy,” I said to him.
We were the last people to sit on the plane.
Then I hear the flight attendant say, “please put on your buckles we are about to get ready for takeoff ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.”
I reached out to take his buckle and buckle it up. I’m shaking with fear. I don’t know what to do. I do the same with me then I felt a little had slip in mine.
I look at Jessie and he smiled and said, “S’okay you can hold my hand until the plane is in the air Nene.”
He is so sweet and cute I love him so much. To be hosted I thank for the most part Jessie is pretty responsible for his age. I thank I should be the one saying that. I felt the plane rumble and my whole body went tense. I clenched Jessie and he squeezed back. I had to count to ten and breathe in deeply. That is one thing my mom and dad taught me to do when I was scared. The plane took off and once we were in the air I relaxed a bit. I let go of Jessie hand. I felt kind of light headed because of the atmosphere. Change but, I was alright.
I tapped Jessie and said, “if you need me just rap on me okay.”
“Okay Nene,” he said looking blackout the window.
I put my headphones and turned on my music. Just then I felt something wet on my shoulder and I looked to see an old man slobbering all over my shoulder. That is discussing then I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
I felt someone taping on my leg. I woke up and saw a woman in my face.
“Ma’am you need to get off of then plane with your brother.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, “I said getting up and grabbing Jessie’s hand.
Aunt Kay is going to kill me. I grabbed my camera bag and leave the plane behind. As I came out of the plane exit I searched the crowed of unfamiliar faces for Aunt Kay, waited I don’t even know what she looks like. I scan the crowed of faces then look over at a woman waving. I looked around and back at her and pointed at me. She had an even bigger smile and nodded.
I looked down at Jessie and said, “Come on lets go.”
When I walked closer I saw that she looked like a female version of my dad.
“Oh it’s nice to finally, meet my niece and nephew. Come on its time to get home. I hope you like it,” She said hugging us about to suffocate us.
We were walking out the door then I said, “Our luggage.”
“Oh don’t worry honey I already got.”
We came to a little red car and we got in the car. It sure is tinny on the inside to. On the way to the house it was like playing twenty questions with a child who doesn’t know how to count. An hour and a half later we pulled in a small town. From there it took twenty minutes to get to the house. We pulled in a gravel driveway and it was a small house too. I grabbed our luggage and went in the house.
“Roger! Come and help Neia with her luggage.”
Then I heard a voice by me say, “I’m right hear. You Neia?” he asked me.
I nodded. He took my luggage while Aunt Kay took Jessie’s to another room.
So I fallow Uncle Roger, up a spiral stair case. I almost ran into him then he said, “Your room is hear and his is right down by our room.”
Now I am at a park because I need to get out of that house. I got on a tree and swung upside down and I saw the perfect lighting for a picture. As I was getting ready to take a picture I saw a boy standing out hear. Hands in pockets, silver like hair from the light of the moon and I can’t help but point and shoot. I took a picture of him up close, and far away. This is going on my wall it’s pretty. Then I go back to the tree and the moon.
“So we have a new monkey in town?”
I looked over and saw a boy with blond hair but, silver in the light of the moon, a shirt not too tight but show some of the mussel he has. I fell on the ground.
That was my butt. He chuckled to himself
“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“It’s okay.”
“Where did you move from?”
“I didn’t move hear I’m here for the summer and may graduate hear but, it’s only for a little while.”
He smiled “What’s the monkeys’ name?”
“I’m not a monkey and my name is Neia and your name is?”
He smile and just walked away without a word. My mouths dropped in disbelieve.
He turned and yelled “JAKE IS MY NAME. SEE YA AROUND NEIA.”
And with that he was gone. Jake I like it for some reason it suits him. My phone vibrated and I looked at it. ‘DINNER TIME, COME HOME SWEET HEART,’ the text said. I sighed and went home. When I came home they were all at the table. I smiled to myself and thought I could get use to this. We had mashed potatoes and gravy, pork chops and broccoli. Jessie kept picking at his broccoli.
“You can’t leave this table until you finish your broccoli Jess,” I said to him.
“But I don’t like broccoli Nene,” he said in a whining voice bouncing in his chair.
Finally, after an hour he ate his broccoli. After dinner I took a shower and went in by new bedroom. I have my own shower I didn’t even get that at home in Mississippi. I close my eyes to wake up in the morning. It would be a new day and a new beginning.
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JustAnotherDay. said...
Mar. 16, 2013 at 9:35 pm
It was good, but the spelling is not that good, try to type on microsoft word or have someone spell check it.
Neko101 replied...
Mar. 18, 2013 at 8:37 am
thank you so much i dont have microsoft word. thank you for the feed back.
KAITO101 replied...
Jun. 5, 2013 at 7:55 am
As of today untill I get more comments i wont post more. sorry i need feed back on my story i dont know if anyone likes it. Its kind of hard to know.

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