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While I Was Away

Author's note: My friend Brent went away for a summer and said when he came back, he'd never seen a girl like...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My friend Brent went away for a summer and said when he came back, he'd never seen a girl like me. This piece is inspiered by how we went through all of our sturggles with the changes and how it took everyone else by suprise too.  « Hide author's note
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Welcome to Differentsville..(Preview of Book)

I didn’t wake up thinking I was gonna go home and see my mom and dad. I woke up thinking I was gonna finally get to go home and me and Rhy were gonna go paintball principal Lewiston’s house before school started next week, for the sake of our tradition. I was also thinking we’d go to the mall, get food, maybe skate around, everything else we use to do 2 weeks before summer started. But that was before I started doubting a lot of things, Rhylynn stopped replying to my messages and texts. It
This is only a preview of my piece "While I Was Away" I will be posting more of the piece soon and I hope you enjoy this shorted chapter.
wasn’t like she was a girl who always answered her phone, cause she wasn’t, but she didn’t not answer it. So I got sketched out when I was almost home and she still didn’t reply to me. She could have just been working or something like that, but she still usually replied to me even after a little while.
Once I pulled in my driveway I didn’t even bother unpacking my car, I just jogged across the yard’s to get to her house and started my assault on her doorbell. When her little brother answered the door I was surprised. “Hey toe jam, where Rhylynn at?” Toe jam is actually Roger Thomas Korden the 3rd. He has been toe jam since I can remember though because Roger is to formal for the little monkey boy.
“She’s over at Sissassislyss” He also has a horrible speech impediment. “Like 3 houses down Cecily’s?” He just nod’s and shoves his pointer finger up his nose, I cringe because I’m pretty sure he just stabbed his brain or it sounded like it anyways. “Alright, thanks toe jam. You should really stop digging up there…might poke your brain the wrong way man.” Toe just smiles big and goes back inside shutting the door.
I jog over to Cecily OShae’s house, picking my own brain on why Rhylynn would even be over here. When I get to the door it’s already opening and out step two long legged bleach blond divas. “Bentleigh! I forgot you came back today!” My jaw may have detached itself; I’m not sure because I was staring at an all different Rhylynn.
My best friend didn’t have her hair in a black mass of curls thrown up in a pony tail or a messy bun. It was straight and a blond color, almost white. She didn’t have a cut off on with a pair of cut off shorts or a t-shirt with cargo shorts, nothing even close. She had on a tiny bikini top, with a pair of tiny shorts that were unbuttoned and bikini bottoms showing. No dirty converse or DC’s just a pair of bright pink and lime green flip flops with her toes the same colors…I had to be dreaming. Even her lip ring was no longer a black hoop, it was a pink little stud… Something was totally up.
“What happen to you?” I just stared at her with my hands in my pockets.
“What do you mean what happened to me? I-I-I just changed a little…Don’t You like it? I mean I’m still me and everything right Cecily?” She actually looks at that Dragon Lady for her approval.
“Yeah, right. Except prettier, cooler, and well…better. You ready? They guys hate waiting and they’ve already been waiting 15 minutes.” She eyeballs me then Rhylynn.
Rhylynn looks at me then at Cecily, I don’t even wait for her to ditch me. I turn and walk back towards my house processing everything that I just saw. I’ve been friends with that girl since I was 7 years old, so for 10 years. Now she decides to get all feminine and blond…I have no idea what that’s about but it stupid and I want no part of it. She’ll start acting just like those other girls and soon enough all she’s gonna want to do is hang with them and be obsessed with some jerk.
I sit on my front porch swing and watch as the neighbors do random things like mow their lawn’s and water flowers. I must fall asleep at some point because Jaylynn is poking me in the face when I open my eyes. “What do you want?” I peer at her through one eye cause opening both is annoying at the moment.
“Have you seen the walking idiot twins yet?” She smirks then rolls her eyes. “Its disgusting, I use to have the coolest sister ever and now she’s a clone of that evil B***h Cecily.” She huffs then leans back and moves the swing with her feet.
“It’s her life Jaylynn, if she wants to be a Malibu princess wannabe might as well let her.” I shrug and close both my eyes again.
“Ya know, she isn’t the only one who changed over summer…So did you. You leave and you’re a scrawny punk skater and now look at you. All dressed in Hollister and tanned up with that muscle. Did you two plan this or something?” I open my eye and peer at her again.
“I’m the same person I was when I left. Her on the other hand, she wouldn’t know how to shoot a paintball gun if I showed her a million more times, and she use to out shoot me.” I snorted at that thought and then stretched out my legs, eyeballing principal Lewiston’s house up on the hill…maybe this summer he wouldn’t have to re-paint his house.
“I always wanted to go paintball with you guys but Rhylynn told me I would make it boring cause I’d complain about it being to hot.”
“It’s always to hot, she even complained about it most of the time.” I looked and Jaylynn…or maybe Lewiston would have to pay to re-paint his house… “How about you help me with my paint ball tradition this Sunday night?”
“Nu-uh! You’d let me go with you to paintball Lewiston’s house? Are you kidding me of course I want in on this!”
"I dont see why not, someone needs to help me. There is no way I could get it done by myself without getting caught."
She smiled and hugged me sideways, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise not to turn all girly and let you down. I’ll be the best paintballer partner you have ever had!” I smiled at her and when her mom yelled for her she jumped up and cart wheeled across the yards to her house falling a few times and stumbling. “You wont be disappointed Bentleigh I promise you that!”
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CallaLilly said...
Dec. 31, 2013 at 8:36 pm
I'll continue for you. I've been very caught up with my daughter but I'm working on a next piece for this.
M.G.Causly This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 12, 2013 at 10:57 pm
Write more plz!!!!!!!! More, more, more it's really good uve got a really good concept!!!

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