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Walk of a Human-Vampire

Author's note: This is just an idea I had
Author's note: This is just an idea I had  « Hide author's note
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Killers in the Room

Today, however, James was not in the kitchen when I made my way downstairs. I waltzed through the doors, pushing them aside idly as I asked what was going to be on the menu. Unfortunately for me, I had come in at a terrible time.
There was so much blood, on the floor, walls, and covering the countertops. I began blinking to make sure what I was seeing was real. Two young girls, probably about my age, lay on the floor. They did not move or act responsive as I slowly approached. I knew the closer one to me was dead. Her chest did not rise and fall and her eyes stared blankly up at nothing. The look of pain on her face was enough to make me gag. Covering my mouth with my hand I knelt down beside her. Her neck had been torn wide open, scratches and slashes ran down her partially revealed torso as well as gore that had soaked through her white dress. I crawled over to the other girl, focusing on her. Her chest did not rise or fall, and when I realized how badly she was torn open I would not have looked, but here I am, staring death in the face. I bit back the bile that crept up in my mouth. Looking down at my hands I noticed just how much blood I had gone through to get to the girls. It dripped off of my hands, landing and staining my new jeans that were soaking up the blood that pooled around the bodies.
I closed my eyes and backed away, bumping into the table and knocking over a vase. It shattered onto the floor, cutting my arm and leg with its missiles. Sucking in a deep breath, I pulled the glass shards from my skin and tried not to be sick. The water had drenched my shirt and arms, washing some of the drying blood. I heard movement from around the corner so I silently scooted over the edge of the table.
I counted to three several times in my mind before I had the courage to look in the direction of the dead girls. When I did I tried not to make a sound when I saw Gregory’s father and one of their guests licking the blood from the floor. I needed to get out of there, but fear froze me in time. The sounds were getting closer so I decided that moving to the door was a must. I was trying to hold my breath and not make a sound, but crunching over the broken glass was not only painful, but louder than what I had expected. “You!” The groggy, drunk sounding vampire reached my ears. No, I thought. I was not going to get bitten now. “Get her!”
I fought to get up off the floor, but my tennis shoes could not grip the slippery tile, causing me to fall again. My heart began to race, causing my once held breath to shake through me in frenzy. The vampire was in front of me before I even made it a couple of feet, but I was not about to give up. “Ohhh… I need her blood…Mm mm” I turned around to see my attackers. The guest had picked up the glass that I had pulled from my arm and was licking it. He licked his bloody lips and focused on me. I began backing up, in a sort of crab walk way, but I did not get far.
“She’s my son’s whore.” Reaching toward me he pulled on my foot. I lashed out and kicked him hard in the face. I really had not meant to hit him. I thought that he would have moved out of the way, but in his drunkenness he had been much too slow. I was really going to get it now. He cursed at me, spitting my name from those red lips.
The father stood over me, shadowing me in his wake. I thumped my arm against the door, and tried to reach for the handle, but there was no use. I was too short to reach the handle sitting down. The guest vampire still sat, licking the blood from the objects around him. His dark features were distorted by the redness of the blood. I shut my eyes and pulled away from his hot breath that snaked its way down my cheek. “I can’t kill her. I’ll just have a taste...” I could feel my heart racing and pounding as if it was trying to escape my chest. “Just a taste…”
I sucked in a shuddering breath, “No!” My voice was surprisingly strong. It surprised not only me, but the father as well. He leaned back from my face.
“What did you just say to me?” Then with an explosion of pain in my temple everything went black. I resided in my mind, talking to myself about what I thought was going on. I thought that maybe I had been killed, but then where was I now. Some limbo that people use to think was heaven? No, this was nothing. I could see myself as if I was directing a movie. I could see, hear, and feel, but it was like an out of body experience, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.
I closed my eyes and say on the dark ground beneath me. It was not hot, cold, or warm. It felt smooth like tile, but there was still that nothingness. I heard a rustling behind my ears, feathers maybe. Reaching back I felt the wings that I had often dreamed of. Black closest to my body, fading to grey, and then to a brilliant white on the ends of each feather was how they always appeared. I must be dreaming to have these, and it would make a lot of sense to be dreaming, but how much had been a part of the dream. The dead girls’ faces were everywhere when I shut my eyes. Blonde, super model looking girls, with striper styled clothing. They must have been two of the many slaves that belonged to Gregory’s father. I had tried to stay away from him and his savageness, but this had backfired immensely. Now I was going to be killed if it had not already happened but was this really the end. My life had not been pointless. Sure, I had made some mistakes, but this was not what I had expected would be my after death.
I had never loved, but wait… I had felt a bud, a rose bud of love that had the potential to bloom. Gregory has been the closet thing I had to a love, but he was one of them. How could he have been so pure when raised by his father? There had been a strong connection between him and I. If it was love, I did not truly know, and would likely never find out, but there was still the possibility that this was a dream. But then, Gregory could have been a part of that, and I would lose him forever if I were to wake. What a situation I was in. My wings surrounded me, like a nest, and held me together, or surely I would fall into this nothingness.
I yelled to have my voice projected back at me as laughter, my own insane laughter of what this was. My mind was going to drive me mad if I could not wake up. I began pinching myself, running around until my side hurt, but the blurred vision of the real world dissipated as I stopped. What was this place?
“Rest, Katlyn.” A deep voice that snapped my mind to attention purred in the distance.
“No…” I had to get out of there. The dark was overpowering, and I had an irrational fear of the dark, solid darkness where there is no light, no objects. Just I and it were all that was left in this place. Death came in the form of darkness, and I was not ready to die. Every time I thought I was faced with the option of death I had prepared myself, but I was never really ready to leave this place. It was not in my nature to give up, not in my soul. I screamed Gregory’s name into the darkness. I half expected to hear my own laughter again, but this time he appeared ahead of me. “Don’t leave me here!” I cried into the space between us. He appeared to be walking towards me, his legs moving, but the gap seemed to be opening up. A wind caught my hair, pushing me forward. There was wind here?
Go after him, child.
A soft woman’s voice whispered in my ear. I swirled around, almost falling, but there was no one there. “Please…” I whispered. Gregory was fading in the distance; trees were sprouting and growing at an alarming rate. Bushes with fingers snatched at my feet as I ran. My shoes made no sound on the ground, but my breath slapped against my ears in the silence. “Gregory!” I screamed, almost losing my footing as a branch leaned down to snag in my long hair.
He began running in my direction, but my vision was going black, my heart was giving out along with my legs, and my mind was slipping into the darkness. “Keep running!” He yelled to me. The sound of his voice made me run faster and pushed me to go harder. I can do this. I can’t stay in here any longer. I ran into him, jumping into his arms, and when I hit the ground I opened my eyes. No longer was I in that place, but in my bed. I sat up and touched my face. A huge tender place was swollen on my entire cheek. It was a bruise for sure. I tried to swing my legs over the bed, but my body was slow and groggy. My neck hurt and ached, but it was nothing compared to the dizziness I felt coursing through my mind.
I slowly made my way to the bathroom; I stumbled and tripped over nothing several times as I opened the door. The light was off, and I left it that way. I was afraid to look at my face after what I had felt, but I knew it was bad. I ended up having to crawl across the floor to the toilet where I threw up what little was in my stomach. The bathtub was empty so I put the plug in and turned the hot water knob all the way on. Hopefully this won’t take long to heat up. I slowly striped out of my bloodied clothes, hoping that most of it was not my own. My clothes were ruined, torn, bloody, and full of memories that I wished to not bring up for a very long time. I shivered in the cold air. Steam was wayfaring up from the pouring water so I decided to climb in and soak. I had seen people expire, I had seen bloodied and damaged bodies, hell, I’d seen decomposing bodies, but those two girls remained in my mind every time I closed my eyes. The scolding water slowly rose around me, heating my body slowly. The fear of being alone was gone, but the fear of Gregory’s father remained fresh in my thoughts. There was no escaping his rage, and I discerned it to come sooner or later. All I hoped for was for Gregory to get back from his trip. He was only to be gone two days, but I had no idea what time it was, or what day.
The water filled the tub, covering all but my head, and splashing out every time I moved. Turning the water off, I sank lower in the water so that it was up to my nose. The heat fought against my shivering body, causing my muscles to relax, but I could feel my pulse in the hot bruise on my left cheek. My teeth hurt, and it felt like I had a cut on the inside of my gum on that side as well from whatever I had gotten hit with. I held my breath and sunk underneath the water. Keeping my eyes closed I mentally erased every memory of the attack from my mind. It was better to forget than to think about it over and over again. I had done this several times before, and I had the feeling that this was not going to be the last. However this all would end, I knew that my life had meant something.
I began scrubbing myself, working the dried blood from my hair, arms, neck, and chest. Being dark, I could not tell how much blood had come off in the water, but I began draining it so that I could fill it up with clean water. It had to be stained red, but with no lights I did not have to see it. I was alright; I was going to be alright this time. It was all just a distant memory. Once the water was back to overflowing I sank back underneath the water. This time the water felt even hotter than before. Steam rose from the surface, curling around me. Dunking my head under the water I held my breath as long as I could. I came up gasping for air, sending water all over the floor. At least the water was hiding my tears. I was not crying because I was hurt, but more for the girls who were killed. They had no choice, for humans cannot fight off the vampires. They were too strong, too fast, too everything while humans remained inferior.
I swore then, to myself, that I would not take this lightly. I would not put myself through that again. I drug myself back under the water, scrunching up on the bottom of the tub, letting the water caress every pain, every hurt, and every memory. I opened my eyes under the water. It was clear enough that I could make out the shelf above the tub, but that was really it in the dim light. I again began holding my breath for as long as I could. I slowly blew out little bits of air to stay under the water longer. I watched each bubble make its way to the surface before I slowly sat up. The water poured off of my skin, drenching the floor in my wake. I stretched up with my arms, but I felt ripping in my back; I cringed away from the slight pain. Arching my back I felt it again. My tight skin hurt and was swollen down both sides of my spine. The swollen lines started in-between my shoulder blades and ran about half way down my back. It must be scratches…
I dunked under again, running my hands through my hair and getting out all of the knots and tangles. I had always loved how my hair felt under the water. It was softer and lighter than silk in its finest form. I looked up at the ceiling again and counted to ten. My chest felt tight, but letting the tiny bubbles come from my nose and mouth allowed me to stay under longer again. This time, when I sat up, a cold draft went right through me. I looked around myself in the dark. The bathroom door stood open, but no one was there. It was enough for me to hurriedly grab a towel. Slightly dunking it into the water as I put it on, I rose and stepped from the tub.
The water dripped from me and the towel as I walked across the floor. Once in my closet, I counted to ten before I stepped into my room. The light was on, and the wind had to be coming from the window. It stood ajar. The white curtains blew like hair in the wind. It moved up and down in a wave motion.
I moved toward it, but turned to the door. It was shut with Gregory leaning against it. My pounding heart raced on even faster as I saw him. His eyes were cast down and averted away. What is he going to do with me now? I turned around and moved towards the screen. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were in here…” I pulled the wet towel around me tighter and moved behind the screen. I had left a large t-shirt and sweatpants on the floor from the other day so I quickly slipped them on over my wet skin. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. I was not sure what else to say. I had walked in on something I was not meant to see, hit his father, and woke up beaten. What was there to say?
I stood behind the curtain and tried to slow my heart, but there was no real use. I felt warmth on my back, felt his arms move around my waist, and felt his breath in my hair. The next thing I knew, Gregory was carrying me like a child. He opened the door easily and walked down the hall. James had been standing outside of my room. His worried face turned to ease as he saw me awake. I tried to struggle against Gregory, but he just held me tighter to his chest. “Where are we going?”
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