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Walk of a Human-Vampire

Author's note: This is just an idea I had
Author's note: This is just an idea I had  « Hide author's note
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What is this?

Gregory came back to check on the girl. She lay sleeping on top of the covers, in her clothes, and snoring softly into the pillow. Her hand, tangled in her own long hair, moved slightly at my presence, but she did not wake. He leaned down and pulled the covers up around her, hoping that she would not wake up, but he snatched his hand with an icy grip. She looked up at him, wide awake now. He raised his eye brows and pulled her hand from his arm, setting it on her side and continued to cover her with the blanket. She rolled over, facing him. “What are you doing?”
“I was just” He cleared his throat. “checking on you. Your heart rate shot up so I was making sure that you were alright. You must have been dreaming.” Gregory spoke softly, gently. “You are alright?
“I’m fine, thanks.” She stared at him through the darkness. She was truly the most amazing creature he had ever seen. Her green eyes seemed to glow, like a cat’s. She propped herself up on her arm, pushing the blanket down a little. “What am I to you?” Her voice was full of sleep, but was clear enough to understand.
“What do you mean?” He pulled the blanket back up and looked around the room. A chair was pushed into the desk on the other side of the bed so he went over and picked it up. Pulling the chair up to the bed, he sat heavily.
“I was told that I’m going to be a slave, a servant,” yawn… “But you have treated me like a regular person. I don’t understand why.” She yawned again and lay back down. “I don’t feel like a slave here.”
“You are but to be a companion for me. I’ve been alone for the last century and a half.” He stared down at her. She was so forward, not timid at all, this one. “I may want you to accomplish some small tasks along the way, but that is not the only reason I needed someone like you. I’ve never had any feelings for any other living creature on this planet, but when I saw you… I knew. I knew that you could teach me to feel, to live again.” He looked uncomfortable, but continued. “Vampires sometimes cannot find love with another of their own. Humans make great companions, and there is nothing wrong with that. Many vampires have many human concubines, slaves, and servants, but I wish to win you over. I don’t want you to feel like a slave here. You are no slave, Kat.”
When he looked back down at her, her eyes were closed, but she was not yet asleep. “Okay.” “Do you have any other questions for me?” He spoke softly now. He knew that he was losing her to sleep and that she would not continue to respond.
“Not now… tomorrow maybe…” Her heart began to settle down. Sitting there a while longer, Gregory studied the way she slept. She curled up on her side; tossing and turning in her sleep, dreaming. He needed to speak to his father about keeping her as a lover rather than what he had originally planned. Sure, she was prettier than most vampires and humans, but he thought she would be unintelligent and servant-like. One of those servants who were good for nothing but cleaning, that was what he was told, but not what he had expected. Originally when the host was explaining each model he had chosen a different girl. A pretty redhead on the cover of the magazine was his first chose, but when he saw her walk down the stage he knew. He had to be the highest bidder, and he knew that he could out pay anyone. He was a prince in his own rights, and would have what he wanted. That was how he was raised, but even though he really was not that rude. Gregory was really a modest, honest person. He was a bit of a loner however; always looking for the person to complete him, never being successful. He had been searching for over one hundred years. Now he had the woman of his dreams and she thought she was a slave. Oh how this has turned out. He thought to himself. His father thought he needed a servant, a plaything, but that was not what had happened. The very thing that he had been searching for fell into his lap as if she was always right around the corner. Destiny finally had brought them together, but he wondered if she felt the same connection that he did. If she did not he would let her go, but she had nowhere to go. The farms were no placed for her, and being a slave would get her killed or worse.
There was so much worse than being killed. More than enough reasons to convince Kat to stay, and there is so much Gregory wanted to find out about this hybrid. Her blood called to his like no other like a endless pulsation hammering in his skull. Gregory only took blood on the full moons. That was when the vampires’ bloodlust was the strongest. The full moon called to their hunger, forcing each vampire to feed off human blood. It is what keeps the vampires young, immortal, and strong.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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