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Walk of a Human-Vampire

Author's note: This is just an idea I had
Author's note: This is just an idea I had  « Hide author's note
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New Life, New Death

I did not know what to say, or how I was to respond to something like this. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to steady myself. I felt lightheaded. I swayed, leaning slightly forward, but a steady hand held me up. My head felt even fuzzier than in the car, my mind seemed to be working slowly, and my body felt like it was on fire. I knew that I was passing out, it had happened a lot in high school when I skipped meals, but more often when I went without eating for days. What terrible timing.
When I woke up I was lying on the blankets in the silver and blue bed. A cold rag was on my forehead. Pulling it off I tried to sit up, but a firm pressure held me in place. Opening my eyes fully I saw the young vampire, who I assumed was Gregory, sitting next to me, watching me closely. “When was the last time you had anything to eat? Never mind, it doesn’t matter. I’ll get you something right away.”
“Please, I’m fine.” I tried sitting up again, but still his hand kept me from moving. “Why are you doing this?” I lay back in the soft pillows and tried looking around myself to steady my spinning head.
“I think you have the wrong idea about me.” He got up from the bed. “No getting up until I return with something for you to eat.” He quickly strode to the door and left. Shutting it behind him, and I heard the sound of the lock, keeping me in. Laying here felt wrong. I had no idea what was going to happen to me or what this vampire has in mind, but whatever it is, it isn’t what I thought.
I sat up and took a few deep breaths. My dress was so short, and kept riding up my thighs so I angrily pulled it down. This was not going to help my situation and sitting here on the bed, especially with the vampire so close made me uneasy.
I had little time to put things together in my mind before Gregory was back with a tray of what I assumed to be food. He gave me a quizzical look, as if I got up when he saw that I was sitting up, but did not ask. “I’ll make sure that you don’t skip any more meals. It’s very unhealthy for the body.” He set the tray down on the wooden nightstand next to the bed. There was some soup in a bowl. I should have known. I’m glad it’s soup; it should be easy on my stomach. He took out a spoon and napkin from on the tray and sat down next to me. “At least try it and see if you like it. If not, I’ll send for something else.”
“Thank you.” He smiled at my reply and handed me the spoon and bol. “I’ll get someone to get you some new clothes. I know this must be quite different than what you are used to, but hopefully this works out for the both of us. I never needed a servant like this, and still don’t, but my father insisted so I found the best there was. Now I just have to get used to the idea of having you really. I will find things for you to help me with later when you are not ill, so do not worry about any hard labor or anything. I am not like my father with his servants. I swear he does nothing for himself anymore.” The vampire was quite the chatty one. I sipped at the hot soup, chicken noodle soup actually. It was the best thing I had tasted since I could remember what real food tasted like, but I tried to eat slowly even though I was severely hungry.
“Anyways, I needed a companion, and I think that this can work.” He stood up and began walking around the room. “You are not like most humans, and I have been searching for you for years. Your scent, your blood is not normal. It’s not a bad thing by any means, and really just proves to me that humans are evolving with us.” He touched one of the flowers in a white vase across the room. He ran his thumb and finger over and over its silky texture. “I think that you, Kat, are part vampire.” He looked up at me. I had stopped eating and was staring right back at him.
For the third time that day, I was speechless. “What do you mean?” Humans could be mothers to vampire children on rare occasions, but the babies were always fully vampire, growing extremely slowly. The vampire cells always took over the human part and converted it. If the child did not form all of the way, both mother and child would die. “That’s impossible.”
“No, I don’t believe so, at least, not in your case.” He began walking towards me, those deep blue eyes locked on mine. When he was just inches away from my face he spoke. I could see his mouth moving, but no words made it to my ears. He smelled of cologne, a deep, rich smell. “I said stand up.” His voice snapped me into attention. It had a cold edge that bit into my heart. I sat my bowl on the tray and slowly stood up. Now I was even closer, but his face was soft and gentle again. “I cannot control you like the others… Interesting...” He stepped even closer, forcing us to touch slightly. For the second time that day he touched my skin, sending chills across my skin. Maybe all vampires could have this effect on women, but he was making my heart race like no human man ever did. “What do you feel about me? Are you afraid?”
I stared into his chest, looking at the intricate patterns on his gray t-shirt, smelling the leather, real leather of his jacket. “No…” my voice shook, but I was honestly not afraid of him, not now at least. This must be some weird test. I took a quick glance at his face, wondering if he could feel what I was feeling.
“You didn’t answer my first question.” He stated as he sat me down on the bed. Unsure of what I was going to say, I struggled over my words and managed to only make an unintelligent sound. “I don’t know what to think or feel about you.”
“Good enough.” He looked at his watch. I have to go for a few minutes, but I’ll be back, hopefully with some clothes. I’m sure you could ware some of what is already here if you want. This is your room now and you’ll be spending a lot of time here, so make yourself comfortable.” He left before I could murmur a thank you. The door locked behind him.
This certainly was not what I had expected at all. I am more of a test subject than a slave. This family had servants, so why am I any different? The vampire must be wrong though. I could not be part vampire… I have never wanted blood; I’m not sensitive to light and dark. I’m a human, a mundane, plain human.
A few minutes… I could change in a few minutes. Walking gingerly over to the closet I actually made an attempt to find something I could wear. I really wanted to stray away from wearing a dress if I could, but that seemed to be all that was here. Many drawers lines an entire wall, filled with more personal items, stockings, shoes, jewelry, and much more, but there was not a single pair of jeans. Hanging up was several plain black dresses so I chose one that would be a little more concealing, but then put it back. Maybe he would have some pants with him if he was to get close. For a brief moment I wondered where he was going, but I decided that it did not matter. The sudden urge to clean myself up led me into the bathroom. Under more investigation I found a brush and some washrags that I could use to get some of this makeup off
After relieving myself and getting cleaned up I walked around the closet again. These clothes were not all that old. Some even had tags, so I concluded that they must have other guests who come to stay, and they left these for her when she returns.
My now brushed hair felt a lot lighter now that the hairspray was not trying to hold everything in a giant blob. Yes, now I at least felt a little better about myself for the first time in months. I really did not know what to do. There was no phone, no TV, no electronic anything except the lights. There were candles that I had not noticed in the rounded window off on the left. The window was small, but overlooked a cute garden, full of blooming flowers.
The whole house and garden reminded me of an old movie I had watched with my adopted grandfather way before we knew vampires even existed. We use to spend our Sunday evenings watching all the movies we had not seen that were on TV. Sometimes we’d stay up well into Monday morning, and fall asleep in the living room. I always took the couch while he had his own recliner. Bringing back those memories made tears start to form in my eyes, but I pushed them away. He was gone, they all were gone, and I needed to be strong for my family. I was going to be a fighter no matter what.
Rubbing the remaining moisture from my eyes I went and sat on the bed again. What else is there to do but wait? The vampire seemed to take longer than a few minutes by watching the changing light outside. Night, when vampires are at their strongest and when they are the most hungry, was falling. I could not keep myself from thinking about Gregory. His jawline, his charm, and those eyes played over and over in my mind. Watching my memories like a playback was what kept my mind off of how long he was taking, but what was I really waiting on? I had a bed, not a cot, to sleep in, food in my stomach, and from the looks of it I could be alright here.
I had survived a lot worse before, and I could do it again. The farm was a cakewalk compared to the holding, a place where everyone is separated by race and looks to go to the designated farms. I, along with eight other girls, was marched in chains into an old jail. All those prisoners, human prisoners, had been and were still being used as food for the full moons. Their lives not cared about by anyone. We were kept in a cell, where there was blood and remains left to rot on the floor. There was no bunk, no toilet, no anything, so after a couple of days of trying not to sit or lay in decomposing bodies failed. The guards thought it was funny to watch us gag and throw up at the smell, and threw our slop and water at us instead of letting us eat and drink form cups and bowls. Eating and drinking like that for about two weeks was one of the worse parts, but when we started dying it was hard on everyone. Besides not having a bathroom, we all had been in the filth of the dead as well as the living which caused disease and sickness that spread. I was lucky and was the only one of the girls to survive. Once I was left the men took me from there and I was sent to be cleaned up. From what I later heard from the human slave who revived me, those guards were slaughtered for making us live like that and for wasting eight female lives.
I forced myself to push back the bile that found its way into my throat and thought of happier times. The farm was really not as bad as what some might experience. The place where I stayed was one of the better ones. We had running water most of the time, there was a TV in the dining hall where we could see what was going on in the world while we waited. Both men and women were there, but not many relationships seeded. What was the point if we were all going to be separated anyways? If a woman was to get pregnant from a man the man would be killed and so would the child, so there was no point in trying.
I had seen a few couples be broken up, and it was always hard on everyone. We wanted the relationships to work, but the hope was always broken. Caught up in my own thoughts I did not hear the door open or close, but sensing that I was being watched I looked up. Gregory stood in front of me, a bag in one hand. “You are defiantly a deep thinker, Kat. Here are some clothes. I think they should fit fine from the measurements the auctioneer told me.” He set down the bag and left before I could say anything again.
“Thanks.” I mumbled to the air. Grabbing the bag, I took it into the bathroom and shut the door. There was no lock, but it would have to do for now. Sitting down on the cold white tile floor I opened the plastic bag. Yes! There was a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain gray, cotton t-shirt. There was also a pair of white ankle socks and new under garments. It made my face hot and flushed to think that he picked them out for me, but maybe he hadn’t. Everything still had tags, as if he had just purchased them, but then again, ha had to have. The show had been that day. It was weird to think that he knew every physical thing about her, but she could get over that.
Surprisingly, everything fit as if she had bought it for herself, back before the vampires took over. The last thing in the back was a pair of soft knee high boots. Their black material was flexible, but sturdy, and was something I had not seen before, but they too fit well.
This was so much better than those terrible clothes the walk had me in. I, not wanting to make a mess, placed the clothes that I had taken off into the bag and brought it back out to the main room. Clean and orderly was how mind worked now. I use to be careless and messy, but after all of my brainwashing servant classes at the farm I guess it just sticks. I swore that I would never turn into one of those robot slaves, but I found myself wondering what would happen if I was to make the room dirty. Would I get whipped like old-time slaved did? Maybe I’d just be killed… No, he thought I was some sort of hybrid creature… a monster… an abomination. I was a mistake… Sleep found me then, griped my mind quickly and sent me into the dark unknown of dreams. I hated falling asleep, but here, I had no choice. My body shut down on that soft bed, pulling my mind down with it.
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