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Walk of a Human-Vampire

Author's note: This is just an idea I had
Author's note: This is just an idea I had  « Hide author's note
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Survival Story

“James will show you to your room.” With a snap the butler lurched into action as if by strings attached to his limbs. He took my arm and led me into the house while the vampire stayed outside in the dimming light to smoke more of his cigarettes. Inside the main door were marble floors, both white and black swirls that led my eye to a staircase on the far right. It spiraled up to higher levels of the house, where I was being led. My shoes made clicking sounds as we walked across the floor, no other noise could be heard from anywhere in the house. Along the walls there were pictures and paintings of people, families, and of different farms. Some were in color, but the majority were in black and white, and each seemed to be another version of the previous picture. James pulled on my arm. I realized that I had stopped to look at one particular picture, one with a beautiful woman who reminded me of someone, but I could not place it. She wore Victorian styled clothes, her hair pinned up in a lavish style with long, spiraling curls adorning her face. A sweet, small smile was worn on her lips, but her eyes showed a different kind of emotion. I could not tell and did not get a good enough look to decipher the message. The steps were taller than what most would be in a modern home, well, what I remembered from homes. It had only been nine months since I had been taken, but remembering the little things was becoming harder to do.
The hall that branched into two parts was lined with thick, brown carpet. There were tapestries on the walls, and long, slender tables with flowers were scattered against the walls. Those flowers gave the hall a little life compared to the earth tones used. Only two windows let in a bit of light, there was only a lamp-like light overhead the doors that were at the end of the hall. The butler, James, took me to the end of the hall, and at the far left was where I was to stay. “Here are your quarters. You are to stay here unless told otherwise by Master Gregory. Until then, you will not be required anywhere in the manor.”
“Thank you, Sir.” I said, and James turned and nodded his head. He rushed off to finish whatever business he had while I was left to be in my room. This is not what I expected at all. I was not really being treated like a slave at all, but more like a guest, but I figured that it would soon end.
I looked around, up and down the hallway, but no one was there, and no one was watching to see what I did. For a brief moment I wondered if there were cameras watching my every move so I decided that it would be best if I investigated my new room. I flipped on the light switch that was right by the door and stood amazed.
There was a great, circular bed with drapes in a light powdered blue. The blankets were of the same color, a little thicker, with silver linings and flower designs. The flowers resembled roses. The floor was wooden, a dark contrast to the light colors in the room. Now I really did not feel like a slave. I never have had a room that was this amazing. For a moment I thought that maybe I was dreaming.
I walked around the circular room. The walls were an off white color with wood trimming, same as the floor. Paintings of lilies were scattered as decoration. There was a large screen in front of a large walk-in closet with a full sized, brass standing mirror. I looked at myself for the first time in those nine months and saw someone I did not recognize. I look like a stripper. My hair looked slightly wild, my hair was naturally straight, and had been curled slightly for the walk. Long blonde hair is what I had, the natural bleach blonde that so many girls wanted was what I had, and it almost looked white or gold in some places when the light hit it just right. My eyes had been played up with a smoky look, making the green really stand out. My see through dress was tight, showing what little curves I had left from the scarce food I had been able to consume while at the farm. My skin was clear, a little caked with makeup, but that was for the show. When had I gotten so muscular? My arms and legs looked feminine, but were well defined. I really looked a lot different than what I thought; it was as if I was seeing myself for the first time. I gently touched my face, ran my hand through my hair, and wiped at some of the stray eyeliner that smudged my eye.
Pulling my eyes from the mirror I found clothes already in the closet, mostly simple dresses filled the shelves with shoes already matched up. Some were casual summer dresses while others were those classic little black dresses that would have been great for that first date look, but none of that would matter now. I slipped out of my shoes again and left them on the floor. Once inside the closet I noticed a door that was slightly opened. Inside was a restroom. There was a toilet and a large tub. I did not remember the last time I had a hot shower was, and the sudden urge to try it out was almost overpowering, but being in this new place was unsettling. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and was unsure of what to expect. Maybe this was just where they were having me stay until a slave courter is ready. That was probably it because there was no way that a vampire would treat a human this well unless they were their mate, and I have already been told that I am to be a slave, an assistant to this Gregory guy.
I flipped the light off as I came out from the bathroom and was shadowed in darkness. I had not turned on the light in the closet so I stumbled out into my room. I was startled and took a step back into the shadows when I saw a vampire sitting on my bed. He made no attempt to get up that I could see, so I stayed there, half in shadow, half in light. I waited for him to say something. Was this Gregory? This vampire was not as thin as the man who picked me up. He was built with broad shoulders, and a handsome, strong face. He stared at me. No emotion showed on his face, but for some reason I could not bring myself to be afraid like I was with the vampire in the limo. No, there was something different, calming almost, but then maybe I was lost in his deep blue eyes. Maybe this is what I had been warned of. I quickly looked at the ground and waited. A few minutes went by and no one spoke. I tried not to stare at him while he seemed to study me. His eyes traveled around me and rested on my face. “Kat, is it?”
His voice was gentle, deep, and masculine. It filled me with a chill that ran down my spine. “Yes.” My voice seemed to be stuck in my throat with a wad of cotton, keeping me from speaking. “Yes, Sir.” This attempt was a little louder. I dared not move as I heard him get off the bed. I looked down at my feet, noting his good looks and his height as he made his way from the bed towards me.
When I looked up his face was overly close to mine. I could smell him, feel his closeness. I felt his hand cup my face and my head raced. He lifted my face towards his, smelling my hair. I froze when he leaned down to my neck. My breath was coming faster and harder than before, and my heart was beating loudly. “Shhh…” I’m just making sure you are the right one.” His hand dropped my face and before I could blink he was behind me, looking me up and down. “I can be extremely picky, but you are perfect.”
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