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Walk of a Human-Vampire

Author's note: This is just an idea I had
Author's note: This is just an idea I had  « Hide author's note
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The Walk

Being shoved forward was not how I wanted to start my walk, but there was no use in wanting something else now. I was not use to wearing these tall heels, but I managed to walk straight. The brightness of the light really caught me off guard, and I had to blink several times, but once my vision cleared I was startled by the immense sounds that surrounded my ears. This was terrible, and there was no way I was going to survive this walk. My dress, a mid-thigh, tight, and strapless dress, was paired
I am getting my inspiration from the hunger games trilogy and from the movie Taken, but nothing else resembles either of those things so please do not let that stop you from reading.
with a tall pair of black heels that pinched my toes, but this walk was either going to allow me to live or die, so I gave everything I had into this walk. Looking straight ahead as I approached the end of the aisle I tried my hardest not to cry. This was taking forever, and it was hard to breath. I felt lightheaded as a hand reached up to help me down from the stage. Here I was given a number and walked by two men down a path between many staring vampires.
One door meant life, the other meant death, but which was I going to get? My heart was pounding and I knew that every man around me could hear it and could hone in on its erratic pattern. I was pushed through a pair of swinging doors into a well lit room with several other girls. There were maybe fifteen. Some of the girls were sobbing, makeup ruined, while others stood in solitude. I did not know where I was, or what to make of this room. The walls were white with a few metal chairs, but no other furniture, no vampires, or any other thing beside me and the other girls. This “fashion show” was a show of us slaves, mostly human. I was human from what I knew, but the man who kidnapped me from my home whispered how unique I smelled and that I was exotic. What that might have meant beats me, but I was unsure if that mattered now. I slipped out of my shoes, unsure whether to cry or not leaned against one of the walls. I began breathing fast, feeling sick, and fell to the floor.
The fear of not knowing was far worse than the fear of death. I was ready to dir, ready to not be a slave, but now I was unsure of what my fate would be. I wondered how vampires use to pick their women before they took over the world, now these shows were all over the TVs. I was raised on one of the human farms that the vampires created, but I had been adopted before that, so I really did not know what I was leaving behind if I was to die here tonight. I had three friends that came here with me tonight, but we had all been separated when the vampires sorted us up. They were not here however. I tried to block all those thoughts from my mind and tried to calm my heart, but nothing seemed to work. I leaned my head back against the cold wall and reflected on my life. I made it through high school; I even graduated with academic honors, top of my class. I went to a small community college the summer after I graduated at the age of eighteen, and that next year was when the vampires waged war for the world. I remember the day our school was attacked. There was a group of girls who had nowhere else to go during the first of the attacks. The dean allowed us to stay in the dorms and we even got to make our own meals in the upstairs kitchenette. We had no TV and no phone so we really had no idea how bad anything was, and after about a month of hanging out in the dorms the security heightened and made us all stay inside at all times, and even made up be isolated to our rooms.
One night, about two weeks after we were isolated, I remember hearing screams and banging on the walls. I could hear furniture scraping the floor and breaking glass so I peeked out my peephole in my door and saw one of the girls lying in front of my door. She was bleeding badly and was crying. I unlocked my door and ran to her, but the vampires were waiting for me. I tried to run, but there was no point. The men toyed with me and would knock me down, let me run, capture me, and then would let me go again. I fought hard, but the vampires easily overpowered me, and then I was not a skilled fighter like I am today. I was a scared nineteen year old girl then, and now what was I? I am a nineteen year old slave, waiting to die or be redistributed as a slave for a different master.
Because male vampires cannot make more of themselves by biting, like in the stories, and female vampires cannot have children, a select few human woman can bare their children. The vampires believe in soulmates, a love or mate that they were destined to have for their entire life. Humans do not, but some vampires have chosen humans for their mates, and it is not looked down upon at all for them. I wondered about that once. What would it be like to be a love for a vampire, but never even having a first kiss I doubted it would be romantic at all. Everything that I know about vampires screams brutality, evil, and horror.
My blonde hair hung limply, all the body that the stylist gave it was gone by the time the vampires came for us. I struggled to stand up on my wobbling legs, but was easily picked up by one of the dark haired men. His shirt had the word crew on it, but he seemed to be gentler than the vampire who pushed me in here in the first place. I struggled to get the vampire to put me down. “I can walk.” I said and I pushed against his muscular chest. He set me down gentle, but kept a hand on my shoulder. Other crew vampires helped the other girls on their feet and they lined us up. I held my shoes in my hand and was pushed into line. Now, drastically shorter than the girls around me, I’m only 5’2”, I stood out like a sore thumb, but I figured that it wouldn’t matter now anyways. The girl behind me was shaking so I took her hand and tried to be strong, but honestly, I was terrified on the inside. She burst out in tears and loud sobs as we began moving out the doors we had come through what seemed like hours ago. Only two other girls had been brought in after me.
The stark contrast from light to dark temporarily blinded me, but my eyes quickly adjusted. We moved on through the now empty room. The stage was darkened, and there were no more vampires bidding and discussing their future slaves. My walk seemed so far away now, and it even felt like maybe it was all dream, but the girls around me were the reminder that I was about to discover my fate, all of our fates. We were taken behind the stage where we had been stripped of our clothes, bathes, styled, and redressed in what most would call lingerie. My dress was a little more concealing than some, but the see through material around my back and down my hips showed the undergarments that they dressed me in more than what I would ever want to show, or would have.
We were then sent into a room that appeared to be some kind of conference room. Am I going to die here? The crew vampires left us to our thoughts here in this room. I pulled out the chair that was in front of me and slumped down. There was no point in worrying myself. We were either going to die here tonight or be sent to be slaves. The people back home would already know from being huddled around the one TV at the dining hall. Now just about every girl was crying, snot and makeup smearing their once beautified faces. I tried my best not to cry and so far, I was succeeding at this simple goal. Be focusing on something little it usually allows me to relax, and this was going to work this time. I found myself relaxing slightly, but was snapped back into attention as a group of well dresses vampires in suits came into the room. Each vampire had a number and was claiming their woman or women, for one vampire had four girls. I felt a great pressure release itself from around my heart, but a new fear filled my gut and began gnawing. What was going to happen now? I was one of the last few left who had been claimed. I looked down at my number for the first time; I was number 13. Great... I thought to myself. I have the most unlucky number out of all of these girls. Maybe they made a mistake and no one wants me. Panic started to fill my entire body as I searched for someone with my number. A man, a human ma, held my number. He was dressed similarly to what I would think a butler would have been in the eighteen hundreds.
“Please come with me miss.” His voice was harsh and sharp as he grabbed my arm in an icy grip. I looked around me, searching for anyone to see what was happening. My heart leapt with joy as he led me through a maze of doors and rooms to the bright outside. The fresh air hit my noise and I breathed a sigh of relief. I may have been prepared to die, but that did not mean that I did not want to live.
There was a limousine waiting for us, and to my surprise the man opened the door for me. “Watch your step.” His voice was still cold, and the place where he had grabbed my arm was red and hurting, but I was alive. I just was afraid of the horrors to come. I ducked my head and scooted into the limo. The inside was lush with leather and ice cold with the air conditioner blasting. It felt chilling on my skin, but my chills were also from the vampire who sat in front of me. He looked slightly aged. Maybe in his forties, but I knew that he must be several centuries old.
“You were quite the price.” The old vampire mumbled. Not knowing what to say I looked down at my bare feet, dirty from the walk out to the vehicle. My heart started thumping again as the man light a cigarette. Now I was trapped with this man, and he did not seem to be happy. Maybe my fate was going to be death after all. “Your name is Kat? What a mundane name…” He blew a ring of smoke and cleared his throat. “I’m sure that you’ll get a new name soon enough.”
I shivered in the cold. The smoke was curling around my face, causing me to cough slightly. My throat itched, and my head began to swim slightly as the smoke filled the room between us. “Can you not speak, girl?”
“No, Sir, I can speak.” I winced from the harshness of his voice, expecting a hit, but none came.
“Good.” He continued to blow rings of smoke, puffing on his cigarette, and sat there. He stared at me, for I could feel his eyes scanning over my skin, studying me, yet I dare not look him in the eyes. Those piecing red eyes dug into mine with just the briefest of moments. I closed my eyes for a second, trying to clear my mind, but failing to do so. The cool air that wrapped its way around me chilled me to the bone, and I could not stop shivering. I slipped my shoes back on as gracefully as possible and tried not to look at the handsome vampire. One look in those eyes and he could control my every move.
“Are you afraid of me, child?” His voice took on a new tone, a softer one. He reached out towards me, but I struggled to remain sitting still. His hand was like ice; it stung my bare skin, and made my skin crawl. “You are a rare one.” He sniffed at the air, smelling me, and it made me want to throw up. I was going to be this man’s meal, I just knew it. I began tearing up, my breath sticking in my throat. I immediately felt flushed and ill.
“Y…Yes”. I stammered. I almost pulled away, but I knew that would be certain death. “Please, why did you pick me?”
“Why what?” He looked taken aback for a brief moment, but his face returned to unreadable in the smoky haze. “I did not pick you, girl. My son handpicked you to be his only personal servant. After my consulting, he has finally decided to get a personal assistant, such as you, to do whatever he needs… To take care of each and every need he has.”
I started shivering again, and looked directly into his eyes. Unlike everything I had been told I did not get caught up in the moment, and nor did I loose myself in those dark eyes; I remained in control of myself. I nodded and returned to staring at the floor, also black leather.
The rest of the ride was miserably quiet, and cold; the air was thick with his cigarettes and cigars. Thick, fruit-like scent rolled around in the cab, filling my lungs. I was unsure of how long the ride actually took, but by the time we arrived at what I imagined to be the vampire’s home. From the pin stripe suit I imagined his house to be large, multiple stories, with all of the high end furnishings that I use to know of. I imagined that there would be security and a trimmed lawn with many servants, but when I stepped out of the limo I was shocked to see a mansion with old, antique looking furnishings and landscaping. The vampire was immediately at my side, escorting me to the front door. The knockers were brass, large eagles against a light colored wood. Double doors that were made to look older than it really was, but really everything here was relatively new.
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