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Author's note: What inspired me to write this piece was that, my science teacher is quite attractive, yet I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this piece was that, my science teacher is quite attractive, yet I would never date him or go crazy over him, I thought i would write a story with the same kind of plot, just a little (Twist).  « Hide author's note

Decayed, Yet Reborn

Decayed, Yet Reborn
“Hannah Moorland and Emily Watts, please report to attendance.” Mrs. England announces to everyone in the whole school. She honestly could of just sent two little notes saying get off your butts and head to the office we are ready to beat you now.
I get up from my seat and I grab my stuff. I already know that I’m in huge trouble. I was caught trying to skip fifth period because I didn’t feel like learning about the eco system. You know the thing we learned about in middle school.
They had to call me during third period, my favorite class of the day, Spanish. We were watching a really good movie about three Latino men playing at a ball.
I walk through the double doors of the office and I turn directly to the attendance lady, Mrs. England. Completely ignoring Emily, she laughs acting like I can’t hear anything.
Sometimes I actually believe she is a blonde. She has the attitude for it; she’s like the complete package for Beverly Hills bitches. Other than she is really smart, maybe smarter than me.
She’s also the school slut, there’s always a new guy every day.
Mr. Watts must be totally embarrassed that his daughter is called a slut only like ten times a day.
Mr. Watts is my science teacher, a complete hunk. Best body, great hair growth, Very young.
I think he is twenty-three years old. How could Emily be his daughter?
He adopted Emily from a foster home. I should have suggested that he picked a boy instead of a girl.
I have known Mr. Watts since I was in elementary school. He’s my dad’s best friend.
“Mrs. Moorland, do you know why you are here?” Mr. Davison asks as he comes walking out from his office.
“Yes, because I tried to skip fifth period, because I didn’t want to learn about the whole eco system all over again.”
Mr. Davison rises both of his eyebrows and smiles.
“Well, now I have another way and reason to bust your skinny butt.”
I fall back into the chair next to Emily.
“You wreak the smell of men Emily.” I say looking over at Mr. Davison.
Emily rolls her eyes and takes the slip from Mr. Davison’s hand walking out of the office.
“Come on Davison, we learned about the stupid useless eco system in seventh grade.” I say opening my eyes wide and pouting as he observes me.
“Fine, you are off the hook, but if you try skipping again I will put you in the schools jail cell where you clean tables all day long.” Davison sets the slip in my lap and opens the door for me to leave the main office.
I wave bye as I smile with full positive attitude. Once I turn around I lose my smile and I see Emily talking to some random guy.
“Don’t make me call Watts. You don’t want daddy to see you with a guy instead of learning.”
The guy she was talking to decides to give me the sweet gift of the finger. I just give him pretty thumbs up as I walk to my class. Without turning around to look at him a face my hand to him and I pull down four out of the five fingers I own on my right hand. Leaving the exact middle finger up, with my all diamond ring on.
“What did they want from you this time love?” asks nick as I walk in the room holding my slip to the whole class.
“Though I might be in a bunch of trouble, it was totally worth the skipping fifth period.”
My Spanish teacher Mr. Cardenas laughs and starts putting grades in his computer.
“Someone fill this out for me, I’m too lazy to fill it out myself.” Nick laughs and takes the slip from my hand.
“Geez that’s too much for me, hey Allison fill this out.” Nick says turning the paper into a ball and throwing it at her.
Allison is the school nerd, or the geek. Even though she is in every awesome class there is, no one still seems to like her.
Maybe it’s the way she dresses, she always wears furry sweaters and combat boots with a pair of dark denim jeans.
The percent of girls that wear shorts every day in the winter are way too high. I’m surprised that none of the girls here have gotten frost bite.
But, I wish some would get it already, they really deserve their legs cut off. They use them for the wrong reason almost twice a night in a dirty hotel room off First Street.
Allison starts to fill out my form, it’s kind of creepy. She knows every detail about me.
She tends to fill out my forms in less than four minutes. So Mr. Davison doesn’t have to wait long for my form. Emily on the other hand, she tends to take hours and almost days.
The bell rings and Allison hands me my form.
“Thanks Allison, you know that you don’t have to listen to Nick right?”
Allison shrugs and walks out of the classroom without me having to say thank twoce more.
She doesn’t talk much either, which is a good thing I guess. It means that she doesn’t run the words through her mouth she wishes to say to Nick and me.
I’m about three hundred percent sure that she would love to punch me in the face about ten times every time she sees my face.
Even though she doesn’t scare me and I could throw her down so easily, I still feel bad for her.
I head upstairs to fourth period. I have science fourth which means I have Mr. Watts.
“Hey Watts, what are we learning today… we could do nothing today if you wanted.” I say smiling and sitting at my desk.
“Aren’t you the little comedian today Mrs. Moorland.” says Mr. Watts handing me my notebook and three worksheets.
I roll my eyes and I set the pile of worksheets at the side of my desk.
“Now I know you hate the periodic table, but it’s very important for us.” says Mr. Watts starting of the class session.
I write my name on all three worksheets adding a little heart at the end of my name.
Mr. Watts looks down at my paper as I add the hearts. I see him smiling in the corner of my eye.
Mr. Watts brings his attention back to the lesson and off of me.
I look up at the screen and I start writing down the notes he has provided on the screen.
At the end of class Mr. Watts has us turn our worksheets in through three folders.
Everyone leaves the class; I start to walk to the exit.
“Hannah, we need to talk.” says Mr. Watts pulling up a chair next to his office chair. I look at him while I walk to the chair. I sit down looking around his science table. Everything was full of science, but what kind of science. Was he secretly hiding something last week when he rushes to put a pile of papers in a folder as I walked over to him? We made total contact.
“You’re struggling in this class quite a bit; your assignments aren’t top quality like they used to be.” Mr. Watts explains as he grabs my old work from the folder he made me. I look at his hands and I ignore the work.
“I haven’t had a great time this year, there is a lot going on with me right now.”
My last word slurs as I look up into Mr. Watts’s eyes, he stares down at me with his dark eyes conquering my light green.
My phone starts to ring in my pocket and I quickly grab it.
“Sorry, it’s my mom Mr. Watts.”
Mr. Watts shrugs and I walk outside the room for a moment.
‘Yes, mom I’m kind of busy at the moment.” I say to her as she keeps babbling on about the most random things, then she finally gets on a topic that I can understand.
“Your Uncle Redo is in town and I want you to spend time with him, come home right away.”
My mom acts like I never have anything to do or work on. I hope she knows that I actually have school five days a week.
She hangs up and roll my eyes putting my phone back in my pocket.
“Sorry Watts my mom was being insignificant.” I smile and I sit back down into the chair he provided me.
“I understand when I was your age that happened to me all the time. Anyways if you need anyone to talk to about anything I will always be here, but you have to tell me everything. I want you to be very successful in my class and in any other class by that token.” explains Watts as I look around the room.
I finally stop my eyes looking into his and I quickly smile, for I walk out of his emotional room and I make my way to my car.
Watts stands in his doorway looking down at me walking away from him.
Watts never talked to me that way before, it was unbelievable and I can’t stand it. Why do I always want the mature type of man? Why do I always want older men and the ones I can’t even have. Why do I go for my teachers?
It doesn’t even really matter because I only have one more year here.
I’m not even supposed to me leaving campus right now, its fifth period and not the end of school, but at this point I don’t even care. My heart hurts; it feels like my blood is turning into molten lava turning my heart into stone.
It’s so hard being a teenager that loves her teacher; well I think I love him.
I’m just going to sit in my car for a few minutes, I need time to think. It’s not the best choice to think sad thoughts while you drive.
That’s what my old therapist told me when I was eleven years old, that’s when I was in loony Ville, trying to get out. I don’t think I quite made it out yet, I’m in love with my teacher for god’s sake.
There’s just a feeling I get whenever I’m around him, it could be false, but I don’t want it to be. There for I believe that it’s real, in which it could be.
Is it one of those wait and see type of games where the girl waits forever and she finds out that he loves her, or is it the other scenario where she finds out he has no taste in her and she should just go die in hell?
I’m still asking myself if I want either one.
I start my car and I drive out of the school parking lot making my way home to Uncle Redo.
I park in my mom’s parking space; she doesn’t seem to be home because her car isn’t here.
I stop the car’s engine and I walk inside my house finding Uncle Redo watching TV on my mom’s new sofa.
“Don’t spill anything on that or you will feel the wrath of my mom’s tweezers in your ear.” I smile and we both laugh as he gets up to hug me. I hug him back and we both sit on the couch.
“How was Paris Redo, I heart there are some lovely ladies there.” Red shrugs after I talk, for that means there wasn’t really a woman of the night.
“Eh, no women, nor very nice men, It was just a business trip.”
Redo smiles and grabs his big man purse grabbing a few folders out.
“Though I did get some exceptional pictures from my trip, fancy dinners as well.” Redo says opening the folders and showing some pictures to me.
“Wow, who knew there buildings were that fancy on the inside as well with the outside.” I say raising both eyebrows in amazement.
Redo finishes showing me all his pictures from the trip and I grab to glasses of water.
“Redo, you never tell us what your trips are even about. You’re not even in an actual business.”
Redo shrugs and drinks from his glass of water I gave him.
“It’s nothing really that big, I’m just with some friends and we talk about our work.” Red explains setting his glass on the coffee table.
“Then that’s not really a business trip, well at least not to me.” I say finishing my glass of water.
“Thirsty much, I heard that if you drink anything to fast, then your bladder changes.” Redo says laughing as my face turns into a disgusted one.
“Ewe, did I really need to know that Redo?” I ask as I push my glass as far away as possible.
Redo nods and drinks some more of his water.
“The more you know the better, now you have something to tell your future kids.” We both laugh as we finish our water.
Someone knocks on the door and Redo goes to answer it.
I turn to see who is at the door.
Redo shuts the door as the person enters.
“Mr. Watts, what-what are you doing here?” I ask as he turns and walks over to me.
“You forgot all your math stuff in your locker, so I thought I would bring them to you. You’re not doing well in math either.” Watts explains as he turns to my Uncle.
“Hello, I’m Kyle Watts Hannah’s science teacher.” He explains shaking my uncle’s hand.
Redo nods and I scratch my head moving my hair behind my ears.
Watts pulls a piece of paper out from his coat pocket and locking it in my hand, he looks in my eyes as he holds my hand in his.
I look down at our hands and then back in his eyes.
Watts lets go of my hand and he walks out of my house without saying goodbye.
“We should really work in his communication skills, does he know your combination to your locker?” Redo asks as I open the piece of folded paper.
“Every teacher can open a student’s locker.” Once again my words slur as I focus on the now unfolded piece of paper in my hand.
Mr. Watts gave me his number, what does this even mean. Does he want to talk, or is it about my hidden problems and he wants to know.
I put Watt’s number in my phones contact book. I’m still trying to figure out why he gave me his number.
I walk up stairs to my room and I shut the door quietly. I throw my backpack on my bed and I look inside for my geometry book.
Mr. Whiskey wants me to finish three assignments in one day because I didn't finish the geometry lab last week.
I hope he drowns himself in whiskey, since that’s his last name.
I open my geometry book to the very first assignment page and I shut it again. I throw the book into my trash can and I grab my phone.
I walk outside to my car and I drive back to school.
I park in the teacher parking lot and I walk up to Mr. Watts’s room.
My thoughts about his number are driving me crazy, I’m serious…I want to kill myself.
“Watts, we need to talk.” I say walking into his room as students work on an assignment.
Mr. Watts looks up at me and then over at the students looking at the both of us.
“Get back to your assignment guys.” Watts says while he grabs me by the arm taking me to the hall.
“First, how about you learn to keep your voice during school…and also skipping isn't going to take you anywhere.” I look at Mr. Watts and I roll my eyes.
“I needed to, it was important.” I say as I look down the hall.
Mr. Watts looks into his classroom then looks back at me.
“Listen, I can’t talk right now, but I can talk at lunch. Come to my room for lunch.” I nod and I walk to my class.
Watts looks at me as I walk away from him once again. It was almost like he is heartbroken, like someone is leaving him forever.

I can’t define Mr. Watts, though he can’t define me.
I can’t see in Mr. Watts, though he can’t see in me.
I can’t fix Mr. Watts, though he can’t fix me.
I’m in a danger zone, I either take a risk to survive or get compelled into the dream full of madness.
The bell rings and I walk back upstairs to Mr. Watts’s classroom, he’s talking to a student, one of those girls who wear the really short skirts. They always hit on him as well.
I walk in the classroom and the girl stares at me and rolls her eyes. I look back at her as she walks out of the class.
“What a b****.” I roll my eyes and I sit in his chair in front of his desk.
“Watch it Moorland.” Mr. Watts says as he grabs a chair sitting next to me.
“Mr. Watts I’m having a really difficult time, you really don’t understand what I’m going through.”
“Hannah, I’m pretty sure I do your just being a teenager.” Mr. Watts explains to me.
“No…no you’re wrong Watts it’s much harder and much worse.”
It gets harder for me to breathe as I start to shed tears.
I shake my head and tears roll down my cheeks and fall onto his desk.
“It’s much worse.” I tell Watts as I wipe my tears.
“Then tell me what is wrong Hannah is.” Watts says as he grabs my hand holding it in his.
Fear fills my body, and my body soaks in the pain of truth.
The battle field starts to empty as the living turn to the dead.
“I’m… In love with you.” I say as I get up from his chair and I run out of his room and to the girl’s bathroom.
Mr. Watts runs out of his room and into the girl’s bathroom grabbing my arm before I could make it into a stall. He pulls me into a warm inviting hug as I don’t touch him from the fear pulling me away.
“And I know that you are in love with me, because I can see it.” I say digging my face into his light green shirt.
Mr. Watts doesn’t answer he just runs his hand through my hair a few times and squeezes me tightly.

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