I Punched The Bad Boy.. Am I Cool Yet?

February 2, 2013
By KateyKerwin, Woodbridge, Virginia
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KateyKerwin, Woodbridge, Virginia
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"I will always be waiting in the wings, Bella."

Author's note: I just thought that it would be fun to try and write a teen romance story... I am more into supernatural stories, so this is something new for me.

The author's comments:
This story is still in the process of editing. Just a warning.

Stupid, giant monkeys... I thought to myself as I got pushed around in the hallway. Who did these boys think they were?! Ugh... Just because they throw around a pig skin does not mean they can just knock me over. I sent a glare at the football captain, who just smirked at me. I swear teenage boys are a different species and Michael is their leader. I slung my bag back over my shoulder and walked past them, trying to get into my second class of the day. If I was late, Mr. Browning was going to KILL me! But, not to my surprise, Michael reached out and grabbed my arm, making me halt and his entire group shut up. Oh no, please don't start with- "Hey, Baby, what are you doing after school?" He asked, green eyes twinkling at me and smile taunting my frustration. I smiled sweetly at him and threw my long hair over one shoulder. "Oh, you know, the usual... NOT YOU." His friends all started laughing at me as he glared at me. Pissing offthe bad boy was never a good thing. But it would keep him from asking me out. He chuckled, irritated. "Last time I checked, my name was written all over your calander." Oh he DIDN'T! "And the last time I checked, you called me an ugly whore who couldn't do better than Sten." I shot said Sten a look of apology. "No offense." He grunted and shook it off. "Oh come on! We were in eighth grade and you were chunky with braces and bad acne. You wouldn't leave me alone. Actually, I am starting to doubt you are the same Ali Green I knew back then." He said, with what was supposed to be a charming smile. Didn't this boy know when to just stop? I snorted. "Exactly, I was fourteen. But whatever. You lost out when you treated me like s***, and there is no way in hell that I would consider getting close to you now." I tried to brush past him, but to no avail. "Let me go, Michael." "You once told me I was sexy. So why don't you just admit You LIKE ME!" His eyes flashed in desparation, as if he was trying to prove something. I leaned in close to his ear. "Yeah, you are attractive. But I never once said I liked you." To my surprise, he let me go. Although, I could see he was seething in anger. I smiled and waved at the group of aliens. Such a waste of good looks... I thought to myself as Michael's friends all laughed and poked him, but he just watched me go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To my despair, I was still late for class. Mr. Browning scowled at me as I took my seat, but didn't say anything. I took a deep breath and relaxed a little. Okay, any time I didn't get yelled at by this teacher, was a MIRACLE! Class resumed as it was going before I walked in and I turned to my bestfriend Courtney. She was giving me a look that said I had better explain. She pulled out a piece of paper and quickly scribbled down something and slid it over to me. WHY WERE YOU LATE?! YOU ARE NEVER LATE, ALISON GREEN! I rolled my eyes and wrote back. Michael Harris happened, Court. and by the way, CALM YOUR F*ING T**S WITH THE CAPS! :) Thank you. I slid it back to her and she read it, chuckling a little. Michael Harris, huh? What did he want this time? To relive some old middle school memories? Possibly make some new ones? ;) I read that and nearly wanted to gag. Was she kidding? Michael probably just wanted to get a rise out of me by harrassing me. It was something I was used to. No. He was just trying to be all 'Macho Man' with his friends and trying to harrass the tiny girl xD I watched her as she read my response. Her face screwed up in a frown. Why would he want to harrass you? There are rumours saying that he wants to ask you out, but that is all I have heard. My eyes widened at what I read. WHAT!!! Why didn't you tell me that? You are SO DEAD later. I deserve to know what is being said about me, Courtney Hart... Her eyes widened and I knew she understood that I was upset, and threatening her with her life. She didn't get a chance to reply before Mr. Browning snatched up the note and glared at me. "Well, well... It looks like we were having a rather interesting conversation over here, doesn't it?" The chunky teacher sneered and began reading the note out loud to the class... My face went red and I couldn't help but hope that the floor would come up and swallow me whole. This couldn't be happening... I was a good girl! Well, so they think. Mr. Browning laughed when he got to the end. "Looks like we've got threats, huh? Detention, Ali. After school in the gym for two hours. There are no threats made to other students. Period." I stared at him wide eyed. Courtney spoke up before I could. "But, Mr. Browning, she wasn't being serious! She was just-" "I suggest you shut your trap before I give YOU detention. Not that it would help anything." He turned on his heel and stalked away muttering something along the lines of, "Stupid, delinquents." Courtney and I shot each other looks and she looked apologetic. I just smiled at her weakly and shrugged. Maybe this would give me time to get some schoolwork done... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I should have guessed that schoolwork wouldn't be an option. Not only did I have two hours of detention, my 'detention buddy' was Michael Freaking Harris. My day just couldn't get any better could it? "Hey, Babygirl. What did you do to get detention? Prove the teacher wrong?" He asked as soon as the teacher on detention duty left. They always did, so I wasn't expecting them to stay and save me from Michael. I rolled my eyes and continued to attempt scribbling along on my art project. That however did not save me either... "What is that? I didn't know you could draw! That's really cool." I was starting to think this boy was the definition of bipolar. He couldn't decide if he wanted to insult me or compliment me... I sighed, putting my pencil down. "It's my art project. We are studying the art of manga at the moment. I don't know why. I much prefer the classic art forms." Why I elaborated, I do not know, but he didn't seem to mind. He nodded and leaned closer to me to look at my drawing. "So what's going on exactly?" "The girl you see on the ground is broken, emotionally and physically. The man hovering over her is held up by wings, which you see are rather wide. He's her angel, her only hope, but I haven't quite figured out an appropriate face for him yet." I said quietly, nibbling at my bottom lip. "It's really pretty, but I already told you that." He said, smiling at me as if he thought I liked him. I blushed slightly. "Thank you." Silence passed between the two of us for a good hour until he brought up something that really bothered me. Why would he have asked me of all people? "So how is your family after... You know..." He couldn't say it. "After my sister's suicide?" He nodded and turned a shade of pink I hadn't seen him before. "We are as good as we could be I guess." I was as good as I could be at least.. I lost my twin sister to depression. I was incomplete without her. She had been my bestfriend and a guy had caused her to think she wasn't good enough. "When I find this guy that made her feel like that, he will be lucky if I let him live." He didn't say anything, just stared at my face and sighed. "It will be okay." I snorted. "That's what everyone says. 'It will be okay.' When, though? When will it all be okay? And how? We are missing a huge part of our family. I don't understand." "I lost my brother too." He offered, trying to help me. "Didn't he go into the army?" I asked. It wasn't quite the same thing. My sister wanted to die. He nodded curtly. "About six months ago." I wanted to hug him. But I couldn't after the way he used to treat me. Not after what he had done to me in the hallway today. "I am so sorry, Michael." "I love the way my name sounds from your lips." I groaned and rested my head on the desk in front of me. Here he goes again. "YOu really should go on a date with me..." I shook my head. "I shouldn't and I am not. That's final." He stared at me in astonishment, our previous conversation forgotten. "You should be honored to go out with me. I could have any girl I wanted." He had done pissed me off. "Then go ask out someone that will want you." "I want you damn it! And you are going on that date with me. Period." I laughed in his face and gathered my stuff. I would come back to detention on a day that he wasn't here. Stupid oaf... "I don't like you! You are a d**k and you think you have the rights to anyone you want. Well, not me." He grabbed my arm to keep me from going anywhere. I turned around and my fist connected with his nose. He quickly let go of me, muttering a curse. I stormed off, throwing him the bird over my shoulder and smirking. I just punched the bad boy. Am I cool yet?  

I threw the front doors of the school open and let out a breath as the cool air hit my face and I scanned the parking lot for my Harley. Ah, there she was. She was toward the front of the parking lot, reflecting sunlight off of her black coat of paint. Man, that was my baby.

I made my way toward the motorcycle, only to hear the revving of another similar engine. I whipped my head to see a guy parking his motorcycle next to mine and my jaw dropped. He. Was. Gorgeous. His hair was light brown and shoulder length, and his eyes were a piercing blue, rimmed in long lashes that I could have sworn were longer than mine. I pulled my hair to the side and bit my bottom lip.

I threw my leg over my bike and looked over at the god before me. "Hey." I said, smiling at him. Oh please, gods of love, let him think im cute!

"Oh, hey there. That bike is a little big for you isn't it?" He smirked, looking me over and a blush danced over my cheeks. His voice was so deep and sultry.

I winked at him. "Maybe, but she is my baby. Touch her and die." I warned, it sounded playful but it was all seriousness.

"No doubt?" He asked, grinning and I noticed his snakebites and septum piercings. Wow that was hot.

"Yeah, I have had her worked on quite a few times. Nothing is going to happen to her. EVER." I said, smiling at him.

He smiled back. "She is really pretty. So are you by the way." He said and I smiled at him. "I love your hair, too. It is so long." I laughed and twisted a hand through my wait length blonde hair that was teal on the ends. It was my best feature.

"Thanks. So what are you doing here? I haven't seen you before." I asked, as i leaned back a little.

He rolled his eyes and snorted. "I am waiting on my dumb ass brother. What about you?"

"I got detention, because of the stupid football captain. I swear, he is the dumbest person in the world. He wants me to go out with him, yet he thinks he control me. It's horrible."

The guy next to me laughed. "That is my brother for you." I stared at him in shock. Oh crap... "Let me introduce myself. I am Steven, Steven Harris. You are?"

Quietly, I answered. "Ali Green."

His eyes widened. "Are you kidding me? Woah! You have really changed!" I groaned. Not him too! "Anyway, here comes Michael. Why don't you text me?" Before, I could answer, he wrote his number on my hand in Sharpie. I giggled and nodded, and looked to see Michael practically seething.

"Steven, I will call you tonight." I said, winking at him, more for the reaction I would get from Michael than anything else. He slapped his brother upside the head and muttered something under his breathe.

I started my bike up and pulled out of the parking lot and sped down the road towards my house. Oh this was going to be fun...


Courtney was sitting on my bed when I got to my house, and she had chocolate cookies in hand. She got me so well. I pulled off my leather jacket and flung it onto the bed, plopping down beside her.

"Hey, Girly. How did detention go?" She asked, handing me a cookie before taking a bite out of one herself.

I laughed and rolled my eyes."Do I get any points for punching the bad boy?" She stared at me in shock and started busting out laughing. "What? He DEMANDED that I go out with him."

"So that is his number on your hand?" She asked, after she calmed down a little first. I shook my head.

"It is his brother's." We both cracked up at that. We didn't stop for a while and when we did, our sides were hurting.

"Mmmm... Dating the bad boy's brother..." That sent us into another fit of hysterics. An outsider looking in would think were were retarded, but it was just a bond the two of us had. I had tears streaming down my my face and Courtney was practically purple.

"Courtney... You are amazing." I said, smiling at my bestfriend. "Now let's text Steven." I said, whipping my phone out of my pocket and writing him a text.

Hey, it's Ali. What are you up to?

We waited, but only about twenty seconds. Man that was quick.

Thinking about a pretty blonde girl. Want to go for a bike ride later? :)

I giggled and Courtney fake swooned.

Yeah! Oh and tell your brother I said hi(;

Courtney highfived me.

Sure thing, baby. I will pick you up at 7?

Oh, now this was going to be awesome. There is nothing better than a Harley.

Steven picked me up exactly when he said he would and Courtney just gaped at him in amazement. "You picked up a bonafide GOD, Ali... Can I have him?" She asked, gripping my arm tightly. I laughed, peeling her off of my arm.

"Absolutely not. He's all mine. Not to mention that I still want to see Michael's reaction... Man it's going to be so awesome!" I giggled, and ran a hand through my hair before he knocked on the door. Courtney practically shoved me to the ground trying to get to the door first. "Damn, girl."

She giggled and opened the door. "Why, hello there." She flirted and I just had to roll my eyes at her. She was HOPELESS!

"Ali is supposed to be here..." He said uncomfortably.

Courtney pushed her breasts forward and said, to my horror, "Oh, she left you to me. I hope you're flexible." I wished I had a camera to capture the scared look on his face. Ah, the poor boy didn't deserve that!

"I am here, Steven. Don't mind her, she is... Eccentric." Relief washed over his face when he heard my voice and I giggled.

He muttered something under his breath that sounded like, "Oh thank god." But he smiled at me and held out a pure white helmet. "Your white horse awaits." Oh, he has a sense of humor.

I took it from him and winked at Courtney, who was glaring at Steven as if he was the one who was creeping on people. "See you later, girly. If I am not home by one... Just wait longer." She closed the door behind us and I suddenly felt self conscious.

I was wearing black skinny jeans with my riding boots and a red button up complete with a loose black belt hanging loosely around my waist. My hair was pulled into a sloppy side ponytail and I wore only black eyeliner and clear lipgloss. Hopefully it was enough to impress this guy...

He led us to his bike and climbed on, before I threw my leg over and wrapped my arms around his hard waist. Man, he was built! My pulse leapt in my throat and I couldn't help but blush. I put the helmet on and we were off, to only God knows where. I was completely his to do with as he pleased at the moment.


We ended up at a restraunt on the other side of town. I had heard of it but had never actually eaten there because it was supposed to be expensive. I was so under-dressed. We were sitting at a table and Steven was sitting across from me, just smiling and talking about how he was really into dirt-bikes and racing. I just nodded my head and smiled, with the occasional "ah". I had a feeling something bad was going to happen...

"So tell me something about yourself." He said, taking a sip of his coke as he popped a fry in his mouth. His eyes were fixed on me and I couldn't help blush under his watch.

I thought about that for a moment. "Well, I live alone, which is why Courtney is at my house all of the time. My parents travel across the world year round on business." I answered. It wasn't to personal, but it didn't sound like I was trying to keep my distance either. I had actually been comparing him to Michael. There were no similarities, like AT ALL!

His eyebrows furrowed. "How old are you anyway?" He asked me, chewing at his bottom lip.

"Seventeen. What about yourself?" I was mentally kicking myself. Isn't this the sort of thing you ask someone BEFORE you are out on a date? I should've asked...

"I am almost twenty." My heart lurched in my chest. Oh lord... This couldn't be good... "Does that bother you? Your eyes went really wide."

I shook my head. "I was just thinking that normal people would have asked before they went out with someone. And you look a little younger than that." He chuckled and shrugged. "And I was also trying to figure out how you and Michael can be the same species, let alone brothers." I admitted, without really meaning to let it slip.

"Step-brothers actually." He corrected with a guilty look on his face. "From the way you talked about him, it seemed I would have an easier time getting you to go out with me if I said we were brothers. You look like you wanted revenge on him."

I should have been irritated that he had lied, but it really wasn't that big of a deal. They were brothers of a sort... "He just really grinds my gears."

"He annoys everyone, but alot of people just think that he is to HOT to put in his place. I on the other hand think he needs a good ass kicking, but you seemed to have bruised him up pretty good."

I gave him a questioning look. "What do you mean?"

He chuckled. "His nose and cheek are bruised just from one punch from you... I might be a little scared of you." I smiled and shrugged.

As if the universe was trying to make my day worse... In walks Michael and Bella? He was with his ex-girlfriend? Why does that bother me? Why were they walking this way...?

Steven turned to see what I was staring at and he groaned. "He just can not leave us alone, can he?" Before I could muster a sarcastic reply, Michael was at our table, smirking at me.

"Hey, baby, fancy seeing you here." Why that little, stuck up, bastard...

I glared at him, but I was pretty sure that it was nothing compared to the look he was getting from his brother. He just had this smirk on his face that made me want to just punch him... again. Speaking of the punch, I saw a light purple spot right under his eye and I had to laugh. Not giggle, laugh! He tried to cover it with makeup!

His eyes narrowed and Steven turned to look at me weirdly. I pointed at Michael's face and laughed harder. "Make... up... It suits you!" Michel turned a furious red and Steven turned to look at his brother. His eyes squinted as if looking for what I was talking about and he saw it. BINGO!

Steven started rolling along with me. We were both about to die of lack of air and we didn't care. Michael Harris was wearing makeup, to cover a bruise that he had gotten, from being puched by a little girl. Or at least that's what everyone else would say. This was too good. I almost forgot about the girl he dragged here with him. Bella Stone.

"What are you guys laughing at?" She asked, in her whiney voice. Did she really not notice? The confused look in her brown eyes told me that she really didn't. She just flung her black hair behing her shoulder and looked at us in expectation.

Michael glared. "Nothing. They are laughing at nothing."

Bella shrugged. "So are you and Steven, like, together?" She asked, trying to play it off as casual, but failing miserably. Jealousy was apparent on her face.

Before I could answer, Steven did. "Yes, she is my girlfriend now." Normally I would have protested, but Michael's open mouthed gawking was hysterical. "See, she's just so beautiful. I can see why a lot of the guys at your school would want her." He was playing the card I thought he was... Oh, I liked him.

Bella crossed her arms over her exposed breasts and huffed, mumbling something under her breath. "She's not that pretty."

Michael looked between the two of us and ran a hand through his hair. "Hell, Ali, why didn't you tell me you were dating my older brother?"

I smiled sweetly at him, while I took Steven's hand. "Why didn't you tell me you thought it was your business?" Steven squeezed my hand in approval, and Michael just glared.

"Yeah, whatever." He took Bella by the arm and just stormed off. As if on cue, or food appeared and my stomach growled. I blushed and Steven chuckled.

We ate, talking about our childhood and favorite things. It was... Nice? I don't even know. I was attracted to the man, but I wasn't feeling fireworks or anything. Well, was I supposed to?

We finished our dinner and Steven paid for it. He excused himself for a moment to go to the restroom and I did the same so that I could freshen up. Surely I was looking like a mess by now.

I entered the ladies room and sure enough, Bella is in their applying layer upon layer of black eyeliner. Jeez! She saw me and glared, placing a hand on her hip. Oh lord, please save me from the self-appointed spirit of Aphrodite...

"You think you are so cool, don't you? Just because you have both of the Harris brothers wrapped around your pretty little finger.It doesn't make any sense! I actually try to impress people. I have to dress slutty and wear tons of makeup to keep Michael's attention. You just have to put on your 'I don't give a s*** attitude' and everyone loves you." She was seething, and I was backing away slowly. "Well, you need to be knocked down a notch. The Harris brothers are MINE. Yes, that means your precious little boyfriend too."

Someone went psycho in the head... "I am sorry, Bella, if someone wants someone who isn't fake. I don't give a s***, because there are no shits to give. Either people are going to like me, or they aren't. There is no grey area. So back off and worry about your boyfriend. Not.. MINE." I turned to walk away, but my control snapped when a fist wrapped its fingers around a chunk of my hair and yanked me backwards.

I hissed. Yeah, it hurt, but I had been through worse. Was this girl serious? I turned around and threw a punch in her direction, which landed right where my punch on Michael's had. Aw, now the couple has matching bruises! How cute.

She cried out and clutched her face before coming at me with her claws. She managed to dif her nails into my shoulder, but she was so weak that I could just fling her off of me and back away slowly. I was not about to have a throw down in the ladies restroom when I was on a date. I had more class than that.

I walked out the bathroom door and I thought I was in the clear, and Steven was smiling at me. Suddenly his face scrunched up into one of confusion. Suddenly, I was on the ground with about a hundred pounds on top of me, yanking my hair. I rolled my eyes as people started to stare.

"They are MINE, you little whore! I can please them better than you ever could! I am Bella Stone. You are nothing! Agh!" She yelled as she continued to yank at my hair and I grimaced in discomfort. Was it possible for someone to be as weak as she was.

I managed to get myself up to my feet and I whirled around. "I don't care about any of that. Quit being jealous. If Steven wants to date me then he can date me. And if Michael wants to admire from afar than he has the right to do so. You don't control anyone, least of all me." I said, barely calm enough to keep from beating the crap out of her.

"Do you know who my daddy is? He could buy the boys for me, so watch your low class mouth." She said, and smiled. As if what she said would bother me.

I sighed. "You don't get it do you? Money doesn't mean anything, at least not to me. It's just a source of power. Have you ever wondered how many friends are actually there for YOU? Maybe you should look around, Bella. It could be good for you." There was no point in all of this. I had just wanted to go on a date with a cute guy and maybe bother Michael little. I didn't expecct it to turn into a public event.

"Says the girl that only has one friend." She really wanted to keep this up? I rolled my eyes and started to walk away when she said something that let all hell break loose. "She's such a loser. Her mom didn't want her, and her dad didn't want her. So she's stuck practially living with you. Eventually you will dump her."

Tension radiated between the two of us and I smirked as I walked up to her. My fist connected with her nose and I felt it snap. I felt no regrets. "She may not be perfect, but she is the only person I have that actually cares about me.I would rather have one true friend that is like a sister, then a million friends that want me for my money."

Steven took my arm gingerly and led me out of the restraunt and toward his bike. My hand was a little sore. I guess three punches a day was my limit. I chuckled a little at the thought and Steven watched me curiously.

"Are you okay?" He asked, carefully. He was probably afraid I was going to punch him. I just nodded and wrapped my arms around him, which he seemed surprised by but I didn't care. He finally wrapped his arms around me and looked at me in the eyes. "You, Ali Green, are something else. I have never seen a girl stand up for her bestfriend like that. You are something amazing."

My heart did a little flip-flop in my chest as I stared up at the bad boy's brother. He was smiling at me, a look so genuine it made me smile widely. He leaned in slowly and I decided I would take the risk. His lips grazed mine and I let out a relaxed breath. His lips were soft but firm and they were gentle as he massaged my lips with his own.

After a moment, I pulled away. The kiss had been nice. Not fireworks, but nice. I heard someone clear their throat and I turned to see Michael, running a hand through his hair. I couldn't find it in me to still be mad at him. But I had no idea why.

I woke with a start and groaned as I saw my alarm read 7:25. I remembered last night and giggled. I wondered if Michael was going to try to cover up his bruise again. And what about Bella? I jumped out of bed and practically ran to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.

After I took my shower, I rummaged through my closet. Surely, the rumour that I was dating Steven Harris was spreading, even though it wasn't quite true. I had to at least look the part. I pulled out my black leather shorts that I absolutely adored and a White tank top that said 'Play Hard, Ride Harder'. I smiled as I pulled them on and I ran to the mirror. Not bad...

I threw on some makeup and my black leather jacket. The only thing I was missing was a pair of shoes. Hmmm.... My black boots, or my white converse? I didn't have time to mull that over when my phome buzzed.

Good morning, Beautiful! I will be outside of your house in about two minutes. I figured you would want a ride to school. PLUS, everyone thinks you are my girlfriend. But maybe that can be arranged.

I giggled and blushed as I just threw on my converse. They were quicker to put on anyway. Steven was sweet, and he was a good tool to use to get at his brother. I frowned at that thought. Is that all he was to me?

I grabbed my backpack and threw it over my shoulder and then put my sunglasses on. I smiled at myself in the mirror. Not bad at all.

I ran outside just as Steven pulled up. He gave me a once over and smiled widely as I grinned at him. I walked to the bike and climbed on behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist like I had the evening before. I briefly remembered our kiss and smiled. Today was going to be fun.

We arrived at the school and there were a lot of people who were staring at us in amazement. I hopped off the bike and turned to my 'boyfriend'. "Thanks, baby. It was sweet of you to pick me up."

He flashed me a wicked grin. "It's no trouble, beautiful. I will pick you up after school, okay?" I nodded and he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to him. His lips crushed mine and I sighed. I wasn't a PDA kind of person, but I could get used to it. I pulled away and he winked at me. "Laters, babe."

Then he was off, leaving an imaginary cloud of dust behind him.

I was practically bombarded by Courtney the moment I was alone. "YOU ARE DATING HIM!?!?" She screeched at me and I giggled.

"You could say that. I will explain everything later." I assured her as I linked my arm through hers. She was red in the face and I knew she was trying to keep from bursting. Man, I loved her.

"How was your date last night anyway? You didn't get home until really late." She looked at me worriedly. I knew exactly why too.

I smiled at her as I recalled the night before. "It was great, I guess. We went to that restraunt across town, Gabriella's, and we ran into Michael and Bella. I got to punch the b**** twice! And then we left the restraunt and he kissed me." She gasped and smiled widely at me.

"What was the kiss like?" I knew that's what she would be concerned about. Not the fact that I punched Bella Stone, but the fact I kissed Steven Harris.

I giggled. "It was nice. Not explosive like I expected, but sweet and, caring? I guess. We are going to dinner again tonight, unless you would like for me to stay home." I looked at her and she shook her head.

"Go have fun, Chica. Everyone knows you deserve it." She was about to say something when both of our phones went off at once.

I whipped mine out and saw a new notification. I pulled up Facebook to see that I was tagged in a video, and so was Courtney. It was a video from last night's confrontation with Bella. We watched the video up until the point where Steven and I walked out.

Courtney turned to me and threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. She had tears streaming down her face and she continued to sob quietly. "Thank you, Ali. I can't believe you lashed out at BELLA STONE for what she said. No one else would have done that. You truly are my best friend."

I laughed and rolled my eyes at her. "We have been friends since seventh grade. We don't get any closer than that." She giggled at me and we headed to class. But it looks like we weren't the only ones who saw the video.


Lunch came around and suddenly everyone was saying hi to me. When did I become little miss popular? Oh yeah, NEVER! So why was everyone trying to talk to me? Could it have something to do with Steven?

That was my first assumption, but I guess that was wrong because when I walked down the halls, everyone was calling me a bad ass. Oh.. Duh. This was about me breaking Bella's nose.

"Hey, Ali. I just wanted to say that you look totally hot!" A random nerdy guy said as I walked past him and I just smiled weakly at him. Can you say awkward?

I walked into the lunch room and the first thing I notice is everyone staring at me. Please let them just move on with their own lives...

"Ali! Why don't you come sit with us?" One of the cheerleaders said, waving me over. That's when I realized that Bella wasn't there. Hmmm...

I shook my head and found Courtney, who was surrounded by a few guys. So this made her popular too? Good to know. "Yeah, and did you know that she punched Michael Harris in the face too? Yeah, he just assumed she should go out with him. Little did he know that she is dating his older brother.." They all laughed and smiled at me when I approached the table.

"Hey, Court, what are you up to?" I asked, knowing that it is what she would want me to do. I was all too happy to oblige.

She grinned at me. "I made a few new... friends. Meet Hal, Derrick, Kyle, Blade, Ryan, and... Liam." She blushed when she said that last name and it all clicked. She LIKED him.

"Nice to meet you guys." I said politely, as I took my seat. From the corner of my eye I could see Michael, and he didn't look too happy. Maybe I should cut back on trying to bother him...


Michael caught me in the hall. "Hey, can I talk to you for a second?" I hesitated, but finally nodded. "I am sorry about yesterday. I was a dick, and I shouldn't have assumed that you'd immediately go out with me. I didn't know that you knew my step-brother, let alone that you were dating him..."

I cleared my throat uncomfortably. "It's... okay. I am over it. And I am sorry about your face. And your exgirlfriend." I had to suppress a giggle at the look on his face.

"Yeah, but I think she deserved it. After all, what she said about your friend wasn't cool and she knows I hate it when she does stuff like that." He looked tired, really tired. I wanted to reach out and brush his hair out of his eyes, but decided against it.

I shrugged. "I don't know what it is about people thinking that they can push me around. I am not weak, and she needed to learn that she can't attack me or those I care about."

He nodded. "I admire you for that. Most people just put up with my crap. You don't. It is nice."

"Sometimes, I just wish you didn't have any s*** to put up with in general." I said, chuckling. It earned me a smile that made my heart beat a little harder.

"Yeah, well, I got to go. My men are awaiting my return." He said in a horrible British accent. I laughed and nodded, saying goodbye to him. I walked toward my locker, and came face to face with Bella. Oh here we go again.

Bella stood in front of me with her arms crossed across her chest. Her eyes watched me carefully as she smacked her gum in her mouth annoyingly. I rolled my eyes at her and turned to walk away. I really didn't need this right now.

"What were you doing with Michael? Cheating on Steven? That's sure what it looked like, you little whore." I turned to look at her with an impatient expression, just to see her smirking.

"Yeah, totally. Because it takes a whore to spot a whore." I retaliated, turning to leave again.

"You're not going to get away with this. You made me the laughing stock of this school and now everyone is talking about you. You are not cool, Alison. You will ALWAYS be a pathetic little loser. That's why your parents are always away." She grinned evilly. "Why would two people want to be around their failure of a daughter? The one who caused their other child to commit suicide?"

A sharp pain stabbed me in the chest as the sadness rippled through me. "You don't know anything, Bella."

"Michael knows though, doesn't he? That's the only reason anyone is interested in you. They feel SORRY for you. The girl who lost her family. And not even to death. No one wants her."

I glared at her, feeling myself begin to shake. "Do you say these things to make yourself feel better? Because, according to you, you actually have to try to get attention? Is that fair to anyone else?"

"No one cares about anyone but themselves these days, Ali. Not even you and your self righteous attitude." with that she stormed away. Taking any sort of calm I had with her.


After school,Steven picked me up and we rode back to his house. Realizing exactly where we were, I asked, "What are we doing here? Aren't your parents going to get mad?" And isn't it way too soon for this? I mentally added. We weren't even officially dating.

"I didn't bring you here to make you meet my parents. Relax, girly. I just figured that maybe you'd want to get out of your house." I gave him an odd look, but shrugged. Why not, right?

I let him lead me inside of the large house. It was beautiful on the inside, very bright and open. Not at all what I expected Steven took my hand and led me upstairs. The halls were covered in pictures of Steven and Michael, but one interested me the most. It was Michael about two years ago with an older guy who looked almost just like him. That had to be his older brother...

A tinge of sadness coursed through me but I continued following Steven to a room down the hall. I got slightly nervous, but pushed the thoughts away quickly before I let him know that I was slightly uncomfortable/ Nothing was going to happen, right?

"When will your parents be home?" I asked casually, secretly hoping that he would say they would be home soon.

He looked at me, a slight hint of amusement playing at his eyes. "They are out of town this week on business. You do realize our parents are business partners, right?"

I shook my head, scrunching my eyebrows. "No, I didn't. Not hatthey ever talk to me anyway.." I turned and walked to the other side of his room, where a tall stereo stood, framed by hundreds of cds.

I heard footsteps and Steven was behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. "You want to know something?"

"Well, now that you have said that, yes I do." I said, sarcastically, letting my head fall back, but the unease in my stomach didn't relax.

"I was in love with you when you and Michaelwere in middle school." His words shockedme, and I whirled around.

"Whoa... I didn't even know you then. You couldn't have been in love with me..."

"You were so sweet and kind. And even when my brother was teasing you, you were always so happy with whatever was given to you. You and your sister, you were just so happy with each other. I saw just how you treated people, and it called to me. I wanted to get cloder to you, and become your friend, but I knewwhat people would think about me getting closeto a thirteen year old girl when I was almost sixteen.

"They would have called me crazy. You aren't even the same person now... You are still lovely, but I am just trying to figure you out. You have so much anger for my brother, and your parents, just most people in general. I see in you what I saw in..." He trailed off, covering his mouth and looking around frantically.

"What you saw in what, Steven?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him. He just shook his head and kept his mouth shut.

"Can we talk about it at a later time? It is kind of personal." I just nodded, and he wrapped me in his arms, sending my heart into over drive, and not in a good way this time. What was going on? Why was I getting so many bad vibes?

He leaned his head down to mine and kissed me on the cheek, and I relaxed slightly. He turned my head to face him and claimed my lips rather suddenly.I flinched, but didn't pull away. I had to admit thatkissing him was nice, and it helped relax me a little bit. But my mind was wandering. Why did Michael seem so sad today? Was it bad for me to be thinking of him, while I was kissing his brother? Wait.. I am supposed to hate him, so I shouldn't care what he thought. But I couldn't help but dread the possibility of him walking in and seeing me and Steven like this.

Oh lord... I am such a lost cause...

I sat at home, flipping through the pages of one of my sister's favorite books. God, I missed her. But I missed her more today than I have in a really long time. Something that Steven had said, made me anxious, and I didn't like it. Not at all. He was most definately hiding something from me, and I was going to find out what it was.

I put down 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe' and pulled my laptop into my lap. I pulled up my IM program, and clicked on Michael's name. Quickly, I typed.

AliGreen: Hey,I know this is random, but I need to ask you something. It may have something to do with my sister...

I wasn't quite sure that he would reply, but I was extremely hopeful. He was my only chanceat figuring out why Steven was being so secretive, especially after he mentioned my sister's name. I didn't have to wait more than about two minutes before I got a response.

MHarris: Okay, go ahead and shoot.

AliGreen: Well, I was talking to Steven today, and he said something about about my sister, and being in love with me in Middle School. He was being really weird... Do you know why?

Suddenly, I was ectremely nervous. What if it was something I didn't wantto hear? What if it was something that would change how I looked at Steven?

MHarris: Ali... I thought he told you... He was seeing your sister for six months before she died... But he was only using her to get to you..

AliGreen:What? Why would he do that? How could he play her like that? So are you saying that he may be thereason she killed herself? If she found out why he was seeing her, that could have caused her to go overboard... She has always been the jealous type..

Everything was starting to make sense... She was torn between where her loyalties lied. Did she listen to the man who told her he wanted someone else, or did she fight for what her own heart wanted? Wow.. I didn't feel too good.

MHarris: I think that there may be something else involved. I have been snooping around his room, and there is a list of girls that he talks to, and all of them have a direct connectionto you... That's why it bothers me that you two are dating...

I hesitated, before deciding to tell the truth.

AliGreen: We aren't really dating. I said that to bother you, because you pissed me off. I mean, maybe if you had actually ASKED me if I wanted to go out on a date with you, instead of demanding it from me, it would be a different story...

MHarris: Oh... I am really sorry about that though. I am used to getting girls by playing the manly . bad boy card, but I guess that doesn't work with the bad girl, huh?

I giggled, to myself and replied.

AliGreen: It's okay, big boy. I accept your apology. ;) But as for the whole Steven thing. I don't think it's a good idea to keep seeing him. So, I will be driving tomorrow.

MHarris:I could come pick you up... I mean, if you want. Just as friends...

AliGreen: If you don't mind... It's supposed to rain, and I swore to myself I would never ride my bike in bad weather.

MHarris: Well, that's good at least. Well,I should probably go to bed. I will see you in the morning. Good night, Ali.

AliGreen: Goodnight, Michael.


I was shaking with nerves, was I really going to let Michael drive me to school? What would people think? Would they think that I had finally givin into him and his charms? I dodn't, so does it really matter what people think? I guess not... But I couldn't seem to come to terms with the fact that I didn't hate him. I just.. felt sorry for the boy.

I heard two quick honks outside, signalling that my ride was here and I threw my backpack on and walked out the front door. What I was about to do, was probably against everything that I believed in and yet.. I was slightly excited. Ugh... May lightning strike me now.

I ran to the red Camaro, trying to keep as much of my hair from getting wet as possible and Michael chuckled as I jumped into the front seat."Is the wicked witch of the West afraid of a little water?" He asked, and I sent him a nasty glare, even as a smirk played at the corners of my mouth. "What? It's what the guys have been calling you." He said, raising his hands in surrender.

I giggled at that. "Really? Maybe they really are as stupis as I thought. That is the worst nickname I have heard in a while."

He smiled. "That's exacty what I said. They really are retards, though. Don't tell them I said that." I laughed and promised I wouldn't. He pulled away from the driveway and headed toward the school, which was only about ten minutes away.

"Steven is pissed that you didn't want to ride with him, you know." Michael said, giving me a woried glance.

I shrugged. "He isn't my boyfriend, so why should I care?" I wasn't just being sarcastic for once, I was actually wondering.

He looked at me before looking back at the road. "He is known for bashing around girls that he sees. I thought that maybe you knew that? Oh well, but nevermind, about that. He was smacking your sister around when they were talkingand she kept coming back for more. Or at least that is what he said. I don't know if I believe it. Natalia was always such a good, independent girl. She never put up with anyone's s***, so it surprises me that she would put up with his..."

My heart clenched at my sister's name and I sighed, wiping my sweaty palms on my pants. "He HIT my sister?" I asked, anger building up inside of me like it never had before.

"That's what he told me. He said that manhandling women was the only way to control them. I don't think that's true and he really pissed me the f*** off." Michael said, fists clenching the steering wheel. "Why do you think I can't stand him? I didn't even feel bad when my older brother beat the crap out of him."

"Trust me.. He isn't going to know what hit him. I am going after him as soon as I get the chance." I sneered, crossing my arms across my chest.

Michael shot me like the millionth look. "Please don't. Or at least just wait until we can find a way to prove it was him and get him arrested. I don't want..." He trailed off and my curiosity got the best of me.

"You don't want what?"

He bit his bottom lip and stared at the road ahead. "I don't want you getting hurt. I would undoubtedly blame myself, and you would hate me more than you already do." I didn't say anything, knowing that he had a valid point. "I really wish you didn't hate me, Ali. I wish that I had been better to you. I know, that I am probably just being arrogant and conceited, but I can't help but think that maybe you are the way you are now, because of how I treated you..."

I was seeing a side to Michael that I never thought I would see. He was taking responsibility for something that was his fault, and it shocked the hell out of me. I had to be dreaming...

"Ali?" I realized I had completely ignored what he had said and blushed.

"You used to make my life hell. I learned that the only way you wouldn't get to me, was if I was a b**** to you, and everyone at that. It annoyed the hell out of me that you could mess with my heart the way you did in middle school. Yeah, i thought I loved you, but that was middle school. I am DEFINATELY not the same person now, and everyone seems to be reminding me of that little fact." I said, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I miss that Ali from middle school, you know..." He said, smiling lightly at me.

I smiled slightly back at him and sighed. "She is LONG GONE."


I was right about people's reactions when I got out of his car. Although, I have to admit that the best reaction, was Bella's. Her face went a bright red andshe glared, squealed, and stomped her rather large foot. I mean damn girl! Anger issues much?

So Michael and I walked past her, and I turned over my shoulder and gave her the bird, hearing Michael chuckle. "Did you HAVE to piss her off, Ali?"

I smiled, and shrugged. "She had it coming." His company wasn't bothering me as much as it should have, but then again, he wasn't demanding that I do things. That was my problem.Memories of my past began to slip into my head and I struggled to push them away. I hadn't thought about THAT in a really long time...

He walked me to my locker, and leaned against another locker next to mine. "Ali, can I ask you something?" I knew what was coming,but this time it didn't bother me...?

"Sure, I mean you did drive me to school." I said, with a smirk.

"Okay, and don't think of this as paymentfor driving you to school... But would you like to go get coffe, sometime? We can even make up maniacle plans to assassinate my brother." He chuckled toward the end, trying to come off as light hearted, but he had no ideea just how much I wanted to KILL Steven.

I thought about that for a moment.. Did I want to? Surprisingly, yes. Was it a good idea? Probably not. But the rebel in me was telling me that I at least had to try. Then I could say that I went out on a date with Michael Harris and came back in one piece. "Sure thing, Bad Boy.But I will be calling the shots."

He smiled widely at me. "Just tell me when and where."

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