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I Punched The Bad Boy.. Am I Cool Yet?

Author's note: I just thought that it would be fun to try and write a teen romance story... I am more into...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I just thought that it would be fun to try and write a teen romance story... I am more into supernatural stories, so this is something new for me.  « Hide author's note
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I Never Said I Liked You

Stupid, giant monkeys... I thought to myself as I got pushed around in the hallway. Who did these boys think they were?! Ugh... Just because they throw around a pig skin does not mean they can just knock me over. I sent a glare at the football captain, who just smirked at me. I swear teenage boys are a different species and Michael is their leader. I slung my bag back over my shoulder and walked past them, trying to get into my second class of the day. If I was late, Mr. Browning was going to KILL
This story is still in the process of editing. Just a warning.
me! But, not to my surprise, Michael reached out and grabbed my arm, making me halt and his entire group shut up. Oh no, please don't start with- "Hey, Baby, what are you doing after school?" He asked, green eyes twinkling at me and smile taunting my frustration. I smiled sweetly at him and threw my long hair over one shoulder. "Oh, you know, the usual... NOT YOU." His friends all started laughing at me as he glared at me. Pissing offthe bad boy was never a good thing. But it would keep him from asking me out. He chuckled, irritated. "Last time I checked, my name was written all over your calander." Oh he DIDN'T! "And the last time I checked, you called me an ugly whore who couldn't do better than Sten." I shot said Sten a look of apology. "No offense." He grunted and shook it off. "Oh come on! We were in eighth grade and you were chunky with braces and bad acne. You wouldn't leave me alone. Actually, I am starting to doubt you are the same Ali Green I knew back then." He said, with what was supposed to be a charming smile. Didn't this boy know when to just stop? I snorted. "Exactly, I was fourteen. But whatever. You lost out when you treated me like s***, and there is no way in hell that I would consider getting close to you now." I tried to brush past him, but to no avail. "Let me go, Michael." "You once told me I was sexy. So why don't you just admit You LIKE ME!" His eyes flashed in desparation, as if he was trying to prove something. I leaned in close to his ear. "Yeah, you are attractive. But I never once said I liked you." To my surprise, he let me go. Although, I could see he was seething in anger. I smiled and waved at the group of aliens. Such a waste of good looks... I thought to myself as Michael's friends all laughed and poked him, but he just watched me go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To my despair, I was still late for class. Mr. Browning scowled at me as I took my seat, but didn't say anything. I took a deep breath and relaxed a little. Okay, any time I didn't get yelled at by this teacher, was a MIRACLE! Class resumed as it was going before I walked in and I turned to my bestfriend Courtney. She was giving me a look that said I had better explain. She pulled out a piece of paper and quickly scribbled down something and slid it over to me. WHY WERE YOU LATE?! YOU ARE NEVER LATE, ALISON GREEN! I rolled my eyes and wrote back. Michael Harris happened, Court. and by the way, CALM YOUR F*ING T**S WITH THE CAPS! :) Thank you. I slid it back to her and she read it, chuckling a little. Michael Harris, huh? What did he want this time? To relive some old middle school memories? Possibly make some new ones? ;) I read that and nearly wanted to gag. Was she kidding? Michael probably just wanted to get a rise out of me by harrassing me. It was something I was used to. No. He was just trying to be all 'Macho Man' with his friends and trying to harrass the tiny girl xD I watched her as she read my response. Her face screwed up in a frown. Why would he want to harrass you? There are rumours saying that he wants to ask you out, but that is all I have heard. My eyes widened at what I read. WHAT!!! Why didn't you tell me that? You are SO DEAD later. I deserve to know what is being said about me, Courtney Hart... Her eyes widened and I knew she understood that I was upset, and threatening her with her life. She didn't get a chance to reply before Mr. Browning snatched up the note and glared at me. "Well, well... It looks like we were having a rather interesting conversation over here, doesn't it?" The chunky teacher sneered and began reading the note out loud to the class... My face went red and I couldn't help but hope that the floor would come up and swallow me whole. This couldn't be happening... I was a good girl! Well, so they think. Mr. Browning laughed when he got to the end. "Looks like we've got threats, huh? Detention, Ali. After school in the gym for two hours. There are no threats made to other students. Period." I stared at him wide eyed. Courtney spoke up before I could. "But, Mr. Browning, she wasn't being serious! She was just-" "I suggest you shut your trap before I give YOU detention. Not that it would help anything." He turned on his heel and stalked away muttering something along the lines of, "Stupid, delinquents." Courtney and I shot each other looks and she looked apologetic. I just smiled at her weakly and shrugged. Maybe this would give me time to get some schoolwork done... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I should have guessed that schoolwork wouldn't be an option. Not only did I have two hours of detention, my 'detention buddy' was Michael Freaking Harris. My day just couldn't get any better could it? "Hey, Babygirl. What did you do to get detention? Prove the teacher wrong?" He asked as soon as the teacher on detention duty left. They always did, so I wasn't expecting them to stay and save me from Michael. I rolled my eyes and continued to attempt scribbling along on my art project. That however did not save me either... "What is that? I didn't know you could draw! That's really cool." I was starting to think this boy was the definition of bipolar. He couldn't decide if he wanted to insult me or compliment me... I sighed, putting my pencil down. "It's my art project. We are studying the art of manga at the moment. I don't know why. I much prefer the classic art forms." Why I elaborated, I do not know, but he didn't seem to mind. He nodded and leaned closer to me to look at my drawing. "So what's going on exactly?" "The girl you see on the ground is broken, emotionally and physically. The man hovering over her is held up by wings, which you see are rather wide. He's her angel, her only hope, but I haven't quite figured out an appropriate face for him yet." I said quietly, nibbling at my bottom lip. "It's really pretty, but I already told you that." He said, smiling at me as if he thought I liked him. I blushed slightly. "Thank you." Silence passed between the two of us for a good hour until he brought up something that really bothered me. Why would he have asked me of all people? "So how is your family after... You know..." He couldn't say it. "After my sister's suicide?" He nodded and turned a shade of pink I hadn't seen him before. "We are as good as we could be I guess." I was as good as I could be at least.. I lost my twin sister to depression. I was incomplete without her. She had been my bestfriend and a guy had caused her to think she wasn't good enough. "When I find this guy that made her feel like that, he will be lucky if I let him live." He didn't say anything, just stared at my face and sighed. "It will be okay." I snorted. "That's what everyone says. 'It will be okay.' When, though? When will it all be okay? And how? We are missing a huge part of our family. I don't understand." "I lost my brother too." He offered, trying to help me. "Didn't he go into the army?" I asked. It wasn't quite the same thing. My sister wanted to die. He nodded curtly. "About six months ago." I wanted to hug him. But I couldn't after the way he used to treat me. Not after what he had done to me in the hallway today. "I am so sorry, Michael." "I love the way my name sounds from your lips." I groaned and rested my head on the desk in front of me. Here he goes again. "YOu really should go on a date with me..." I shook my head. "I shouldn't and I am not. That's final." He stared at me in astonishment, our previous conversation forgotten. "You should be honored to go out with me. I could have any girl I wanted." He had done pissed me off. "Then go ask out someone that will want you." "I want you damn it! And you are going on that date with me. Period." I laughed in his face and gathered my stuff. I would come back to detention on a day that he wasn't here. Stupid oaf... "I don't like you! You are a d**k and you think you have the rights to anyone you want. Well, not me." He grabbed my arm to keep me from going anywhere. I turned around and my fist connected with his nose. He quickly let go of me, muttering a curse. I stormed off, throwing him the bird over my shoulder and smirking. I just punched the bad boy. Am I cool yet?  
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SummerBreeze said...
Jun. 2, 2014 at 7:25 pm
I love it so much I hope u write more
JustAnotherDay. said...
Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:29 pm
My goodness. It's so good. Please keep it up.
freedomwriter98 said...
Feb. 14, 2013 at 1:38 am
I Love it!!! MORE!
1DInfection said...
Feb. 8, 2013 at 9:17 am
LOVE it. please write more

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