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Rescue of The Ruby

By , battle creek, MI
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My name is Avery, Avery Johnson. I’m 17 and well....... unusual. You see, I don’t go to school like most normal kids do, I don’t learn things most normal kids learn and I’m most definitely NOT normal. My school, Coldlake Academy for Special Kids, is a school that specializes in well, special kids. You’re probably thinking, “great, a delinquent kid with problems.” But that’s not what I mean by special. When I say special I mean kids with powers, kids who can do things like control fire or be able to hear someone coming from three miles away.
There are only twenty- two kids at my school, including me. Most of which have one power, a few have two, but never has there been a kid with three, until I came along. Having three powers is something unheard of in all 367 years Coldlake has been teaching special kids; it’s extremely dangerous and very, very uncommon.
At Coldlake they teach us three main subjects; powers, weapon training and hand-to-hand combat. Everybody learns how to use a knife or how to shoot a bow and arrow and everybody has to have at least one weapon on them at ALL times. We have three professors; Howard specializes in weapons, he can just look at a person and he knows exactly what weapon will work the best for them. He told me I was an archer; turns out, well, he was wrong about the archer but that’s just because one of my powers is weapons. Kennedy is the hand-to-hand combat teacher he’s only 19, but he’s very good at what he does, no smart person would doubt him in battle. Marcus is a strict, but kind old man who teaches each student about their powers; how and when to use them. He’s also Coldlake’s headmaster.
Out of all twenty- two students at Coldlake only nine of us are old enough to fight the Shadow demons: Darwin, James, Maggie, Nicole, Kendall, Aiden, Jasmine, Kaitlin and me. We train in the afternoon from one to six and again after dinner from eight to ten. In the mornings we take the basics; math, science, reading and writing. On weekends we are free to do as we please. Almost every Saturday we all go out and play sports, but nobody leaves campus that often. It’s dangerous outside of campus; anybody who leaves has the risk of being captured by the Shadow Demons.
Shadow Demons are dark, evil creatures that hide in the darkest of shadows; they feed off peoples fear, anger and hatred. They look like normal people, but their skin is a sickly grey color and they dress in all black. Shadows are inhumanly fast, strong, are very excellent fighters and are very competitive. Usually when a child shows the smallest hint of power their parents send them off too Coldlake, but there are those few unfortunate children who get stolen by the Shadows. You see, the Shadows are very power hungry; they have been trying to take control of the government for about 370 years.
The very first time the Shadows attacked they almost succeeded in taking over the government, almost….. If it wasn’t for Micah, a very talented Power, (he had two powers; excellent fighting skills and he could control water). the Shadows would have taken over and the outcome would have been terrible. After that Micah founded Coldlake and Coldlake has been training Powers ever since.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 27 Next »

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