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The Perils of a High School Super Human

By , Battle Creek, MI
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Chapter 6: Cameron
As I cool down on my way to History I see a very pretty girl walk into my class in front of me. I walk into class everyone is in their groups talking and I see the pretty girl head to the back of the room.
Maybe I could start to head back there and talk to her. I thought to myself.
Right as I am headed back to the class Mr. Briggs our teacher walks in. “I DIDN’T TELL ANYONE THEY COULD SIT ANYWHERE THEY’D LIKE!” He screams “To the front of the class. I will be seating you.”
She is in the front on the opposite side of me. I wish I could be next to her and talk to her. Mr. Briggs sits me in the back. She still hasn't been seated. I still might have a chance to sit next to her.
“Annabel James, here.”
“Yes, sir.” she replies.
I immediately pull out her seat and pat it for her to sit down. She lights up right away. Then I realize that I probably looked weird doing that.
“Hello. I’m Camron. How are you?” I tell her as she sits down.
“Hi. I’m Annabel. I'm ok. I just hate history. How are you?” She frowns.
She seems nice. “I’m fine.” I reply, “It’s my first day here and I'm really confused.”
“ATTENTION UP HERE!” annonces Mr. Briggs.
“This year should be interesting.” I whispered into Annabel’s ear. Right away she blushes.
“These seats will be your seats for the rest of the year. I hope you like them and if you don’t oh well, too bad for you.” Mr. Briggs announces. “Today we are going to take a test. This should be a review from all your past years. I will grade you on what you know.”
“Great,” Annabel leans over and tells me, “I hate tests especially when they are in History.”
“If you ever need a tutor in any class I would love to help you. Just let me know.” I say forgetting that I can never stay after school unless its for sports but who cares.
“I’d love that!” she replies.
“Okay. Cool just let me know when you need it.”
After the test I ask her how she did. “Fine. How did you do?”
“I did good. What's your next class?”
“English. What is yours?”
“Mine too!” I say back happily.
“We could walk together, I’ll show you where it is.”
Walking to English I can tell that everyone is staring at us. She immediately tenses up. “It’s ok. Just ignore them.” I says and she looks at me like I’m crazy.
Walking into English she heads to the back. She must really like the back. She turns around and asks me suspiciously, “Do you want to sit by me?”
“Of course. That is why I was following you.”
After a few months of small talk here and there we finally started to talk again. This is the perfect time to ask her out. I think to myself.
As Mrs. Sisco walks into the class one day and I get the courage to ask her “Do you walk home?”
“Yes.” She says making eye contact with me for the first time in months. “The buses don’t go out to my house. Do you?”
“Yes. I do. Maybe we could go for a long walk before we go our separate ways.” I answer hoping she will say yes. She thinks about it for a minute.
“Sure. But I can’t stay out too long. I have piano lessons.”
“Ok.” I add before class starts.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 26 Next »

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