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The Perils of a High School Super Human

By , Battle Creek, MI
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Chapter 25: Annabel
Graduation Day! I get up at eleven thirty with excitement. Kristen is already awake and reading like usual. I was very excited. Cameron and I have been dating for a year and a half now. I love how he is more excited about graduation than anyone. He told me that he was going to scream and put his hands in the air when he gets his diploma. He is such a weirdo.
“You ready for today?” Kristen asks me once she realizes I'm awake.
“I think so. I'm really nervous. But excited it’s all over.” Kristen’s graduation was last weekend. I went to her’s so she decided that she was going to come to mine.
“Well don't be nervous. It will be over before you know it.”
“I'm scared about my shoes. I love them so much but they are pretty high and I'm scared that I'm going to fall flat on my face!”
“You will be fine. Nothing bad but tears and a little make up running will happen.”
I get ready and eat some breakfast. After I eat I head to my room to get ready for today. I slip on my beautiful dress and my shoes. We have to be at the school at two o’clock. It is one-thirty right now. I get back in my room and Cameron calls me. He wants to know if I need a ride. I tell him I don't because Carl, Harold, Kristen, Jon and Mitchell are coming too. Kristen and Jon started dating about four months after Sam died. He had been there for her more than I was and she started to like him more and more.
We get there and Cameron is there. “Hey babe. How are you? You look beautiful.” He says hugging me.
“Thanks! I'm fine. I'm a little nervous. I think I might cry. How are you?”
“Fine. I'm so happy it’s over after today.”
We talk for awhile and I tell him that I think I might fall on the way up the stairs. Soon it is three and we are ready to process in. We get into our robes and were getting ready for procession. I hold on to Cameron’s arm. We start to walk in and I can feel my ankle twist. We get to stand in any order that we want and they will go by that for how we go up and get our diplomas. Everyone goes before Cameron then it’s me. It’s Cameron’s turn to go now. Once he walks across the stage and gets his paper he puts his arms in the air and screams. His family and all of the football team joins in. I sit there and blush for him. Now it’s my turn. I walk up to the steps and there are four of them. I get up the first two and the worst thing possible happens. I tripped and fell straight on my nose. I hear a crack and I know that it broke. Everyone in the audience gasps and I can see Cameron running up to me to see if I'm ok. He helps me up and looks at me. I open my mouth to talk and the blood rushes in my mouth. It’s really embarrassing. Cameron wipes it with his dress shirt. That is why I love him. He will risk getting blood on his expensive dress shirt for me.
“Do you still want to walk?” He asks me. Why wouldn't I?
“Of course I do.” So I take off my shoes and tell him to hold them. I wipe my tears away and get the last of the blood away and walk across the stage with a smile on my face.
I know that I won't need to go to the hospital because Harold is here. He can heal it in under an hour. Once everyone leaves we head to the car and he heals it right in the car. It’s not very hard for me to help him when it’s someone else but when it’s yourself it does hurt. A lot. He told me that he has to break my nose again and then he can put it back in place. I can tell that Cameron doesn't like it. He is pacing around and looking at me to make sure I'm ok. I am not ok. It hurts really bad and I can't wait until he is done.
After Harold is done Cameron tells me to tell Carl I will be back later because he is taking me to dinner in Lambeth. Lambeth is a very expensive place. Once we get to the restaurant I ask Cameron lots of questions.
“Are you sure this is the restaurant? This seems very expensive. Can you afford this? Do you want me to pay for myself? Do-” He stops me with a kiss.
“No you are fine. I got it covered. This is where my father and mother first met.” He smiles at me and kisses my forehead. I smile back and grab his hand. He leads me inside and we head to where the host is standing.
“Welcome to The Four O Nine, how can I help you? Do you have a reservation?” He looks between us. After he looks at Cameron he smiles at me. I can tell Cameron doesn't like it.
“Yes. Smith for two.”
“Your seats are ready sir.” He walks us over to our table. He walks away after he tells us that our waiter or waitress will be with us soon.
Our waitress makes her way over with a huge fake smile.“Hello. My name is Brittany and I will be your server.” She says very annoyed. “Can I get you anything to drink? We have a great variety of wine.”
“We would like some water please.” Cam says for the two of us. That was what I was going to say anyway so I don't mind.
“Ok. I will be right back with that.” She leaves.
“What are you getting?” I ask him.
“My usual. The roast beef. What are you getting babe?”
“I think I'm going to get Quattro formaggi ravioli. Do you know if it’s good? Do you think it would be too much? Is it too expensive?” He smiles at me. It looks delicious.
“That is what my mom usually gets. She loves it. It will be perfect size for you. And no. It’s not too expensive. There is no budget tonight” The waitress comes back and gives us our waters.
“Are you ready to order or do you guys need a minute?”
“I think we are ready.” I say quickly looking at Cam. Afraid I said that too quickly. “I will have the Quattro formaggi ravioli with the wild mushrooms. Please.”
“And for you sir.”
“Just the Roast beef with roast potatoes. Please.”
“Ok. I will get them out to you as soon as I can.”
She walks away and doesn't come back for over a half an hour.
“That took forever!”I tells him after she leaves.
We ate our food and I absolutely loved it. She came back once and that was when we were all done.
“Do you want dessert?” She looks between the two of us.
“I’m stuffed. Cam?”
“No we are finished. Can we get the bill please?”
“Yep. I will get it to you here.” She gives us the bill. I don't get to see it of course.
“I loved that. Thank you hon for tonight.” I kiss his cheek and hold his hand on the way to his car after we paid.
As soon as we get to my house I look at the stairs and Kristen is sitting there. It was only eight. I kiss him and tell him to call me tomorrow. I run up the stairs and once I get half way in the door I turn back around and wave.
“How did it go? Where did you go? What did you eat?” Kristen interrogates me as I walk in the door.
“We went to the Four O Nine in Lambeth. It was great. I had a really good ravioli. How was your night?” It was her and Jon’s one year anniversary.
“Oh I'm so jealous. It went GREAT! He made me dinner and we ate outside under our tree. He is so romantic.” She blushes really bad. I wish that Cameron would do that but, I think he would rather go out.
“That is so sweet. Speaking of Jon. Do you know where the boys are?”
“I think they are in their room. I'm going to sleep. Tell Jon that I am and that I love him.” She walks away and I head to their room.
I find them in their room like she said. I knock on the door. “Who is it?” I hear Mitchell yell.
“Annabel. Can I come in?”
“Of course. Is everything ok?” Jon asks when he opens the door.
“Yeah. I'm fine. I just wanted to see you guys.” Mitchell comes over to me and hugs me. He is the saddest that I am leaving to go to college soon.
“How was your night?” Mitchell asks me inviting me to sit on his bed.
I sit down and tell them the same thing I told Kristen. I ask Jon how his date was. He also says the same as Kristen. Mitchell started to date a younger girl in the house, Kaitlyn. I ask him if he was with her tonight. Of course they were. She is constantly attached to his hip. After about an hour talking to them I go off to my room. As a college student.
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