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The Perils of a High School Super Human

By , Battle Creek, MI
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Chapter 24: Cameron
I woke up today with a smile on my face. Today is the day. The day I'm graduating. Annabel and I have been together for a year and a half now. She and I are both going Birkbeck University of London next year. She is going for designing fashion and I am going with a full scholarship from football and I'm going for business. I got out of bed and get into my dress clothes. It starts at three and we are supposed to be there at two. Right now it is eleven and I have to get ready quickly. I head downstairs and get four pancakes. I sit down on the floor in the kitchen and eat it. My mother comes in and yells at me because I was on the floor in my dress clothes. It gets annoying when I can't even sit on the ground without her yelling at me.
I get up and go fix my hair. My mom finds me again and yells at me for taking too much time. It is one- thirty at the moment and she thinks that we have to leave now. Luckily my grandma is just now getting lunch and won't be done for awhile. I decide to call Annabel and ask her if she needs a ride. She of course didn't. Carl, Kristen, Jon, Harold and Mitchell are going and taking her. My grandma gets ready too quickly and we leave way too early. We get there at a decent time. It is almost two and luckily Annabel is there. She looks beautiful.
“Hey babe. How are you? You look beautiful.” I tell her giving her a hug.
“Thanks! I'm fine. A little nervous. I think I might cry. How are you?”
“Fine. I'm just happy its almost over.”
We talk for awhile and it is already three. We are in our robes and ready to go. We get to walk together thankfully because if she was to walk alone or with someone else I know she would have fallen. The speeches and everything went on forever and finally it was time to walk. I was nervous that she was going to fall on stage as she walks across to get her diploma. Once they call my name I get up and my mum and grandma start to scream. So does the football team. I walk across the stage and grab my diploma. I put my arms in the air and scream. I was so happy that it was done. No longer having to get up and go to school. I can live in a dorm and do whatever I want. Once I get off the stage I go and sit back by Annabel. I was so worried that she would fall up the stairs. They call her name and I knew I had to be worried.
Once she gets to the stairs alright I thought the stairs would give her the most trouble. She gets up two out of the four steps and that third one she didn't realize that it was there. She gets to it and misses it, trips and falls. She hits the fourth step and I can tell that she broke something. The whole crowd gasps and I run over to her and help her up. I take my sleeve and wipe her nose. It is bleeding like crazy.
“Do you still want to walk?”
“Of course I do.” She takes off her shoes and tells me to hold them. She wipes her tears away and walks across the stage with a smile full of blood.
Our graduation doesn't go by last name, just how we line up. So luckily she was the last one. Everyone gets up because it is over and I can tell that Carl wants to take Annabel somewhere so Harold can heal her. But we wait until everyone but my family and her’s are left in the school. Harold starts to fix her nose and I can't look without puking. It was gross but she knew it had to be done and that otherwise she of had to go to the hospital. Apparently hospitals for them are not a good idea to go too.
After Harold was done we were ready to relax. I decided to take Annabel out to dinner. We didn't want to go anywhere near our school so people wouldn't wonder what happened to her nose. We head to Lambeth, London for a high end dinner. We get inside and she asks me a lot of questions.
“Are you sure this is the restaurant? This seems very expensive. Can you afford this? Do you want me to pay for myself? Do-” I stop her.
“No you are fine. I got it covered. This is where my father and mother first met.” I smile at her and kiss her forehead. She smiles back to me and grabs my hand. I lead her inside and head to where the host is standing.
“Welcome to The Four O Nine, how can I help you? Do you have a reservation?” He looks between Annabel and I. After he looks at me he smiles at Annabel.
“Yes. Smith for two.”
“Your seats are ready sir.” He walks us over to our table. He walks away after he tells us that our waiter or waitress will be with us soon.
Our waitress makes her way over with a huge fake smile.“Hello. My name is Brittany and I will be your server.” She says very annoyed. “Can I get you anything to drink? We have a great variety of wine.”
“We would like some water please.” I say. I figured thats all she would want. We are allowed to have wine but we have talked about it and her nor I like the taste.
“Ok. I will be right back with that.” She leaves.
“What are you getting?” She asked me.
“My usual. The roast beef. What are you getting babe?”
“I think I'm going to get Quattro formaggi ravioli.” She smiles. “Do you think it’s too much? Do you know how big it is? Is it too expensive?
“That is what my mom usually gets. She loves it. It’s not that big either. And there is no budget tonight.” The waiter comes back and gives us our waters.
“Are you ready to order or do you guys need a minute?”
“I think we are ready.” Annabel says quickly looking at me. “I will have the Quattro formaggi ravioli with the wild mushrooms. Please.”
“And for you sir.” She looks at me.
“Just the Roast beef with roast potatoes. Please.”
“Ok. I will get them out to you as soon as I can.”
She walks away and doesn't come back for over a half an hour.
“That took forever!” Annabel tells me after she leaves. It did take awhile.
We ate our food and Annabel absolutely loved it. The waitress came back once and that was when we were all done. I don't like when waiters or waitresses only check up on you once.
“Do you want dessert?” She looks between the two of us.
“I’m stuffed. Cam?”
“No we are finished. Can we get the bill please?”
“Yep. I will get it to you here.” She gives us the bill. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would have been. I go up to the counter and pay. They were very nice there and I think that Annabel enjoyed eating there.
“I loved that. Thank you hon for tonight.” She kisses my cheek and holds my hand on the way to my car.
As soon as we got to her house I looked at the stairs and Kristen is sitting there. I was only eight. She kisses me, tells me she loves me and tells me to call her tomorrow. She runs up the stairs and once she is half way in the door she turns back around and waves.
I get home and I can tell that my family wanted me home before this. It was still only eight.
“Where have you been?” My mother interrogates me.
“We went to the Four O Nine. It is only eight. You can still make that dessert that you wanted to make me.” I tell her.
“Why didn't you tell me what restaurant you were going to?”
“Because I didn't know if she wouldn't have wanted to go around here or not. Because of the nose thing. So at the last minute I decided to drive out there and take her to the Four O Nine.”
“Ok. Well I did make that dessert if you want some.”
“Thank you mum. Love you.”
I walk into the kitchen and eat the most amazing tiramisu. It is the best dessert and always will be. I get done with dessert and kiss my mum goodnight. And off to bed after a long day seems to be the best thing.
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