A Summer Love that Lasted

January 14, 2013
By HeyImKaty GOLD, Grand Junction, Colorado
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HeyImKaty GOLD, Grand Junction, Colorado
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"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on."

-Robert Frost

Author's note: The song Do You Remember by Jack Johnson was a big inspiration for this piece because it describes a life long romance that I am immensely jealous of.

The author's comments:
the first chapter basically just introduces the main characters and their backgrounds.

“The truth is we were just two people who weren't supposed to fall in love, but did…”
This is the story of two teenagers, who knew each other their entire lives but never made any effort to get to know each other, but after 15 years of living next door to each other, they finally realized that they were meant to be.

Her name was Juliet Armstrong, she was the typical popular teenage girl, not to tall, fit, beautiful, smart, and of course, a cheerleader, but no one really knew who she was except for the boy next door. No, his name wasn't Romeo, but Tyler Anderson. He was, sadly, an outcast, a skater boy; with his long dark hair and scrapped up knees. Juliet never thought she would fall for a boy like Tyler, in her mind; she was going to marry the school’s football star, Robby O'Neill. In Tyler’s mind he was never going to get married, or fall in love for that matter, to him, his future consisted of going from one girl to the next and making it big as a professional skateboarder.

They both had huge secret crushes on each other forever; they had every class together and almost became friends once. Juliet was almost convinced to start skateboarding, but only if Tyler “taught” her how to, even though she already knew how, because that’s secretly what she loves to do, but then, she figured that if she hung out with an outcast, she herself would become an outcast, and that was simply not an option.

Their dads were the best of friends all throughout school, until Juliet’s dad decided to further his education and go on to college, while Tyler’s dad decided to go into the army. Sadly, Tyler’s dad had died during his service overseas before Tyler was even 5 years old and Juliet’s parents spit up when she was 7. Their parents almost got married, but it just wasn't meant to be so they split up as well. But Tyler’s mom and Juliet’s best friend Miranda’s dad ended up getting married and so Juliet did end up after all spending a lot of time with Tyler, weather she wanted to or not, because he lived with her best friend full time. It wasn't until they went on vacation to California for the whole summer did Juliet and Tyler finally realizes that they really did love each other.

After almost it was a nice, warm, summer evening and the vacation so far was going great. Juliet and Tyler share an amazing talent for not only skateboarding, but for writing. Juliet was just sitting on the beach, looking for inspiration, when Tyler makes the first move and asks to join her, she agrees because she wants to spend time with him without Miranda constantly being the 3rd wheel. Juliet was trying to write a love story (secretly about her and Tyler, but changed the names to Lilly and Milo so if he read it, he wouldn’t figure it out) and Tyler, an adventure story about pirates looking for sunken treasure deep below the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Then, they started to talk and realized that they really did have a lot in common, Tyler told her what he wanted to do when he got out of high school, he wanted to pursue a career in skateboarding and Juliet told him that when she got out of high school, she wanted to go to the university of Texas at Arlington, which only made Tyler that much more in love with her, because he admired her for actually wanting to go to college.

Right when they were really starting to hit it off, Miranda yells out the window, “Come inside! Dinner is finally ready!” its almost midnight and the thought of dinner being ready now just makes her giggle out loud, her giggle sends chills down Tyler’s spine and makes him wonder how could he have known this girl his entire life and not truly fall in love with her until this moment. Before they go inside, they agree to come out here tomorrow night and continue talking and maybe even finish their stories so that they can read each other’s.

All the two can think about all the next day is each other, Tyler constantly thinks about Juliet’s adorable laugh and Juliet constantly thinks about how beautiful Tyler’s bright green eye’s sparkled in the moonlight. That night the two can’t run down to that beach fast enough, once they are all comfortable on the sand, their eyes lock and for a split second they almost kiss, but then they over think it and convince themselves to not kiss even though that’s all they want to do. Once the moment passes they are kind of awkward but only a little bit and they decide to write some more.

They write for almost 2 hours and then they say they are done. Tyler reads Juliet’s and Juliet reads Tyler’s. Tyler’s story makes Juliet not want to stop reading and it’s a cliff hanger ending, Juliet’s love story is so touching, it makes Tyler cry a little bit but being the big tough guy he is, and he hides the tears he thinks it’s about them, but he’s not sure... They give each other feedback and again, lock eyes and almost kiss, but then Tyler’s mom comes out and yells
“Tyler Noah Anderson! It is way too late to be outside! Get inside now! You too Juliet!”
they make a promise to each other that they will try and make it outside to meet every night or so, but inside they say “and hopefully kiss…”
a week of meeting, talking, laughing, and becoming friends, they finally lock eyes and kiss! It was the best dang kiss either of them had ever had, except for the long one after that. After the kiss they just stared into each other’s eyes for a long time and don’t talk for what seemed like forever when all Juliet wanted to do was scream, sing, dance, oh she was so happy, Tyler was just as happy, but all he wanted to do was love and hold Juliet.

They’re love for each other thrived, until one sad, sad day when they were 17 years old. Juliet’s mom had soul custody of her and had decided that they were going to move from Houston, Texas to Sydney, Australia, for “adventure” her mom said. Juliet and Tyler begged and pleaded but Ms. Armstrong’s mind was already made. Tyler vowed to fly to Australia the day he turns 18 so he can reunite with Juliet, but never gets the chance.


They don’t meet again until they are 21 years old, mostly they had forgotten about they’re childhood love affairs and only would remember each other once in a while; when they would hear a certain sound or smell a certain smell. When they are 21, Juliet receives an email from her old best friend Miranda, who is still Tyler’s step-sister, to come and stay for the summer in California like they did when they were 15, Juliet slightly remembers that summer, but once she sees Miranda and Tyler at the airport, it all comes back to her, the kiss, the stories, the love and passion she has for Tyler and runs into Tyler’s arms and asks if he remembers her, all he says is
“How could I forget the love of my life, so are you gonna kiss me or not?”
and they kiss, his lips are just as she remembers them, soft and full.


After they kiss they get in the car and drive to the beach house, where they fell in love 6 years ago. They both turn 22 years old during this summer and on August 17th at 11:30 at night, Tyler takes hold of Juliet’s hand and leads her back to where they would sit on the beach for hours just talking and writing. When they sat down Tyler hands Juliet 4 folded up pieces of paper, when she opens and starts to read it memories fill her mind like tidal waves. It’s the story she wrote about her and Tyler when she was 15.

After she reads it all she does is stare at Tyler and quietly whispers “I love you Tyler Noah Anderson…”
and Tyler hears it like she yelled it and he said the words he has been waiting to say for 13 years,
“I love you Juliet Victoria Armstrong.”

After the amazing words they shared Tyler does the unthinkable, gets on one knee and asks the question Juliet has been waiting to hear ever since she was a little girl,
“Will you marry me Juliet?”.
Juliet wants to say yes but all can do is show it by jumping into Tyler’s arms, screaming and crying with pure happiness and excitement.
“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’?”
“Yes! Oh my God, Yes Tyler, I’ll marry you!”
They share the most romantic kiss that even the most romantic novel ever written couldn’t compare to. Juliet thinks it is all spontaneous but in reality; Tyler has been planning this night for 2 and a half years.

After the celebration, phone calls and lots of hugging and kissing, they all go to bed. But Juliet, still being excited, already starts planning the wedding. She decides that she would like a beach wedding, in early June. She left very quietly to the convenient store to buy wedding magazines; she automatically falls in love with a short, strap-less dress. But then she thinks she is blowing it out of proportion for only the first night, and goes to sleep.

The next morning she shares her ideas with Tyler and he agrees and says that they are great ideas and she will look more than beautiful in the dress she loves. Life is good, especially on their wedding day. June 4. The sun is out but it’s warm, not hot like normal, which is great, a beautiful California day.

The wedding was beautiful, her bridesmaids were wearing short, loose, light blue dresses and the groomsmen were wearing blue and white swim trunks with half-buttoned white shirts.
Her dress. It was short, only to about her knees and real loose below her chest, no sleeves and white. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back into a loose bun with her bangs down.

Tyler was wearing black swim trunks and a half buttoned light blue shirt. They were beautiful together; it was all like a dream to Juliet. Tyler never thought he would get married, but in the back of his mind he would always think that if he ever did get married he would hope that it would be to Juliet.

The wedding’s colors were sky blue and white, the flower, sun flowers, and the music, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz.

They wrote their own vows and it was so touching almost everyone cried.

Even though Tyler can’t really sing very well, actually, he can’t sing AT ALL, but he sings Train’s song Marry Me to Juliet and she can’t help but cry.

After the I do’s, the kiss that joined them together as man and wife, and the congratulating, they all headed to the reception center were they all partied until about seven or eight, when Tyler and Juliet drove home (they had already bought a small house together) to get ready for the flight to Brazil tomorrow for their honeymoon.

Not a lot of people know the details about their honeymoon but they say it was mind-blowing, a honeymoon that belongs in every love story and romantic comedy ever thought of.

Once they got home from the honeymoon life was good, hell, life was great. Tyler often sang to Juliet, she loved it and if you can imagine it, made her fall even more in love with him. He taught her how to play the guitar and he sang her songs like Do You Remember and Lucky by Jack Johnson. Tyler and Juliet knew that they wanted to start a family together and after a year of being married, they started trying to have a baby, Juliet finally got pregnant a year and a half after they were married.

Juliet had their first baby on April 17th at 12:55 a.m. on a Friday. He was beautiful; they named him Luke Isaiah Anderson. Luke was the best baby ever, hardly ever cried and always had a smile on his face. He had bright blue eyes just like his mom. He was smart, not shy at all and was just adorable.

Luke was 4 years old when Tyler and Juliet had their second baby. Her name was Aubri Marie Anderson, she had her on October 8th at 5:27 p.m. she was gorgeous, with bright green eyes just like her father and was a total mommy’s girl.

When Luke was 9 and Aubri was 5 Juliet decided to write a book, she had always wanted to be a writer, she decided that her first book would be started by the story she wrote about Tyler and herself when they were 15. Once the book was published it was an instant hit! It was on the New York Time’s best seller list for nearly 2 months!

After seeing the success his wife had on her novel, Tyler also decides to make a book started by the story he wrote about the pirates searching for sunken treasure in the Atlantic Ocean. It also spends a decent amount of time on the New York Time’s best seller list. Tyler and Juliet both quit their jobs and become authors full time.


After years of pure happiness, Luke is 13 and is quickly becoming an amazing football star, even though he’s only in the 7th grade. Aubri is 9 and is already a phenomenal singer.

Years go by and now Luke is in his sophomore year in high school and Aubri is in 6th grade. Even though he is only a 10th grader, Luke is the high school football star, which makes his father worry because to his father, football stars are not the nicest people, but he has faith in his son and knows that he is a nice boy and wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose.

Aubri astonishes people with her amazing talent for singing and enters every contest she can because she says that it makes her feel as if she is already famous and when she competes, it makes her feel like she is preforming a concert.

People say that Luke looks just like his father when he was in high school, well except for his spiky blonde hair. And people also say that Aubri looks just like her mother when she was in high school except for her curly brown hair.


As years go by, hearts are broken and dreams come true, Luke graduates from high school with honors, and then decides to go on to medical school to become a pediatrician, because he just loves kids.

When Luke leaves high school, Aubri is just starting, sadly without her brother. All though Luke followed in his mother’s glorious footsteps, Aubri does not, however she successfully finish high school, and goes on to go to law school to become a judge.

After both of their children go on with their lives, Tyler and Juliet are still writers but life is defiantly slower, which they like. They go on vacations, long walks on the beach, and dates all the time.

“Why don’t we go to Australia?” Tyler asks Juliet one night. Surprised, Juliet is hesitant to oblige because Juliet doesn’t necessarily have good memories of the outback, often categorizing the country as the place that separated her from the love of her life for years.
“Why?” Juliet finally replies.
“Because it is truly a beautiful place full of adventure. Juliet, we both know how much you love a good adventure.” Tyler persuades.
“Yeah… but Australia was the reason we couldn’t be together for 5 years. 5 years Tyler, that’s an awfully long time to be away from your soul mate…”
“That’s all in the past my dear. You’re mine and I’m yours now and that’s all that matters.” Tyler was always a smooth talker.
After Tyler’s persistence, Juliet gives in and they spend 2 weeks in Sydney.

They decide that the house they bought before they were married, and the house that the kids grew up in was too big for just the two of them so they decide to gift it to Luke and his wife Kat (short for Katrina). Luke and Kat never had children though, sadly, Kat couldn’t have any… So Luke and Kat adopted a beautiful pair of twins they name Angelina and Heidi.

Aubri never did get married. I guess you could say that she never truly found the love of her life like her brother or her parents did. She did become a very successful judge though; becoming the Supreme Court judge. Even though she didn’t marry, Aubri has 2 children, miracles of ex-boyfriends, Michael and Riley.

Juliet and Tyler absolutely love their 4 grandchildren and absolutely adore being grandparents. Tyler and Juliet spoil their grandchildren rotten though, teaching their grandkids that trips to grandma and grandpa’s will always end with a good memory.

Tyler and Juliet write sometimes, only when they have really good inspiration, or if they are on vacation, seems like they can think better away from home. Luke loves sharing his love of football with his nephews. Aubri loves singing for her nieces and she sings anytime she gets, and deep down she regrets not pursuing her singing career instead of law-school. Everyone knows she could have made it big.

Tyler and Juliet truly enjoyed growing old together, going to bingo, going on walks, telling their grandchildren stories about how their grandparents fell in love, long ago on the beaches of California. Also, Tyler, being the wonderful story teller he is, very much enjoys telling his grandsons stories of pirates and sunken treasure. Juliet, also having an imagination of her own, loves telling her granddaughters love stories and stories of princesses and their prince charming's.


As Juliet grew older, she sunk into depression, because sadly, Miranda, Juliet’s best friend and Tyler’s step-sister died. Her depression hurt Tyler badly because he could not bear to see the love of his life in sorrow, so he did everything he could to keep her happy and okay with life. Writing her stories and love songs, taking her on dates, adventures, and staying inside for days watching romantic comedies just to hear her laugh. He succeeded and their lives were peaceful again.

Everyone dreams about finding that one person that you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your life next to and being perfectly happy about it, but few really do. Finding that one person, your soul mate, is like finding a needle in the haystack, not an easy task. Tyler and Juliet definitely did, being together from the delicate age of 15 to the ripe old age of 88. Celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary in the beach house they fell in love in, writing stories for one another to read.

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