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Author's note: I wrote this for Science class- we had the option of taking our topic and turning it into a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this for Science class- we had the option of taking our topic and turning it into a story. So that's what I did! Hope you like it! Please comment!  « Hide author's note
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Revelations and the Start of a New Era

July 21- Thane’s Journal
It’s not possible. It just can’t be. I’m losing my mind, or this is just one gigantic bad dream. There’s no way this has happened.
I keep pinching myself, though, but I’m not waking up.
Mom and Dad are dead. Arrow’s dead. Jake’s dead. Everyone in Grace is dead. Cassie’s dead. Jasper’s dead. Shelt’s dead. And I wish I was too. I’m surrounded by death, and it’s just this close from drowning me.
But why don’t I start
Hope you guys liked it!
from the beginning.
We got in easy enough. The weird part was, and more than just a little suspicious, the two Doppelgangers were already taken care of. They were tranquilized, and unable to do anything. We used the key to get to the Main Area, and Cassie used the key to get into the elevator that led to the labs. We got into the Cloning Area, and Dr. Shelt had looked up at us in utter shock. Jasper sat tied in a chair across from him. He saw us and freaked out.
“I’m sorry I never told you!” he cried. “I just couldn’t tell you! It was too shameful.”
And then there was the general screaming and Shelt fumbling for a weapon. Cassie freed Jasper, and so it was three against one. He screamed for the Doppelgangers, but of course, they were incapacitated. Cassie pulled a move I didn’t think possible for her- she flipped over the desk and pinned Shelt to the ground. When I looked at her after she pulled this maneuver, she just shrugged and said, ‘Five years of gymnastics’.
Then we went through the process of demanding answers from Shelt, he looked at me like I was an alien.
“Arris?!” he yelled. I shook my head violently.
“No. You killed him with your stupid cloning process, remember? My name is Thane. I’m his clone.” I spat at him. Then Dr. Shelt chuckled a madman’s chuckle, and then shook his head slowly. “My dear boy. You aren’t a clone! I remember you, now! You were stolen from your mother when you were fourteen! Don’t you remember that? Don’t you remember this? Your mother is one of my Head Scientists! Don’t you remember Arris, too?” he said. My curiosity was deeper even than my urge to kill.
“What? And… no, I don’t remember anything before I was fourteen.” I said, my tone cold enough to freeze the sun.
“Oh, they must have wiped your memory. Arris will tell you everything.” He struggled to reach into his pocket, and pressed a button. I threw a punch into his face, and he winces.
“What did you do? What?! If it was a call for help, you won’t be able to get it. I’ll just kill you right now!” Then I heard a whirring sound, and a door behind me opened up.
“What, Uncle Shelt?” I heard a bored voice behind. I froze. I know that voice. I turned slowly around, and then I saw my reflection.
He gave me a shocked look, and then ran towards me. I tensed up, and he hugged me.
“Thane? Oh my god- how did you get here- how are you here? I thought you were taken, three years ago!” he yelled.
“Arris?” I whispered. “But… I thought you were dead-” He pulls back, and gives me a quizzical look. Shelt laughs out loud.
“Nephew, allow me. Thane here thought he was a clone- a clone of you. He was told that you were dead, that you were nothing but his stem. When he was fourteen, he was taken by those infernal Resistors, and they erased his memory. He knew nothing.”
Cassie and Jasper edged behind me.
“Oh, you aren’t going to leave, dear Cassie. Or you, Jasper. You aren’t ever going to leave. I won’t lose my son again. Not to anybody, ever. So, Cassie, resign yourself to a slow, painful death, and Jasper… you just aren’t going to leave. And Thane- you have a choice. Stay here with me, or die the same death as Cassie.”
Arris looked between all of us, confused.
“Uncle, isn’t that a little far? Nobody needs to die-”
And it all went to hell from there.
All of the sudden, randomly, two girls and a guy burst into the room.
One of the girls saw my official Resistance stripes on my sleeve, and motioned for me to come over to her. Shelt looked utterly confused.
“Take your people and get out of here. We got this. But leave Shelt.” She spoke with a thick European accent. I motioned for Cassie and Jasper and Arris to come to me. Arris ran over to me, looking in disgust at Shelt. Shelt explodes then. He yelled, his face cherry red.
“If I don’t get to have Jasper, no one does!” he screamed. “He’s my son!”
He leaped for Cassie, and put his hands around her throat, forcing her to the ground. She gasped, and turned as red as Shelt.
“Cassie!” I yelled.
“Leave me!” she choked out. “Save yourselves!” Jasper ran at Shelt, and tried to pry his fingers from her throat. Then the room got suddenly really hot.
“We set the building on fire!” the guy said, his accent as thick as the girls. Jasper pinned Shelt down, but still he could not get him off Cassie. The best he could do was hold him there. Jasper looked at me desperately. I don’t think I will ever forget his face. His eyes filled with an understanding.
“Leave us, Thane. You can’t save all of us.” he begged. Cassie went slack, and slid to the floor. I howled, and the guy and girls dragged me out of the room, Arris following. Then beams started falling to the ground, fiery, and that was the last I ever saw of Jasper and Cassie.
July 23, 8:30 AM- Forest in the Middle of Connecticut
“We can’t stay long,” Aylo says. He was the guy from the Lab. The two girls are Raze, and Nova.
They are clones, but they aren’t under any influence from Scientists. They explained that they were from the European District, across the Pacific. Their Scientist had felt bad, and about thirty clones had been made without having to listen to the Scientists. They had teams all over the states, clones and Resistors, burning down Labs everywhere. And they’re taking us to the Europe to finish the rest of the world.
I don’t know what I’m going to do after that. Maybe I’ll hold all the deceased a funeral, or light a pyre in their memory.
But I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of my life. I’ve spent the entire expanse of my remembered life thinking I was one thing, and I turn out to be another. I’m not sure how I’ll deal. But one thing is for sure:
Things will never be the same. Not for me, not for the Resistance, not for Arris, and most of all, not the world.
I know what I am now, and what I did, and who died for me to do it. And I will always remember that. 17, 16, 98+, 0. These are my numbers now. I’m seventeen. I watched sixteen closest people in my life die. 98+ died in Grace, and I will remember. And zero- it’s the time I will spend to fail protecting who I love, and the world along with them. Maybe there is no point in keeping these numbers- but I will. Forever and always in my heart and mind.
This is Captain Thane signing off. And this is my legacy.
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