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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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What now?

"OH YEAH?WELL I DON'T LIKE TO GET CHEATED!HERE'S A LITTLE GIFT."I say hitting him in his weakest and most important part when it comes to hitting a man and making him unconcious.
Ben howls in pain and falls down.
I quickly run to the left,while Algonso rushes to Ben from the door on the right.Luckily I was in a room which had doors in the left and right side.
I see a baseball bat and I take it.It'll come in handy.
I run to the door.Damn! It's locked. I run to the window.Locked.But wait!There's no drills! If I break the window,I can jump out,since the window is near to the floor.
I swing the baseball bat and hit the window as hard as I can.The glass shatters to pieces and I jump out.
"Come back!"shouts Algonso
"NO WAY!"I shout as I run
I had taken a wallet on the table near the baseball bat and I had enough money to catch a cab and go home.
Once I'm very far from where Algonso lives,I go to the street. I see a car coming but not a cab.I don't want more troube so I don't wave to stop it.
But it slows down.I look at it and then look to the left of the road waiting for a cab.
"Wanna a lift,maam?"asks the driver
I look at him. "PHILIP!"I shout
"Why,do I look like someone else?"asks Philip looking at himself in the side mirror.
"Oh,Philip."I say laughing
"Get in."says Philip "Not the back,the front.I don't want to look like your driver."
I smile.
"You go out somehow.Didn't you?"asks Philip while we drive home
"Used some of those charms we,women have."I say
"What?"asks Philip
"The power to make two men argue,the power to make a guy and angry and spill everything he knows and the power to make a guy get himself unknowingly hit by me."I say with a smile
"Who'd you hit?Ben or the old man?"asks Philip
"Ben."I say "He deserved it."
"Oh yeah.I had enough of his innocent boy-friend acts."says Philip
"You never liked him.Did you?"I ask
"Why should I?"asks Philip "I don't have to give him my loyalty and everything I love.Do I?"
"When did he ask for something you loved?"I ask
Philip smiles.
"Lets go"he says
"Hmm."I say as I let out a big sigh
We reach home and I see my mother and Edward waiting for us outside.
"Clara!"shouts my mother as she runs to me and hugs me.
"Nice to have you back."says Edward
"It feels great to be home,Dad."I say hugging Edward
Edward always wanted me to call him Dad and I guess he deserves it.
My mother and I go to my room and talk about the things that happened.
"So were you scared?"asks my mother
"No,I just told myself that if I'm scared then I can't do anything.So I was able to escape by using my brain."I say
"Yes,you're my clever little girl."says my mother
I smile. "Thanks mom."I say
"Clara,we're going to file a case against Algonso and Ben.We want you to testify."says Edward when my mother and I go down to Edwards office.
"Of course."I say "I'll do anything to see them behind bars."
"I thought you loved him."says Edward
"I thought I did but we never behaved liked lovers and Ben never made mem feel he loved me and I never felt I loved him either.I guess I said yes to him because he was the first to ask me whether I liked him."I say
"Well,I'm glad you understand."says Edward
"Shall I take Clara out?"asks Philip
"Yes sure."says my mother
"Shall we?"asks Philip holding his hand out to me.
"Only if you won't tell me to go home alone."I say
"I'll bring you back.I promise."says Philip laughing
"Let's go."I say with a smile
We go out into the garden and go near Philip's car.
"Where we going?"I ask
"I want to pay my father a little visit."says Philip
"I thought he never wanted to see you."I say
"I didn't say he never wanted to see me.You assumed he never wanted to see me."says Philip opening the car door for me.
"Yeah,you always get away with your words."I say
"Actually their Jackie chan's words from the movie rush hour 1."says Philip getting into the car.
"Just drive."I say laughing
"With joy."says Philip with a smile.
We drive all the way to Philips fathers mansion.
Philip and I go to the door and Philip rings the bell.
A short little man comes and opens the door.
"What may I do for you sir?"he asks as he opens the door.
Philip smiles. "Remember me?"he asks
"Little lord Philip! Oh this is wonderful! When Lord Shelton heard that you were here,he told us to always be prepared to greet you.I must tell him.Come in,my lord."says the little man overcome with happiness.
"That's Dinble.He's in charge of our kitchen,clothes,and pratically everything in the house.He's the only servent who is close to us and we treat him like family.He's such a nice little man."says Philip as we sit down.
Then an old man in a long purple robe came into the room.
Philip got up and I did the same. "This must be Philips father."I think to myself
"Father."says Philip
"Philip,my son.Come here."says Lord Shelton spreading out his hands.
Philip hugs his father. "I'm so sorry for not doing what you want father."says Philip crying
"No,I'm sorry for not listening to you."says Lord Shelton
"I really missed you,father."says Philip
"So did I,sit down and we'll have a nice talk."says Lord Shelton
"Who's this young lady?" asks Philip looking at me
"Clara Boomstorm,Lord Edwards step-daughter.Nice to meet you."I say holding out my hand to him
"Delighted to meet you too."says Lord Shelton shaking my hand.
We sit down and have a small chat.
"We have to go now,Father but we'll come again soon."says Philip after a while.
"Yes.I'll asked Dinble to prepare some sweets for you to take home.Please come home soon."says Shelton as leads us to the door.
"Lord Philip.Here's the sweets.Oh please do come again soon."says Dinble giving Philip a big box of sweets.
After saying farewell to Dinble and Lord Shelton,we get into the car and start to drive back home.
"So when are we going back?"I ask when we reach home.
"You like my Father don't you?"asks Philip
"Yes,he's very nice."I say
"I'm glad you like him."says Philip
"Any special reason?"I ask
"All in good time,Clara.All in good time."says Philip walking away
"What is the good time?"I ask running after him
Philip stops in Edwards office. We go to Edwards office very much these days.With the problems that are taking place,we have to meet eachother and disscuss things a lot.But what does Philip have to talk about now?
In Edwards room,I find Edward and my mother sitting on the big red sofa drinking mango juice that I made and bottled.
"Ah Philip,how was the visit?"asks my mother
"Great.My father forgave me and I can go home anytime but I can't go empty handed.I'll go to my room."says Philip as he walks out of the room.
"What does Philip mean by not going empty handed?"I ask
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