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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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"What?Not more reavealing secrets!"I say tired of all the secrets
Ben laughs. "He's not my father.He's my step-father. When I my father died,my mother married Algonso.Same as your mother and both our step-fathers our lords.We lived a very happy life but when his freindship with your father ended,he grew angry all the time and
he told me to agree with plan and marry you.I never wanted to hurt you or your family."
"Well why did you listen to him then?"I ask "What about your mother?"
"Before I fell in love with you,I was angry with Edward as well,for making Algonso angry."says Ben "My mother doesn't know about these things,she's in the hospital.She is in a shock."
"Why what happened?"I ask
"One day when we were driving home,Algonso got a call from Edward and Algonso hung up with suh an anger that he didn't even drive correctly.He sped up,the carf slipped on the wet road and we dropped into the water.We almost drowned but Algonso and I managed to get ourselves and my mother out of the car.By the time we got out and onto the bridge,my mother didn't say a word and just stared into space.The cops came,took our car out of the water and sent us to the hospital for check-ups.The doctor there said that my mother was in a shock and that she would have to stay there till she recovered her senses.We tried everything,The doctors say that she needs special love and care.The doctor said he would take care of all that but we never had time to go there.Algonso was always busy with his businesses and he never took me to see her.Later we got the message that she had recovered but when she came home,things got worse.She had a lot of mood swings and soon she had an accident in the road and passed away."says Ben "Algonso loved my mother a lot and he's never been the same since her death.I'll try to save you."
"I'm so sorry."I say
"No worries,I saw you send Philip a call and put your cell-phone inside your t-shirt."Ben whispers in my ear.
"You saw what?"I ask "You looked at what I was doing?Gosh,I'm glad I didn't do anything you shouldn't see."
"You should of known that I'd be keeping an eye on you.Especially since I like you.I don't want you to get hurt."says Ben
I didn't know whether or not I could believe that Ben loved me,but I definitely couldn't give up my chance of escape.So I just talked about escaping.
"I know."I say and I raise my eyebrows to tell him that Algonso is coming.
"And don't try to escape for here."says Ben and I know he got my message.
"I see your teaching our little Lady,how she should behave here."says Algonso
"I tried my very best."says Ben "But she's very stubborn."
"Women,my boy,Women.That's what they're like,never listen."says Algonso "You did well,my boy,very well."
Ben smiled with Algonso.I rolled my eyes. Ben loved to be complimented.
I had to stay there for about an hour and it was damn boring. Algonso went on talking about all the things he was planning on doing and Ben kept on trying to impress me, which made me laugh(not out loud) and Alogonso didn't even see him.
"Are we going to stay like the this for the rest of the day?"I ask
"No dear,we are going to give your step father a call and tell him that you're here.Then we're going to get you two married."says Algonso
"He won't worry about it.He obviously agrees with your plan."I say
"Yes but he was showing no intrest in your marraige and that son of Shelton is a big threat."says Algonso
I had no problem in marrying Ben but marrying Algonso's step-son,Ben Frezo was not what I had in mind.
"Oh,so when are we taking this call?"I ask
"Why not right now?"asks Algonso and he takes his phone onto his lap and dials Edwards number.
I've always wanted to use one of those old phones but right now it was not such a good idea.
First Algonso talks with Edward and then he gives me the phone.
"Hello Clara?Are you alright dear?"asks Edward
"I'm alright Edward. I think I'll be able to come home soon."I say
Algonso grabs the phone from my hands and hangs up.
"Wrong turn,Clara."says Algonso "You won't get out of here no matter what happens."
"Absolutely right."says Ben with a wicked smile.
Is this really the guy who said he'll save me?
"What next?"I ask
"Next?Is this some kind of game to you?"asks Algonso
"Game?Life is not a game,Mr.Algonso.Life is a painting,one wrong move and its hard to bring the original image back."I say
"Nice words."says Algonso "But what we want now is not quotes,Miss Clara.What we want now is action.I want you to marry Ben."
"Well then why don't you do it?I'm here,Ben's here.You can get us married anytime."I say
"Wrong,for you two to get married.Edward has to be here and sign a new contract that states that he gives all his property to you and you should sign a contract that transfers all your property to Ben and then obviously to me."says Algonso
"Didn't you finish that off with the previous contract?"I ask
"That contract states that we get his property since he has no family.But now that he's married,all the property will either go to you or your mother and the contract is unvalid."says Algonso
"Well you can just tell Edward to write all his property to Ben and then Ben can give it to you.No need of any marraige."I say
"But my boy likes you and wants to marry you."says Algonso
"Maybe but you are the father.Why listen to your son?"I ask "Threaten Edward like you did before and get everything signed."
"How did you know about the threats?"asks Algonso
"By listening.You learn a lot from listening,Algonso."I say
"I see.We could work it your way and you are right.I am the father and why should I listen to my son?You are smart."says Algonso
"Father!Do you not want my happiness?"asks Ben
While father and son argue I slowly manage to drop the fruit knife on the chair to the floor and loosen the ropes that are keeping my hands tied to the pole I'm resting my back on.
"Hey you done with your fighting?When can I go home?Bring me something to eat."I say
"Oh so what happened to all the talk about you loving me and wanting to help me escape?"I ask
I got him angry so now he'll probably speak the truth.
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