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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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More questions and answers.

They speak something in a different language. I think the old man is Ben's father because they talk with eachother like a son and father.
"Clara meet my father,Lord Algonso."says Ben coming into the room with the old man.
"Pleased to meet you,Clara."says Algonso holding out his hand to me.
"Hm."I say with a smile.
I will have nothing to do with a murderer.
"When someone holds out there hand to you,you take it and shake hands."says Algonso grasping my hand and shaking it vigorusly.
"Yeah,Yeah,I know."I say
"I see. So you're ready to marry my son?"asks Algonso
"Listen Algonso."I start
"Lord Algonso."corrects Algonso
"Whatever,listen if your son didn't bring me here,I would never marry him!"I say
"Well I never! Why is that girl?"asks Algonso
"I will never marry a murderers son!"I say
"Oh so you know?"asks Algonso
"Yes,you killed Edwards maid and tried to frame him for it.But you told him that if he signed a contract that said all his property and belongings will be yours when he dies since he has no family,you wouldn't tell anyone.So he signed it.When Edward married my mother you knew that your contract will be of no use so you sent Ben to marry me.Then you told Edward that if what you want didn't happen,you would kill me and my mother and tell the police that Edward killed us and send him to jail and because of the contract you will be able to have all his property."I say staring at Algonso's eyes.
"Ooooh,smart girl.You've figured it all out haven't you?Not even Edward thought I would kill you and your mother."says Algonso
"So he doesn't know you were going to kill me and my mother?"I ask
"No he did all this to save himself and his property."says Algonso.
"Bastard!"I shout
I can't believe Edward was going to make me marry a murderers son just to save his life and property.
"But you'll kill us anyway,right?"I ask
"Wrong.There you're wrong.That is what we were going to do."says Algonso
"Why you're not going to do it now?"I ask
"Course not! Ben is going to marry you,take all Edwards property and live a happy life. My son says he actually likes you."says Algonso
I look at Ben. So he really loves me. Algonso gets a call and walks slowly out of the room.
"I thought you never loved me."I say looking at Ben
"I thought you thought I loved you when you said yes to me."says Ben
"I did think that but I when I got to know about this,I thought it was all a big lie."I say
"Who told you about this?"asks Ben "Philip right?"
"No,I listened to the conversation between you and Edward and Philip and Edward."I say
"That's a very bad habit.You've been a very naughty girl,Clara."says Ben "That's why I love you so much.You never give up till you know what you want to know and you would do anything to get what you want."
"You've learned a lot about me haven't you?"I ask
"Yes,I always search on people I love."says Ben
"Quit it,Ben.You never loved me and never will!"I say
"Nonsense!How can you know what I feel?"asks Ben
"If you really loved me,you would never try to kill me!"I shout
"Quiten down,Algonso will hear."says Ben
"Why do you call your father,Algonso?"I ask
"He isn't my father."says Ben
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