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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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What next?

Philip nods.
"who wants a nice cup of cooled mango juice?"asks Ben
"Mango juice sounds nice."I say with a smile
"Mmm."says Philip
"You two relax in the pavilion while I bring the mago juice."says Ben and he turns around to go
"Aren't you tired?"I ask
"Not as much as you two are from running and coming up with things to say at the meeting."says Ben with a smile and he goes to the kitchen
"He's so nice."I say with a smile
Ben comes to the pavilion with our mango juice.We take it and it tastes awesome!
"Let's go for a walk."I say
We get off the pavilion and go for a walk in the garden.
"So what are we going to do next?"asks Ben
"Dunno.We'll have to wait till those men give us a call and an appointment."I say
"I hope they call soon.I can't wait to see our product launched."says Philip
"Tell me why you two joined this."I say
"For the fame."says Philip "I need it to finally convince my father that I can be the son he wants me to be and maybe I might stirke luck with a girl as well,you know."
"Philip!"I say laughing
"What?Girls like famous guys don't they?"asks Philip
"Maybe but even if a girl does,you can't really tell if she loves you or your money so don't use fame for luck with girls."I say with a smile
"You're probably right.But I still want the fame."says Philip and he sounds like such a baby that I can't help laughing.
"Oh Philip."I say as I laugh
"And what about you Ben?"I ask
"I don't know.I'm doing this cause you wanted to."says Ben
"What?What am I then?Not an angel?"asks Philip
"Well you're in for the fame not for me."I say
"But I'm still in it.I can just as well do something else."says Philip "I'm in this for you too.You know."
"Really?I thought you were in it for the fame."I say with a smile
"You're my second reason.You are my sister and I do love you."says Philip
"Oh,I'm so sorry."I say
Then my mother came into the Garden.
"So how did your meeting go?"asks my mother
"Brilliant!They agreed!"I said
"OH I'm so happy for you."says my mother giving me a hug
"Care if we join?"asks Philip
We nod
"GROUP HUG!"shouts Philip as we hug eachother.
It was the most fun I had after coming home and I really enjoyed it.
"Good luck you three ."says my mother as we go out of the house.
"Thanks."we say waving to my mother
We went to the meeting and the men said that they were ready to activate 'THE EDUCATIONER' in three more months.We sign an agreement,get an advance,bank the advance and come home.
I don't know if this is all my imagination but I feel that Ben has changed after the agreement.
"Is there anything wrong,Ben?"I ask
"No just leave me alone.I need to think."he says
I'm shocked.How can Ben be so mean to me?
"What's up with him?"asks Philip as I join him
"Probably trying to think of a way to spend his money."I say but I don't think that's the real reason.
"Looks to me like he doesn't need you anymore."says Philip
"I don't know but you could be right.I mean,Ben has been acting very strangely these days."I say
"Keep an eye on him."says Philip
"Yup.So what are you going to do now?"I ask
"What's the difference now?"asks Philip
"Hello? We're going to be famous !"I say "I thought you wanted the girls to like you."
"Well I've let go of that idea now."says Philip
"Really?Why?"I ask
"Well I think I have other plans and there's so much on my mind these days that I don't have time to think about girls."says Philip
"Oh yeah?What do you have to think about so much?"I ask
"You probably shouldn't know."says Philip
"Why?"I ask
"You'll get tangled in a lot of questions and answers.You'll be very confused."says Philip
"Tangled into what?"I ask
"I spoke too much."says Philip and he quickly walks away
"Tangled into what?"I ask myself and I can't seem to find the answer
I look at Philip running towards the house. I turn back to look at Ben whose coming behind me very slowly. I don't know what to do.
Talk to Ben and maybe get scolded,talk to Ben and maybe get answered,talk to Edward or mother and get more entangled in whatever Philip meant,or just let time solve things on its own.
"What are you thinking so much about?"asks Ben coming close to me
"So have you cooled down?"I ask
"Sorry about before."says Ben
"It's okay."I say but I didn't feel okay. Not at all okay.
"So what were you thinking about?"asks Ben
"Well,I asked Philip what he was thinking so much about and he said that if he told me,I would get tangled in a lot of questions and answers.I don't understand what he meant.That's what I was trying to figure out."I say looking at Ben "You have any idea?"
"No,I have to go."says Ben quickly walking away just like Philip
I run after him but I don't let him notice me. There's something really big going on and I can smell it.(Okay not smell it,feel it,Okay?)
I know that I said I loved Ben but we never acted like we loved eachother.I wonder why I ever liked him.He seems to be after something.
Anyway that's how I see it and maybe not the way things really are.So let's just see.
I walk behind Ben and I see him going upstairs to Edwards office without even knocking. I slowly go to the door and listen.
Mothers not at home so there's nothing to fear.
"Why didn't you knock?"asks Edward
"Knock?How can I even think of knocking when there's so many things to think of?"asks Ben
He was shouting at Edward.The nerves of the guy!
"Why,what's happened?"asks Edward
"What's happened?Philip has told Clara something about us."says Ben'
"Did she tell you?"asks Edward
"She said that Philip told her that if she knew about the girl he loved she would be tangled in a lot of questions and answers."says Ben
"What in the world is happening?"asks Edward
"If I don't marry Clara,I will never be able to get your land.So do something and make this Philip guy shut up!"shouts Ben and he starts to come towards the door.
I quickly get inside the bathroom nearby and slowly close the door.I watch him leave.
Edward comes out of his office scratching his head.
Then who's Ben and why did he need Edwards land?
Edward sends a messege to Philip telling him to come to his office room.
"Philip.Have a seat."says Edward
"Why did you call me,Uncle Edward?"asks Philip
Uncle Edward?Why did Philip have to call his father,Uncle Edward?
"I hear you've told Clara about our plans."says Edward
"I swear I haven't Uncle."says Philip
"Well then let's keep it that way.Cause I brought you here to help me carry out this plan and make Clara fall in love with Ben. Not make her fall in love with you and ruin my plan."says Edward
"I know and I did not say anything to Clara."says Philip
"Very well Philip.You may go."says Edward
Philip turns towards the door and then turns to Edward again.
"Is it okay if I ask something, Uncle?"asks Philip
"Yes."says Edward
"Why do we have to listen to Ben?Can't we go against his orders?"asks Philip
"We could,my boy.But if we do,our entire Mansion,all our workers and everything we have will be taken away from us.Even our lives.Especially our lives."says Edward
"Our lives,Uncle?"asks Philip
"Yes,long ago Ben's father and I were best freinds.We did everything together but one day Ben's father went against my rules,we had an argument and Ben's father didn't talk to me since. I thought we could be freinds again and forget everything but Ben's father didn't forget anything."says Edward
"What happened,Uncle?"asks Philip
"Ben's father came to my house.strangled my house maid and said that he would tell everyone I did it if I did not sign a contract with him which stated that all my property will go to him when I die since I have no family."says Edward
"Didn't the maid have a family?"asks Philip
"No.Her parents had died when she was about 16 years old,she had no siblings and all her relatives were uncontactable.She came to work for me since her parents death."says Edward "Ben's father buried the body and I signed the contract."
"So you signed it,Uncle."says Philip
"Yes but when I married Clara's mother,the contract was no longer valid since now I have a daughter.But Ben's father sent his son to me,so that Ben could marry Clara and all the land would be his."says Edward "If I don't give Clara to Ben,they would tell the police about the murder and frame me for it."
"How can I help you Uncle ?"asks Philip
"You know everything now.So speak of this with no one and make sure Clara keeps on loving Ben."says Edward
I heard enough.I go down the stairs to my room and I lie down on my bed.
Everything I belived in,loved,and knew was all a big lie. Ben didn't love me . Philip wasn't my brother and their was a problem that I had to solve and save myself from.
There's a knock on my door.I wonder who it is.
"Clara?Can I come in?"asks Philip
"Yeah."I say
Here comes the other liar.
"What are you doing here all by yourself?"Philip asks me
"Thinking."I say
"About what?"asks Philip sitting down at the side of my bed. "Something you can't tell your brother?"
"Stop it,Please!"I say
"Stop what?"asks Philip
"Stop lying! Just stop.Don't you ever get tired of lying?"I ask
"Lying?When did I lie to you?"asks Philip
I can't stand it when people lie to me.
"You've lied to me since the day I met you!"I say and I guess I was shouting
"Quiten down,Clara."says Philip "Who says I've lied to you?"
"I heard everything you and Edward talked about."I say
Philip looks down. "You're not really Edwards son,are you?"I ask
"No,I'm Lord Shelton's son. When I went to Paris,my father gave up on me....." says Philip but I stop him.
"Because you didn't do what he wanted you to do. So that part was true?"I ask
"Yes,it was."says Philip "When my father gave up on me,I stayed in Paris and tried to work things out my way.But I was the son of a lord not someone who was used to working.I wasn't that good in art and there were no jobs for me in Paris.I decided to come back but before going to my father,I came to my father's best freind,Lord Edward."says Philip
"Then Edward told you to help him and you told me you were Edwards son and tried to make me fall in love with Ben."I say
"Yes and it worked.You said yes to Ben."says Philip
"Yes I did but I didn't love him. I guess I never felt liked I loved him.I don't know why I ever said yes to him."I say
"Really?You don't like him?"asks Philip "Then why did you tell him you liked him?"
"Maybe because he asked me and I liked him as a freind.I thought I was doing the right thing." I say
"Let's go out.The others might be looking for us."says Philip
I follow Philip
"Where have you two been?"asks Ben coming towards us while we're walking in the garden.
"Just walking around the garden."I say
"Alone?"asks Ben
"No,with my brother."I say
"Yeah right."says Ben "Let's go"
"Where?"I ask.
"Somewhere away from your brother."says Ben
"Wait a sec I need to go to the washroom."I say and I run to my room.
In my room,I send a message to Philip's phone saying "Philip,I don't know what this guy is up to but I have to be ready.Attach a voice recorder to your phone's speaker and when I call you keep the call on.Don't hang up if I don't talk cause everything will be recorded in the voice recorder."
"Sure,I'll do just that.You go with him and don't worry.I know I can't stop you once you've made up your mind to do something."says Philips message
I come out of my room and Philip's not there.
"Where's Philip?"I ask Ben
"He got an message and he went away.I guess it's from his girlfreind."says Ben
"We don't have to go anywhere now do we?I mean Philips gone right?"I ask
"Yes but I need to take you to a place where no one can hear you scream."says Ben
"Quiten down."says Ben
I struggle and try to break free but Ben drags me away and pushes me inside a big white car.
While Ben drives,I quickly take out my phone and give Philip a call and I put my phone in strap-pocket I have in the inside of my t-shirt.
(I have a hidden pocket in each of my t-shirts.Just in case.I can't belive it actually came handy!Good thinking huh?)
"What are you doing?"asks Ben looking back
"You wrinkled my t-shirt.I'm just adjusting it."I say
"You never change,Clara."says Ben laughing and he turns to the front again
Ben takes me to a very big house and an old man meets us there.
They go out of the room.
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