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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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Life goes on.(6 years later)

"When I danced with you that day at the ball,I never thought that you were my sister."says Philip
"I never thought that you would be my brother when I was scolding you."I say
"You scolded me?"asks Philip
"Yeah."I say
"why?"he asks
"Because you told me to go out of the dance floor alone."I say
"But you said you wanted to."says Philip
"I wanted to go out with you cause we started to dance together and we should stop together."I say
"That's not such a good rule."says Philip
"Well then you should of told me to go in a different way."I say
"Silly girl."says Philip giving me a light push
"Ow!Hey,don't ruin my mood.This is the first day that I'm going home after college and after graduating and I want to be happy."I say sternly
"Ooh,cool down sis.Wanna cool drink?"asks Philip
"Yes please."I say
Philip looks worried.
"What is it?"I ask
"I forgot to put those drinks into the bus today."says Philip with a worried look and an innocent smile.
"PHILIP!"I shout
When we go home and talk with Ben about the new project that we were planning to show to the sponsors.
"So we're going tommorow?"I ask
"Yeah let's get up early.We should be there by 8:15 for the meeting."says Ben
"Okay so I'll set the alarm and go to sleep."I say
"Yeah you should do that or you'll sleep for a long time because of your tiredness."says Philip
"Yeah.So I think I'll go get some sleep now."I said yawning
I say goodnight to Philip and Ben and I go to my room.
I'm so tired that I fall asleep at once.
Oh why does my cell phone have to ring so early in the morning?
"Hello?"I say sleepily
"Hello sleepy head! Get up it's 8 in the morning!"says the voice
"What oh no! I'm late!"I say
"You're damn right! You are late!"says the other person
I keep my cell phone on it's holder.Then I pick it up again.
"Call me in ten minutes."I say
"Sure thing."says the other person who I think is Philip
I rush to the washroom,brush my teeth,wash my face and I wear my coat kit.
My phone rings
"Ready yet,sleepy head?"asks the person
"Yeah and don't call me sleepy-head,Philip."I say
"Oh so you know who I am?"asks Philip "Okay then I'll come out."
"Yeah. Sure"I say walking out of my room.
I meet Philip outside my room.
"The meeting starts at 8.15 and it's already 8.05 now!"says Philip
"Oh no we're late!" I say running beside Philip
"Correction,you're dead!"says Philip
"Thanks you make me feel better."I say
We run and run and at last we see the top of the building we were supposed to have the meeting.
I get a call.
"Yeah what's up?"I ask panting
"Where are you?I can't keep them here any longer."says Ben
"Okay try to hold them for 5 more minutes.We're coming in the express."I say
"Yeah right,the express on two feet."says Ben
I guess he heard me panting.
"Gentleman,My freinds are on their way to this room."says Ben just as we hang up
"Ben really knows how to lie."I say to Philip
Philip smiles "He is your boyfreind."
"I did teach him a few ways to keep people waiting."I say with an innocent smile
"That's shows where he got it from. The poor guy's even learnt how to lie bieng with you. I guess it's his bad luck."says Philip with a laugh while we get into the elevator
"Quit it,Philip!"I say pushing him a little
"Just a joke!"He says
We get out of the elevator and quickly walk to the meeting room.
"Gentleman your patience has not gone to waste,may I present Clara and Philip."says Ben as we walk into the room
"Good morning Gentleman,sorry we were late the traffic was tough."I say quickly going into the room and shaking hands with the men
Philip just follows me and I see that he was amazed by my quickness.
"And where do you come from?"ask a bald man
I see that he was trying to reveal my lie and he was very cunning,
But I'm much more cunning.
"From wherever the traffic is."I say
"What do you have to show us,Clara?"asked a tall man before the bald man could say anything else.
"Gentleman,I present to you 'THE EDUCATIONER' "I say showing a small laptop
"What does it do?"asks the tall man
"Just watch this,getleman and let it answer your questions."says Philip
PRESENTATION STARTS...................................
Tired of marking books? Tired of writing notes?Tired of a heavy bag?
Well then you should have 'THE EDUCATIONER' with you.
It corrects every assessment with the voice command of the teacher or user.
Memorizes and records notes and the notes can be played,rewritten and reused.
It even records a lesson that the teacher tells it and plays it anytime you want.
The lesson would sound as if it is being said live.
All a student has to do is study the notes and prepare for the exam.
Another good thing about the educationer is that it comes with it's own surveillence cameras.
A student can do the exam right at home and turn on the cameras before they start.
If they do not turn it on then the exam paper would not be accepted.
Once the candidate finishes the exam or the time period is finshed,the exam is sent to the email address of the prespective teacher.
The student gets the results and the child is either promoted to the next class,term or is detained.
The teachers recieve payment through mail or western union for submitting notes and for conducting lessons online.
Why spend money on buildings,desks,chairs and equipment when you can learn right at home?
PRESENTATION ENDS....................................
"Hmm,Catchy but is it possible?"asks the bald man
"Of course we can activate it in one month ."says Ben
"It does have it's disadvantages."says the tall man
"But don't we all?Have our faults I mean.Sure we do but do we let that ruin a thousand of good things in our life?NO! The disadvantages are small,sir but the good that this can do is enormous."says Philip
"Well if you look at it that way..........."says the bald man and he turns to look at the tall man "I believe you just won your point my boy.I say yes to this project.What about you peter?"
"Yes."says the tall man
"Thank you Gentleman.Then it's settled."I say shaking hands with the men and Ben leads them out.
"You did it !"says Ben coming into the room and looking at me
"No,we did it and we have to thank Philip for coming up with a great idea of how to vanquish the disadvantages otherwise it wouldn't have worked."I say
"Thanks Philip."says Ben patting Philip on the back
"You did it!"I say giving Philip a hug
"I did it?Really?Oh yeah I did.I just can't believe I did it.But I couldn't of done it without you two."says Philip
Alright if none of you want to take the credit then I might as well say that I did all the work and you two just stood there or shall we say that we did it together?"asks Ben
"Together."I say
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