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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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I get up at a time which I can no longer sleep and I get washed and wear some nice clothes.
What time is it? 7am! Wow seems like last night really tired me out!
Oh look a call from Philip! Wait a minute,how did he get my mobile number?
"Hi Clara how are you?"asks Philip
"Fine but how did you get my mobile number?"I ask
"I just went through my fathers phonebook and found your number and I wrote it down."
"Correction ,you looked at it without his permission."I said correcting him
"Yeah,yeah,so I sneaked into his drawer and looked at his phonebook.So what's the big deal?I didn't steal anything right?"asks Philip defending himself
"Well we can't be so sure can we?Besides you could of asked Edward for my number."I say
"Do you really think Edward would give me,the son he gave up on,his newest beloved daughters phone number?You must be joking.Edward may be your step-dad but he wouldn't do anything to hurt you."says Philip
"He loves me that much,huh?"I ask a little guilty cause I don't really love him like that.
"Yeah it's the first time after my mother died that I saw my father so much in love with a woman.He loves you like he loves me.My father may be a lord but he is very simple and understanding.He's someone you find out of a million."says Philip and I think he's crying. "I messed up,Clara and I don't want you to do the same."
"You're a good brother."I say
"Shall I come over to your house?"asks Philip
"Yeah sure."I say "Where are you now?"
"Right now,I'm in your garden."says Philip with a smile
"I'll be there in a minute."I say putting my mobile phone in my pocket and go out of my room.
"What's with the bags?"I ask giving Philip a big hug
"Whoa,so you're used to hugging me now,aren't you? Any girl would love to hug a handsome looking guy like me."says Philip with a big smile
"Just shut up! I hugged you because you're my brother."I say giving Philip a soft punch.
"Alright little sis.I know that you were just being a loving sister."says Philip patting my head.
"So what's with the bags?"I ask
"My father finally forgave me."says Philip
"That means you're staying?"I ask hugging him again
"Yes,yes,Whoa I didn't think you'd be so happy."says Philip with a smile
"Wouldn't I like it when my brother that I met comes to stay with me forever?"I ask
"Maybe you do darling,maybe you do."says Philip
"Come on let's go find your room."I say
"Lead the way little sister."says Philip keeping his hands on my shoulder and letting me lead the way.
Philip and I laugh while we go and he still holds on to my shoulders.
"Just stop making me laugh!"I say to him as we climb the steps.
"You look pretty when you laugh."says Philip
I turn back and smile at him. "Thank you."I say
"Where are you two going?"asks Ben
I turn around quickly.
"Oh,HI Ben ! Clara is just taking me to where my room is."says Philip with a smile
I look at Ben and I see that he's not happy but I didn't want to make matters worse by explaining things to him at that moment.
"Does that mean you're staying here?"asks Ben displeased
"Yeah."says Philip smiling with me
"This is going to be fun."says Ben leaving
"What's the matter with him?"asks Philip
"He thinks that we two are together."I say
"Really?I mean he's misunderstood everything.You should tell him the truth.But maybe a little later."says Philip
I look at him. Is he really my lost brother?Why didn't my mother tell me about it and why does Ben suspect us?
"What are you thinking about?"asks Philip
"It's just that my mother didn't tell me that Edward has a son yet."I say looking at Philip in the eyes.
"Lovely painting isn't it?"asks Philip going towards a painting avoiding my question.
"So why do you think she didn't tell me yet?"I ask
"Maybe she didn't get to know yet."says Philip
"Why?"I ask
"Let's just say that old Edward still doesn't know how to tell his new wife about the son he has from another marraige."says Philip
"I understand."I say
"You been through that?"asks Philip
"No but I understand what it feels like."I say
"You understand what others feel don't you?"asks Philip
"Yeah I guess it comes to me naturally."I say with a smile.
"Naturally indeed."says Philip
"Thanks Philip you make me feel better."I say
"I thought that was what big brothers are for.That's what they are for right?"asks Philip acting like a little boy who was unaware of anything that happens in the world.
"Seriously Philip,you're acting like a ten year old.I meant what I said."I say
"I know you did,kiddo,I know you did."says Philip giving me a big hug.
"You're nice."I say with a smile
Philip smiles back.
I let Philip get a rest and I go to the kitchen to see if Ben is alright.
"Can I have some mango juice?"I ask
Ben turns around. "Get it yourself,it's in the fridge."he says
I go to the fridge and I take out the mint tea.
"So you still angry with me?"I ask sitting down and drinking the mango juice.
"Any reason why I shouldn't?"asks Ben
"Well Philip and I are brother and sister."I say
"You're mother has a son?"asks Ben turning around and sitting in the chair in front of me.
"No,Edward has a son whom he hasn't spoken about since his son went to Paris."I say
"Then it's true."says Ben
"What's true?"I ask
"When I was small,my mother said that Lord Edward had a son and that he was the best lad she had ever seen.She would often tell me stories of his childhood until he went to Paris with his aunt to study and that Lord Edward didn't like him learning in Paris.My mother told that Lord Edward was so angry that he never mentioned his sons name ever again.It was always just a story to me. My mother told me that no matter what anyone said,Lord Philip would always do what he wanted to do."says Ben looking at me with fascination. "Lord Philip was always my idol."
"Why is that?"I ask
"Because he did what he wanted and nothing stopped him."says Ben
"Yeah he didn't even listen to his father."I say with a smile
"Now I'm right here with the stepsister of my idol.Oh no,I was so cruel to my own idol."says Ben dissapointed
"Don't worry.He said he totally forgives you."I say with a smile to make Ben feel better.
"I shouldn't of said what I said."says Ben more dissapointed than before.
"I understand you said that because you were angry but why were you so angry?"I ask
Ben gets up and I get up too.
"What is it,Ben?"I ask keeping my hand on his shoulder
"You don't understand."says Ben "I love someone."
"Who?And what does she have to do with this?"I ask
Ben turns around and faces me.
"She's the main character in this problem."says Ben looking at me
"Who?"I ask
"You."says Ben still looking at me
I smile "Really?Are you willing to run a bit to prove it?"I ask
"Maybe.Get ready cause I don't let go of what I caught easily."says Philip running after me.
I run and run and stop near the lake.
"Aghh!"I shout as I lose balance and fall into the water.
"CLARA!"shouts Ben as he jumps into the water after me.
"Where are you,Clara?"asks Ben searching for me in the water.
"Here my dear."I say as I cling onto Bens shoulders.
"Does this mean yes?"asks Ben turning his head to look at my face.
"Did you ask a question?"I ask climbing onto the bank and going into my room which used to be the pavilion.
"Maybe,yeah."says Ben
I smile at him.
"Get changed.Let's watcha movie."I say
I go into my washroom and get changed and Ben goes into his room and get's changed as well.
Then he comes to my room to watch a movie.It was kind of like a tradition between us.Since he didn't have a television in his room,he would come to my room to watch a good movie.My parents gave us permission.
"What harm is there in watching a movie together once a week?"asked my mother when I had asked her about that before.
Edward only nodded and I'm not angry with him cause I knew he wanted the best for me and I kind of liked him too.
"Nice movie,right?"asks Ben after the movie
"Yeah."I say
"I saw you crying.My shoulder is wet from your tears."says Ben
"It had such a sad part,and sad things make me cry."I say with a smile
"I know."says Ben "I know.But you still didn't answer my question."
"You never asked question."I say
"Well shall I ask now?"asks Ben
"Ask."I say
"Clara would you like to love me and let me love you?"asks Ben
"What do you mean?"I ask
"Oh come on,make it easy for me will ya?I'm trying to tell it without saying the word.I'm nervous."says Ben
"Well I want you to tell the word."I say "Otherwise how can I answer you?"
"Okay."says Ben and he faces me and holds my hand and looks into my eyes. "I love you Clara.What do you say?"
"Umm,You didn't really ask me anything."I say puzzled
"Ohhhh,Clara I love you,so will you be my girlfreind?"asks Ben a little annoyed
"Yes,sweety.You look so sweet when you're angry."I say messing Bens hair."
"Quit it!"says Ben laughing
I give Ben a big hug and I go out of my room and cross the bridge and go to the pavilion.
"What was that for?"asks Ben coming after me onto the pavilion
"Because I love you."I say looking at the water shyly
"Oh then you don't mind me returning it do you?"asks Ben hugging me and looking out at the water.
"It's a good idea that Edward put the pavilion in the middle of the lake.Isn't it? The view from here is beautiful."I say nestling in Ben's arms
"Not as beautiful as you."says Ben
"Really?"I ask shyly
"Mhhm."says Ben
"Let's go inside the house.I feel tired."I say
"From what?Watching a movie?"asks Ben
"No,from admiting my love,revealing yours and making you go red like a girl!"I say and I run towards the house
"Oh really?"asks Ben running after me
I run and stop near Philip who's turns around to the noise of my running.
"Whoa! What's the rush,sis?"He asks
"Nothing just running."I say with a smile
Ben stops near me and I look at him.
"I'll go to my room."I say "I bet you two have things to discuss."
I go to my room and I hear Ben apologizing to Philip and telling him about me and him.
"Really?You two together?GREAT!"says Philip
In Edwards office,I tell my mother and Edward everything about me liking Ben and him liking me.
You know what?
They said that they were happy for me and that they have no problem with it.
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