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Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
Author's note: Enjoy,I had a hard time publishing it!
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I'm Lady Clara of sirmonshire.
You may think that since I'm a lady,I'm very old and boring.
But I'm just a 16 year old girl who doesn't know a thing about being a proper lady.
Then again why should I?
I never asked to become a lady and I never told my mom to marry a lord did I?
Yesterday I was Clara the fun loving girl and now I'm Lady Clara of sirmonshire.
Two different names and places but it's the same me and I don't know how I can forget that.
My mother keeps on telling me to act more like a lady but somehow she forgot to give me lady lessons!
"Sweety,you really have to act more like a lady."says my mother
"I know mother but it's not easy for a city girl to turn into a lady."I say
"I know but I've been through so much since your father went to heaven and life is just starting to be better."
"I understand mother but I just need a little time to adjust."
"I know and you can take all the time you need if you're really trying to adjust."
I smiled and she hugged me.
"Oh baby.I just wish your father didn't have to go but Edward is a nice guy."
"I know."
My mother left my room and I am alone.
I think of all the days that I saw her crying when fathers company called and told that they had nothing left to do but take away the money that dad saved because they thought that dad had to pay them some damn debt. I hated every man in that company since.
My mom found a job but it's not enough to support a growing girl and herself in a country with high expenses.
She left her job and started to teach a nursery and then she met Edward when he came to pick up his niece.
So I get dressed in my big puffy cotton dress with a slik dress underneath,comb my hair,put on my necklace and I go down to where the party is.
Eventhough they call it a party, this is just a boring meeting type of party with no music and no dancing.
Lords from different places and their wives were busy talking about what happens in everybody else's lives and about how they can make it worse.
"Excuse me."says someone
"Um,you're stepping on my shoe."said the guy
"I'm so sorry." I say " This is my first time in a boring party like this and I was so bored that I didn't see you."
Oh no,why is the guy looking down?
"No offense right?"I quickly ask
"No no. I totally agree."he says with a smile
I smile too.
We start to talk.
"Wanna dance?"asks Philip (That's the guy's name.)
"But no ones dancing and this music is so slow."I say
"Who cares ? We dance with our feet not theirs right?"
I nod
"So then what are we waiting for?Besides you don't need music to dance,just follow me." he says and he makes it look so easy.
"Okay then let's give it a try."I say
I go with him to the dance floor and I hold his hand and start to dance.
"This isn't so bad."I say after sometime
"I told you it will be alright.Look some others are starting to dance too ."
I look around me and it's true.
Almost everyone is dancing.
"Wow we really stole the party."I say
"I don't really know if we stole the party but we really got their attention." He says
"Yeah."I say with a smile "But can we stop dancing now?I feel like I've had enough."
The guy smiles. "Sure but you can go alone." he says
Uggh ! What? Where did all the mister nice guy stuff go,huh? Okay,I can go alone but I would of liked to go out together like we came in together.
So much for thinking he was nice.
"So how was the party?"asks Ben (the kitchen boy)when I went to the kitchen
"Not so great."I say with a sad baby face
Ben laughs. I smile
"Well we don't have to make the whole night bad because of it,do we?"asks Ben
"I guess so.But how better can this day get?"I ask sitting down on a chair and resting my head on hands.
"Well seems like you've been through a rough time."says Ben
It takes a little while before he asks me "Care to share it with me?"
I look at him as he comes close to me,I see for the first time how handsome he really is. For a kitchen boy,he looks like a prince.
"So what ya say?"he asks
He was sitting in front of me keeping his chair in the wrong way so that the front of the chair is facing away from me.
His keen eyes make me want to pour out everything,his lips grow into a beautiful smile and his attention is all mine.
"I don't know."I say
"Oh sure,I understand that you wouldn't want to talk to the kitchen boy about your problems.Would you?"he asks looking sad
I feel terrible that he misunderstood me.He's starting to get up from his seat.
"Please stay. It's not that I can't tell you,I'm just not used to talking to anyone about my problems before."I say and I stop him by lightly touching his hand.
He sits down slowly "Well you can trust me." he says
I tell him everything about the dance and what happened in the party. I even tell him about how hard it is for me to be a lady and how it all happened. Seriously ! No one except my mother knows about it !
"Wow it must be hard for you."he says and I think he really mean it.
"Yeah it is hard at times but I' ve learnt how to handle it."I say
"That's the way you should be."says Ben "Strong as a bull even if a thousand men are pushing you.Girl that's what you should be."
"A bull?"I ask "You compared me to a bull?"
"Oh no,Clara is getting angry. It's going to be a disastor and I should run."says Ben getting up and taking a few steps back
"Guess this is where I chase you right?"I ask and I walk towards him holding up my heavy dress by the tip.
"Guess so."says Ben taking some more spaces back
"Then here I comee."I shout running after him
Ben laughs and runs and I chase him. My dress pulls me down and I lift it lightlt by the tip and try to run.
Then I take off the big skirt of my dress so that there's only the silk dress is left. Now I can run and that's what I'm doing
"Gotta! "I say taking hold of Ben's hand
"Oh no,you didn't ."says Ben falling into the lake
It's shivering cold!
"Ben!"I shout
"What?You can't swim?"he asks
"Of course,I can! I just wanted to say that I caught you."I say with a smile
"How?"he asks
"I'm still holding your hand."I say with a smile
Ben laughs and we get on the grass near the pavilion
"You never lose.Do you?"asks Ben
I shake my head
"Never!" I shout
Ben laughs,I smile.
I shiver with the cold as we sit on the grass and Ben looks at me.
"You cold?"asks Ben
"It's okay,a small chill won't hurt."I say
"Come on,you can't stay out here cold."says Ben
"No,let's stay a bit longer.I like it here."I say
"Wait then."says Ben and he runs away
Ben comes back with a big thick blanket and he sits down.
"Here cover yourself with this."he says
"What about you?You're wet too."I say
"Nah,it's okay."says Ben
"We can share this."I say and I put the other end on Ben
"Gee,Thanks."says Ben with a smile
We stay there for a little while,suddenly the music from inside stops.
"Better go in now or everyone will start searching for us."I say
"Good Idea."says Ben getting up and we walk back into the kitchen.
I sit on the chair while Ben lights the fireplace so it gets warm and he makes me a nice hot cup of cocoa.
"What on earth are you doing here,Clara?"asks my mother coming into the kitchen while I drink my cocoa.
"Um,I got tired of dancing so I came to talk with Ben ."I say
"Why on earth are you wet?"asks my mother
"Um,she..."Ben starts but I stop him
"I fell into the lake."I say
"Lake?How did you get to the lake?"asks my mother
"I was walking in the garden with Ben and I suddenly slipped and fell."I say with a smile "A little accident."
"An little accident alright.It could of made you catch a cold."says my mother
"I'm alright now mother.Forget it,it's in the past now.Besides Ben pulled me out just in time."I say
"Yes,it's good that the young man was there otherwise you would have gotten into serious trouble because of your carelessness."says my mother frowning at me
"I know."I say putting my head down
"Thank you very much for helping Clara,Ben.You even made her cocoa. Wait I'll bring you a new suit to wear as a little gift."says my mother going out.
"But..."says Ben
"No buts now Ben.You're going to get the gift."I say
"You,you,Why did you do that?"asks Ben
"I can't possibilly let you get blamed for making me smile,could I ?"I ask
Ben smiles
"Now if I can,teach me how."I say
"Oh you....!"says Ben messing my hair.
"Now look what you did,you messed my hair!"I say pretending to be angry.
"I'm so sorry."says Ben
"Come here."I say
Ben comes to me.
"Kneel down."I say and he does so.
I mess his hair
"You know?I don't and can't get angry with you for messing my hair.Okay?But the next time I have a really nice and complicating hairstyle,don't mess it."I say with a smile
"Yes maam.For a moment I thought you were really angry."says Ben
"I know."I say "I saw it in your eyes."
"What did you see?"asks Ben
"Your fear."I say
Ben smiles.
"You read my eyes,my lady." he says
I smile and say "So I did."
I wake up very tired and feeling like I should have some rest but sleeping late is not a good habit.
"How's my darling?"asks my mother when she sees me at breakfast.
"Tired."I say
"well if you're so tired that you can't even make yourself smile,you can stay home until we come back from church."says my mother
I look at my mother and I force a smile.
"It's okay mother.I can go to church."I say
I don't want to miss church and feel guilty for sending my mother to church alone.Besides Ben is going to be there.
"Good then go and get dressed.We'll be leaving soon."says my mother
I quickly go up to my room and get dressed in my victorian dress.
"So did you manage to get any sleep last night?"asks Ben after the sermon
"Yes I did."I say
There's something in Ben's cheek.
"There's something on your cheek."I say
"Where?"asks Ben wiping his both his cheeks with his two hands.
"Don't wipe it like that.silly."I say giggling
"Then how do I do it?"asks Ben
I take the eyelash on his cheek with two of my fingers.
"That is how you take it."I say and I take his hand and place the eyelash on his palm.
"Make a wish."I say
Ben closed his eyes and blew the eyelash away.
"What did you wish for?"I ask
"If you tell the wish then what is there to find out?"asks Ben
"Oh you keep your wish then."I say walking away
Ben laughs "I wished that we'll always be happy together."says Ben coming near me
"You really want to see me happy don't you?"I ask him
"Yeah."he replies
I smile.
His eyes shine because of the bright sun,he combs his brown hair with his fingers,his face is brightened up with a smile.
"What?"asks Ben when he sees me looking at him
"Why do you want me to be happy so much?We only met about a week ago,I talked with you quite well only yesterday and you're already my best freind.Why is that?No body has ever been as nice to me as you are."I say
"I know it's quite strange how we two became freinds.I never liked anyone this much before.I have never had such a good freind like you." says Ben
His words relieve me and I know that I will have a freind to depend on.
We walk home without a word.
"So I'll meet you tonight,then."says Ben when we reach home
"Why tonight?"I ask
"Didn't I tell you ?"Ben asks with a smile
"No and you know you didn't.I can see that in your eyes.You're planning something aren't you?"I ask
"You understand me,don't you?"asks Ben
"You can't trick me easily."I say
"I'll wait for you at the pavilion.Come there at 7pm and tell your mother that you're having dinner with me today."Ben says
"Sure."I say and I go inside.
As I walk I look back and I see that Ben is watching me go.
I blushed.I didn't expect him to be watching me and I didn't want to get caught looking at him either.
I went to my room,had a shower and got into some fresh clothes.
I dress in a nice purple mesh long dress at around 6.30 and start to make my hair.
"Where are you going?"asks my mother
"Oh mother,I was going to tell you that I'm going out for dinner with Ben at the pavillion."I say
"Is this like some kind of date?"asks my mother
"I don't think so but maybe."I say
"Okay,you go and have fun."says my mother
I smile at her.She understands that I need to have freinds.
"Thanks mother."I say
"Now let's get you ready.We don't want you to ruin your first day out with a guy,do we?"asks my mother
"Mother,it's not a date remember?"I ask with a smile
"If you say so."says my mother combing my hair.
I finish getting ready and I go down to the garden. I walk slowly looking around with my arms crossed and moving my arms up and down as if I am cold.
I look at the lake and for a moment I seem to be lost in some kind of dream.A dream with no sounds just imagery,beautiful secenery.
"This place is beautiful at night,isn't it?"asks someone from behind me.
"It must be Ben."I think
I quickly turn around and I see Philip standing right in front of me.
"What are you doing here?"I ask
"Wasn't I told to join you in this nature watch?"asks Philip
"No and I don't know how you knew I was here."I say
"Simple.Edward told me you were here and since I came to meet him, I thought I'll see you and go as well."says Edward with a lousy smile
"It's Lord Edward not just Edward,Philip."I say correcting him
"Yes but I don't need to call my father,Lord.Do I?"asks Philip
"He's your father?"I ask
"Yes and you never thought you had such a handsome brother did you?"asks Philip
"How did you come into my life without me seeing you coming?"I ask
"Simple.When your mother married my father,I was in Paris and Edward had totally given up on me because I didn't do what he wanted.Then he married your mother and forgot all about me until I returned."says Philip
"Does my mother know?"I ask
"Edward just found out now,so he's probably told her already and you'll get the news either tommorow or tonight."says Philip
"So where are you going now?"I ask
"Um,to my hotel room.Guess I'll stay there till my father decides what's to be done about me."says Philip
I nod
"What are you doing here?"asks Philip after a little while
I look at him and after a while I say "I'm waiting for Ben."
"Who?That kitchen boy?"asks Philip
"Yes and he's not just the kitchen boy,he's my friend.You better treat him nice."I say with a warning tone
"Anything for my little sister."says Philip
"I'm not your little sister,I'm just as old as you."I say
"Really?What's your age?"asks Philip
"14."I say
"Well then bad luck,kiddo.I'm 17."says Philip
"That's not that much of an age difference."I say trying to win my point
"But I'm still elder to you,so your my little sister."says Philip winning the argument
"Yeah,sure.Elder brother."I say with a smile and I'm kind of glad to have an elder brother to look after me.
I like that very much.
"See you later then Clara."says Philip
I look at him and smile.
"What?No Hug?"asks Philip
"Well I don't know."I say looking at him
"Oh come on.Just give your big brother a hug.I really needed someone to understand and listen to me when I was in paris and when I found out that my father remarried and that I had a sister,I was overjoyed.My father never understood me and I was out of the family for a long time.I missed home.I just want to start fresh and I hope you can be my loving little sister. "says Philip
"Well you're back home now,Philip and I'm sure Edward will forgive you.He's so nice now. I'm so happy to have a big brother like you.I really am."I say hugging Philip and in seconds I'm crying.
"You're crying."says Philip
"Sorry,I just felt so sad.I'm a very sensitive character when it comes to family but I am strong as a bull when it comes to problems."I say letting go of him.
"No need to cry anymore little sister.I'm here for you and you're here for me."says Philip wiping my tears away
"Um,what's going on?"asks Ben coming towards us
"Ben this is Philip.Philip this is Ben."I say introducing them to eachother
"Nice to meet you,Ben."says Philip
"Likewise."says Ben
"I better be going now then.Good night Clara."says Philip with a smile
"Good night. Go home safely."I say returning his smile
Philip walks away and Ben looks at me.
"You're late."I say
"Yeah yeah,so what?You obviously had a nice time with Philip."says Ben
"Well he came and talked to me so I talked back.Are you telling me to keep quiet when someone talks to me?"I ask angrily
"You're angry aren't you?"asks Ben
"No."I say and it's true I'm not angry.
"The reason I told you to come here was because I wanted to show you something."says Ben
"Really?what?"I ask
"Just close your eyes and hold my hand ."says Ben
I do as he says and my heart beats fast since I don't know what is about to happen.
"Ok now open your eyes."says Ben
I open my eyes and the Pavilion is lit up with lights.All it's openings are covered with bricks and nicely adjusted and painted,it's door and two windows to look out were made out of plastic glass with beautiful engravings,it's floor was cushioned in light blue and it was like a small room. I go inside and look around.
I see a bookshelf filled with the kind of books that I like to read.There was even another room in the pavilion and that room was fillled with clothes to wear when I wanted to go swimming and four pairs of jeans,t-shirts,skirts,blouses,slippers and dresses.There was even a little table with a mirror and even a small bathroom and a small television.The walls were painted blue with big fluffy white clouds and I felt as if I was walking on the clouds.Everything was perfect.
It had everything that a small room should have and I loved it.
"You like it?"asks Ben
"I love it!Thank you so much."I say
"It's all yours."says Ben
"Did you make this all by yourself?"I ask
"Lord Edward helped too."says Ben "This is your new free time room and library.Lord Edward said that this was his little gift to you for being an angel and bringing light to his life.When I said I wanted to do this,he said it was a perfect idea."says Ben
"That means I can come here whenever I want?"I ask
"Yeah sure,Lord Edward said that from now on this is your room."says Ben
"But then I'll have to stay out of the house all alone."I say afraid that Edward was trying to push me out of the family
"Don't worry no one is going to push you out the family.Lord Edward said that he was going to enlarge your room and since this pavilion is close to your bedroom wall,he said that he would break the wall and make it one room.He said that he would bulid another pavilion in the middle of the lake with a bridge to get there.The smallest room was your room,so that needed enlarging."says Ben with a smile
"That's a good idea.For a moment,I thought that I would have to be stuck in that small room forever."I say with a smile
"Fear no more,my lady."says Ben with a laugh
"Where will you stay?"I ask
"You were with me all this time and now you want to know where I sleep at night?"asks Ben
"Yeah sorry for not asking before."I say
"I stay in the kitchen."says Ben
"Well you can stay in my room,you know the one inside the house.This Pavilion is big enough for me.Instead of breaking the house,you can go and stay in my room .Then we can make a small window that can be locked from both sides so I won't be lonely."I say with a smile
"I don't know,Clara.What would Lord Edward say?"asks Ben
That night I go to Edwards office and I tell him and my mother about my idea.
"It's a great idea! Then we don't need to break the wall and Ben will have a room as well."says my mother but Edward was still thinking.
"I like the idea but a window?A window,Janice ?(Janice is my mother's name) Ben is a boy and she is a girl and you understand what I mean don't you?I don't want them to do anything un-necessary."says Edward
"I understand but I trust my daughter.The only thing she would ever do with a boy is have him as a boyfreind and love him.Nothing beyond that.Since the window has locks on both sides,she can lock the window when she wants and she can even put thick curtains.She's never been outside the house in her own room before,she must be a little scared and I trust Ben.The only thing they would do is either be freinds or..."says my mother before she is cut-short
"Or what else,Janice?What else would they do?"asks Edward
"Or they would start loving eachother,become boyfreind and girlfreind and ask our approval and maybe even get married!You got a problem with that,Edward?"asks my mother angrily
"I never said that Janice.I trust Clara too.I was just being careful. I have no prolem with my step-daughter loving the kitchen boy."says Edward "I'm not like the other rich guys."
"I know.I know.Thank you so much."says my mother with a smiling
"So what about my question?"I ask softly kind of embarresed that my mother and Edward were discussing about me and Ben
"I'm not like the other rich guys." says Edward again
I looked at my mother.
"That means yes,darling."says my mother with a big smile
"Thank you Edward."I say giving him a big hug
I don't at what time I went to sleep after I finished my chat with Ben,Edward and my mother.
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