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Only good at GoodByes.

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F this. Goodbye.

The next day, i did the same thing i did every morning. When i left for school, Jake hopped in the car and came with me to school. Trenton sat on the fence in front of my parking spot with a bunch of friends and waited for me to get out. I grabbed my backpack and walked towards the school ignoring him. By the time i reached the school he grabbed my arm and had my attention. But not for long, I slapped him and started walking away, some girl came running up to me. "Why did you just slap my boyfriend?" I looked her in the eyes and then back at Trenton holding his face. I rubbed my hand that hurt from the slap and fixed my backpack. "Cause he's a lying cheating b****. nice pick." I walked away to my locker as everyone stared at me. The principle walked up to me and told me to 'follow him.' I rolled my eyes and shut my locker and followed him into his office. "What happened at the west entrance isn't allowed. I know you’ve had a bad couple months but we have rules here and idc if he grabbed your arm or touched your butt. You are not allowed to touch eachother, now apologize." I looked at the principle dumbfounded and took a deep breath with a smile on my face. I started laughing a little and stood up. "No, because im not sorry for slapping him, maybe he should man up and take it instead of reporting it like a pussy. and ill apologize for that statement when you stop being a sexist asshole sir." I walked out of the office and down the hall to my locker. Trenton walked out after me and had a shocked look on his face. Jake stood at my locker waiting for me with my keys and glasses in his hand. He was talking to some girl that had ahold of his bicep and was totally flirting her pants off. "Move." The girl gave me a dirty look then wrapped her arm around Jake. "Ill smack that look off your face faster then you made it. Get out of my way." I grabbed my keys from Jake and the books I needed for the weekend. Trenton tried getting my attention by yelling my name from the across the hall. A bunch of students were walking in front of him and he couldn’t get through. I slammed my locker and started walking back to my car. The bell rang for school to start and everyone got out of my way as I walked against the current. The principle walked out the the side door to the office and handed me a sheet that told me I was suspended until I apoligized for my ‘disrespectful’ remarks. I put both my middle fingers up in the air at the principle as I walked past him. “Goodbye f*heads!” I yelled as I pushed my way through the double doors, now entering the daylight. "Kali wait!" Jake grabbed my arm and stopped me from my dramatic exit and pulled me back to the double doors a little. "What happened?" "Ms. Starlet. Stop right there." I pulled my arm away from Jake and started walking to the car again as the principle called my name. He stood by the doors not wanting to be locked out. "No, F*** this school." I threw the pink piece of paper on the ground and pulled the keys out of my pockets. Trenton tried to run after me but I heard jake say no, theres no getting her back. I secretly smiled at his comment because I knew he was right, because when i get this way theres no changing my mind, Im gonna leave no matter what. "Kali, STOP!" I looked back at Trenton and finally stopped when I was next to my car trying to find the right key to unlock it. I kept shaking my head no. I could hear him walking up to me, slowly taking a deep breath. I fixed my bag and waited for him to say something. "Please stay... you don't know what your doing..." "Trust me... I do, wont be the first school i've gotten kicked out of. probably wont be the last. Your better off just forgetting the past two days cause once im gone. Im gone." I turned back to my car and found the right key and drove away. My phone kept ringing but I couldn’t answer cause I knew if it was my grandma I would start balling my eyes out. I pulled into a forest perserve that I found one day just driving around. I parked the car and walked over to the peir and dangled my feet in the water. After a couple hours of just sitting there staring out at the lake, watching two little kids and im guessing there parents play in the water, I decided it was time to go home. The closer I got to my grandmas house the more my stomach started to turn. I finally pulled into the driveway and took a deep breath before I walked into the house where I know I would get an ear full from my brother and my grandma. I noticed Trenton’s car parked in the street which made me a little annoyed but I went inside anyways. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY!?” My brother came from the kitchen yelling at me like he was my father. I pushed him away from me a little bit so he’d stop spitting in my face. I walked into my room ignoring him as I pulled my sweatshirt over my tank top and turned back to him as he continued to yell at me. “KALI! LISTEN TO ME!!!” “YOUR NOT MY DAD! STOP ACTING LIKE IT.” I pushed him out of my room and climbed out the window with my bag by my side and ran until I was by the beach. My phone started ringing, I wasn’t gonna answer until I saw the caller ID, so I answered it. “Kali.. you there?” I took a deep breath and wiped the tears coming out of my eyes. “Hi.” I said softly as I crossed the highway onto the beach. I was breathing heavy from running so I stopped moving to catch my breath. “It’s been awhile, how is everything going?” “It’s been.. idk. How bout you?” I smiled at the sound of his voice. It was deep and strong with every word he spoke. I pictured the one time he snuck me out of my house back in New York City. He took me to a late night burger place that only a few people knew about. I still remember the smell of his colon and the way his eyes almost glowed in the dark and his half smile he did whenever I smiled at him. “I miss you… a lot. Schools not the same without your crazy ass.” I started laughing and wiped a couple tears that had fallen down my face. “When are you gonna come visit?” “Umm, this weekend actually. Ill see you later. I gotta go pack my stuff. It was nice talking to you John.” “Bye.” I hung up the phone and packed all my things in an hour cause i never really unpacked. I loaded them into the car while nobody was home. I wrote a letter so my grandma wouldn’t freak out when I never showed up for dinner and left it on the table. I got in the car and looked back up at the house and wiped the tears from my eyes.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5

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