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Only good at GoodByes.

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There he sat at the table looking straight at me with my uncle.

"Hi..." I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. The hug lasted a good minute, because i wasn't ready to let go. "i've missed you Kali. Did you get the present?"

"I've missed you to Jakey and yes. i love it. But what are you doing here?" He smiled and i sat down at the end of the table criss crossed in the chair.

"I needed to see my sister, i havent heard from you in almost a month. i just wanted to make sure you were alive and ok. plus i really missed you." I smiled and looked down at my nails. Most of my nail polish was chipping off and my nails bitten down to the roots. I cracked my fingers and relaxed in the chair staring out the back window. The doorbell rang, so my uncle went and answered it for us.

"Hows school?" Jake sat up in the chair and smiled.

"Good, i have a girl friend, her names Anna, She's new this year. My grades are good. Im actually passing all my classes. What about you?" i looked down and let out a loud breath.

"Today was my first day, i guess i just wasnt ready to face everyone. I didn't think starting over would be this hard Jakey. It sucks..." My uncle came back into the kitchen and someone followed behind him slowly. I looked behind me when Jake looked past me and groaned when i saw who it was. "Why are you here?" Jake stood up and shook his hand.

"Hi, I'm Jake, Kali's brother." Trenton shook his hand and smiled.

"Im Trenton, Kali's Friend." I turned back around and looked back out the window.

"No your not." Jake walked back over to the table and sat down. Trenton sat in the last available seat left, right across from me. When he sat down, his head blocked the window so i was forced to look somewhere else.

"Well since Kali apparently lost all her manners over the last month, ill be the grown up. Would you like something to drink?" i turned to Jake and smiled.

"Yeah will you get me a mnt dew please?" Jake looked at me annoyed and turned back to Trenton who stared at me with a smile on his face. "Thanks little brother."

"No, im ok. Thanks though." Jake left the room and it became completely awkward. The mood in the room changed and my uncle Zac just sat there quietly. "Kali, can i please talk to you?"

"You've don't enough talking. its my turn." I played with the pen on the table as i looked at him. "Your an asshole for what you did in the parking lot and if you think im actually gonna forgive you, your way off. im not just some girl you can hit it and quit it. My parents taught me better. I also have respect for myself, something you need to get for yourself. What happened to our deal in Biology? I ment what i said. don't talk, think or look at me and ill act like you don't exist." Jake walked back into the room and handed me the can of mnt dew. i looked at it and shook my head no then stood up and left.

"Kali, you cant keep running away from your problems." I looked at Jake and shook my head and laughed a little.

"There is no problem. He's a nobody anyways. why waste my time remember, aren't those the same words you told me when Nate dumped me..." I walked into my room and changed into workout clothes and left for a run around town.

When i got back Trenton was chillin with my brother on the couch and my grandma was making dinner in the kitchen. My uncle was nowhere to be found. i walked into my room and opened my backpack and got lost in the books of knowledge the school provides us . I had my head phones in and my music turned all the way up so i couldn't hear anybody. Trenton walked into my room and sat at my desk looking at me. I looked at him and went back to work so i could get caught up in all my classes by the end of the week. I could hear his phone go off, then he left my room and went the opposite direction to the garage. My brother came and got me for dinner and was about to go get Trenton but i told him to let me get him. When i opened the door i could hear him talking clearly.

"Babe look, ill be there later. It's just a stupid dinner. I have some family stuff to do before. i promise, i gotta go ok? I love you. Bye." He hung up, turned and saw me shut the door. "Kali.. let me explain."

"Just leave, your exactly the type of guy id fall for... good thing i figured out your an asshole earlier. You almost had me going. Just go..." i turned to the house and walked back inside. Trenton pulled away in his 98 camaro and left. Back in the kitchen, Jake waited for me, Zac sat at the table cutting the ribs and grandma turned off the tv.

"Where's Trenton?" Jake looked behind me to see if anyone was following me but got disappointed when nobody showed up.

"He had family stuff to do. His mom needed him." We ate dinner in silence, then my uncle finally spoke.

"Mom, i have something to ask you?" Jake stopped eating and stared at Zac for a bit, then lowered his head and kept eating. "Can Jake move in with you?" i stopped, my whole body froze. My grandma stared right at me with a smile on her face, i took a deep breath waiting for her reply. I loved my brother, but seeing him everyday, sharing a bathroom, probably a room. Thats not ok. When my parents were alive we fought all the time, over stupid things.

"Id love for him to move in. We can convert the guest room into your bedroom." i relaxed and finished my mashed potatoes. I put my plate in the sink and went back to homework.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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