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Feather Gold

Author's note: I was inspired to write this, after a relationship I'd been through. Well past relationships,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this, after a relationship I'd been through. Well past relationships, none of it really involves me but it just expands my imagination on the whole fact that the main character could be me, or some one completely different from me! I hope you all love this book, I can say I do not only because I wrote it but because it just helps see the different parts of it I guess?  « Hide author's note
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Chapter two

All us girls, picked out jean short shorts, tube top, tank top or like whatever shirt we wanted to wear. I picked out a bright tank top and glow in the dark makeup because I thought it would look really cool! Well, we ended up eating at the mall, lost track of time, rushed back to the hotel to change and do our makeup really fast.
“Letoya, turn the lights off really quick,” Rose said as we finished doing our glow in the dark makeup.
“Oh My Gosh, we are gunna kill it on the dance floor,” Star said.
“Yeah, we look freaking amazing!” I said to both of them! Then we heard a knock on the door. “Oh I think that’s Tiffany and them!” So I ran to open the door, the lights were still off, and when they came in they thought our makeup was amazing too. So we had to wait like 10 minutes, so that they could use some of our glow in the dark makeup! I don’t know I guess glow in the dark is just our thing, we love it, it’s our “Moon Dance” theme and everyone likes it. Well, almost everyone, there’s this chick at our school who hates almost everyone, but the girls that worship her. Her name is Raven Saunders, we don’t like her and she doesn’t like us, it’s just been like that forever. She is so annoying! But anyways, Dwayne, Mark, and Zayne picked us three up. Tiffany and the other girls went with Kailey in her Limo (her parents bought it for her with her own driver), with their boyfriends! I wonder where Bayside was, I really thought he was going to go with us, hmm. He must’ve got spooked or something, I don’t know for some reason dances just make him nervous, or at least that’s what he told me. I guess I’ll text him later and tell him how fun it was! But before we left I texted him, “Jeez you dumb butt, why aren’t u going to the dance?” And he texted back, “My moms keeping me home, just tell me all about it later!”
When we got there, the first thing you could here was the music, which sounded super amazing, loud and everyone sounded like they were having fun in there! It was so cool when we walked in too! Everyone was wearing something different, they all looked so cool, you could hear everyone complimenting each other on their designs and outfits. Then I saw… In the middle of the dance floor.
“Hey, who’s that guy?” Rose asked, pointing in the direction I was looking at. “His like, mask reminds me of this Feather Gold theme we thought of before we switched to this theme. He’s so rockin that look!” She then looked at me, and noticed my expression, her and Star just know me well enough to know exactly what I’m thinking, and how my mood is. So she whispered to me, “Are you okay, you look confused?”
“Yeah, I think I know who that is though.” I whispered back to her. “I think it might be Tyler (Styles). It just looks like something he would wear you know.”
“Well he’s looking your way, I’ll distract Dwayne so you can go dance and talk to him.” Rose said to me, I really should thank her later, and Star because she noticed what I was up to and they both did really good at distracting Dwayne, I snuck away pretty easily. The guy was wearing this cool mask, like one you’d wear to a masquerade, I think. It really did look like our “Feather Gold” theme, and it was hard to tell who it was. Right when I did, a slow song played, I mean seriously, I’m about to talk to my ex, and this just has to play! First Dance by Justin Beiber just has to play! Well isn’t this just great!
“Do you want to dance, wi-with me?” He asks, he stutters as he says it and in his voice it sounds so cute. But it doesn’t sound like Tyler’s voice, which really has me, like crazy confused!
“Yeah, who are you though?” I reply and ask that question as he grabs my hand to dance with him.
“That you’ll never know,” is his answer. I just look up at him smiling, he pulls me in closer and it feels like we’ve had this bond, but I don’t know who he is yet. “Can you figure it out yet?” He asks, as he raises one eyebrow. I just nod my head, no because I honestly don’t know who he is. “I really liked that Feather Gold theme, it’s a bummer that I’m the only one dressed like this, but then again I stand out!” He says to me, and still I can’t recognize his voice.
“That’s the good thing about the way your dressed, even in that mask.” I tell him. “The bad thing is that I still don’t know who you are.” He just smiled, and the song ended, for some reason I just wished the song would’ve lasted a little longer. But you don’t always get what you want.
“I think this dance is over,” he says just as a faster beat comes screaming out of the speakers. Give me everything by PitBull and Ne-yo, is what plays. We slowly move away from each other, our hands wishing they could still be touched, I end up just moving back to Rose, Star and the rest of the group.
“Who were you dancing with,” Dwayne asks, and as he does he looks kind of sad.
“I’m not sure yet,” I tell him, trying to make him feel a little better. “We should go dance though bro!” I tell him, smiling and trying to change how he’s feeling. He smiles back, and I know my plan has worked, so our whole group rushes out on the dance floor and we just start dancing crazy! I happened to look over at Star and Rose, and they both had the same look on their face.
“So, who was that?” They both asked me, and kind of laughed because they noticed that they both said it at the same time.
“I’m going to the bathroom with Star and Rose, I’ll get you a rockstar if they have any,” I tell Dwayne in his ear. He just nods his head, him and the rest of the guys just keep fist pumping, dancing and what not! I tell them everything about the guy I danced with.
“We should just nick name him feather gold, since we don’t even know who he is,” Star says, teasing me in the way she teases people when they like a guy, or whatever.
“We don’t know who he is, yet! Let’s just put it that way Star,” Rose says smiling and nodding her head at Star and I.
“We’ll find out by tomorrow, or tonight hopefully,” I tell them both, and that’s when, Tiffany, Scarlet, Kailey and Whitney walk in!
“Hey, are guys coming back to the dance any time soon?” Whitney asks.
“Yeah, cuz I don’t think it’s going to last forever bro.” Kailey says, and laughs a little, I think it’s because she said Bro, she barely ever says that, and when she does she just giggles a little. She stops giggling when she notices who walks in. Stupid Raven Saunders, but we all smile and say hi to her as she walks in and we walk out.
“Hi, I like the theme it turned out pretty cool,” Raven says to us, which is a total shock, because she never really says anything nice to us.
“That was kind of weird?” Whitney said, she had a kind of puzzled look on her face.
“Well, lets get back to dancing, I mean isn’t that what we came here for,” Kailey said, trying to change the subject, you could tell she was hyper, because as soon as we got out there she started dancing.
“Oh my gosh, I’ll meet you guys out there, I have to go do my makeup really quick,” Tiffany said, realizing her makeup had been smudged a little.
“I’ll follow you, mines coming off too a little,” Scarlet says to Tiffany, and they both hurry into the bathroom. The rest of us go find the guys to get back to dancing, but I stop remembering that I told Dwayne I was going to get him rockstar.
“I’ll see you guys in there, I’m gunna grab a couple energy drinks first.” I tell them.
“Oh I’ll follow you,” Star says, and Rose walks along with us. I can tell this conversation will end up with them teasing me about “Feather Gold,” again.
“Yeah, we might find out who Feather Gold is,” Rose says, and her and Star laugh a little. I just hit them on the arm.
“Would you two just knock it off,” I tell them. “Its not like we don’t know who he is.” I tell them sarcastically. “We’ll find out, eventually.”
“Yeah, like hmm. Maybe now,” Rose says as she points towards the concessions stand. I look over and notice that he’s standing over there.
“I wonder who he is, he has got to be out of his mind, I mean he’s the only one who dressed like that. It takes like courage or something to do that alone,” Star says and gets a little quiet once we get to the concession stand.
“What can I get you,” the lady behind the counter asks me. The feather gold guy just smiles as he walks away, I smile back at him, still not knowing who he is, or why he danced with me.
“Oh, two rockstars, three redbulls and a monster,” I tell her. She presses the buttons, and the total comes up to 26 dollars, so I pull the exact amount out of my wallet. She hands them to me and I say, “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” she says.
We walk back into the dance, and open a couple energy drinks, but I save one rockstar for Dwayne.
“Are we gunna drink that?” Rose asks, pointing at the last rockstar.
“Oh no, uh this is for Dwayne I told him I’d get him one,” I told her. Her and Star looked at each other kind of smiling, I knew this would happen.
“So why aren’t you two together?” Star asked.
“We’re better off as friends, nothing can be awkward yet. Even in high school, I mean that’s like the worst time for things to just get awkward like that.” I tell them.
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