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Feather Gold

Author's note: I was inspired to write this, after a relationship I'd been through. Well past relationships,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this, after a relationship I'd been through. Well past relationships, none of it really involves me but it just expands my imagination on the whole fact that the main character could be me, or some one completely different from me! I hope you all love this book, I can say I do not only because I wrote it but because it just helps see the different parts of it I guess?  « Hide author's note
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There was a light breeze in Miami, Florida, the sun was slowly rising and I was able to see the Moon Rise Palace. That’s where the school dance is going to be this year! We wanted a Prom, but we didn’t want anything formal, so we just stuck with a school dance, which is a hundred times better! By the way, our Prom is called the Moon Dance, which is so not a coincidence because of the place that it’s at. So anyways, I’m standing there enjoying the view I see, when all of a sudden…..
Will Letoya and Dwaynes friendship last?
“Letoya, we have to go before we get stuck in traffic again, and the malls are all packed,” my best friend Star Sunburst Fleshman said to me. Behind her was Rose Scarlet Reyes, my other best friend, heading to the door ready to go pick out our dance outfits! So, my name is Letoya Rebellette Romanoff-Yeaton!
“Totally ruined the moment,” I say. “Oh my gosh, I was enjoying this view bro! Just kidding, you’re right though. Last time it took us all day just to get to the mall and back.”
“Uhm, your welcome!” Star replied.
“I’m driving us there, so that won’t take that long, because I know all the fast ways to get there!” Rose said, trying to hurry us so we get our outfits in time!
The drive over to the mall was pretty fast, there was hardly any traffic, and we played super amazing music (fist pumping music, or like music to dance to)! After a while, my phone rings, and I ask Rose to turn the music down, so I can talk to Tiffany Constance Cross.
“Hey Tiffany,” I say as I answer my phone. “Are you, Whitney (Ann Kein) and Scarlet (Mae Drew) going to meet us at the mall still?” I ask Tiffany. “Oh, is Kailey (Lana Lange) there with you too?” I wasn’t really sure if she was going still because the day before she was saying that she felt kind of sick.
“Yeah, we’re already here.” Tiffany replies on the phone. “You guys are slow, you know I thought the whole plan was to make it here early or as soon as the mall opens.”
“Well, we tried but it didn’t really work out. Because we were all getting ready at the same time so it was all of us running around at the hotel trying to get ready. I mean, just think how crazy that was!” I tell her. You could hear Whitney, Scarlet and Kailey in the background, and they really sounded like they were tired of waiting.
“So, we’re just going to get started on our shopping, and we’ll see you whenever you get here maybe!” Tiffany said.
On our way to the mall, Star randomly shouts…. “Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. Uhm, the guys are going to meet up with us there too! They said they want to check out what we’re wearing to the dance, so they know it’s appropriate!” She made a face as she said appropriate, and rolled her eyes. Its not that we don’t dress appropriately, because trust me we dress appropriate to school and all that, but dances we just find what we want to wear. And to everyone else, well they say it’s totally not appropriate but it is, in a way! Well anyways, getting back to reality, we end up walking up with the guys and making them shop with us. Mark, Zayne and Dwayne kept saying how they felt really weird in the girls section of the mall! Zayne is going out with Rose, Mark is with Star and Dwayne is just going with me to the dance (him and I are friends, because I’m not ready for everything to get awkward yet, which kind of gets at him, like all the time)! Dwayne has crazy hot blue eyes, his hair up in like a little Mohawk, ripped muscles and is about 3-5 inches taller than me. Oh yeah, I’m pretty short for my age by the way. We ended up bumping into Bayside Stevens, whose a friend of all of ours, he also has blue eyes with like a little black streak line things in them (which is so cool), and his hair is pretty cool. He really needs a girlfriend by the way, its not that I like him, but he really does, it’s so crazy that he doesn’t. I mean, this one time, I was walking around with him and a random lady was like, “Oh my gosh, you two are the cutest couple.” We looked at each other and just went along with it. So Bayside just said “Thank you, we’ve been together for two whole years now.” After she walked away we laughed, and we both agreed not to tell Dwayne about it because we weren’t sure what his reaction would be, since he likes me and all that. But me and Bayside, we’re just friends, everyone that knows us should know by now, we’ve been friends since kindergarten! And nothing could change that, a friendship like that practically lasts forever!
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