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Up All Night

Author's note: I have been looking a lot into colleges and what i'd like to be when i grow up. This story is...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I have been looking a lot into colleges and what i'd like to be when i grow up. This story is mixed with some of my real life events and some things i hope will happen for me in the future. Some things of course, are just fiction.  « Hide author's note

You Know You Love Me

“Some more mimosa Miss Leaver?” the waiter asks feverishly.
“No thank you, I’ll just wait for my boyfriend to come back from the water, but thank you!”
I feel the warm sun touching my skin, as my body tingles all over. I hear the waves peacefully crash onto shore. This couldn’t be more perfect. Richard is swimming with all the colorful fish, and I’m getting blissfully tan for the first time in what seems like ages. Just as I am about to drift into the most placid sleep,
Hi guys! So i know i am very new to this, but i would really love it if you would give me a chance. I know the first chapter wasn't anything super exciting, but it had to be done. Now that it is, it's time ti get to the drama and the crazy fun! Trust me, you won't be disappointed ;)
I hear Richard call my name.
“Miss Leaver, would you mind answering the question? Miss Leaver! Sarah Leaver!”
Mrs.Jones wakes me up from my beautiful daydream. I shrug it all off, and bring myself back to reality.
“Yes, Mrs.Jones? Would you repeat the question please?” I ask innocently. How can teachers still worship me when I don’t pay attention to them?
“Let’s start paying attention Miss Leaver. What is the squareroot of thirty-six?”
Are you kidding? She woke me up from the perfect daydream for this? Even my little brother could answer that.
“The squareroot of thirty-six is six , Mrs.Jones”.
After she’s picked another victim with her useless 2nd grade math questions, I pick up my brand new DKNY bag and check my phone.
Hi gorgeous :) Hope you slept well. Just anotherboring day at work for me! Text me when you can baby. I love you beautiful.
Ah. Richard. Finally, seems like ages since I last talked to him, although we skyped for well over an hour last night. He’s so sweet. I can’t believe we’ve been together for over a year now, it seems like it’s been two weeks. I couldn’t be happier with our relationship at the moment. I can honestly say I have the best boyfriend in the world.
Hiii baby! I’m up, I’m up! Already in class actually… Urghh. Learning how to do squareroots all over again. Remind me again why you never went to college? Lol. Have a good day babe, I’ll be thinnking about you. P.S. Don’t hurt yourself with those big guns! { I mean that in a both literal and figurative way ;) } xx. Sarah.
Gosh. He makes me so happy. I can’t think of any place I would rather be than his big, toned, perfectly tanned arms. He’s so perfect. No wonder I daydream all the time. Who can blame me?
I am once again interrupted in my train of thought, but this time, only to be saved by the Mrs.Jones releasing the class. Finally. This day has dragged on long enough!
I hear a high pitched voice behind me, “Hi sexy” .
Ah. Oh I’ve missed her. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen London and I’ve missed her like crazy! I went home to Atlanta for spring break. It was great seeing all my family, but unfortunately my roomate, my best friend, my everything, London couldn’t join me, she had to fly out to visit her parents in South Beach. Honestly, I don’t feel bad for her. She looks as if she got the perfect tan, and is running towards me with the biggest grin on her face.
I nearly fall as London tackles me into a huge embrace. Looks like she felt the same way.
“Where were you last night!?”
“What do you mean? I was in the room, my flight was delayed so I landed around eleven, and by the time I left JFK it was around 12:30. I didn’t get back to the room until 1:45. I didn’t want to wake you up!”
“Are you kidding? What is wrong with you? I’m mad at you. I had so much to tell you, and you just let me sleep? What kind of a roomate are you?” Is this a joke…? She’s screaming at me!
“I’m very, truly, deeply sorry.”
“Bullshit. Anyways, what’s done is done, you can repay me later. I want sushi tonight. Your treat!”
I try protesting “But I—“
“No but’s! Anyways, comon we’re going to be late!” As she pulls me to the EXIT doors. Again she’s screaming! Someone obviously had a vodka redbull for breakfast this morning.
“Where are we going? I have Management 4 in 15 minutes!” She’s dreaming if she thinks I have time to get back from wherever she wants to take me, in time for my next class.
“My point exactly. You’re already bossy enough. Didn’t you hear? Tony’s birthday party is tonight at Rebel ! We have to go shopping!” By the time she finishes her sentence, we are way too far from the building for me to just turn around and run.
She adjusts her grasp on my wrist and grabs my hand.
“Ow! You’re going to break my hand! Let go, I need to get to class!”
“Oh I don’t think so…”
She steps out in the middle of the busy New York City street, literally, and holds her hand up.
“Taxi!” I hear a few cars honk their horns followed by screeching tires. She’ll be alright. After all, being a student at NYU gives you that big advantage, you’re not scared of traffic anymore than you are scared of ants in this city.
Just as I am about to turn around and try sprinting, the familiar yellow cab pulls up right in front of me, and before I know it I’m in the backseat with London next to me saying “5th avenue please!”
So not only is she making me skip school and spend my hard-earned money, (okay so maybe not that heard-earned, what can I say? I have a generous daddy) but she is taking me to the most exclusive and high end street in the country! Well not counting Rodeo Drive, since I’ve never been there I can’t judge…
“London! Are you crazy!? I am not spending a couple thousand dollars on a tight little dress that we have hundreds of in the apartment!”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll make it your early birthday present, or maybe your belated christmas present. Either way. You choose!”
That’s something with London. She doesn’t have a clue of the real value of money. The girl was practically born on a yacht in South Beach, she’s never once had to work for her money, and much less have to save it.
“Okay for one, my birthday is in seven months. Two, you got me four christmas presents already. I think that’s enough”
“No I didn’t! I only got you the Louboutin pumps! Those don’t count!” Is she kidding?
“Of course they count! And you also got me the Tiffany&Co. earrings and matching necklace and rings! And my plane ticket to see Richard this summer.”
“Whatever. Speaking of which, how’s Navy guy doing?”
“London! He’s in the Marines! You know that, stop acting dumb for once, will ya?” I’ve been dating Richard for more than a year now,and I’ve known London for two years now, she still can’t get her head around the fact that he’s a Marine. It really bothers me sometimes.
“Yeah yeah…”
By the time I’m about to answer her question the cab pulls up right in front on Victoria’s Secret. It must be fate.
London hands the driver a twenty dollar bill and we stumble out of the cab.
“Okay, let’s start in here. Get some pushup bras, sexy panties, and we’ll be good for a week or so. We’ll come back for the sale next weekend.
After an hour in Victoria’s Secret, I’ve decided this is going to be a very long day. As we’re walking towards Fendi and Chanel, I pull out my phone and check my messages.
Oh well there were a couple of reasons why I didn’t go to college. One of them being I had no beautiful girl to wake up to in the morning of high school, and I guess I just couldn’t deal with that ;) And don’t be fooling with me and my precious guns! I got best sniper three weeks in a row. I don’t think anyone in my platoon will ever handle them as well as I do! Beat that baby!
He makes me so proud. Even though it’s true he didn’t do well in high school, therefore why he’s not attending college, I stand amazed at how much pride he takes in his shooting skills. If only he could use those skills to his advantage when he gets deployed and keep himself alive, that’s all I could ask for.
Yeah, yeah! Been there, done that obviously! London made me skip my last class of the day for an “important” shopping session a.k.a what I call she-missed-me-too-much-so-she-wants-bonding-time. HAHAHAHAH. I’ll call you when I’m back at the apartment. Xx. Sarah.
I put my phone back in my purse, (or should I call it bagpack?) and look up to see London staring at the Saks Fifth Avenue display window. Surprisingly enough, they changed the display from two days ago…
“Sarah. Oh my god. Look!” She does not take her eyes off the window.
When I look up to see what she’s staring at I see a perfectly shaped black sequin dress with long cap shoulders, and an open back. She’s right, it’s stunning. It will go perfect with London’s long, brown hair.
“London! It’s perfect. You need to buy it!” The faster she finds something she likes, the faster I’ll be able to call my boyfriend and get this shopping frenzy over with.
“No! Ew never! I don’t have the legs or the arms for that! I meant for you! Your blonde hair will bring out the black, and this dress will go perfectly with the black Louboutins I got you! Plus now that you’ve lost all the weight, your legs are going to look fantastic!”
She’s totally right… For once, we agree on an outfit. And I just need to get a red clutch to bring out the red bottoms of my shoes and I’ll look stunning.
“You’re so right! Let’s go, I’m buying it!”
Half an hour later, London and I walk out of Saks with arms heavy with shopping bags and overwhelmed with everything.
“I’m so happy. This dress is so perfect.” I exclaim before London reminds me about the stupid party we have to attend.
“It really is! So anyway, let me fill you in on tonight. It’s Tony’s 19th birthday party, so big deal. His b**** of a girlfriend, fucking hate her, excuse my language, was throwing him a surprise party, but I guess somehow he found out. So now it’s just a party. And for some reason you were resquested to be invited…”
“First of all, why is that surprising? And second of all, what? What does that mean?” Who on earth could have requested that I attend a party for some kid I got drunk with once in my life!
“It means someone important wants you to be there. Which is why I dragged you here, actually.”
“What? Why would you care? London you know how much I love Richard…” I don’t understand what is with her lately, she’s been neglecting the fact that I have a boyfriend that I so dearly care for, and it worries me.
“Yeah… Yeah.”
“Sarah! Let’s go! We need to go! There’s a difference between being fashionably late and missing the party of the year!” I hear her scream from the dining room.
I put a hand over the phone and scream back, “I’m coming, I’m coming. Chill your nips, bro”.
I trun back to my iphone, “Okay babe, I need to go. London is going to lose her voice before we even get to partying. I love you so much. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” I say goodbye to Richard really quickly, hoping London waits 30 more seconds for her next scream.
“Yeah, that’s fine. Go babe. I love you. Hey! Be careful! I’m sure you look gorgeous, and sexy, and charming and I know for a fact there will be guys out there who will think it’s okay to hit on you. If that’s the case, give me a call, I’ll be on the next flight over to New York with my AK37 in my suitcase.”
I giggle. Gosh I love him.
“Will do. Night Richard!”
“Night babe, I love you so much, and I miss you like crazy.”
I smile one last time before hanging up the phone, grab my clutch and am out the door.
As we stumble down the stairs, London starts complaining once again, “They seriously need to fix the damn elevator. It’s been over a month, and I have gotten more leg workouts than I have ever desired.”
In the taxi, I take my phone out of my red, velvet clutch and open it to the front camera. Okay, I have to admit, that dress does me good. And apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so, considering the taxi driver hasn’t stopped staring me down in his rearview mirrors.
“ I can’t believe this is happening. Rebel is the hottest club in NYC, and we get to be VIP because of YOUR secret admirer. Aren’t you excited to find out who it is?” She says, overly excited.
“No, not really. It’s probably some asshole trying to make a complete fool out of me. Can’t say I’m overjoyed about this.”
After the words come out of my mouth, I realize that I sound like a complete loser who hates anything social in life. So before she says anything, I start again, “But then again, you’re right, Rebel is the hottest club in the city right now, and not going to lie, we both look damn good, so let’s make this night fun!”
As soon as I’m done speaking, she breaks out the biggest grin and finishes my thoughts, “Exactly! Tonight all we need to do is get really fucked up, and find the hottest guys. Agreed?”
I would argue with her, but we pull up in front of Rebel and even the outside is packed. London hands the driver a bill and we step out of the cab. She grabs my hand, squueezes it, and drags me all the way to the front of the line, ignoring everyone else waiting to get inside. She walks up to a strong, colored man at the door and says to him, “Hi! My name is London Birge, and this is my best friend Sarah Leaver, she’s on the VIP list”
I shake my head. I’m going to have a good laugh when he tells her he doesn’t see my name on the VIP list. Right as I’m about to grab her wrist and walk to the end of the line, he exclaims, “Oh yes! Miss Leaver! You’re right here,” he says as he highlights my name “ You guys can go right in.” He looks up and lifts the red velvet cord that was once separating us from the insides of the club.
London smiles at the security guard and walks forward, and turns around to whisper in my ear.
“I told you! Whoever this kid is, I already love him!”
I decide to not pay attention to anything she says from now on as she walks towards the bar and grabs us two randome drinks. This is going to be a good night. London hands me the drink, what I suppose is a martini and gulp it down. The sooner I’m drunk, the sooner this party will seem like a good idea.
Before I have the chance to ask for another drink, London taps me and the shoulder and gestures to look to my left. When I do, I see a group of tall, handsome guys sitting at a table. One of them looking like he wants to kill himself and playing with his beer, two of them too preoccupied by half naked girls on their laps, a sexy, brown-haired guy with cutting gold eyes and a killer smile, and finally, I notice Tony, the birthday boy, trying to get my attention.
I consider staying right where I am and having another drink, but before that decision is made, I’ve already been dragged to the guys’ table by London who somehow seemsto have her eye on the suicidal, dark haired guy amusing himself with his corona. Sometimes I really wonder what’s wrong with her…
“Hi ladies! How are y’all doing? Take a seat! I just ordered a round of tequilla for everybody!”
Tony’s southern accent willl always make me laugh, it just doesn’t suit him. Tony is a tall, musuclar guy with long blonde hair. If I had to guess, I would say he was a surfer. He’s wearing a pink button-down shirt that is buttoned up only halfway up his chest, black pants and shiny leather shoes. Birthday boy looks fresher than I’ve ever seen him look!
“Hey birthday boy! Nice party!” London comments, and I feel the need to add, “ Yeah, this place is sick!”
London pulls up a chair and sits down, and motions for me to sit on her. As I do, a perfect, blonde waitress comes over with a tray filled with about two dozens shots. Yumm, the party is about to start.
“Thanks for coming you guys! Actually, Sarah, I don’t know if you noticed but I put you on the VIP list…”
Before I can reply, London speaks “Yes, she’s noticed. Who the f*** requested her? She’s such a party pooper!” She says jokingly.
Tony smiles and glances over at Golden Boy friend. “That would be him.”
I am in awe, and clearly, so is London, whose jaw has just hit the floor.
“Are you kidding?!” is all she can manage to get out of her mouth.
Golden Boy smiles, and kind of looks embarassed, “Hi, I’m Riley” He extends his hand to London first, then me. I’m so confused. This kid is gorgeous, I definitely would’ve noticed if I had ever seen him before. And nowTony is trying to make me believe that Golden Boy here, is the one who requested my presence here tonight…
“London, Sarah, this is Riley, my roomate. Riley this is Sarah and London.”
Golden Boy looks at me wide-eyed, and smiles. Okay, it’s official. He’s beautiful. Either that, or I’ve already had too much to drink…
I try to snap myself out of this crazy day dreaming, and remind myself I have a boyfriend. I can hear my unconscious: “Sarah, no. This guy might probably be the hottest thing you’ve ever seen, but you have a boyfriend who cares so much about you.”
“What are you drinking?”
I realize that familiar voice comes from Golden Boy, uh, I mean Riley, himself.
“Oh! Um, I’m drinking… Well that’s a good question, I don’t really have an answer to unfortunately. It’s gross though!” I try telling him as the music grows louder and louder.
“Come to the bar, I’ll get you a drink!” He stands up and holds his hand out.
Oh my goodness. This beautiful creature is holding out his hand for me to grab. And again, I can hear my inner voice say, “Grab his hand!”
It’s just a hand, no hard feelings. I can do this. I smile back, stand up from my chair and grab his hand. As he pulls me through the crowd I can hear London ask Tony what the hell is going on. I can make out Tony starting his explaination by “He is...---“ But the rest is blurred out by either the presence of strong liquor in my system, or the loud music. Maybe both. I honestly don’t know, but who cares. This guy is perfect. Where did he come from?
“So do you study here at NYU?” I ask as we finally reach the bar and he lets go of my hand. No!
“Yeah, I’m a psych major. What do you study?” He replies while he also tries to grab the bartender’s attention.
“Oh my gosh! That’s great! I studied psych in high school, it was an interesting class. Not really my thing though. My major is in Fashion Marketing, I deal with a lot of high-end clothing lines and theirmarketing campaigns in magazines and runways and that sort of stuff.”
“No way, that’s awesome! You totally look like you could work in fashion.”
Um that would be because my outfit tonight is worth more than two thousand bucks… Of course, I don’t say that, and instead smile and say “Thanks! So how do you know birthday boy Tony, over there?” Looking over my shoulder to where London and Tony are engaged in what seems to be the funniest conversation in the history of funny conversations.
“We actually played baseball together in high school. Me and him were really good friends, and we got drunk at a party together once, and he made me promise I’d apply to the exact same schools he did. I think you can kind of see where I am headed with this…” He smiles nervously.
Wait. Don’t tell me. He’s gay? Of course he is! Why else would his hair be perfectly combed back and gelled? I look down at his outfit. And why would a straight guy ever wear dark blue pants, with a matching blazer and a white v-neck! Oh my gosh! This guy is completely gay! How did I not notice this before?
“Oh. Wait! So you and Tony are, like, together? I thought he had a girlfriend!” I say as he grabs two drinks from another hot, blonde bartender. He hands me one, and cracks up histerically.
This is awkward… Maybe he is tryiing to release some of the tension?
“Wait! You think I’m gay? No! Sarah, I’m not gay. I’m 100% straight, I swear. Why do you think I made sure Tony put you on that VIP list?”
“Oh my gosh! I’m so stupid! I’m so sorry. What was I thinking? I feel like such an idiot!”
Be right back. I’m going to go dig myself a hole and die in it.
“Don’t worry about it Sarah, it’s not the first time I’ve gotten that before. Don’t feel bad. I just, when I saw you at that club last weekend, what was the name, oh Soho, I asked Tony who you were, and he said he’d set it up.”
What a relief. I can’t believe I thought he was gay. This guy is way to good looking to be gay.
“I’m sorry, it’s just, your outfit, it’s so, matchy, and expensive! Most guys here arent wearing more than a shirt they got from their moms at christmas and jeans!”
He takes a sip of his drinks, looks me right in the eyes, and says “That’s because I’m paid to wear these clothes. But even if I wasn’t, I actually do have a better fashion sense than pretty much any guy here tonight. “
My eyes widen, I take a huge gulp out of my cosmo, (I must say, best choice of a drink, by the way)and say “Oh, so you’re a model!”
He puts his empty glass down on the bar, and gestures another round to the bartender who seems to be as fixated on him as I am.
“Yes, I do print mostly. Calvin Klein, Penguin, Guess, those sorts of brands.”
Jeez, could this man get any hotter?
“You mean, all the brands for the perfectly sculpted kind of men…”I look him up and down and add sarcastically, “I just don’t see it…”
He laughs and hands me my second cosmo.
“Woah there cowboy, I’m not trying to be in your bed by the end of the night!” You gotta love my sarcasm, it always lightens the air.
He looks down at his shoes, and seems to be blushing a little. Aw! He’s so cute!
“Actually, I know. I think I should buy you dinner sometime though. So we can talk and get to know each other out of this crazy, drunk college environment!”
He’s so sweet. He’s looking right through me with his big, golden eyes. I can’t take it.
“ Hmm… I’ll think about it!” Give him a little crooked smile, and before I give him time to protest, I put our drinks down and drag him to the dance floor.
After a few hours of dancing, laughing and chugging cosmos, London and I are ready to leave the club. But as much as I tell myself that I need to go home and get some rest, I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye to Riley yet.
“Sarah! Let’s move! I have class tomorrow!” London yells from across the street. Tony and Riley have stepped out of the club for a minute to come say goodbye.
I approach Tony, give him a hug, and a quick kiss on the cheek. “Great party, Tony! You rock! Text me tomorrow, happy birthday again!”
I smile back at him and stumble towards Riley. Just as I’m about to fall on my face right there, in front of all New York City, Riley catches me at the perfect moment. Could this night get any better?
“Thanks for coming tonight, I had a lot of fun.” Riley says as he tries to stabilize me once again.
“Are you kidding? Thanks for inviting me here tonight! You’re the only reason I was even here!”
He smiles and says “Well it was worth it. Goodnight Sarah, sleep well. Don’t dream about me too much.”
“I’ll try not to, Mr.Model.” I smile up at him and grabs the back of his neck.
He thinks I’m going to kiss him. Aw! But no, I turn my head and give him a slow, gentle kiss on the cheek, and slowly whipser in his ear. “Yes.”
I pull away and smile at him. I let go of his hand and start walking away.
Comon Sarah. Focus. Do not fall, again. Walk sexy, left, right, left, right. Good, chin up.
I put my hand on the cab door and turn my head. I see Golden Boy standing in front of the cub, where I just left him, with bright red cheeks, and the biggest grin.
Looks like this night did just get better.
I open my eyes to the greatest scent of all. Coffee. Yes. I have the best roomate. I look up at my clock and see that it is noon. Great. I probably just missed London by fifteen minutes.
I get up slowly, feeling the growing headache as I become more aware of my surroundings. My bedroom is clean, too clean. Where are my clothes from last night? I just see my black pumps thrown around near the door.
I stand up, and look at myself. There they are. Why did’t I change last night? That’s weird.
I grab my phone on my bedside table and follow the only reassuring thing on this earth right now. The smell of my roomate’s freshly brewed italian coffee.
I pour myself and cup, and sit at the kitchen bar. I rub my sleepy eyes, and pick up my phone. Take a sip of that bittersweet taste I have learned to love over the years. Hmmmhm. Perfect hangover cure.
Goodmorning :) I hope you slept well, I had such a good time last night. Hope we can do it again soon! Where/what time is your first class?

I immediately grin at the content of my phone. He’s sweet. Last night is a very big blur, however I somehow remember perfectly how Riley saved my life before leaving the club. And that smile of his… It can make any girl melt. I reply quickly.
Hi! Good to know you had fun! First class is at the Washington Center at 3! Xx. Sarah
Wonder why Riley is the least bit interested in where my class is… After snapping back from reality, I check my phone again and notice that I have seven missed calls from Richard. Holy s***. What’s wrong?
I’m scared to call back, but before I can process any sort of information my fingers just automatically press on the ‘call back’ button.
Ring once, ring twice, three times. And voicemail. What is going on… That’s the bad thing about dating a Marine. You don’t know what’s going on. At any point. And when that’s the case, your heartrate speeds up to about four times its regular speed.

I take a huge sip of my coffee, but decide that this is going to be a long day. I pick up my mug again and gulp down the bitter liquid until the last drop.
Still not enough, I stand up, pour myself another full cup, and start stumbling to my bedroom. I put my mug and my phone down, making sure that the volume is on, and start making my bed.
By the time I’ve fixed my bed about 100 times, my phone rings. I scramble over to my phone and pick me up.
“Hi Amber, we need to talk.”

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