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Author's note: I wrote this and never imagined it would turn into something huge, but im glad it did.
Author's note: I wrote this and never imagined it would turn into something huge, but im glad it did.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1.

It was dark outside and thundering. I ran up the steps of my dad’s house. He had just bought it for us it was blue with white shudders. It had an old brown door with a window in the middle. All the lights were on as I approached. My parents had recently divorced due to my dad drinking and abusiveness towards my mother. The only reason I had ended up staying with him was that he never once had hurt me. I opened the door and hung up my coat and took off my shoes. The house seemed very quiet more than usual. This shocked me, usually it was loud with the sounds of the TV or radio, but not tonight. That’s when I heard a loud crash from the kitchen. I ran towards it and I saw my dad standing over a broken liquor bottle.
“Omg, are you alright?” I asked hoarsely.
“You where have you been?” he asked angrily.
“I told you that Christina had that party tonight, remember?” I said confused.
“NO! YOUR LYING TO ME! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LIE TO ME?” he yelled pushing me into the wall.
“I’m not lying I swear. Your hurting me.”
“NO ALL YOU DO IS LIE!” he kept screaming. Then he hit me and I fell to the ground.
“Dad, wh…” he hit me again. “ Dad please it me Alex. STOP!” I yelled. Then he looked down and shook his head. He slowly got up and walked away. I got up and realized my nose was bleeding. I ran past him and locked myself in the bathroom and just cried. That was the first time he had ever hit me. I was so scared. Then there was a knock at the door I jumped up. Then there was another knock.
“Who is it?” knowing the answer.
“Honey, its me, I’m so sorry, please come out.”
I hesitantly opened the door, he was standing there his eyes pain stricken.
“Yeah, I.. I’m going to bed. Good night.” I said as I quickly passed him. I went in to my room and shut the door.

The next morning I awoke and my left eye was very swollen so I decided to stay home. I went downstairs and my dad had fallen asleep on the couch clutching a beer bottle. I went in the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal, trying to be very quiet and not wake him up. When I was done I put the bowl in the sink and I went to the bathroom. When I came out, my dad was sitting at the table eating something. He looked up as I walked out. He had that same angry look he had on last night. It scared me half to death to remember what had happened last night.
“Good Morning.” he said eying me.
“G…good morning.” I said trying to control my voice.
“Why aren’t you at school today.” he said.
“Why aren’t you at work yet?” I asked, but I should have known that was a bad idea. Had I not learned last night. He slowly rose from his chair and walked to me and backed me so I hit the wall behind me.
I could still smell the alcohol on his breath and I was seriously scared.
“I’m sorry, Do you make the money for this family?” he asked in a deep voice. “ I’m talking to you.” he said right before he hit me. He hit my right in my stomach. It hurt so bad that I just dropped to the ground. Clutching my stomach I tried to crawl away, but he pulled me up.
“Where are you going? I want an answer Katie?” he said. Just at that moment it hit me. He thought I was my mother. I mean I looked just like her and I acted like her. I was the exact same thing, almost like a clone. I hated that now, and I had to convince him that I wasn’t who he thought I was.
“Daddy, its me… Alex. Mom’s not… here remember.” I said slowly still kinda out of breath. That’s when he released my hair and I just dropped to the ground. I didn’t dare move, I was way too scared. Then he reached down and I jerked away. It caused me great pain in my stomach, but I did anyways just to get away from him. He tried again, but this time I didn’t move, due to too much pain. He slowly picked me up and held me against the wall. I wouldn’t look him in the eyes, but I could feel his stare on me. That’s when I pushed him as hard as I could and I made a run for it. I could hear his footsteps coming fast behind me. I ran as fast as I could, but the pain killed me. I only made it half way up the stairs and I collapsed, everything went black.

I slowly opened my eyes to realize that I wasn’t on the stairs anymore. I had somehow managed to get into my bed. I tried to get up, but a huge pain went spiraling up my back and through my stomach. I remembered the incident about my stomach, but my back I didn’t remember. Again I attempted to get up and this time I fought through the pain. When I went into the bathroom, I realized my nose had dried blood under it and my left eye could barely stay open. When I went to get dressed, that’s when the worst pain came. I went into my bathroom to use my full length mirror and I saw the horror. My whole back was bruised. I touched a bruise and it hurt so bad I could barely stand the pain. Just then I remembered that I crashed out when I was running away from him. He must of caught up to me and beat me more. At that point I went into my room grabbed my backpack and dumped out all my books and started stuffing it with clothes. When I ran out of room in that I grabbed my duffel bag and went into the bathroom and threw in all my necessities. Then I went and put the rest of my clothes inside. Together they weren’t that heavy except the backpack hurt my back so much, but I had to leave. I had to go see my mother. I ran downstairs and check to see if he left and he was gone. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a book I hid when I we first moved here. It had all my moms info in it so I could keep in touch with her. I quickly called her and told her everything, and she flipped out and told me where she lived, granted it was in another state, she told me there was a bus I could take. I so I went to where my dad kept all his extra money and grabbed about three hundred dollars and left. I managed to reach the bus station just in time to grab the last bus to Kansas. Yes Kansas. That was my mothers home state. She lived in a small town. I sat at the very back of the bus and I had all my stuff on the inside so I could feel if anybody touched my things. Within minutes of boarding and getting settled I fell asleep. I was awoke by the feeling that someone had sat next to me. I opened my eyes slowly and peered over. When I did I met a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. They were the lightest blue I had ever seen.
“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me sitting here. I would sit somewhere else, but they all seem to mature for me. Not that your not like mature I bet you are its just like…”
“No, hey I get it, their all adults and you’re a teenager, so you figure why not sit with another teenager.”
“Exactly. I’m Edward , but you can call me Eddie ” he said holding out his hand.
“Alex, nice to meet you.” I said putting my hand into his. They were so soft and he had a good grip. I quickly let go, before he thought I was crazy.
“So, where are you heading?” he asked in an upbeat tone.
“umm…. Kansas. What about you?” I asked kind of curious.
“Me too. Where about?” he asked positioning himself so that he sat with his front towards me.
“Umm…. it’s a little town called Culver. My mom lives there and I’m going to live with her.” I said and when I looked up his expression had changed. it went from upbeat to like excited, genuinely excited.
“No way me too. My parents thought that I could help out one of their old family friends on their farm, I mean granted its more of a punishment than anything, but hey whatever.”
“Wow, talk about weird coincidences.” I said with a laugh. Then we were quiet for a little while. Then he turned towards me and was looking at me. So I turned and looked at him.
“So I know this may sound rude, but do you mind me asking what happened to you?”
“Um… what do you mean exactly?” I said really not wanting to answer his question.
“I may look dumb, but I’m really not. Your running away because….? Now that’s the part im trying to figure out.”
“ There is nothing to figure out. I’m just going to see my mother. I miss her and I need her, you know.” I said kinda trying to avoid the direct question.
“Yeah, I can understand that. So did they get divorced or just taking a break? If you don’t mind me asking that is.” he said with a smile.
“No, they divorced because he um… well he was a drunk and he abused her, so.? I said looking away and feeling so ashamed, because that was me I was the new target of abuse.
“Wow, I’m so sorry, is that what happened to you?” he asked sincerely
“Why do you ask?” I asked then I remembered about my eye. “Maybe.” I said I didn’t actually know if I could trust this guy so I was kinda hasty about this info.
“Its ok really. I can tell even if you don’t tell me. I was abused until I was seven. Then my mom took us away. She was the sweetest person in the world and still is, but I started you know trying different things and she got worried so she figure if she sent me out here it will teach me responsibility you know and it just might.”
“I’m sorry too. And yeah your right my dad I don’t even know he kept saying my moms name I think he thought I was her. I mean I resemble her a lot, like I could probably be her twin. Its strange really. So he hurt me and I tried to get away and I blacked out. Next thing I know im waking up in my bed in so much pain and my back is all messed up and my eye and I just….” at that point I just turned away, so I wouldn’t cry in front of this wicked cute guy.
“Nah, hey I totally get it. But hey at least its summer in about a week so its all good right. You know I heard in Kansas you can get a mad tan, just by being the sun for like two hours a day.” he said what sounded like him trying to make conversation.
“Oh really, you look pretty tan now though.”
“Yeah, I work outside normally, so its kinda a given you know.” he said trying not to be conceded like most guys would be. I honestly thought this guy was different , than most of the jerks back in Washington.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t know.” I said with a little laugh, which kind of hurt my stomach and back.
“Your not that pale. Ok maybe you are, but where are you from?” he asked.
“I’m from Washington. I mean it really never shines there so its understandable. But I mean my friends have tans, I don’t know, maybe I’m just not a tannable kind of person.” it sounded weird, but mostly true.
“Maybe your right you just aren’t tannable.” he said laughing. His laugh was perfect just like the rest of him. I couldn’t believe I was this lucky. After that he became quiet as did I. All of a sudden I got very tired and I fell fast asleep. I was woken up by something moving under my head. I opened my eyes slowly and I saw a blue fuzzy sweatshirt in my face. I tried to lifted my head and realized it was Eddie’s sweatshirt. I had fallen asleep on his shoulder and he had his head rested upon mine. I couldn’t believe this. It was like a scene out of a movie and I was the lead role. I slowly tried to pull my head out without waking him up, but that didn’t work. He lifted his head groggily and stretched. I did the same thing and yawned as well. He looked over and smiled and I returned it. Again we sat there in silence for a long while. Finally the driver came on the loud speaker saying, “Culver, Kansas next stop. We will be arriving in fifteen minutes.”
“Yes, finally I can’t wait to see my mom.” I said excitedly.
“Yeah, well I have no reason to be that excited. I mean I’m going to work for someone I barely remember and I cant have those fun conversations with a girl I just met.” he said swinging a smile in my direction. I just laughed like a flattered little girl, and I’m pretty sure I was blushing too.
“Yeah, well maybe you and this girl will bump in somewhere. Rumor is she is going to the same town.” I said messing with.
“Yeah, I can only hope.” he said I wasn’t expecting that one though. I just looked away and smiled to myself. Then the conductor announced we were getting off.
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