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Farther Away

Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one character in particular, and think of him to this day. The dreams in the story are actually accounts of dreams I have had in reality, by the way.  « Hide author's note
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The Confrontation

Name: Scourge Hedj’e
It was pretty easy to capture Cobra. He was just sitting down and not paying attention to me as I walked in the room. However, it is not easy to drag the sack with his unconscious body in it all the way into the portal and down the castle stairs. When I reach one of the prison cells, I can tell he is starting to regain consciousness. He wakes up when I take him out of the sack and push him in the cell.
“Where am I?! What happened?!” Cobra demands,
Had fun with this one... It was awkward, writing in class, though, being surrounded by nosey guys.
then, realizing he’s in a cell, he asks, “What’d I do?!” I laugh and shake my head.
“You didn’t do anything, but your friend Ivy did. She’s the reason you’re here. And I’m afraid she’s the only way you can get out. Thank her, Cobra,” I say. The teenager clutches his long black jacket to him and, getting an idea, I smirk.
“By the way, nice jacket,” I say, then snatch the jacket from Cobra and hang it up on the wall across from his cell. This causes him to yell out in anger, and I suppose this is his prized possession. I laugh harder, and then start to rummage through the pockets of the jacket.
“I don’t have anything in the pockets!” Cobra quickly shouts. This is an obvious sign that there actually is something in there, so I continue to go through the pockets, despite his pleas. In the left pocket is a black leather wallet with studs that matches the jacket. I put it in my own jacket pocket, his expression remaining the same. Then I put my hand in the other pocket, and that’s when Cobra snaps.
“No, stop it! Don’t!” He yells, fists banging on the bars of the cell. I smirk and pull out the object anyway. It looks like a white piece of laminated paper, and then I flip it over. And what I see shocks me.
It’s a photo of Ivy. Not anyone or anything else, just Ivy in an elegant dress. Taped to it is a lock of dark brown hair: Ivy’s hair. An evil grin is slowly forming on my face as I turn to Cobra, one eyebrow raised.
“Is there a reason you have her picture with you?” He says nothing.
“Let’s play a guessing game, then. Tell me, did she give it to you?”
“No,” Cobra finally speaks up.
“Is it just a coincidence that it’s in your pocket?
“No,” I smirk. Now we’re getting somewhere.
“Did you put it in there purposely?”
“Does she know you have her picture with you?”
“No,” Cobra sighs.
“Do you have a reason for keeping this around with you?
“Yes.” I ask the final question, even though I know the answer.
“Do you love her, Cobra?” Cobra sighs and tells me,
“Yes. I love her.” The word “love” plays across my lips and dances around in my head. Deciding to use this knowledge against him, I wave the photo in front of Cobra’s face.
“Actually, I’m pretty fond of her as well. I think I’ll keep this,” I say, holding the photo against my chest and giving off a seductive growl. I start to walk up the staircase, but stop to say,
“And by the way Cobra, I have a date with her tonight. Sleep well,” And then I walk out to leave the 13 year old to groan. Little does he know, this “date” depends on whether he gets let out or not.

Name: Ivy Johnson
I put on my nightgown, turn off the lights, slip into bed, and then sleep overtakes me. I start out alone in a jungle, where, besides plants, I am the only living thing. I’m about to run and enjoy the scenery when I remember: I have to meet up with Scourge. I straighten myself up and keep going, ignoring all beauty around me.
I search what seems like the entire jungle, but I cannot find him. I am about to give up when I pass a cave that I did not know was there before. Cautiously, I walk a few feet in and call Scourge’s name. A figure walks barely out of the darkness, and its eyes gleam ice blue.
“You called, dear?” A familiar voice snickers.
“Come into the light where I can see you,” I softly command, and Scourge obeys. He’s dressed nicely, in a red button up under his black jacket, and black slacks. Wondering what he has up his sleeve, I arch an eyebrow. In response, I am handed an orchid.
“Okay, so what will it take to get Cobra released?” I ask. The seductive smile on Scourge’s face fades into a grimace.
“So, that’s the only thing you’re here for? You don’t care about what can benefit you?” My expression doesn’t change, and for a moment, I do not say anything. After a brief moment, I shake my head.
“No. Cobra’s my top priority right now. I won’t rest until he’s safe, nor will I play your games, Your Majesty!” Scourge begins to look surprised as I grow cross. “Now tell me what to do so I can do it and get on with my life!” I feel the anger in my throat as I speak. Then it seems like Scourge’s entire mood changes.

Name: Scourge Hedj’e
Ivy is obviously in a horrible mood. She clearly has come here exclusively for business talk, and apparently “won’t play my games”. My bribe-slash-distraction of an orchid is now on the ground, but that is not the one thing on my mind. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a slim figure watching us. With horrible realization, I know that the figure is Cobra. I remember telling him that this meeting between Ivy and I was a date, so I suppose I need to live up to my lie. But, how will Ivy react to my sudden change in emotion? Honestly and cruelly, I don’t care, so here goes nothing!
“Come here, baby,” I growl, then snake my arms around Ivy’s waist and neck. I push her up against the cave wall as my lips crash against hers. I can sense she’s surprised, but until Cobra leaves, she will just have to live with it. Although this is all fake, I am actually enjoying myself. Believe it or not, I begin to feel her kiss me back! Or is it an illusion, a dream inside a dream? After trying to bring my tongue into this, I hear Cobra sigh and walk away. Slowly (and regretfully) I break the contact.
I’d normally expect her to, like any other girl I have kissed, to pass out or demand more, or even tackle me to the ground, but no. Like always with Ivy, she has to be different. Her fist finds the place in my jaw where Cliff hit me earlier, and nails it hard.
“What the hell was that for?! Did you come to talk business, or did you come to make out?!” She screams, punching me in the jaw yet again. For the second time in twenty four hours, I wipe the blood from my mouth.

Name: Ivy Johnson
Scourge starts to say something, hopefully to apologize, but I cut him off.
“That wasn’t part of our deal! Tell me what exactly you need me for so I can do it, Cobra can get released, and you can get out of my life!” Scourge calms down a little, but I do not.
“What you need to do,” He sighs, “in order for Cobra’s release, is to come with me. Join the darkness, Ivy. Become evil, stay with me, and you’ll get whatever you seek.” Become evil, be with him? Heck to the no! And that’s what I tell Scourge before running off.
I decide to spend the remainder of my dreaming period relaxing. The first thing I need to do is get out of this jungle, so I start walking. Eventually, I come to a clearing with no luck on how to get out, so I end up standing there. I hear a rustle in the bushes and, thinking it is Scourge, I back off. Instead, Cobra steps into the clearing.
“Cobra!” I shout, “Am I glad to see you!” I start to run to him, but he doesn’t seem to want to embrace me. Instead, he narrows his eyes at me in a death-glare. His face is streaked with tears. Before turning away, he chokes out one word.
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Aishiah said...
Nov. 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm
I really enjoyed the image that I got while reading this. The only thing that I see is, Your using past tense verbs while using present tense verbs. Try to use either one or the other, it'll make your writing less confusing and easier to follw.
Mollyimmortal83 replied...
Dec. 30, 2012 at 11:30 pm
Thank you so much for the advice, but while copying the chapter from word onto this website, the flashback (all past tense) in the chapter became no longer italicized.

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