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Farther Away

Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one character in particular, and think of him to this day. The dreams in the story are actually accounts of dreams I have had in reality, by the way.  « Hide author's note
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The Face-to-Face

Name: Ivy Johnson
My alarm goes off at 5:45, waking me from my strange dream. Today is Tuesday, and just like yesterday, my mind goes back to my dream. To my dismay, I do not smile this time. That guy, Scourge, what did he want from me? He was so intimidating, but yet so handsome. With his sandy hair and those piercing ice blue eyes, visible muscles of light bronze, it took everything in me to run away from him. Shaking my head, I decide to tell Cliff and walk down the stairs. He is reclining on the couch casually, as if he owned the place.
“Cliff,” I stammer, “I had a weird dream. Could you help me with it?” I ask.
“Do tell,” He replies, and I sit down next to him.
“Okay, so I was at this boardwalk place. This guy came up to me. I don’t know why, but he said he wanted me,” I say. Right away, Cliff asks who the guy was.
“Somehow he knew my name. His name was…Scourge?” Right away, Cliff gasps.
“Scourge?! His name was Scourge?! Ivy, never talk to him again! Don’t let him near you!” I nod,
“Okay, what’s so bad about-“
“Scourge is the evil king of Mephoras! You, you’re… a…. very important person, Ivy… So important Scourge would stop at nothing to get his hands on you!” He exclaims, interrupting me from my words. I start to turn and pour my cereal when Cliff grabs my shoulder.
“No way, girlie. You’re not going to school with that maniac after you!” Do you know how powerful he is? He could run over, kidnap you, and on one would be able to stop him! Yes, this is all about a 14 year old boy, but trust me; I know what I’m doing. Anyway, we’re skipping,” He explains, and I smile. Am I really skipping school with a hero from another dimension? Am I awake?! Apparently so, because my legs begin hurt as I dash up the stairs to get ready.
Cliff and I walk down the street to the neighborhood pool. His motorcycle is parked in one of the 8 parking spaces by the pool, due to the fact that his existence unknown to my parents. He hops on the front seat, I get on the back, and I wrap my arms around him. We simultaneously put our helmets on, and then take off without another thought.
We are really moving after a quick stop at Burger Hut for breakfast, and there we both agree that we will go see a movie to get all the danger off our minds. When we reach the theater, it is about seven in the morning. To our dismay, it is closed until nine, so we walk on. We’re about to go into a store when a black Pathfinder swerves dangerously around the corner at full speed and nearly hits us.
Instead, it stops right next to us. I look around. The mall is desolate, except for a few people, since it is so early in the morning. My mind snaps back to the scene in front, to the impending danger. The door of the car opens and slams shut. Cliff steps in front of mew protectively, and I gasp at the figure in front of us. With fohawked sandy blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and dressed in leather and studs, it is Scourge Hedj’e. By the look on his face, it is clear that this meeting is no accident.
“Well, if it isn’t the little truant and her guardian? By the way, I didn’t like the way I was treated last night, Ivy. But I’ll dismiss it,” He muses. I take a step back away from him, and Cliff grips my hand tightly.
“Come on now,” Scourge exclaims, “I wasn’t that bad last night, was I? Okay, fine, I’m sorry if I freaked you out. Would you like to go do something together, just you and me?” I don’t answer Scourge’s question, nor do I accept his apology. He continues,
“Wouldn’t you like to have a little adventure, a little fun in your life? Let’s go, angel,” He holds his hand out to me, and opens the car door with the other. “Come on, baby, get in.” I stare at the hand for a moment, considering the possibilities. Before I can respond, Cliff steps forward and brings his fist to Scourge’s jaw.
“Get away from her! She won’t join the dark side, or your forsaken league!” He growls. Scourge wipes the blood from his mouth. His face grows dark but his tone remains calm.
“Fine then, be that way. You’ll regret it though,” He says, then leans close to my face, “And you, my dear, just made a deadly mistake. If you want to undo it, then meet me in your dream at midnight tonight. Got it?” Scourge then steps back in the Pathfinder and drives away.
“What did he tell you?” Cliff demands once Scourge is gone. I tell him about the deadly mistake bit, but not about the meeting. I have a feeling this is a secret I will need to keep to myself.
The rest of the day goes by uneventfully. At 3:15, Cliff and I drive home so I could be there at about the same time the bus lets off. I lie, telling my mom I had a great day at “school”, then walk upstairs. Before I can get to my room, I hear Cliff shout,
“Ivy! Get your butt in here! It’s urgent!” I run ahead to my room. Cliff is standing in there with a piece of paper in his hand.
“Where’s Co…” But before I can finish, he hands me the paper. It reads:
“I told you, you’d regret your decision. Remember what I told you. -Scourge”
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Aishiah said...
Nov. 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm
I really enjoyed the image that I got while reading this. The only thing that I see is, Your using past tense verbs while using present tense verbs. Try to use either one or the other, it'll make your writing less confusing and easier to follw.
Mollyimmortal83 replied...
Dec. 30, 2012 at 11:30 pm
Thank you so much for the advice, but while copying the chapter from word onto this website, the flashback (all past tense) in the chapter became no longer italicized.

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